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Roland BA-330 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 45 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland BA-330?

Questions about the Roland BA-330?

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  • from Santa Maria, CA July 12, 2016Music Background:

    Second One

    This is our second unit! Which should tell you how great it is! We use this mainly for wedding ceremony sites that don't have sufficient power. Because we have 2 of them we can link them up together with only using 16 double AA batteries. We can connect mics for the officiant, groom, book reader, guitarist and music for the walk down the aisle. One of our best products that we have found and we use it on the weekly basis. Never has anyone ever said that it wasn't loud enough. In fact, it perfect for transition from ceremony to cocktail hour within minutes. Best investment! Awesome product! Awesome service from Sweetwater!

  • from Lawrence, Massachusetts April 14, 2016

    Roland BA-330

    I am a 1 man band with backing tracks that plays guitar! I play clubs,parties,,weddings,,etc.! I purchased this Roland because I entertain at 5 different nursing homes in my area! 30 lbs.,,total weight and I coupled it with the Boss JS-10 to play back my tracks. Before these items I would bring quite a bit of gear to different floors of the home which was quite a hassle. I cannot believe how good these 2 pieces work out together and make things so much easier. I plug my Shure wireless headset and guitar into the JS-10 and a line out to the BA-330. I use the effects built in to the BA_330 and bought the Boss footswitch to mute the effects between songs! What a combination! The 330 is extremely easy to set up and runs on AA batteries if u prefer to make a very satisfying and great sounding gig! Very very happy with my setup and thanks Will for all your help! GREAT!

  • from New Hamshire July 29, 2015


    Cant believe its only 15W/ch and runs on AAs ! Played my CD-2u
    And small boom box into the AUX inputs, have not tried my Casio
    Keyboard but sure it will be ok. Surprised they did not use bigger
    Batts or Li considering the size. Just using it for BBQs now, may
    Use it for my tv this winter.

  • from Traverse City, MI June 5, 2015Music Background:
    Mobile DJ & amateur guitarist

    I was skeptical ... BUT...

    So, I read all the reviews and thought "this sounds too good to be true". I'm a mobile DJ and I wanted a small, portable battery-powered speaker to use for Beach & other outside Ceremonies. I only do a few a year, so I didn't want anything too expensive. This fit the bill perfectly. It has a clean sound and it arrived quickly. I am VERY impressed with this speaker and with the great service I get from Kenny & Matt at Sweetwater!

  • from Phoenix, AZ April 12, 2015

    Amazing Sound

    This thing sounds great! We play in coffee/sandwich shops and galleries - small venues. This 30 pound wonder sounds amazing. We run vocals and piano (and occasionally acoustic guitar) through it, and it provides neutral reinforcement so we still sound like an acoustic ensemble. Can't say enough good things about this little all-in-one PA.

  • from Harmony, NC February 3, 2015

    Have used ours regularly for five years

    We love this portable PA! We are a wedding venue and we or our DJ use it indoors for weddings and outdoors for remove locations. It can be mounted on a stand for extra "big" sound outdoors. It works well on 12 AA batteries though I'd advise removing them after each use. If ours ever goes down, I'll buy it again. It's easy enough for anyone to use. All you need is a cord to attach your device.

  • from Nashua, NH October 19, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician, teacher, conductor, composer

    Great for small groups of performers

    My wife is a violinist and I play mandolin and guitar and I bought this amp for use both in my teaching studio as well as for when my wife and I gig. When it arrived I put it to immediate use in my teaching studio and was very impressed with the high quality of the sound as well as the versatile connection possibilities. It is way more powerful than needed for a small teaching studio, but at low volumes it is still an incredible amp.

    Yesterday my wife an I put it to use on a gig in an artist's studio in a larger building with other studios. The room we were in was approximately 20'x40' with 15' ceiling and we were at the end furthest from the door. My wife was using "The Band" as a pickup on her violin, and I played my Epiphone mandolin with the pickup built into the pick-guard and also my Alvarez-Yairi dreadnaught acoustic guitar with a Fishman humbucker pickup. Our sound filled the room and we got compliments on our music from people who were in other studios and down the hall so this amp did its job perfectly for us. The amazing thing was that we were running on batteries and the master volume was only half-way turned up!

    Switching between batteries or the included AC power adapter there is no dropoff in volume or sound quality -- this is a monster amp perfectly suited for our use.

