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Boss BF-3 Flanger Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss BF-3 Flanger Pedal?

Questions about the Boss BF-3 Flanger Pedal?

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  • from NYC September 18, 2016Music Background:



  • from Massachusetts April 30, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist 38 years active in a working band

    Boss BF-3 Flanger Pedal

    I got my first Boss Flanger in the 1970's and just got the BF-3 for updated versatility. The Flanger adds elements of creative sound that is adjustable to the song tempo. Also, I don't know why people buy the so called "boutique" pedals (Flangers) when Boss has the years of reliability and quality. Furthermore, I find it easier to activate a Boss pedal on a pedalboard as opposed to a small single button switch pedal which is how most other pedals are designed.

  • from indianapolis, Indiana July 30, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Composer

    I love it!! Boss Rules!

    Awesome flanger! Sounds great! Ultra mode is really cool also. Great Boss build quality. this pedal will hold up for decades. Works with Guitars, Bass etc.
    I Highly recommend this pedal!! You need it! Buy it now!

  • from Newport News, VA USA June 5, 2012Music Background:

    All You'd Need in a Flanger

    I can't say anything bad about this pedal. I don't use a ton of flange, but when I do, it has everything I need. Has a great, natural sound and a TON of settings/features. More than I need, to be honest. But I like having options. Great pedal.

  • from Istanbul March 14, 2017Music Background:
    Professional musician

    A very versatile digital flanger pedal

    This is simply the best digital flanger I've used. Very versatile. You can change modes to create different effects. Simply a good choice.

  • from Oceana, WV March 28, 2014Music Background:
    20 year hobbyist

    Great Flanger

    Great flanger sounds! Very tweak-able settings, with an organic sounding sweep. The "momentary" function is nice - you can hold your foot on the switch for as long as you want flanger. When you take your foot off, the effect shuts itself off...no need to stomp once for on, then again for off. This is great when you only need the effect for a few seconds in a song (which is pretty common when using a flanger). I play a lot of Tool songs and Adam Jones uses LOTS of flanger. The BF-3 gets me the perfect sweeping flanger sound for songs like Forty-Six & 2 or Pushit. This pedal is much more flexible than my previous flanger (MXR Micro flanger). The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because, like most Boss pedals, it really eats up batteries quickly. I usually use a One-Spot so it doesn't affect me, but people who use batteries in their pedals won't like that. But all in all I like it a lot...it will be the last flanger I'll ever need.

  • from Philadelphia September 27, 2008Music Background:
    Studio Session Player

    Nice unit

    This is a very nice well built unit, it give you the option to use for bass and guitar, it gives you several setting options, I bought mine for my basses, but have discovered I like this unit better for my guitars instead, dont get me wrong its nice for bass also, but have opted to go with an EBS Octobass unit for my basses, I like the sound and sound better, bit its all a matter of taste and preferences, however I still do recomend this unit fir eithier bass or guitar.

  • from Orrville, OH June 15, 2015

    Boss Flanger BF-3

    A very functional flanger that blends well with multiple guitars & pedals. A great pedal to help shape your sound.

  • from Dayton, Ohio October 18, 2006Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Boss BF3

    This is a very solid sounding Flange pedal! It sounds even better on bass!!! My bass uses one all the time at it really adds something unqiue and awsome!

Questions about the Boss BF-3 Flanger Pedal?

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