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Behringer Eurolive B207MP3 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 29 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer Eurolive B207MP3?

Questions about the Behringer Eurolive B207MP3?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Charlotte NC April 7, 2017


    This hot spot is great on stage and off. I even use it at the house with a Bluetooth adapter to listen to books, radio and rehearse with. On stage it's very powerful and clear so as a vocalist and musician it's awesome to be able to hear so clearly. Thanks!!!!

  • from NW Illinois January 12, 2016

    Great little Speaker/Amp

    This is a great little amp/speaker that will deliver some great power. My band mates were really impressed with the power and the clarity that this delivers. It's perfect for the smaller venues that we play in. I love it because it's compact and easy to carry. I can use it for a personal monitor too when we play out too since my cigar box guitar needs a little boost for me to hear it when we are all jamming, linking it from another mixer. All in all, I'm really happy with my Eurolive.

  • from September 14, 2015

    Little Box...Big Sound!

    I wasn't expecting the big sound from such a little box, it took me back to the days of carrying around a couple of Bose 802s in my backseat. The quality of the Behringer B207mp3 is really amazing and I've used it on many occasions for both acoustic sets & full band concerts doing Rock, Country & Blues sets. Very happy with this monitor....Thanks

  • from Missouri August 25, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Behringer B207mp3

    I've used a variety of monitor systems before but I wasn't expecting the amazing sound that came from this little box! I've always had trouble hearing myself doing vocals in the past and I've tried many different systems but I'd have to say the Behringer B207 monitor fits the bill for both acoustic & full band sets. Great big sound, great quality at a great price....Thanks Sweetwater

  • from April 24, 2015

    So Far So Good

    Mind you I've only had the unit for a week but so far so good. First gig is this Saturday so I'll know better then.

    It is LOUD for it's size and so far has met my expectations.

    Sweetwater customer service is GREAT!

  • from Abita Springs, LA USA February 6, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist, musician

    Excellent Speaker

    Purchased one of these 3 months ago. I am very happy with the sound and performance of this speaker. I have used it on about 8 gigs so far and it has sounded great each time. I do wish the mp3 screen would be easier to navigate through. For example...to find a specific song quicker. I have plugged my acoustic guitars direct into this speaker with no effects, it sounded full and dynamic. For a small venue...these are excellent speakers.

  • from United States September 9, 2014Music Background:
    Personal Trainer

    Great sound system!

    I bought this speaker to use as a mobile speaker for my small group personal training classes. I've only had it a month, but so far I am very impressed. I can connect my ipod and wireless microphone into it and it sounds great! It's got some good power behind it. It's perfect for what I am using it for and it's easy to use and set up. Plus it's lightweight and fits right into my gym bag. Great purchase!

  • from Vancouver, WA July 7, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist Live Sound Engineer

    Spot-Monitor/Personal PA

    Want something Super Portable, with a 3 Band EQ... this 4 Channel mixer with 6.5" Driver is the perfect speaker for anyone who doesn't want to lug a bunch of equipment with them if they are just singing and playing a guitar or keyboard and going to sing. You will be heard out of this Super sounding Speaker. It comes with a Mic stand adapter another adapter that attaches onto the top so you can attach a Mic boom. I Highly recommend this Product for a Church looking for a Monitor to sit next to a Piano Player or a Keyboardist. This speaker has a built in MP3 Playback by using a Jumpdrive formatted using FAT 32.

  • from Taylorville, Illinois June 5, 2014Music Background:
    Retired pro musician now just doing it for fun hobby

    These are great!

    Just as advertised. Light weight and sounds great. My wife and I use this for a small PA system at open mic, church, and nursing home performances. I though we would need to get two of them or get a powered extension speaker to be loud enough but we really don't need to. Normally we use two vocals and an acoustic guitar through it. The mp3 ability is nice and useful too. We sometimes use backing tracks that we record at home so the two of us can sound like a full band when we want. Get it you won't regret it.

  • from Blacksburg, VA USA April 29, 2014Music Background:
    A non-musical Aerospace Engineer & Professional Speaker

    Perfect PA Speaker for My Venues

    With so many accolades for both Sweetwater and Behringer it’s hard to know where to begin. I needed a PA speaker for small venues, 50-60 folks to whom I give PowerPoint presentations occasionally. These are dinner meetings, so about an hour of recorded music is provided during the meal preceding the program. Therefore I looked for a speaker with MP3 memory-stick capability. Also, I need R&L RCA ports because the presentations involve both video and audio, and the audio needs to be piped from the PC to the speaker. Very difficult to find this combination of USB MP3 player and RCA ports in a single speaker unit. Finally I found one in a long web search, namely: Behringer’s Eurolive B207MP3 PA speaker.

    I had some technical questions about Behringer’s MP3 player which I felt only Behringer could answer. My son-in-law, a professional musician, suggested that one of Sweetwater’s expert Sales Engineers could probably answer them as well, so I decided to give them a try. I must say, this my first experience with Sweetwater turned out to be a real winner!