    We had it on the floor, using the built-in kick-stand to tilt the amp upward.

    I bought it with an On-Stage speaker stand with a reversible speaker pole which fits the speaker stand mount on this amp perfectly. I haven't needed to use it yet, but I bought it for the outdoor gigs we'll have coming up.

    With the number and versatility of the connections on the back of this amp we could add four more musicians to our little group -- channels 3 and 4 are stereo channels and both sides of each channel work independently so it would be possible to put two musicians into each channel, for a total possibility of 6 connections!

    At 35 pounds, using the securely mounted top handle it is easy to carry around, and the back of the amp (where the connections and switches are) is built with cabinet extensions at the top and bottom of the amp so that you can lay it down on its back safely to transport it without fear of damaging the controls (unless you put it over a small object that might stick up and press on the controls, but that's easily avoided).

    So far I've used it for 30 minutes on battery power in my studio, 30 minutes on battery power in my wife's studio and 2 hours on the gig yesterday and the battery indicator is still showing full battery charge. That's using rechargeable batteries.

    The only complaint I have (and it's a very tiny tiny complaint!) is that I think they could have built a battery charger into this unit so that when it is plugged into AC the rechargeable batteries could get fully charged without taking them out of the unit.

    As it is, though, changing batteries is very easy and with the advertised life of up to 10 or 12 hours using rechargeable batteries, it's very easy to have more than enough power for almost any gig and then switch out the batteries for recharging in separate battery chargers between gigs.

    I will be using this with my community band for a narrator to use and for a women's vocal trio to sing through with the band accompanying them. I see no reason to think it won't be excellent for that use as well.

  • from Santa Maria, CA August 20, 2014Music Background:
    Mobile Disc Jockey Company

    Best Portable PA Speaker Around!

    We found this unit is best for wedding ceremonies on the beach, forest, field, ranch. With only using 8 Double AA Batteries you can plug in 2 Mics, several guitars and iPod/iPad to the unit. Super easy setup and easy to transport!

  • from Manistee Michigan May 28, 2014Music Background:
    Wedding DJ and Musician

    Total Success!

    After purchasing 2 BA-330's for use in wedding ceremony I have to admit I am extremely pleased! The number of in/outs makes this unit so flexible and "Don't be fooled by the battery power" they sound amazing and are plenty loud enough to handle crowds of 100 in an outdoor environment.
    You can daisy chain them as well for additional coverage. I am so happy with these speakers and depending on your use and expectations, Im sure you too will be satisfied!

  • from Manistee Michigan May 10, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician and Pro Wedding DJ

    Wow! Blown Away!

    First of all, I am a retired musician turned DJ. I have been DJ'ing weddings for some time now and have had the opportunity to use many different name brand systems. We typically do 30 + weddings a season.
    I have been getting tons of calls for outdoor wedding ceremony venues that lack electric, like the beach! and have been researching solutions from small generators to back up power systems. I decided to go with these ROLAND BA 330's for many reasons, one was the portability as they are light weight and flexibility as they have tons of ins/outs that would allow us to use microphones, keyboards and my laptop for music. I was blown away by the sound quality and construction of these speakers..there is nothing cheap about them..very well made! I will be using these speakers in 3 weeks for an outdoor wedding ceremony and will report my findings in a new review..but so far I LOVE THEM!

  • from Atlanta Ga Metro Area November 5, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, YouTube user name beaupeap

    Roland BA-330 Amp

    For a small gig, no monitor needed. Place this amp behind you, and write yourself a "No Feedback" song. Smooth sounds will be produced via this unit. (Buy two of them and you'll like them even better! And they're not heavy!

  • from ny July 21, 2013Music Background:

    very satisfied customer

    took this animal out to a cemetery, got all the bass I needed to accompany the singing. Those gathered around were visibly appreciative of the gesture and the delivery

  • from MI July 12, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro musicians... we still have day jobs:(


    After 2 years and approx. 100 gigs, the BA-330 is as lightweight, powerful, versatile, and amazing as ever. I can't count the number of people "blown away" to learn this work horse actually runs on rechargeable batteries. We've been running 2 mics and 2 guitars through it. Funny... at a recent festival (in the woods), the crowd was so excited when we started playing, but we weren't sure if it was our music or that someone finally turned the generator off. Street performers can't beat it.

