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Zoom B3 Bass Multi Effects Reviews

4.5 stars based on 46 customer reviews
  • from Asheville NC October 10, 2016Music Background:
    Gig Master


    This rig is the best I have used so far, does everything I need and more.

  • from Arkansas July 20, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician


    I'm really impressed with how this sounds. Effects are good out of the box, and easy to adjust. Im playing a an ESP fretless, and it is great for my sound. It also enhanced my keyboard sound. I love that you can hook it up to computer and adjust and save your patches right on the screen...really really really nice pedal!!!!

  • from Lucerne, CA March 12, 2016Music Background:
    Former rock band guitarist, now private studio cat.

    Great Bass Effects

    I have to agree with all the positive reviews of this multi-effects pedal.

    I hooked it up to my Behringer BXL 1800 bass amp and played every bass I own through it, from a Dean Rhapsody 12, to a Guild Starfire Bass II, to a Schecter Hellcat VI, to an Ibanez with a Hipshot double-stop bass Xtender.

    Despite being run through an all-digital chain, every instrument came alive with new, richer, fuller, very organic sonic dimensions reminiscent of a tube rig. IMHO, the Zoom B3 is probably the best bass effects stomp box available for its very modest price.

    Five stars to Zoom, Sweetwater, and my terrific sales engineer, Andy Miller!

  • from south central Indiana January 16, 2016Music Background:
    working musician

    Unbelievably slick pedal

    I've been using Zoom products for several years, so I'm familiar with them to a pretty decent extent. I've been eyeballing this gizmo for a while now and finally pulled the trigger on the deal and I all I can say is wow. I've read a lot of user reviews and I've yet to read anything negative...now I know why. All I've been doing so far is setting up patches and banks; I haven't gigged or even practiced with it yet and already I'm wondering how in the world I ever got by without this thing. I can't wait to crank this little guy up and let'er rip. Great features, very flexible patches and banks, awesome sounds, this is a truly versatile and potent pedal and it is well worth every penny - ZOOM HITS A HOMER WITH THE B3 !!! GET ONE NOW !!

  • from Boston MA April 23, 2015Music Background:
    Big, dumb rock and roll.

    The wait is over.

    Like so many before me, I got tired of carrying 50lbs worth of pedals with me everywhere. But, I was convinced that sonically, no multi-effect unit could ever compare with standalone, purpose-built pedals. And I was right.

    Until now.

    I've had my B3 for almost a year now, and I still haven't explored all it has to offer. Any perceived limitations it has are actually due to my impatience in not properly dialing something in (or not reading the directions). This is not the Zoom multi of years past. The quality, sound, and features are lightyears beyond the Zooms that came before it. This is not simply a toy that's fun to fool around with at home and practice, never to be used live. I use this pedal without reservation at high-profile gigs and feel completely naked without it. It's small enough that even if I just wanted to bring it to use as a tuner or DI and no sound coloration, I would.

    All of the things that have made bass-specific effects only okay, have been addressed with the B3. Sounds are big and fat, with no drop in volume once you get the settings dialed in. The emulations are spot-on, as I've owned just about everything this pedal emulates. So much adjustability, versatility, and so many options. Add an expression pedal, and you now have yourself a full pedalboard. Up to three effects can be run at the same time, and you can activate or deactivate by stepping on the EHX-quality switches (side note: this is a solid, solid pedal). The choruses, overdrives, distortions, synths, etc. are all very well done.

    Another plus? If you lose the AC adapter, it'll run off a USB cable plugged into your phone's wall plug.

    Hook it up to your computer and create patches, move them around, add or remove, rename, tweak settings, whatever you want. Use it as an interface to whatever music software you're using. It's just an amazing device. The looper I've only flirted with and hope to use to a greater extent once I finally get serious and sit down with manual. It's a very intuitive device, but it of course pays (and saves a lot of time) if you just break down an read the manual. It's there for a reason.

    In short, my eye still wanders for the Next Big Thing. Don't we all? However, the B3 still holds that title.

