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Ampeg BA-115 1x15" 100-Watt Bass Combo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from SW Ohio May 14, 2014Music Background:
    Former gigging guitarist, now simply a hobbyist

    Great little combo bass amp

    I am a guitarist that is always searching for that perfect tone, I dabble in bass occasionally just to change things up and to have something for friends and family come in for impromptu jam sessions. Back in the day when I was still gigging, my favorite amp was a 66 Fender Bassman . No extras, no reverb,tremolo, echo, or anything. Just great tube tone. So it finally hit me. Why not play through a bass amp for that pure tone again?dabbling in bass only reinforced the idea. Since I am strictly a hobbyist now, I could not justify spending $1500 or so on another Bassman head and cabinet. I went to all the music stores within a 60 mile radius trying all the different bass amps looking for that sound again. I finally found it in the BA-115! Although it is not a tube amp, it does sound remarkably like one. Unfortunately, my son, who is a gigging bassist now, keeps borrowing it. He has discovered that for most gigs his SVT head and 8 X 10 cabinet is overkill. He swears this little 60 pound combo is plenty for practice and for playing smaller venues and with the direct out it ca easily be run through the PA for larger places.its not SVT tone but he says it's close and I agree. If you are looking for a great little practice bass combo or a nice clean guitar amp and don't care about effects or have a pedalboard crammed full of pedals, this is the amp for you. Tha Ampeg BA-115!

  • from Fort Wayne, IN May 14, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Composer, Session Musician, Professional Studio Designer

    Great all-in-one jamming amp

    I bought this amp so that I could shake the pictures on the walls in my house and have one amp that I could jam with my family no matter what instrument I happened to pick up. The preset EQ curves make it so versatile so quickly. I also use it with my keyboards, synths and even electric guitars. It is a great all-in-one, jamming amp. It is also clean at high or low volumes. This is a great second amp even if you already have a bigger rig.

  • from Boca Raton, FL USA January 19, 2010Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician

    An Ampeg Combo That Pounds

    I tried a lot of good name bass combo amps. The Ampeg BA115 was the sound and the price tag that worked well for me. A great 15" speaker and horn in a compact cab. The Ampeg BA115 does live up to 40 years of making bass amps that have both a punch and a heavy pound sound. Other amps may have more settings, but that doesn't always mean they have the settings that are necessary. The settings are simple and easy to set for the sound you want and need. Ampeg BA115 Combo bass amp, I really think you will like it.

  • from Brownstown, IN September 1, 2012Music Background:
    Worship band musician

    Ampeg Combo

    I purchased this amp to replace the backup rig I kept at home for practice. I needed a smaller combo that would be great for practice or for rehearsals. This amp was perfect for my needs! It doesn't take up a lot of space but still packs a lot of punch. You can stand it up or tilt it back like a monitor.

    I really dig the tone of this amp. I've always used Hartke amps and cabs, but I must say that I'm really impressed by the tone control of this Ampeg combo. Besides the low, mid, and high knobs there is a tone selection knob that will take you through 5 different presets that will give you the sound you want. I also appreciate (or should I say my neighbors appreciate) the headphone jack on this amp too. If you need a rock-solid combo with a very nice tone...give this one a shot.

  • from Indiana December 18, 2011Music Background:

    Good for (organ) keyboard amplification too!

    This amp works way better than a keyboard amp for organ sounds. I use it now to project out my organ, but I'm still tweaking getting a good sound for my piano sounds through it.

  • from NEW SALEM PA. December 26, 2010Music Background:

    ampeg ba115

    I bought the BA115 three years ago so I wouldnt have to lug around my big rigs. I did however put ampegs side spring handles on for easier transport.I have three big rigs ampeg SVT3 Pro a Hartke 5500 I use a15hlf cab with the Ampeg and a410BXL and a115 bxl with the hartke I can truthfully say that I can play any small 100 people toany large gig 500 or more people with the ampeg BA115 I use the sansamp VT bass preamp in front of it and it is totally awsome bring the treble down like many have said and you have a monster of a bass amp.Also you can run to the foh engineer he can do the rest .much less weight to carry and awsome sound just like my SVT but much lighter I am disabled now but can still have that ampeg in your face sound. I have bass players wondering all the time where I get my sound. I hope this review helps any who was not happy with their BA115 it will change the way you were thinking. god bless ! THE BRUM

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