  • from April 28, 2013Music Background:


    This product is awesome. I have done 6 busking gigs outside in the rain, the wind and the sun. On each ocassion the level is powerful enough to be heard across the street a little over 50 metres, through traffic noise at only half volume for mic and total volume. I place it on a stand, which might help? I have ran it each time for five hours non stop on a set of duracel rechargables. Each time it runs out of power at exaclty five hours. It doesn't fade out over time, it just dies instantly, which is ideal as there is no adjusting. I read an earlier review about battery power only pushing out half power? Odd? I think maybe the guy had the eco switch on? On full switch, half volume, which is plenty, it will rune for for five hours on rechargables. I also done an indoor gig, 50 people max, again, less than half volume was easily enough. The sound soft and mellow, not tinny....like the Yamaha Stagepas I heard the other night!! You can't go wrong with this...IT WORKS

  • from Toms River, NJ March 14, 2013Music Background:
    Full time early childhood music and movement educator/performer

    HOLY COW!!

    The B330 is exactly the kind of small, portable, powerful integrated P. A. that I have longed for. I am very fussy about quality music reproduction and this unit is super duper clean. Throw in the convenience of having an option of running the unit on AA batteries along with four mic/line input channels, RCA or 1/8 inch input for iPod or othet....and I am truly blown away. As an early childhood music and movement educator and performer, this unit is a perfect fit for my line of work. You won't believe the bass thump this little guy produces!

  • from United States July 30, 2012Music Background:
    Musician for fun

    Roland BA 330 Rules

    Bought this unit for a music festival so we could play tunes from our playlists and to plug some acoustic guitars and mics and play a few tunes of our own. We were all blown away at the sound quality, ease of use and the battery life. I could not recommend this product more. I am buying another one so we can link them.

  • from Chicago October 11, 2011Music Background:
    A/V Technician, Musician, Recording/Sound Engineer

    Totally Worth It!

    Needed a good P.A. for use in our conference room for about 80 people. Also needed it to work without feedback issues that a Lav without a dedicated sound tech on hand can cause. This system works great. Had originally ordered the Behringer Eurolive, but that caused feedback with the Lav. This P.A. easy to set up, sounds good, and have had no problems. I also plugged some instruments into it and jammed for a bit, the reverb on it works pretty great for both instruments and vocals.

  • from Miami Fl August 19, 2011Music Background:
    Mixing Engeniere And Professional Singer

    Just Excelent !

    Wow ! Sounds Good !

  • from Carmel, IN July 22, 2011Music Background:

    Outstanding in every way!

    A great portable amp with tons of features and fantastic sound quality. Can be used at parties with an iPod/iPhone, or for live music. The best money you will spend this year.

  • from South Jersey June 23, 2011Music Background:
    Military Retired musician playing gigs 3 times a week

    I'm A Believer!!!

    I just played my first gig with the speaker and I'm in love! I've been playing restaurant dinner music gigs for 11 years now. I'm always looking for a small setup and battery powered systems. This speaker blows away anything I've used so far. I play saxophone and use my laptop for background music. I also use a Roland SD-50 for sounds and and a back up for my laptop. I feel like I should be working for Roland, the BA-330 and and SD-50 what a great combination! I have a sidewalk performance next Friday and outdoor gigs on the 4th and 11th of July. I can't wait to use this system. Tonight's gig was battery power only, I check the battery level after the gig and it hasn't even moved yet! Thanks Roland for making my gigs easier and more fun!

  • from New Hampshire March 17, 2011Music Background:
    45 years as a pro recording, performing singer songwriter

    Who Knew???

    A long-time solo and band singer/guitarist, I've begun gigging again (20 dates) in the last year, in restaurants and taverns around northern New England. One of the major intents, given I'm 'solo' this time around, is limiting the amount of load-in / load-out work required to get the job done. I'm not getting any younger, and I work a full-time job during the day, with long commutes. So, in looking for a 'B' system to cover smaller/quieter venues, I've meticulously researched just about every small system out there, and either owned or demo'd a good half-dozen. Bose, Fishman, EV, QSC, JBL, etc. Of all the systems I've heard, thus far, The BA-330 seems to have nailed the "smaller is the new huge" market segment. I demo'd this unit last week and will pick it up today.

    The demo took place in a large, high-ceiling room that could easily have accommodated 80-100 people, had it been an actual venue. I used Shure Beta for vocals, and played my usual gigging axe - a CC-48 Ovation (thru a Zoom A2 pedal), along with backing tracks pumped in through the BA-330's RCA inputs, provided by a small netbook computer.