  • from Carmel Valley, CA March 15, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-Pro playing level


    I'm both a guitarist and bassist and have successfully used BOSS products for my guitar for years. Based on reviews, I decided to go with the Zoom for my bass effects, and I'm not disappointed. This B3 unit has so much versatility and so many options, and I've only had the thing for a week.

    I looked at the B2 first because of the price point (not because of the size difference), and I got the B3 because of two factors: 1) I could individually switch on/off three effects easily, and 2) the B3 has an active USB out for recording whereas the B2 has a USB that can only be used to change the pedal's parameters. Haven't used the USB Out yet, but as I get more into this box, it will get used a lot for recording.

    You won't be sorry for plunking down the two hundred bucks for the Zoom B3.

  • from Seattle, WA November 8, 2014Music Background:
    Berklee Graduate

    If you're undecided about getting this...

    Don't be! I've bought Zoom bass pedals since they first started manufacturing them and this is by far the best pedal they've offered. This really could be the only pedal you'll need. It consolidates 3 pedals into one as well as offering D.I. capabilities, a built in tuner and an onboard drum machine. I bought mine with playing at my church in mind and it sounds fantastic. I no longer have to carry around my MXR M80 bass preamp pedal or Aphex Xciter pedal; you'll find those effects on the B3. Throw in some compression and what more could you want? You'd find it in this pedal.

  • from Dunnellon, FL February 17, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Best stomp box ever

    Still can't believe how many features this pedal has. Every time I use it I find something new.

  • from Florence, AL December 30, 2013

    Review Correction

    In my previous review I stated the tuner did not mute. This was an error. The tuner does mute, but requires a longer "press" on the switch to put it in mute mode.

  • from Florence, AL December 20, 2013Music Background:

    More than you'll ever need!

    I am not a big bass effects person, but my signal chain had grown to the point that I wanted to simplify. I had a tuner, a compressor, an octave, a Sansamp Bass Driver, and a Line 6 relay. All required power which was fed from my OneSpot with required splitter. I found that I never used all the stuff at the same time and I was always tempted to play with other effects but never wanted to spend $100 a pop for the pleasure of playing.

    The B3 is WAY more than I'll ever need, but I have to admit, it's insanely fun to play with. The looper, drum machine, and all the crazy effects give you endless amounts of things to try. But don't for one second think this thing is a toy. I've been using it each week as a DI and using the amp sims. They sound fantastic! I actually got to A/B it with an actual Fender Bassman head and it was spooky how spot on the sim was. Connect it to your computer and you can use the free software to create your custom patches much faster than using the unit itself, and you can save them so you can play around and always return back to your base settings.

    The only thing I have on my board now is the B3, a tuner (because the B3 tuner doesn't mute you while tuning), and my wireless relay. I power it all with a Pedaltrain Volto, so I no longer need AC power. My board is completely self contained, and quiet. No worry about dirty power (the B3 has a ground lift if you run into ground hum).

    It's an amazing product that I would expect to pay double what it costs, but combine spectacular performance with a value price, and it's outstanding. Almost too good to be true.

  • from Ellijay Ga December 11, 2013Music Background:
    40 yr bass and other things player

    Had it since it came out bought it here still great

    Makes all my basses all 7 of them sound great no matter what I play trough or what type of music we play. You can dial in any sound or simply compress and use the sansamp and you are good to go in any studio environment......

  • from s October 14, 2013

    awesome box

    overall awesome product, mostly because of how nice it works as a recording interface; if you monitor it with the stereo output and record via usb you get a lossless recording;

    some effects are better than others; the reverb and phasers are excellent; the overdrives are excellent as well for a digital tone i was blown away, the compression is also good, the filters are not that cool, there's a lot of junk i wouldnt use; the amp models all sound the same, are pointless to worry about;

    downside the controls are terrible, you dont get that much control over the effects settings, for some of them the dials seem to do nothing, the delay is terrible i wouldnt use it, only a few of the presets are good, but if you stack and amp, a drive and one of the better effects you can get a good tone for directed recording to pc;

    the real reason im giving this box a great review rather than a good review though noobs, is that the sensitivity of this thing is unreal for focused playing, it picks up the dynamics and gives you a lot of expression for a small digital box, it's almost scarey; for example you can crescendo better than most amps ive played the dynamic controls it gives you on the stings are unbelieveably impressive, it improved the expression on my bass which has cheap pick ups, made it seem like a much better instument, and it improved the tone controls, adding the bright pick snapped right into the ditigal overdrive; the genious of this box is how the digital amps read the nuances in what's coming out of your instument; much of the rest is filler; i'd get this if you are focued on playing or practicing a lot of guitar at the moment, and still want to have the option of making stellar recordings in your bedroom; i wouldnt use it as a gigging musician in virtue of it's effects options; zoom also designed an award winning handheld recording interface; i dont use the looper but it's fine

