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Studio Projects B3 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Studio Projects B3?

Questions about the Studio Projects B3?

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  • from Boiling Springs SC June 25, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musian, Hobbyist


    When i was starting to built my own studio and i needed a mic i could really count on and use for more than one thing and i have look threw hundreds of mic starting from Audio Technica, ending with AKG. So far this is the best mic i found.I used it on accousts, Vocals (AMAZING!!) amps and the sound is just amazing. All i got to say is if this mic worth triple of its value!!!

  • from Boise, Idaho February 7, 2016


    Bought this mic a while back, based on really liking SP's VTB1 preamp. I've been using it as a room mic for drums, which doesn't really put it's capabilities to the test. Then this week, I had a vocal session, with some singing and some rap. I was very, very impressed with the B3's clarity and even freq response through my DBX 376 channel strip. A slight bit of de-essing and light compression thru the DBX, and I doubt I will have to work very hard to achieve a great result during mixing. Great "bang-for-the buck"!!

  • from Cali, Colombia October 14, 2013Music Background:
    Experienced recording and mixing engineer

    Great mic for everything

    I purchased this mic back in 2005 and Ive made all kind of recordings with it, Ive taked it out for post sound recording and a lot inside the studio. This mic has a pleasing bright sound without being harsh. I use it specially for female vocals through a tube preamp and it sounds really nice. The multipatern allowed me to use it in M/S room recording for drums. This is a really nice mic overall.

  • from Augusta, ME USA October 11, 2006Music Background:
    Recording engineer, composer and bass player

    Great mic at a great price

    The B3 may not have the sound quality of an AKG or Neumann mic, but for the price it is outstanding. My primary use is recording vocals, and noticed that it has a very warm sound. In the figure 8 pattern, I sometimes even record two vocals at once with positive results. The last recording I used the B3 in the omni patten as an ambient mic for an acoustic guitar and it came out very clear yet full.

    I really enjoy this mic and would recommend it to any musician on a budget.

  • from Chicago, IL March 9, 2006

    good mic for the price

    I knew someone that had great success recording with a Studio Projects C1 mic when he first started recording and I knew I wanted a similar mic when I was starting. recently i was fortunate enough to use the 800 dollar AKG 414 mic at a studio and i REALLY liked it but i can’t afford that right now. i started looking for a mic that would have some of the same features including multiple patterns and sound similarities. I decided to give the B3 a try since it would allow me to record with the three different pattern positions and I figured it should record as well as the Studio Projects C1. I’m happy with my decision and I would recommend this mic to anyone in my same position.

    This a good mic for the person on a low budget that wants a good condensor mic with multiple patterns. I mainly record acoustic guitar and vocals in my home studio but I’m sure that this mic can do a lot more…I can’t wait until I use it on guitar amps and other instruments. I would love to record with the AKG 414 all of the time and wish I could own 2 of them, but for now the B3 will do just fine. Any newbie won’t be disappointed! My only advice would be to get a decent preamp (500 bucks or more), and if you have to go cheap on the mic pre I would probably go with the Studio Project VTB-1. I made the mistake of getting a cheap Presonus mic pre and I wish I had gotten the Studio Projects. Just my opinion!

Questions about the Studio Projects B3?

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