    Less brittle, and more ballsy than an L1 Compact, and far warmer than the Fishman SA-220, I was flabbergasted by very broad and equal dispersion, as well as the raw volume provided by a piddling 30 Watts of power. In fact, I am entirely confident that this unit will handle all but the very loudest/largest venues I play. And for those places, I have a larger system. But for my money, the BA-330 provides, by far, the best feature set and performance per purchase dollar value presently available on the market.

    If you're looking for a small, great sounding compact & fully portable PA for solo/duo applications, you're crazy if you don't at least demo this rascal. Well done, Roland!

  • from yreka Ca November 15, 2010Music Background:
    Solo performer 30 yrs

    Roland BA-330 the answer to small venues for solo artists

    I bought the BA-330 several weeks ago based on the positive reviews found here and on other sights and I couldn't be happier with this unit.
    I agree with the other positive reviews listed here and i have been able to eliminate a monitor. The anti-feed back works very well so the unit can set behind you with your mikes set slightly of center . This gives you a direct sound you can hear with out using a monitor or a sound man.
    The BA-330 works best when it is positioned above the floor 25 to 40 inches. If you don't think It's loud enough add A powered speaker to positioned in front of you. Great unit.

  • from George County, Ms. USA July 28, 2010Music Background:
    Singer, songwriter, guitar player

    Roland BA330 does the job and more!

    The Roland BA330 has made me a very happy individual. It does all that they say it does and it is not a disappointment. This self contained unit has clean sounds, adjust it the way you want you'll be impressed with its' ability to perform. The Ba 330 looks good and makes you sound good! Thanks Chris for you guidance and advice in this purchase.

  • from Brazil June 19, 2010Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Review The Roland BA-330

    Today I bought a BA 330. My first impression was very good. The sound is clean and bright. In next Sunday I'll have the opportunity to test in a live event for 50 people. I will connect my Psr S910, a Godin nylon guitar and a sax.

  • from Michigan June 15, 2010Music Background:
    Jazz-Rock Fusion / Musician


    This is an incredible PA system in the portable battery powered category. I had this unit sitting on a picnic table playing outdoors with guitar and a CD backtrack.

    The sound output is excellent and it drew attention from people on how it was powered. Eight AA batteries and you are set for many hours of jamming.

    Typical Roland product, built solid / top quality.

    RCA hookups for AUX IN are a huge plus. Much better than 1/8 input jacks that you see on other company brands. You can also adjust your auxiliary input for bass & treble. Another huge plus!

    This BA 330 and other portable Roland products fill a niche. I can travel outdoors now without searching for an AC wall outlet. Perfect for the soloist... and with small AA batteries... Roland certainly optimized the technology for sound output.

    A very fine product.

    As always, Sweetwater delivered quickly and their sales department is the best.

  • from Denver, CO January 15, 2010Music Background:
    Full time performer, award winning jingle and audio videoproducer, extrepreneur and more.

    Roland BA 330 Is Great!

    I've got decades of performing experience and thousands of gigs under my belt and the Roland BA 330 is the best portable PA I've ever owned (or used). It's amazing when listening to internet radio too. It's $400.00 cheaper than anything that supposedly compares (and nothing does). Get one!

  • from Levittown, Pa December 30, 2009Music Background:
    Pro musician

    My first impressions of the BBA330

    My first Impressions of the Roland BA330..
    The unit arrived well packaged..

    It appears very well made..

    The AC power supply has a special connector to the amp...If you forget the power adapter and are on the job..good thing it works great on batteries..

    The sound quality of the speakers is excellent..Crisp, clear mids and highs, a nice full rounded bass..the bass does not kick like some 12" and 15 " units, but is very even sounding..The bass is as good as most smaller units with 10 or 12 inch speakers...Like the Roland Cube 60 or 150...

    The combination of the 4-6 1/2" speakers and 2 tweeters..fill the room nicely..Roland's claim of 80-100 people is very accurate..

    The unit is only 30 watts total output..15 watts a side....but it is amazing the quality and volume of the sound from this 29 pound amp.

    Rated at 109 db...will make most people shake their heads in disbelief..

    Roland knows how to get big sound from low powered units..

    This is a digital amp, that most likely relies on software aided sound technology..

    The effects are decent, and very usable..
    The anti feedback feature works well too..

    The tone control also works well as does the master eq..