  • from Macomb, Michigan September 17, 2013Music Background:
    Musician and Collector


    Tried just about every multi-effects box out there and nothing really clicked with a bass. Until now. Obviously this was specially made for a bass, and the Zoom B3 effects pedal really does what it says. Fantastic, quality effects and the bass amp emulators are dead-on. Finally my basses can have as much fun as my guitars.

  • from Evanston, IL January 5, 2013Music Background:

    Unbelievable Value!

    Completely innovative multi-effects pedal. Feels like owning every classic pedal on the market. The presets are fantastic (I love 'Jaco Jazz' and 'Oct OD' especially) and the customization of each preset is a breeze. Out of the box awesome! The looper / drum machine is a really slick bonus feature (along with the tuner), and the D.I. Out is also really nice for a super clean signal to the front of house. There's also USB connectivity to your computer and the free Edit And Share software! I could go on and on. There are a lot of pedals I feel I no longer need to purchase because of this super consolidated multi-effects pedal. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • from Fayetteville, WV November 13, 2012Music Background:
    Garage Band Musician

    Great Choice!

    This device is fabulous. I love it. For the price of about 2-3 pedals you can have an unlimited number of unique tones. The 100 presets are awesome but I've enjoyed tweaking them to get something else. Most of them I just leave as is. Super fun. I love them

  • from Northeast Philadelphia, PA October 31, 2012Music Background:
    Still learning

    A lot of fun

    Haven't gone through all of the possible settings yet. It's a whole bunch of pedals in one box. I'm really enjoying it.
    An individual pedal may have more possibilities of a particular sound, but unless you need to be extremely specific, this covers everything. To get all of the sounds in this one unit, you would spend several hundred dollars on individual pedals. This is also relatively compact. I love it

  • from South Jersey September 5, 2012Music Background:
    Musician for 10+ years

    Don't waste your money on individual pedals!

    Everything you would ever want/need in a pedal setup. To understand how in depth Zoom has gone, realize that most of these effects can be tweeked to what speaker cab sound/size you would want them to sound and react like...simply incredible and highly practical effects on here as well.

  • from Sherman, TX USA April 11, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    Sounds great! Easy to dial in great sounding tones, easier with the downloaded editing software. And, the included Steinberg Sequel LE is the easiest recording software yet!!!

  • from Fishers Indiana USA April 7, 2012Music Background:
    bass player

    Great single pedal

    I'm able to consolidate several pedals to one. Great sound and easy to use

  • from San Francisco, CA March 28, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro bassist for working cover band

    Very cool!

    I own the Zoom B2. It used to be on my pedalboard but it looked like a toy, so I removed it and only use it for rehearsals. So, I've been using real pedals, mostly Boss and a Sansamp BDDI until I saw the B3. This B3 sounds way better than the B2. I tried Line 6 and did not like the tones at all. I ordered the B3 from Sweetwater as soon as I saw it on the website. The tones on this thing are great. This has best SVT simulator I have used. It captures that low/mid boost and heaviness that the SVT is famous for. The Markbass, Aguilar and U5 simulators all sound the same. I have to play with those more to try and determine the difference and why all 3 exist. The Polytone simulator is cool. I play in an 80's band and use lots of effects and have a need for the amp simulators. The visual display is fun to use because the graphics looks like the pedal it is trying to simulate. The drum machine on the B2 sounds better. The B3 drum machine does not have a simple disco pattern...weird. That pattern should be standard. It's kind of cheezy to have a drum machine but it does come in handy when the drummer misses practice. It's not perfect, but the tones are awesome. 5 stars, yo.

