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FXpansion BFD 1.5 to 2.0 Upgrade Pack Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from KS February 2, 2013Music Background:
    Playing Guitar since the 70's - Compose part time

    BFD2 is a "Must Have" Masterpiece: Best Drum VST

    BFD2 is hands down a masterpiece. It's like having your own (virtual) recording studio full of session drummers with a warehouse full of drum kits and percussion to choose from, fully equipped with a sophisticated mixing desk, adjustable precision mics, and effects (Compressors, Reverb, EQ, etc).

    BFD2 blew me away:

    I plugged in my guitar, and literally jammed with the BFD2 random groove/fill setting on with a “pallet” collection of grooves/fills loaded. I was completely blown away with the quality and the apparent "realness" of the sounds it produced.

    It was so good I could have sworn I was playing a gig with a seasoned drummer with a first rate kit. It was uncanny how nicely the random groove/fill complemented what I was doing with BFD2 plugged in as a VST into my DAW. Such a complete joy to work with.

    Create What You Want:

    You can craft and create what you want intuitively and flexibly, with a great deal of granularity, or just use the defaults. This will work with practically any genre too. You can edit grooves and create your own in granular detail including articulations and velocity. So for example you can adjust a snare roll, add an open hi-hat sound, or adjust a kick drum's timing if you want.

    Sound Quality - Depth of Expression:

    The sound quality is absolutely sublime, with such a versatile range of expression available for each kit piece, with up to 120 velocity layers and multiple articulations, and a whole set of expansion packs. There are also third party libraries available too.

    Each layer is a high quality recording of the changes in tonal quality based on how hard the kit piece was struck allowing for subtle gradations. This means you can finely adjust the velocity, or capture your performances live via drum pads etc if you wish with a very realistic result. With Hi-hats for example, you get up to 12 articulations (open, closed, “shank” etc) allowing for an incredible level of realism and detail.


    BFD2's mixer is well thought out with a whole host of capabilities. There is a graphical interface to adjust the placement of overhead, room and ambient microphones at whatever distance you prefer (fully adjustable – not fixed positions). Some kit pieces (Snares/kicks) have additional channels (top and bottom mic). Channels can be routed in a variety of ways, and effects can be added and can be side-chained.


    BFD2 exceeded my highest expectations so decisively I see all my other drum software as secondary. It completely outclasses everything else I've used. You can really hear the difference in the sound quality and the level of expression.

    Yes, the basic mechanics of loading kits & grooves/drum samples and mixing etc is comparable for the front runners (many of which I own). I struggled to get what I wanted with the other drum software available, and frustrated with their (now glaring) limitations and poorly documented manuals.

    What makes BFD2 different is the sheer elegance of the whole package with all the aspects outlined above available in a very well thought out GUI with intuitive workflows combined with high quality and detailed samples:

    Which all leads to the most important thing – Creating quality music you love with ease.

  • from los angeles, CA October 14, 2012Music Background:
    Semi pro, hobbyist

    BFD 2 upgrade

    I recently upgraded from ECO to BFD2 and I must say this software is mind blowing! Though EZ drummer, Steven Slate and Addictive are also fantastic, I especially warmed up to BFD. My tastes are mostly classic rock, progressive and jazz fusion. Though EZ, Superior and Steven Slate have very live and powerful sounds I found that BFD's sounds are truly gorgeous and natural. Being that the FX Pansion team are UK based I think that Euro countries tend to favor genres such as Jazz, Classic Rock and consider them higher art forms. That's BFD to me, a higher artistic statement. Truly hip!

    For me it works great as a keyboard drummer or finger pad drummer and Zen Drum. You will need a dedicated hard drive as it's huge. Glyph drives are perfect for this.

    With BFD you really do have the capability (with the groove editor) of creating drum tracks where your friends go "Who's the drummer!"

    This is the first time my drumming programs are sounding good. I mean really good!

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