    This amp is ideal for nursing homes, dinner parties, restaurants, even bars and clubs...If you are doing dance material..use the line out to another (larger powered speaker..for more bass)...

    The BA330 is a bit pricey, but sometimes you need to pay more for a high quality, feature laden sound system..and that is exactly what the BA330 is....

    It is a keeper !!!!

  • from January 14, 2016


    use with roland edirol mdx 10 take some beating in small venues great.

  • from Ithaca, NY January 5, 2015Music Background:
    Composer, songwriter, improviser, pianist, performer

    Rocks nicely

    This is a great all-in-one portable system. The battery operation is flawless. Sound quality is quite good for this price-point. Built-in reverb is pretty poor. Everything else is decent. Versatile: I've used it for duo guitars/voices, violin/guitar instrumental duo, piano, piano and voice, and more.

  • from Vacaville, CA October 15, 2014Music Background:
    Audio & Video Production Business Owner

    All around excellent product

    Sturdy and quality construction, very good sound, excellent control flexibility, uses standard batteries (not rechargeable), plenty of volume capability.. A more expensive alternative than many other available portable options, but unlikely you'll regret getting this product.

  • from Ohio August 16, 2013Music Background:
    jazz guitar and classical music

    Roland BA-330

    The Roland portable PA is alot of fun and sounds great. A compact package that will put out the stereo sound for a one man band that I have been looking for. The technical help from Sweetwater is excellent. Appreciate them getting behind my project request to create a portable jazz guitar sound system.

  • from Mt. Morris, NY May 18, 2013Music Background:
    a lot of years pro musician.

    Pretty Dam Good!

    Here's the thing. I play almost ALL my shows in small and senior venues. They don't want it loud anyway. Even so, they ask me to turn it down from time to time when I use the BA-330. I am a keyboardist and vocalist, and I, too, have encountered the "compressor" issue that you will see in some of these reviews. I suspect it kicks in to protect the unit from damage at high volumes, after all, they are only 6.5" speakers, and 15 watt amps per side. That said, the over-all sound is perfect for 9/10 of my gigs, and when I perform outdoors, I could/should add another amp for outdoor bass response, especially if it is a larger crowd, and put this baby up an a speaker stand. Bottom line, for the price/size/weight/sound/convenience and ease of use, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

  • from San Pedro Sula, Honduras June 5, 2012Music Background:
    AVL Consultant

    Great Battery Powered System

    I am a missionary in Honduras and we needed a system to take around with us that was battery powered. We use iPods, guitar, and vocals. This system has been an incredible addition to our ministry,

  • from January 5, 2017Music Background:
    Busker and sound engineer

    Good unit

    i brought this unit for busking with my small duo. It is also useful for playing music, announcements, generally just a good addition to my kit.

    - Best sounding battery unit I have tried, and I've tried quite a few.
    - battery life is quite good for its size
    - good feature set, 2 mic pres and a couple of other channels, plus line in for iPod.
    - although mine is relatively new it feels pretty durable.

    - it's relatively big for a busking PA and it isn't that loud (although it does seem to sound better than it's competitors).
    - it does lack some of the fancy modern features of its competitors, eg Bluetooth and iPhone control. That may be part of the charm for some users.

    Overall? I'd buy it again promptly if anything happened to it. Although I continue to be tempted by the Mackie free play as a smaller alternative.

  • from April 10, 2016


    If you really want the best out of this unit run with roland edirol mdx 10 mixer, run ba 330 without effects use the edirol for mixing Awesome.

  • from DC April 29, 2014Music Background:

    So far, so good.

    I need a reliable good battery amp with AC power (just in case). I've used it for 2 weddings & 2 background corporate jobs in DC. Used it outside (on a noisy boat) & inside. I've not exhaustively tested it.

    1. Lasted 14.5 hours on the first set of batteries.
    2. Battery Charge Indicator is helpful.
    3. Lighter than my Carvin Stagemate.
    4. Sounds pretty good.

    1. Rudimentary EQ. One knob rolls high to low.
    2. Needs a Bass - Middle - Treble EQ.

    So far, it does what I need. Like the sound of my Stagemate better but they stopped making them. The Roland seems to be a decent replacement. The only other question is long-term reliability. Only time will tell.

  • from Shreveport, LA March 24, 2014Music Background:
    pro. musician, music educator

    I am most pleased w/ my new Roland BA-300.