  • from Pelham, Mass March 14, 2012Music Background:
    recording artist, multi instrumentalist

    It's in there!!

    Fantastic piece of gear! Zoom has really come a long way as far as making their fx/amp simulations sound realistic..I really like the Bootsy-esque mutron bass sounds, the synths are killer, vintage cabs & effects are really authentic.Sounds great thru my Hartke combo! I record on a roland 2400cvd & I'm pleased with the sound! I can finally say see ya to taking time to mike bass cabs, being kind of a purist snob about that sort of thing.Way to go zoom!You got it all here-the Eddie Jackson sounds, Stanley, Jaco etc I can't play like those guys but the sound'll be there if I can one day.Trust me you wont be sorry with this red bad boy & people will be jealous! Thanks to Sweetwater for great service too!

  • from Monticello Utah May 17, 2016

    Great pedal but...

    What a great piece of equipment , you can really dial in some good sounds, It's really what I needed to explore the bass. I think the 40 second loop is just too short,seems to cut me short anyway,but still useful.Also on the octave part it doesn't hold when I play a low e,the sound changes after a split second,a bit annoying and I'm not sure if it is just my pedal (haven't given the time to ask tech) or that they all do that. I still recommend it.

  • from April 27, 2016Music Background:
    Bass Player

    Fantastic purchase

    If you're looking for a phenomenal and diverse bass pedal without having to spend a ton of money, this is the one for you. Great for any type of gig or genre of music.

  • from Ca August 25, 2015Music Background:
    26 years guitarist/bassist


    This pedal was a gift for my brother. I've been a guitarist for 26 years (bass included). For the money this pedal was completely worth every penny. Of course every pedal takes time to learn. However, backing off the effects and setting up a modest (3 pedal) board was self explanatory in my opinion.
    Modulation effects are nice, distortion a bit finicky (like most pedals). Overall, my brother is happy with its versatility (on the road a lot loves the headphone jack).
    The B3 is metal which Is Great for travel, but a bit small for my taste. My brother enjoys its size for the portability.

  • from Ann Arbor, MI June 28, 2015

    Works great, some nits

    Works great, I'm just posting this to add a few details I didn't see mentioned elsewhere.

    First, boot time is about 5 seconds. So sound will start coming out about 5 seconds after you turn it on. Which is less time than it takes me to strap on my bass, so I can't see it being a serious problem unless maybe I was worried about quick recovery from a power blip.

    Second, for Linux users: the optional accompanying software runs only on Windows and MacOS. I tried downloading and running it under wine, and it installs and runs fine but doesn't recognize the Zoom. After some web searching, I think wine just lacks the necessary USB support, though there might be some experimental patches somewhere for the truly adventurous.

    The software appears to allow transferring patches between your computer and the B3, and allows editing patches on your computer. It also allows updating firmware. As far as I can tell there's no patch editing that's possible with the software that isn't already easy to do on the Zoom itself. Still, it would be nice to be able to back up and restore. My unit shipped with the latest firmware, so that's not an issue yet either. I'll probably end up borrowing a laptop from someone if that becomes an issue.

  • from WNC mountains December 15, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro Musician

    As good as expected

    I first saw the Zoom B3 at a jam with Victor Wooten using the pedal. It sounded good but Wooten can play circles around me. Since then I read a zillion reviews that were mostly very positive about the B3 and I decided I "needed" one. I planned for my primary use of the B3 to be for home recording, although, now that I've heard it, I will likely use it also for live performance.
    For home recording it provides a wide selection of bass amps, cabs, and effects. Many of the default settings aren't my style but I've quickly learned to tweak to my taste. While I'm not a home recording expert this pedal has provided the best bass tones I've ever recorded without having to set up amps and mics.
    On the surface the pedal is simple to operate and is controls are logically laid out. But I did read several threads on talkbass and elsewhere that provided valuable info to obtain more in-depth adjustments that aren't all obvious at first. In particular I suggest you find the thread titled "Zoom B3 As Preamp ".
    I've had the B3 a short time and feel I've just scratched the surface of what it can do. Still, I am pleased with the pedal and expect to become more so as I learn more about it.

