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Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case Reviews

4.0 stars based on 29 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case?

Questions about the Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Deltason
    from Grenada, MS November 28, 2016Music Background:

    Good Buy

    Couldn't have made a better decision on buying a pedal board. Setup was easy and made well. Pedals fit perfect except for the mini pedals. Most my pedals were Boss. Only problem now is that I have more pedals. Wasn't planning on growing!

  • Jim Bennett
    from Jupiter Florida August 23, 2015


    I like these boards, they are just the right size and are pretty rugged. Bought this one as a spare. Two are better than one, they always come in handy.

  • Jon
    from April 9, 2015

    blown away

    This is really convinient and practical for plugging and moving pedal effects. It's working very nicelly!!!

  • Randy
    from Virginia February 28, 2015Music Background:
    Play in Bands part time

    Perfect for Small Gigs or Home Practice

    5 stars because I feel this is good value for the price and you can do pro gigs with this equipment.

    This is great product to organize your effects pedals for small Gigs or home use. It can hold up to 7 small effect pedals

    Quality construction and AC to DC power distribution eliminate the need for batteries in your pedals.

    I also have a bigger pedal board with more pedals that I use, but this one is more portable and it is easy to swap out pedals and the order of the effects chain for experimentation.

    All of the features you would expect for a pro rig like A & B Input & output channels for two amps/two effects chains.

    Lots of possibilities and convenience in a small foot print.

    from ASHLAND KY, July 3, 2012Music Background:



  • Tonoose
    from Fairhaven, Massachusetts March 16, 2017Music Background:
    Intermediate rhythm

    All in one pedalboard

    Most pedalboards are just some wood, steel or plastic with holes in. Big deal. I can make that at home easily. I wouldn't bother to use nice wood as it gets covered in Velcro anyway. And they charge big bucks for it. The BCB-60 is all in one. Sure, it's only for 6 or 7 pedals but I don't need more than that. This package includes all the wiring and patch cables. Best of all, it folds up and encases your gear for easy transport and protection. Yeah, the latches are plastic and should be handled with care. But this is the complete package and at a fair price ( seeing as other boards with holes in them are similarly priced). I use and like this pedalboard.

  • Paul Sylvain
    from Summerville, SC September 13, 2016

    Perfect Fit For Me

    I've used PedalTrain boards of various sizes for many years. They are excellent, for sure. However, my band's rhythm guitarist has one of these Boss BCB-60 boards and I loved the design and look of his enough to buy one for myself. I rated this 4.5 and not 5, only because I'm sure Boss could come up with a better, sturdier latching system for the cover. Still this board is perfect in size and fit for my small arsenal of pedals. I don't use a lot of stomp boxes, but I was able to put a CryBaby wah, a Boss Tuner and EQ pedal, Fulltone OCD Pedal, Boss Stereo Chorus and an MXR analog delay on this with no problem. Trimming the bottom pad to accommodate the CryBaby was simple. I love that this comes with a power supply and all the connectors and cables you need, and the cables and wires tuck nicely away in a cable trough. The case is well designed and well-padded. My only concern is the strength of the latches over time. With care, they should be fine, but many people have complained about broken latches on this one.

  • Stephen Adams
    from North Carolina (NC) September 8, 2016

    Two Thumbs Up

    Just what I needed. After years of using Velcro to harness my peds on a plank I finally up and got this product. Should have done this years ago. Thanks to Drew for his outstanding customer service.

  • Mike
    from Hamilton, Va. September 6, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar instuctor, Part time giging musician

    no worries

    This review is coming from someone who had just experienced a "bad" situation at a gig due to not using a pedal board. After that experience, I swore that would NEVER happen to me again. I purchased the Boss BCB-60 wanting a one stop shop type of board that would be easy to set up easy to use and transport. I am not a big pedal user but I have managed to fill all of the space available inside the BCB-60 case. A Rotochoir, JHS compressor, Boss DD3 , Fulltone OCD & Boss tuner rest in the BCB-60 now. The Board was extremely easy to set up , came with everything you need, is extremely neat and tidy regarding wires etc. This makes packing up for gigs and practice a snap. Now setting up at a gig and then packing up is NO WORRIES! The case is solid, so far no issues at all. Pedals fit great and are secure. If you are a BIG pedal user this may not be the board for you but if you are looking for a very easy board to setup and carry this will make your life a lot easier. I hope the latches hold up as they are made of plastic but so far so good. I wish I had done this earlier, would have saved me a lot of stress and time hauling all of this stuff around. This is a good choice for those wanting a safe and easy way to haul around 5-7 pedals. Any more than that I would consider another option. Its working well for my use.

  • Russ
    from July 11, 2015Music Background:

    Odd size pedals can fit.