    The Roland BA-330 fits my needs just fine. The quality of sound, portability, flexibility for outdoor gigs isexceptional. It meets my needs for audiences up to 125 people very nicely. I also like the options the unit offers.

    I am happy with my Roland BA-330.

  • from New Orleans, LA 70123 December 7, 2012Music Background:
    Music educator with Masters + 30 and professional player with military band and show band experience.

    Roland BA - 330

    I recently purchased the Roland BA - 330 for an indoor gig at City Park in New Orleans. The reception hall is medium in size and had about 200 in attendance. The system work perfectly. The combo consisted of a horn player ( me on clarinet and tenor sax ), a keyboard player ( with bass sounds in lower half ) and drums. The balance was perfect, not too loud or soft. We recevied many compliments from the orginaziation for which we performed. The only negative thing about tne BA - 330 is that the control knobs are on the back. That being said, it is a great piece of Stereo PA equipment.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN May 21, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Entertainers

    Great unit; mixed review

    So here's the deal; The J Taylors gig 3-4 times a week, and as a duo we needed an affordable all-in-one P.A. for smaller gigs--one that for economic reasons could also serve as a monitor for larger gigs. After a lot of research, we settled on the BA-330 because of the price, number of channels, battery capability, and Roland's reputation for good-quality sound, as well as the anti-feedback feature. We run two mic's, two guitars, and audio from the Macbook through this unit. Overall, it sounds great, and the delay feature adds a nice retro feel to our vocals for the classic rock, country, & oldies covers we do. One significant drawback (and reason it's not a 5-star review); the BA-330 does have some sort of limiter that kicks in at higher volumes when the signal's too hot from either vocals or guitars. Best suited to background music or restaurant shows where lighter music will be performed. Acoustic guitar sounds amazing through it, but as expected, electric guitar should probably be amplified separately.

  • from Berryville VA April 19, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Composer, Producer

    A great idea. It works, powerful enough for many different musician situations.

    I like Roland. I have many Roland products. And this unit seems a bit expensive, but it does a great job for mobility, clear, clean audio. I don't use the effects. They are not very good to my ears. If you are really needing some echo and reverb and you can afford this amp, you probably have better boxes for the effects. I wish they would drop the effects and lower the price!
    The idea of having a nice powerful sound in such a compact unit with multiple inputs is super. Bring it outside and jam on your porch or small gigs, parties, small venues, etc. So far I am impressed and happy with the purchase. I use it with acoustic, ipad, mics and keys.

  • from Little Rock, AR September 13, 2011Music Background:
    30 + years musician

    Just What I Needed

    I needed a smaller, more compact p.a. to save my aching back. I just did a gig with the Roland BA-330 and
    I LOVE IT!
    I LOVE IT!
    I LOVE IT!
    i LOVE IT!

  • from Frisco, TX February 17, 2011Music Background:
    pro musician


    Mike Picotte, my sales rep, said he was impressed by this unit and so I got one. It does a fine job for its intended purpose, namely amplifying up to five sound sources for up to 90-100 people. Having an extensive mixer, effects, input and output jacks and weighing less that most combo guitar amps, the BA-330 sounds clean and clear on a variety of material. Best of all, the battery option allows you to have this sound anywhere! I have used it for weddings in the middle of nowhere and it works as if it was AC powered. I already have gigs booked this year where I will use the battery option again. I use mine with vocal, guitar and backing tracks off an iPod and can record my entire show live into a Zoom H1 recorder. My setup and take down is fast and lightweight, thanks to the BA-330. Now if Roland could make a compatible subwoofer for this unit...

  • from lawrenceville May 26, 2015Music Background:

    Almost a good thing

    On paper and in all the written reviews, you'd think this thing is the bomb. Just what's needed for a keyboardist. I use 2 keyboards and vocalize as well. This device should be fantastic but was disappointing.
    Why? Distortion at anything over half volume. Poor bass response. The'stereo' effect is really not noticeable. Even the mount hole is a bit too large and too shallow. The speaker wobbles. Sent it bakc and decided to bite the bullet and get two multi input powered PA cabinets. Maybe the Roland should be relegated to street performance only as which it will probably excel being portable.

  • from July 30, 2011

    3/4 of an AMP

    Where to begin...