    Jeff Bohan at Sweetwater really knows his stuff! Contacting Behringer, Jeff was told that their MP3 player was of proprietary design (not one of the available packages such as Windows Media Player, Creative’s MediaSource Player, RealPlayer, VLC’s media player, etc), and that MP3 memory sticks for their player had to be FAT16 formatted. That was important info, since almost everything now is FAT32. However, no real problem, since reformatting a flash memory stick to FAT16 is relatively easy and straightforward.

    Behringer’s “instruction” pamphlet for this speaker is exceedingly sparse, but there are pictures! The very helpful photo showing the speaker’s 19 labeled control components is accompanied by a 6 to 40 word fine-print description of each, with an arrow leading to the appropriate item, over half of which either affect or apply directly to the MP3 player. The player has its own volume control, but is also affected by the speaker’s main level volume control, as well as the speaker’s three (treble, mid, and bass) frequency control knobs. All 5 of these controls need to be adjusted and balanced to get the best possible fidelity from the speaker when playing an MP3 flash memory drive.

    One of the other 8 dedicated MP3 player controls is simply the PLAY button, whereas the remaining 7 are used to control various player modes that show up in the little LCD rectangular display window at the top of the control panel. My collection of 22 songs, to play during dinner, resided on the stick in separate tracks. I could not get these tracks to play in the order I wanted. (Behringer gives no information whatsoever on any functions of the MP3 player, other than those already mentioned.) However, using AVS’s Audio Converter, it proved a simple matter to merge the 22 tracks into one large 141 MB MP3 file that plays perfectly. So much for that problem.

    The speaker was ordered on Wednesday, shipped from Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, IN, that day, and arrived 2 days later in Virginia by FedX at 2 pm on Friday! Wow! What a quick delivery, and FREE no less! The speaker was packaged by Behringer in an elaborately decorated cardboard box with graphics showing the speaker and all its features, with styrofoam inserts snugged up to hold the speaker tightly in place. The box itself has a handle attached, so the box can be used as a carrying case for the speaker, which weighs only about 12 lbs. Cardboard doesn’t hold up long under hard travel, but patching and reinforcing cardboard boxes with duct tape – as I’ve often done – extends their life considerably. Sweetwater’s outer box and inner packaging I also found to be not only more than what I’ve come to expect from other sellers, but excellent added protection for the speaker. Incidentally, the speaker has its own carrying handle integrated into the top of the unit.

    Behringer describes this speaker as a “Monitor Speaker System”, which I’m sure works well for on-stage monitoring in much larger venues than mine. However, for my PA needs it is just perfect! The audio from my PowerPoint video clips feeds into a Nuforce transmitter in the PC’s USB port, transmits to the Nuforce receiver next to the B207 speaker (and is connected to the speaker with two short R&L RCA cables). This setup eliminates cables between the projector and screen (where the speaker is), and proves very convenient, since I walk while I talk, and therefore have no obstructive wires to trip over. I use an ATM410 dynamic mic plugged into the speaker for dialog during silent-picture slides, although the speaker does have built-in Phantom Power to support condenser mics.

    Great speaker (Behringer), fantastic seller (Sweetwater), and terrific service (Sweetwater again)!!! What more can I say, other than the fact that the sound is also equally outstanding!

  • from Clarksville, IN April 27, 2014Music Background:
    Country gospel singer


    I 'm very happy with this. I use in Senior homes mostly with an mp3 player.. I do about 29 shows a month. It has great sound and is a lot smaller than my previous system. The only issue is the electric plug in the back developed a short but sent it back for repairs. However I bought another one to have as a spare.I really do like this system. Well worth the money and Sweetwater has been very easy to work with.

  • from United States April 11, 2014Music Background:

    Excellent for what I wanted

    I do not use this a lot, and I have not used other systems like it, so it is hard to compare. However, we put three microphones on it. Two of them need phantom power. All worked very well. I also plugged in an instrument, and that worked. I have not tried the USB connection yet.

  • from North Florida-South Georgia March 2, 2014Music Background:
    Bluegrass Band, mostly gospel

    Great sound system

    We use it in nursing homes, restaurants', Art Galleries, churches etc. to boost our voices and sometimes for the lead breaks in Bluegrass Music. I use 4 to 8 mic's regularly using split connectors and putting two to three mic's on each channel. I sometimes wish I had a couple more channels but since we mainly amplify our voices and usually the guitar with 3 to 5 performers all who sing depending on where we are at. The sound is great and clear and have plenty of volume, We love the Behringer B207 mp3 for what we do and it beats setting up and transporting a bigger system. Sometimes I will add an additional speaker. We haven no problem with feedback. Great little mixer amp and monitor. Works great in 40x60 and 40X80 ft rooms, etc.

  • from Corolla, NC October 14, 2013Music Background:
    Working drummer: club gigs, weddings & recordings

    Behringer Eurolive B207MP#

    It is more expensive but worth every penny!!! The 150 amps make all the difference in the world. I set it right buy me on a couple of small drums cases, pull a main feed off the PA and can hear the entire band. It usually cuts through enough so that even the bass player can hear the band.

