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Behringer Truth B3031A Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from Nashville December 13, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter/Artist/Guitar Instructor


    I'm a pro player/songwriter with a modest but efficient home office studio. I just replaced my NS-10m's with the B3031A. They were recommended to me by a producer/studio owner friend and that choice was re-enforced by Lucas, my sales rep. My friend suggested I listen to some familiar records to "tune my ears" into the speakers. I played the Eagles' "Take It Easy" & "There' A Hole In The World". I got a strong, contained bottom and SUPER SMOOTH vocals - I heard mistakes like not hitting the sweet spot on a snare hit and getting about 40% rimshot. "Get Back" was AWSOME! - super guitar separation and juggernaut drums. When I threw on some original tracks I'm currently working on, I was hearing and tweaking subtle differences in the mix right away (FYI - make sure to check your switches on the back. I thought I had a blown speaker until I checked and saw it had the "mute low" on - a "+2" on high frequency works well for realism). I've spent top dollar on mikes, preamps, computers, etc., but these speakers are a terriffic value and work great with my high end stuff. Thanks, Sweetwater!

  • from MEMPHIS TN December 3, 2015Music Background:


    1st off no one in there right mind uses their studio reference monitors as a pa, that is just ignorant and i certainly would not mix- down being half drunk. Act professional and you will get a pro sound,again these are reference monitors NOT pa speakers,,buy a PA for practice.These are for mixing and very true.

  • from Houston TX August 24, 2015Music Background:
    Studio Dude

    Pretty cool pretty cool

    Check it out...
    These things are good for certain things. Example: My friends come over, we plug everything into the mixer and jam out and have a great ole time, rockin and drinkin beers! Yay!
    For mixing these things suck Bro... I mean, they are good as a second pair of reference speakers but not as your mains.
    However, for the Price, I believe these things are worth owning.
    They are my expendable little studio speakers. I crank them to clipping all the time when we jam... Which brings me to my next point.
    These things haven't blown on me yet despite my years of constant abuse. They can take a beating man. lol
    and... they are loud as hell.

    Great for PA style usages, Backup speakers, and Secondary reference speakers.
    Not good for mixing or Mastering at all.
    Go buy some but use them wisely. :)

  • from Wolcott, New York November 10, 2014Music Background:
    Electrical Engineer (Ret.)

    A beautiful loudspeaker!

    I bought one pair, I liked them so much, I bought a second pair. One is set as seen, and the other is upside down. These speakers are true state-of-the-art. They replaced a pair of Magnpan 3.7 loudspeakers. These sound real. If you can afford them, buy them. I have a large room. These will fit into any room. You will be very surprised.

  • from Santa Clara November 14, 2013Music Background:
    Experienced Hobbyist

    Deep Bass, Lots of Power

    I bought 2 of these from Sweetwater a month ago and since I just came back from Guitar Center, I could compare the Behringer to other similarly priced monitors (Mackie MR8mk?, KRK Rokit 8 gen?, Yamaha HS8, JBL LSR308).

    * B3031A has one of the deepest bass (all the way down to 35 Hz)
    * It is the most powerful monitor out there, hands down. The 285W statement is not a bluff. I can't get it to start distorting under reasonable listening conditions (ie without ear plugs), unlike every other monitor I tried.
    * Front bass reflex ports allow for more flexible positioning.

    * Low mids are muffled. (Yamaha HS8 wins in terms of clarity)
    * Audible port wind noise under 50 Hz.
    * Loud pop when turned on from the power switch at the back.
    * Heaviest of all. The MDF is super dense. (JBL LSR308 is lightest due to I assume its switched power supply + class D amps. Also the MDF seemed thin on that one)

    Overall, it really depends on what you care for. Use your ears and find a way to play your music on several monitors.

    The B3031A packs some exotic technologies - Kevlar woofer, Ribbon tweeter, but ultimately this doesn't really translate into a more impressive sounds than the tough competition!

  • from Crossville, Tennessee USA June 7, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician recording hobbyist

    Can't beat=-em with a stick, and you won't want to anyway.

    I have always been a fan of the HEIL air motion transformer. I STILL am. They have always been overpriced in the past, and
    In my opinion are still overpriced. My second favorite High end has been a good leaf or ribbon tweeter, IF they are paired
    with a suitably fast lower end speaker.

    I think Behringer did just that. They put a very high quality ribbon over a very fast cone, crossed them over well, and came
    up with a speaker which should be as at home in a living room as in a studio. They are very revealing, and very flat.
    The 8 inch woofer needs a subwoofer to really make the bass sound all there. This is not to diminish the surprisingly prodigious
    bass output that Kevlar cone puts out. What I am saying is that an 8 inch woofer can only go just so low; BUT, the addition of a sub allows
    these speakers to project a total illusion of being there.

    Imaging is PINPOINT, stable, and uncanny, like a high end audiophile speaker. Close your eyes and you won't be sure if it's
    live or it's Memorex. Sax player in the room with you blowing spit past his reed and pad-slapping, key-clicking right there,
    in the room with you. (I don't think you want some sax player's spit all over your living room, but you know what I maen anyway, right?)
    Frankly, I am considering purchasing 5 more of these for my 7.1 thx surround. (a QSC sub? to go with them?)
    Yea, they ARE that good. Not quite as good as a Heil tweeter, but the overall speaker is so good, that they make up for the very slight difference
    in hi frequency detail. Balance, smoothness, imaging, and accurate midrange along with a very very good sounding tweeter makes these the kind of
    speaker that will startle you by making you think that someone you weren't expecting just walked into the room uninvited.
    For 500 bucks a pair, You get orchestral triangles and symbols floating in the air, and the ability to pick out and separate every individual
    voice in a choir. 500 Bucks??? Unheard of.....

  • from Norfolk, VA January 3, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Enginner, Hobbyist, Student, Audio Resotration, and Mixing/Mastering

    Present Bass; Silky Highs

    Being an enthusiast, mixing/mastering, restoring, and even just cleaning the studio with them playing away; These speakers take the cake especially for how affordable they are. I've had them for about a month and a half and so far, I don't finalize ANYTHING until I play them on these speakers. I go to my car (since I know what it sounds like in there) and it sounds just right after I mix with the Behringer B3031A's.

    I HIGHLY recommend these speakers for the starter or even the person who needs to have a second pair of reference monitors. You will most certainly not be disappointed.

  • from July 5, 2012


    Great little speakers for the money.

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