  • from Florissant MO December 8, 2014Music Background:
    Aspiring player

    Zoom B3

    This was my very first pedal of any kind and it works very well take me some time to figure out all the configurations in them how to find them quickly overall it's a great piece of equipment

  • from memphisish October 17, 2014Music Background:


    This guys fun, sounds really good for digital stuff. I love practicing with it, and I can leave the macho pedals in the studio. The drums are neat, but kinda interfere with the tone of course. Gotta looper and a tuner and prolly more than I even know. Stack up the effects and get sonically erect. Really neat gizmo for the couch jams.

  • from Dartmouth, MA August 25, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Semi-pro

    Zoom has really upped their Game!

    Great all around unit! Built for the floor, with a metal housing which is a big improvement from the older Zoom Bass multi effects. Great sounds and a tremendous amount of options and programming combinations. Good Octaver, nice reverbs and delays, distortion (if that's your thing), and actually too many features to list. Do yourself a favor and READ THE MANUAL. If you don't you'll miss a lot, and it's not too long. It would have been a 5-star rating, but I think the rhythms could have been improved on and I think the old De-Fretter was better. Other than that, it's Killer!

  • from Austin, TX USA May 13, 2014Music Background:
    Mix Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician

    Sounds Great... Works Great... Really Tough

    I've been using the B3 for about ten months now and I just love it. This review will be divided into three sections as I believe this product has three distinct uses. I will describe each of these uses in their own sections and review the B3's performance and features as it is used in each application.

    1) Live Performance: The B3 simply shines in live performance. This is the manner in which I use it most. The sound is fantastic. Really!. I think there are those that would shy away from this product because of it's digital nature. But... I can assure all of you that this thing sounds great and the effects are easily on par with analog pedals. Especially in a live setting. The "Octave" effect that I use sounds better than any of the bass octave pedals that I've ever tried (which is many). I also use the "Bass Muff" and the "Booster" regularly. They both sound exactly as they should. Just to drive it home... The sound quality of the B3 is what drew me to it. Again... The sound is fantastic.

    Another feature that makes the B3 great for live performance is it's tactile control. It's just like having three stomp boxes. If you need to change something, you just reach down and turn the knobs. No hunting down parameters here. The effects are laid out before you as three stomp boxes. Each stomp box has three knobs. Easy. In addition to the great control, each stomp box section has it's own little LCD screen which will provide feedback about the changes you're making. These screens do other things too. When you're using some of the other functions like the tuner, for instance, the screens display info about your tuner settings, etc. The layout of the data on the screens is always intuitive and easy to see on stage. Each screen has a backlight which can be adjusted for brightness and can even be turned off completely if you're playing in sunlight with battery power only.

    Finally, there's all the things that just make life easy. There's a pad which is nice if you're using an active bass or if you want to put the B3 in your FX Loop. There's an XLR direct out with a ground lift. That's excellent if you're using the amp modeling of the B3. You can send your modeled amp sound right out to the PA without it getting mucked up by the on-stage bass rig. Or... If you have the B3 in your FX loop, you can capture the sound of your real bass rig's preamp going into your effects and send that to the PA. The Direct out can be set to "Pre" which will send you'r dry bass signal to the PA or wherever. It's really versatile. Beyond that, there's a great tuner. The B3 comes with a power adapter. And... The unit's outer casing and foot switches are all metal. Bravo!

    To give you two examples of how the B3 can be used live, here are the ways I use it. First off... If I get to use my amp (about half the time), I'll use the B3 in my FX Loop with three effects set up in the three stomp box locations. Usually they are "Octave", "Bass Muff", and "Booster". This way I can have my preamp and compressor from my real amp and three effects that I might need at any time. The second case... I do a lot of gigs where back line is provided meaning that the club or venue has a bass amp for me to use. This used to be a bit of a challenge for me but with the B3, it's super easy. I just plug my bass right into the B3 with an amp sound in the first stomp box location. Then, a compressor (I like the "M Comp" a lot) in the second and the "Booster" in the third (Only ON when I need it). I can send that to the PA right from the B3 itself using the XLR Direct out while also sending it to the Bass amp via the 1/4" out. Viola! Instantly I can recreate a bass sound that I like without having my own amp. This ability is crucial when playing over seas.

