Roland Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule

Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule for Roland Blues Cube Amps
Roland Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule image 1
Roland Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule image 1
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Roland Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule
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Gives Your Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone

Roland's Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule is your Blues Cube amplifier's ticket to tube-like tonal bliss. The Blues Cube amp's original voice is that of a higher-powered 6L6 design. This Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule, designed with blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher, adds more compression for a sweeter tone that is incredibly touch sensitive. The sound and feel mimics a popular lower-wattage tube amplifier that runs a set of 6V6 power tubes. Everyone at Sweetwater is blown away with the tonal innovation that the Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule offers.

Roland Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule Features:
  • Tone capsule offers even more great blues tone from the Blues Cube amps
  • Designed in conjunction with blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher
  • Has characteristics of a popular lower-wattage 6V6 amplifier
  • Extremely touch responsive
  • Plug-and-play design
Roland's Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule is a simple way to get to-die-for blues guitar tones.

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Tech Specs

Pedal Type Roland Tone Capsule
Distortion/Overdrive 6V6 overdrive emulation
Height 2"
Width 1.12"
Depth 1.12"
Weight 1 oz
Manufacturer Part Number BC-TC-UB

Customer Reviews

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I loved the Blues Cube as it is. It is small and light and covers more bases than I thought possible. I tried the Eric Johnson Tone Capsule and was disappointed - not for me, I guess. I read good reviews and heard samples of the Ultimate Blues Cube, so I thought it was worth trying. Turns out it was perfect. My first serious guitar amps was a '67 Fender Super Reverb. I loved it, but it was loud and heavy. It sounded best turned up to 7 r higher - enough to make your ears bleed. Tried other amps and got close. This one did it for me. Got the tones I want at the volumes I need now. Happy with this purchase.


As good as the Blues Cube is right out of the box, this literally makes the amp better in EVERY WAY.If you use pedals you will LOVE this capsule! The stock amp starts to get a little warm around '3', gets a touch of hair at '4' and is breaking up at '5'. This generally means that if you need a higher stage volume you need to run your master and/or power scale a lot higher to get the volume you want. With this tone capsule installed your headroom goes WAY up. I use to like the tone of the stock amp at 3.5 on the channel volume; I run the volume with the tone capsule installed at 6. This increased my headroom and output so much that the last couple of gigs I did I used to power scale and turned it all the way back to 15 watts, and I had no trouble being heard over the other guitar the bass, the keys or the drummer!If you liked the stock amp with the clean channel having more dirt just be aware that with the higher headroom you need to turn it way up - the dirt is in there, just higher up with more volume!The crunch channel with this capsule installed is truly superior in every way - better, smoother gain, more cutting through a mix, the 'tone' and 'boost' buttons are a greater affect on the sound. If you're a guitar straight into amp kind of guy then this capsule will MAKE this amp for you.Now when you first plug it in you may notice a change in the tone and at first it might seem jarring, but let me explain to you what is going on and it will not only make sense, but turn your amp into a beautiful tone machine.The UBTC essentially makes the amp a Fender Super Reverb. If you've never had the pleasure of playing a Fender super reverb, then it is worth noting this is one of those amps that really benefits form the "magic 6" as a starting point. This is a great starting point, but from here we can improve it a bit.Now Fender Super reverbs tend to have enough bass to make your bas player quit, and/or blow your speakers if you're not careful. Often guys run their bass on these in the 2-4 region - sounds very low, but this is actually where it sounds right. Now I don't personally like the traditional blackface "fender scooped" tone, so I don't keep the mids at 3 like the "magic six" suggests; I move them on up to 7 and it suddenly sounds like "clean tweed super reverb" if that makes sense. Treble being high seems like it would be icepick city, but again - not on a super reverb [FWIW Derek Trucks uses a super reverb and his settings are bass 2.5, mid 4.5, treble 7.5, volume on 8, so as you can see his settings are not all that different from mine, I just have more mids].Part of the magic of a super reverb is that as the volume on the amp goes up [in our case its the "channel volume"] the mids and bass go up, and the treble gets softer and more musical and almost becomes more like "high mids" than actual treble. The presence knob becomes more like treble, although it too is softened. So as this amp gets up to volume, it develops a throaty roar that makes it sit perfect in a mix and is THE classic "warm amp" tone. You just have to remember to go easy with that bass - its a killer!Now I keep the master around 3-5; at the 80 watts on my artist I can't imagine I'll ever need it over that, and I don't want to lose the immediate attack that can happen with too much "sag". Reverb at 3 for a touch of air - its more felt than really heard; it just lets the sound breathe a bit. I then use the amps built in power scale to tune my overall volume for actual stage volume needed. Then I hang my mic on the amp and I'm set [I use and prefer a Sennheiser E906, FWIW].So should you get the UBTC? I can't fathom at this point why anyone wouldn't want this tone capsule unless you really are in love with the Bassman sound and do not want to use pedals at all. Otherwise, the bassman sound is in there with enough volume, but you get a much better gain channel and a LOT higher headroom.
Music background: full time musician

Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule review

I have had The Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule in my Blues Cube Artist for a couple of weeks now. I must say Roland got this right, I am not familiar with vintage Fender amps and their cranked tone, so I can't say if Roland achieved their goal of simulating a fully cranked-up small amp with 6V6 tubes, notably the small blackface amps. But I love the new tone this gives the Artist, it is warm and sweet and easy on the ears. One thing I noticed is that my Strat sounds really good to my ears for the first time (humbucker guy), but it also sounds great with my humbucking guitars. My playing is in the studio at the 15-watt setting.

It Went Back

Not sure what the other 5* reviews heard? I have a Blues Cube Stage that I having been playing out with for the last 2 years playing everything from Funk, Soul, Blues Rock its a versatile amp that I get nothing by compliments on. I was mostly looking for a little more headroom on the clean channel. After playing with it in and out several dozen times + I basically heard very little change maybe a hint of less high end. I found no more head room that I had previously and as I said very little noticeable change in sound. I Tried it the clean and crunch channels and all the wattage's. For $ I want to "hear" not try and hear the changes made!
Music background: 50 years of playing
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