    I had this pedalboard a long time ago. It has greatly improved. With careful cutting of the foam inserts, I have a Venue Di, Sonic Stomp, Boss digital delay/reverb(not made any more), and a Digitech Trio with a FX foot switch. It all fits neatly. The trio is mounted sideways with the foot switch just below it. The only reason for the 4.5 rating. Boss has not really inproved on the front latches, but with care, they will last. The main thing, it comes wit all the power cables, and patch cables to hook up the pedals.

  • Tony Conklin
    from NYC-NJ September 15, 2014Music Background:
    Lead Vox and Guitar for Hard Rock Band

    Best All Around Pedal Board-Case

    I've used this board for about 10 years now. It gives you the best of all possible worlds without spending a fortune and weighing 50 lbs. Works really well with Boss, MXR, Dunlop, TC Electronic pedals. If you have some oddball things, you can cut to fit. It's also big enough to accomodate your 3ch amp foot switch on top in the back. Only shortcoming is the latches. One of mine broke at a show. I still use it though. Made a little velcro latch. Other than that this thing is indestructible.

  • Mike Korman
    from Hoboken, NJ March 27, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, Engineer, Producer www.mikekorman.net

    Terrific Pedal Board

    The BOSS BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board has proven to be a good choice for my live setup, as well as storage in general for my pedals. The adjustable foam inserts were easily adapted to my VOX wha pedal and others. I especially like the A/B outputs. One is used for the guitar signal and the other I have set up for a pedal to trigger a drum machine. Overall, I am very happy with this unit.

  • Thibstars
    from April 6, 2012

    Nice product

    It's a verry nice pedalboard!

  • Duane Heisler
    from March 30, 2012Music Background:
    50 years hobby guitarist

    Everything in one and no maze of cords

    Boss made a great job of making a pedal board compact and neet. Hides all the cords, easy to set up, and has a great appearance. The spot for the volume or wah pedal was a little narrow to accept a boss volume pedal. However with a little trimming managed to get it to fit without hindering any of the other pedals. Have been a customer of Sweetwater for about 2 years now, they always contact me to make sure my purchases are ok and have been awesome to work with or have my questions answered....

  • MCM
    from Northern Virginia January 24, 2012Music Background:

    Boss BCB-60 pedal board

    Lightweight and easy to configure. The design is well thought out, accomodating effects boxes of various sizes (not just Boss boxes). It has consolidated the effects into a neat package and made life at the gig that much easier.

  • Bird
    from Nashville April 26, 2016Music Background:
    Full time pro musician; soloist, duo, four pc

    BCB-60 is the Boss

    I'm on my 3rd or 4th BCB pedal board. I wear one out about every year. Perfect size for me. Now I put my Jamman, tuner, reverb unit and wireless unit in it. Fits in suitcase for flying. What I don't like: Plastic latches (YUK) first thing to go. (come on man can't you guys think of something better than that?); on board AC adapter (not the best idea on the planet). But hey, I can live with these nuisances.

  • Dave
    from North Alabama March 10, 2016


    For my needs as a bassist, it's perfect...well constructed. Don't use many effect pedals, mainly volume pedal, tuner and a couple of pedal so this was perfect...

  • Michael McDonald
    from Atlanta August 11, 2015Music Background:
    Acoustic Guitar and Vocals, playing in local venues

    Great board for the price!

    I had made a couple of pedal boards myself to use and they worked quite well but they didn't travel well. I had an old suitcase and a pillow that I used as a travel case which was a pain to load and unload my homemade pedal board. Recently I was asked to play at one of the larger hotels in Atlanta for an awards banquet with around 400 plus attendees. I decided I needed a more professional look so after much research I decided to purchase the Boss BCB-60. I was a bit skeptical about getting this board because I had seen in many reviews complaints about the latches. I have to agree that the plastic clips that are used to lock the pedal board do not seem adequate, nor do they match the quality of the board that they are attached to. After reading the many reviews on this board and noticing that EVERY review mentioned the plastic clasps it has made me pay close attention every time I secure the top to the board and so far I have not had a problem but I can easily see how these plastic clasps could easily break. With that being said, that is the only reason that I rated this board 4.0. The board is an excellent board for my needs. I only use 3 pedals, a TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX, a Boss RC-30 and a Zoom A3. All of these pedals are larger than most standard size pedals and on 2 of them the inputs and outputs are on the top instead of on the sides which takes up more room on the board but with a slight adjustment to raise the back of the pedals plugging in the cords works fine. The AC adapter works fine for the 9 volt pedals but one of my pedals is a 12 volt so I do have to power it separately but the plug fits fine in the tray at the top of the board so that is not a problem. The wires hide well in the wire tray making for a very clean looking setup and it sets up in a matter of seconds. Overall I am very pleased with the board and I would not hesitate to recommend this board. As far as the clasps go, if they were to break it would be very easy to use something like velcro to secure the case, which is what I plan to do if I have a problem with the clasps.