    The Roland BA330 has a very well designed exterior and a simple, easy to use mixing section. Clear function and legibility is obviously a strong point for this "mobile PA'. It has a very comfortable carrying handle on top as well as a convenient place to set your mp3 player so it doesn't fall on the ground when you decide to put it on the amp. The face of the unit is sleek and simple. Thick rubber feet and a truck-liner coating insure durability. Lastly there's a kickstand that allows it to be at an angle as a floor monitor... but you have to bend way over to position it.

    Slice a side of the cabinet so it can lay on its side for floor monitoring position and lose the kickstand? Maybe make the mixing panel removable like the STAGEPAS? it's kind of a pain to go behind it to make an adjustment.


    Two mic/inst channels and two stereo channels make this a reasonable tool to any keyboardist who may also sing or play guitar. The Aux in is very flexible with stereo RCA or a single 3.5mm jack with a small attenuation control knob. Master High/Low equalizer are OK. anti feedback system works, but doesn't save problem feedback, just kills it a little after it starts... but not flawless.

    The effects section is a simple rotary knob controlling both amount and what kind of effect (reverb, delay, wide). Reverb is OK, but I couldn't get the delay to work. WIDE effect isn't noticeable if you're within 5 feet, but is slightly noticeable further away. Effects are ON/OFF per channel. line out to send mix to a house system. Stereo Link function is cool... but I never got to try it out.

    One flaw is that the EQ knob is not very musical. Boost the lows and lower the highs... or boost the highs and lower the lows. Not my favorite way to find a sound. The battery powered feature is a huge success. It worked just as they say it does... Runs for about 9-10 hours on eco mode (which slightly reduces the max output. only wish the compartment were easier to remove. Power supply is a small external box befor you get to the wall with a heavy duty XLR type connector.

    Why is there not headphone output? Direct outputs would be awesome. Effect amount knob per channel? Easier to remove battery compartment. Two band EQ.


    When I plugged this this in I gotta say I was really excited... After reading all the reviews I was ready for my mind to be blown. I first tried my korg SV1 into ch.3 (the first stereo channel). Volume about halfway, my piano sound came through clear and robust, but I noticed that when the signal entered the PA a hiss was produced... nothing terrible, but a slight hiss none the less. Organ sounded great. So i plugged in my mic and checked it. Clear b ut a little bottom end boost that wasn't pleasant. so i turned my EQ knob up and got a close to desired sound.

    At this point I hit a major turn around in my experience with the Roland BA330. I turned up the volume. Vocals compressed automatically, and badly. Distortion from both the limiting and speakers occurred when my master volume was at 3/4 level and my channel levels were at about 2 o'clock. And there was no volume change between 3/4 and full volume. I was amazed. How can something sound so great at low levels then crap out where it counts? I expected more from Roland. Bottom line... I bought 70% of an amp.


    I put this thing to the test at band practice. I sing lead vocals and play keys. Once we started I kept having to re position the amp so the rest of the band could hear. We play loud, but not THAT loud. loudest thing in the room was a 30watt fender amp on 5 and it was twice as loud as my BA330... which was set at its highest level before limiting. again this is about 75%. Practice was difficult.

    Overall I give this amp a 2.5/5. It has a FANTASTIC set of features. Needs a few things here and there but everything is super easy to use and is housed in a great box. But unfortunately the box is about the best part of the amp. Granted at lower levels it sounds pretty good, but i wouldn't play anything other than jazz or solo piano through it. Granted my review was rough on the poor Roland. It just wasn't made to stand up to playing with a band. It's definitely more of a solo PA for a small crowd... maybe 30 people.
    maybe more in the right room... Either way, Im returning it and getting a JBL powered speaker and a small format mixer. Probably start building a solid PA for the whole band. This shouldn't retail for more than $450 I'd say.

  • from San Diego April 8, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Guitarist

    Not Quite

    I've been using the Roland BA-330 for about two years. I bought it from Sweetwater when it first came out. Mostly I use it for solo guitar, but occasionally run another guitar and/or bass. Here are the problems as I see them:

    1) Run more than one instrument through it and you get this horrible limiting happening.

    2) Sound quality. I found it rather too bright and brittle to go in direct, and the EQ isn't that helpful.

    3) Wimpy. Read the specs, 15W + 15W = not enough for outdoor or large venues.

    4) Distortion. Push it to hard (which you'll have to do if you want anyone to hear you) and it distorts. Ugly.

    Two years later and I'm finally going to shell out the money to get something better. I'll probably keep it to use as a battery amp / spare.

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