    This may seem like an overly positive review. The fact is that after using the B3 for the better part of a year, I just think it works great. However, I do have one complaint. It seems odd to me that the B3 can only have three simultaneous effects at any time when the G3 (the guitar version of this product) can have 6. I'm Docking half a star for that. Hopefully future revisions of this product will up the ante in terms of simultaneous effects. For me, five would be ideal. An amp model and a compressor that are on all the time and then my three favorite effects to be switched on and off with the foot switches... That would be outstanding.

    2) Recording: The B3 is equally at home in recording situations. It can act as a USB audio interface and comes with recording software. So... If you don't have a recording setup at home, the B3 has everything you need to get started. Even if you don't use it as your output device, using it as an input device when recording bass is great because you'll only be dealing with one A/D conversion in your audio path which might lead to a higher fidelity of sound. Or... If you want to go in the normal way, there are plenty of options. You can go out of the 1/4" outs and into your daw while using the XLR Direct out (set to "Pre") to feed an unaffected which signal to one of your other inputs. This is a common way to record bass. You could also just use the XLR Direct out (set to "Post") by itself and get your processed sound into your DAW with less chance of noise seeping in. However you decide to do it, it'll work well and sound really good. The amp models are great for recording. With some practice, you can easily come up with a repeatable bass sound for recording that is "Mix Ready" meaning that the mix engineer will not have to modify it greatly.

    While plugged in via USB to your computer, you can also take advantage of the included "Edit & Share" software. This is cool if you have lots of patches stored. With the software, you can move patches around, edit existing patches, make new ones, and even store extras that won't fit on your B3. You can also share your particularly brilliant patches online. Pretty neat.

    My last thought on this is not a complaint. It's a piece of advice. I urge anyone who's interested in recording to learn about all the ways in which one can patch gear in various audio paths. This knowledge will serve you greatly. The B3, for instance, has a myriad of ways that it can be used with different combinations of audio paths. Some may find it's wealth of connection options to be confusing. But... With a little understanding, these options deliver a great deal of power. So there.

    3) As a practice tool: There are many great practice tools for bass. The B3 shares the commonly seen features. For me the real value here is the drum machine. I like all the beats in that they are what you'll find in the real world. The "Tap Tempo" feature is awesome too. I really like that there is no CD/MP3 input. You're kind of forced to play with just drums which I think is great for the unseasoned beginner and the complacent veteran alike. In addition to the drum machine, there is looper function that is pretty fun once you get started with it. You can play a line, then loop it, and then improvise melodies over it. Obviously this feature adds value when the skills of the player either are or have become more advanced. The looper actually adds a well needed component of fun while practicing and that's super cool. Throw in some sight reading and you can even make a game out of it.

    In conclusion I have to say that the B3 by ZOOM is a great product. I highly recommend it. I'm literally angry that this didn't exist twenty years ago when I started playing.

  • from Haverhill, MA January 10, 2014Music Background:

    Truly Excellent

    Everything a bass player needs in one little box! Very configurable. I love the built in drum machine and forty second sampling feature!

  • from Mile High City December 18, 2013Music Background:
    semi-pro, 40+ years

    Great versatile stompbox!

    I gave this 4.5 instead of 5 only because on one gig it freaked out and displayed 3 weird settings on the banks and was super loud and wouldn't turn off. The soundman had to damned near turn my channel off. However, that was a one-time deal and before and since, it has performed flawlessly and I have it set with a synth bass sound (for "Life's Been Good" post-breakdown section), a chorus (for those spacey bass lines) and reverb (which really enhances a fretless.)

  • from Urbana IL. November 5, 2013Music Background:

    B-3 Bass FX

    Great unit! Clean and quiet. Easy to program. Love the output options. Especially love the "de-fretter" and the "chorus". Actually has a useable distortion sound for bass. Recommend to anyone...