  • Jeff Kratochvil
    from Racine, Wisconsin September 9, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician

    Good buy for the money !!

    This case serves it's purpose well. I don't have Boss pedals so I just cut out the spots I needed and used Velcro to hold them in. Easy set up ! The only thing I don't like is it lays flat on the floor, it would be nice to have the back tilted forward a bit for easier access when turning a pedal on or off. Over all it's pretty nice !

  • Jack R
    from Fort Wayne, IN July 29, 2013

    Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case

    This pedal board was easy to set up and works fine. I filled each of the seven spaces with Boss pedals and really appreciated that it came with all the connector cables needed. I am already a bit nervous about the rather flimsy plastic sliding latches on the case though - they don't look very sturdy. I bought this at Gear Fest this year and am glad to ad dit to my list of many purchases from Sweetwater!! ~JR

  • Roy Veronee
    from Charleston, SC July 20, 2013Music Background:
    weekend warrior since forever

    I like it.

    After building a few of my own, it took me a long time to decide on buying one. The BCB-60 fills the bill. Easily to load with Boss effects, it's flexible enough to accommodate a combination of different brands.
    If I had to make a change at all, I would replace the plastic slide latches with metal latches such as are on guitar cases. Overall though, I am very happy with this purchase.

  • Rick Crooker
    from Clinton Twp., MI August 24, 2012Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Most versatile pedalboard available

    This is my second BCB-60. The configuration fits every pedal from a wah-wah to the huge EHX Big Muff. Easy to modify the foam base sections and plenty of patch cords and power supply connections to arrange your set-up. Convenient way to transport your effects from gig to gig. Very durable and worth the somewhat high cost.

  • Shaun Kelley
    from Laramie WY July 31, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Not For Pigtronix Echolution

    This is a decent pedalboard that I bought because of the cabling and power supply included. That is all very reasonable and adequate, but I am writing this review in case anyone is interested in putting a Pigtronix Echolution delay into one. I found out the hard way (my own fault really) that the Echolution has a 15v power supply (just like it says in the manual, duh) and that daisy chaining it into the AC loop of the BCB-60 actually damaged my box. Larger Lesson: be sure you know what the power needs of your boxes are and research that whatever pedalboard you choose will accommodate safely.

  • Dennis
    from Evansville,IN. USA May 25, 2011Music Background:
    Musician 50years

    Boss BCB-60

    Really nice easy to carry open and close . Keeps eveything nice and together. The latces seem a little frale Other than that great stuff..

  • Customer
    from May 30, 2010Music Background:
    Guitar player(8 years)


    Its really just too small. Unless you're only interested in keeping a few pedals around I wouldn't recommend this unit. I have a Holystain, MXR dynacomp, Crybaby Wah, and a metal zone pedal and I'm out of room. I give it 2 and a half stars because it light weight and seems pretty hardy.

  • Lane
    from ARKANSAS June 2, 2008Music Background:
    Active musician


    I don't disagree that it is laid out well for 9v pedals, dense plastic case is good but then come the latches. the latches are the absolute worst! Very light weight sliding plastic. I have never even had mine out of the house, within a month the latches cracked and the came off. Absolutely unfit for gigs. It is simple, neat and light hence the 2 stars, but I would not recommend this product until they change the latches.

  • Lane
    from Arkansas July 13, 2014Music Background:
    guitarist, working musician, 35 years

    dont do it ;(

    power supply works, but is not very quiet. the case is absolutely horrible.
    The latches are very light weight sliding plastic. I never even got mine out of the house. after about 6 weeks of light use one of the latches broke. additionally, the case is somewhat soft plastic so that simple normal use creates wear on the latches track until it fails. Get a padded bag for this price range or pony up for a hard case and a power supply. you will not be saving any money here.

  • Andrew
    from November 1, 2004

    what a great pice of kit!

    i just bought my boss bcb60 this morrning, its so easy to set up and use. you just pop the lid off when you arive at a gig and all u have to do is put your amp in one end and your guitar in the other! its great not to have to carry around all the boxes for the pedals and worry about setting them up. another great thing is the fact that the board is powered!! NO MORE BATTERIES !! some people may miss the fact that you can unscrew the far right hand pannel and as if by magic your wah/volume pedal fits in! all in all a great board! cant beat it! :)

  • Bill
    from Canada May 1, 2004

    Leave it to Boss..

    As usual Boss you have that unique way of putting something together that makes sense , i am more than pleased with my new unit , put the suit case down take off lid plug guitar , amp & power supply in , im off playing great unit Boss...i salute you. lower case is nice and low to floor for comfort level for using foot & very durable kool looking case. i like especially how the bar inside case hides all the cables great work , keep it up my friends... peaceeeee...

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