  • from September 5, 2013

    I'm impressed

    I own some of the biggest and best bass amps ever made. Mesa Boogie, Ampeg, Genz Benz, and Gallien Krueger, so I've never felt a great need to buy an effect which emulates those amps. That being said I think this pedal does a great job of emulating other pedals. All of them being fully adjustable. All three of the pedals can be set to any of the pedals on the menu, and you can use one, two or three at a time. It seems quite well made. I don't see how you could get more for your money. Lots of companies emphasize that their pedals or all analog. But in todays world, there is no reason why digital can't work very well. Look at all of the digital keyboards, and how well they emulate other keyboards.

  • from August 29, 2013Music Background:
    90's touring hard rocker, now a one man band

    Best bass amp DI device so far!!!

    Sounds fantastic! I play an early Cult sounding type of alternate rock and am pretty much a one man band these days. This device provides a fantastic sound that fits better in the mix than any other unit i've tried. so far. My setup is pretty much Zoom B3 for Bass, Avid 11 rack for guitar and Roland V-drums lite via Steven Slate drums 4 into pro tools 11 and for vocals, acoustic instruments etc i'm using Rode Nt1A, NT3 & a pair matcher Nt-5's. This aint a toy as I suspected it would be. rock on!!!!

  • from Alameda, CA December 7, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician.

    Best multi-pedal design yet

    I've had Digitech and Behringer V-Amp multi-function / amp simulation pedals before but found their functionality hard to figure out and use, and their sounds somewhat limited and not that useful. This pedal appealed to be right away because of its intuitive design of simply placing 3 pedals side by side, allowing you to set and visualize 3 separate pedals all working together, or one or two at a time. I like how the screen on each pedal shows a pictorial representation of the pedal or amp you are using, and the 3 knobs allow you to change the settings, with additional pages of settings available by pressing the "page" button. I also love how you can plug it into your computer using a USB cable, and then with the available "Zoom Edit and Share" software (free download) you can control the B3 directly from your computer. From the Edit and Share interface you can select various patches, adjust settings, and turn off and on the 3 pedal buttons. The B3 also gets its power from the USB cable, so you don't even have to use the included power supply or batteries if you are connected to a computer. When I practice, I am mostly sitting in front of my laptop, so I really enjoy being able to change settings from, and get power from the computer. I'm not much into fuzz and distortion, and the B3 had plenty of those, but I also am finding some nice subtle effects like bass boost, compression, and some nice amp simulations like the Fender flip top. I have only just begun to try out all the different pedal and amp simulations, but it seems like it will keep me interested for a long time in finding just the right sounds that I like, and saving them as my own custom patches. The built-in tuner comes in handy too. I have not tried the looping function yet. This seems to be a very well designed and built product, and the price is very good for what you get.

  • from SF Bay Area, CA USA July 9, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Zoom B3 Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

    In my opinion, this is the best effects pedal in its price range. Sturdy chassis, designed with the familiarity of many stomp boxes available to players. Built in Tuner. XLR output. It is very compact, & light (fitting easily inside my backpack, designed to carry a 15" laptop computer). The power supply fits securely snugged into a recessed plug opening. One of the most user friendly units I've messed around with in many years. Very easy to create, edit and or save a wide array of effects & programs. I found the effect sampling ( many of the most sought effects by bassists can be found here) to be as good/usable as any of the individual name brand pedals I've used for decades. A breeze to flip/exchange/route effects & program pages. Excellent too as an amp/cab emulator (i.e.: GK, Ampeg, Fender, Eden, Mark, Acoustic bass amps & more). The only reason i did not give it a 5.0 rating is that I wish the folks at ZOOM would've added a built in Volume/Expression pedal feature, but, then again...no biggie since you can easily connect any like pedal to it as well. I haven't used the Bundle software yet, but don't for see any problems there. I've been a bassist for over 40 years now, and would highly recommend this to any player looking for a quality, very compact multi effect box that packs a punch (especially in tight spaced stages!).

  • from NY May 16, 2012Music Background:

    The Great B3

    Two great things about the B3 multi effect are it's sound and it works like a stompbox. I hated other multi effects because of the way they operate-not stomp box like and more programing like and not as on the fly as the B3. I like the fact that you can pick a preset which has 3 effects and you can cut 1 or 2 of them out and then stomp on the particular effect when needed just like a stomp box. Also each effect can be adjusted like a stompbox on the spot on the fly. The ability to isolate and incorporate the effects is just like a 3 stompboxes. This is a favorite, light, take it anywhere for any situation and does the job.

  • from Costa rica March 21, 2012Music Background:
    25 years playing in bands, orchestal background, engineer aficionado in sound tech, rock, electronic, latino, jazz...

    Nice, nice, nice

    I'm a sound modification lover. Yes, I like nice natural bass sound too, but want the effect you can reach with dist, synths,metc... i had different toys, line6 bass pod, line 6 x3, boss pedals, zoom b2, etc... This piece of metal is the best until now. And that considering that I'm more delicate with my sound now than before. Easy to use (havent read the manual yet), very good tones with harmonics, attacks, release, etc. A lot more sounds than the B2. Dont worry thinking that only 3 effects in the chain will be little (cause B2 has 9), it is enough to offer very good sounds. Excellent synths, rock sounds, distorsions, reggae sounds. Construction quality is great, details, locations of buttons, logo, size, looks very pro. Be ready, for this kind of pedals you should seriously consider dont use your bass amp, but use instead a very neutral one,so you dont color the sound again. Going direct to PA should be the way. Electronics finally offering a full spectral sound, rich in all frequencies, colored correctly, sounding interestly. Like. Period

  • from Painesville, OH USA January 14, 2014Music Background:

    Nice for the price!

    Easy to use lots of different effects and amp models. Takes awhile to set up patches. Got it for my son who is a self taught bassist. He loves it.

  • from San Diego November 24, 2013Music Background:
    Occasional gigs, recording

    Fun to jam with

    Looper is cool, nice to jam with and overdub.

  • from Dallas August 1, 2013Music Background:

    super easy

    I own the Boss gt10b and while I dig it, Ilike this better and here is why. making aadjustments to this on the fly is nuch easier. I use compression and Chorus as a bass player and that is pretty much it, maybe a touch of autowah but I love the way this works

  • from Dayton, OH April 12, 2013Music Background:

    Good Variety for the Price

    Got the Zoom B3 for a standard 4-string Yamaha, and it was fun and inspiring right out of the box. The built in looper is easy and intuitive, & the ability to stack 3 effects at once gives you a lot of flexibility. I do mainly studio work, so I can't speak to the live aspect, but for the price, you get a large variety of bass sounds!

  • from Catumbela, Angola September 21, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Person

    Nice Pedal

    Excellent Bass pedal, very easy to use, good sound and what fascinated me specially was the design, 3 displays for the manual mode that makes it very easy to adjust the different parameters for the different effects. I love it!

  • from May 11, 2012Music Background:
    used to be a player, now just a warrior

    Zoom B3 -getting it dialled in

    I'm a newbie to the pedal world and this seemed like a good compromise between price & performance. Like a lot of the capabilities, but am only scratching the surface in how best to organize it's use for live work. I really appreciate the computer s/w for getting organized and experimenting with patch creations. Wish you didn't have to 'toggle' (hold down ft/switch 1) to switch between 'patches' and then 'toggle back' to access the individual effect in/out switches. Gonna use it for this weekends gig, so we'll see, but I think it's a solid product, and value for the $$$.

  • from July 31, 2016

    This is fun.

    I was going to buy a compressor and purchased this unit instead because of the Looper. I took this directly to a gig without trying it in my rig. It was ran direct to the amp. This made a hiss but it worked much better through the patch bay on my amp. I didn't use it for about 10 days but decided to play with it and it is a neat effects box. If you can afford this thing it has what you need.

    I planned on being able to use the Looper for live performances but there is a few second gap that your riff would have to be in time with to be able to do it. However it is great for writing and that is a definite bonus being able to over dub and play a 3rd melody.

    I've been using mostly the compressor not the amp simulators, I've got the amps so I'd rather have more effects than amp simulation. I haven't tried it with the mac yet.

    If this thing didn't hiss directly (the drummer asked what that sound was coming from my amp) and the Looper made a complete loop I'd rate it higher. As of today the Zoom B3 Bass Multi Effects Looper is nothing more than a toy, practice item or writing tool. Which is kinda cool. :) But I wanted to use it live.

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