  • from California November 30, 2016Music Background:
    40 years all kinds of bands, bass player

    great personal monitor

    I've had this for about a year now and I use it all the time, works great as a personal monitor on a mic stand. use the mp3 player to play music during set up & tear down. have even used the mp3 player and output to feed house break music once when other method didn't work. can get pretty loud. minus 1/2 star because it would great to have an mp3 "only" output and a headphone jack (full mix). But great piece of gear.

  • from vail az December 30, 2015

    behringer b207mp3

    i wanted to use these for moniters [ work great] but also found out i could plug our banjo player (dave) into the 207 and then go into the mixer and it works like a di box his banjo has a passive pickup (no batt) and this setup really gave us alot more flexibility with his sound levels i've been using them on the floor instead of a mic stand (my stands are the round bass not boom stands ) i didn't trust them on the stands seemed a little top heavy we play most gigs outside i would highly recommend these great sound from alittle package

  • from Aspen May 11, 2015Music Background:

    Great So Far

    I don't know why Behringer gets a bad rap. This thing works just as intended so far. Hope it lasts a long time.

  • from Daytona Beach Fl October 9, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Eurolive B207MP3

    My reason for this purchase was to have a good performing monitor of this style at a good price. I got what I paid for. I didn't buy it to ever be a stand alone PA. Therefore I didn't need an effects feature. As a singer I wanted the In your face vocal sound this piece offers. With full control over the sound this actually will enhance your vocal performance. Place it on a stand plug in a wire from your Aux send and you got it. I haven't and may not use the MP3 feature but it's there. My reason for a 4.5 star rating rather than 5 is that others that I've borrowed had a feature that lets you clip it on a mic stand. Not this one. It sits atop the mic stand. So it is top heavy. Keep it out of peoples way. It comes with any adapters you may need for your application. The quality and construction is excellent. It has weight. It has more volumn than you need. So overall if you're thinking of it just get it you won't be disappointed. As a long time faithful Swseetwater customer you know they will resolve any issue you may have. They are the best in the business and that's why I use them frequently. Yes I am a professional and I'm so glad to have their service.

  • from Corolla, NC September 29, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Drummer: Club work

    Great monitor

    I use it for both my World Drum and stage monitor. Nobody has come up with a product like this. Small but lots of power. I put it right next to me in live performances and it cuts right thru. I like the 4 inputs, lots of different options. The small size makes it easy to load in and load out and to find a place on stage, even in small clubs. I would like to see Behringer make a slightly larger version….

  • from Aurora, CO March 27, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Just what I needed

    I have used the B205D for four years at a local restaurant, and have been impressed with the reliability and sound quality. When I saw that the B207mp3 had an extra channel (two extra if you count the mp3 player), a larger speaker, and the ability to play my backing tracks directly from a usb drive, I had to get it. Thanks to the larger speaker, the bass response is better than its predecessor. Like the B205D, it can be mounted on a mic stand, and comes with the necessary stand adaptors. The display can be changed to list the artist or the title first when using the mp3 player. The quick start guide could have explained the function of the mp3 player better.

    Just a few quick notes: I thought that the previous track button was broken because it did nothing with a single press. Just press it two times and it will go to the previous track. Also the single press of any of the transport buttons wakes the display up, then you press whatever button you need. Not a big deal in my opinion.

    My brief experience with sweetwater has been great thus far, and I will continue to buy from them.

  • from Boston December 23, 2013Music Background:
    pro musician


    Nice little unit. Plemty loud..can use as a monitor a secong speaker or a mini PA. The only thing I would add is some reverb. Why they didn't add reverb is beyond me. The abilty to mount on a mic stand is nice option.

  • from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina October 23, 2014Music Background:
    Retired Professional Musician

    Portable and convenient

    Very impressed with the power and easy access to all the self explanatory controls. Many options of connections only thing missing is reverb or echo effect.

  • from LaPorte TX August 25, 2014Music Background:
    FOH tech and plays the radio quite well.

    Meets the need

    It does everything advertised and quite well. I needed a compact device to use as a large computer speaker for group presentations, and an occasional small "PA" and other utility uses. The only area I'm disappointed in, and maybe I just haven't held my limbs in all the correct positions is for the MP3 to play lists and not single songs off of a thumb drive in the USB port.

  • from April 18, 2016

    Sounds good but fragile

    I bought one of these as a vocal monitor to replace a larger Crate 75. The tone is good and I was able to get enough volume to hear it if it is parked next to me. That requires putting it on a mic stand. The included attachments allow that but then you have a top heavy situation. We all know how bad luck comes to mic stands.
    - Mine fell about 2.5 feet down to a cement floor and the case partially popped open. So - this thing could not take a shot like that. This is disappointing since it is built to be used that way. So, when you are not using it take it off the stand and put it on the floor.
    - That is when the second problem comes in. The AC cord plugs in at the bottom of the unit and gets in the way when it is on the floor. So they need to move that.
    - Also the handle on top is way under specked and will eventually break. So I avoid the temptation to use the handle and carry the thing like a ball instead.

    So for not a huge cost you get a nice sounding item but it is not built to last.

  • from Rowlett, TX December 3, 2015

    Behringer Eurolive B207MP3

    I have only used for 3 practice sessions so far. I works ok but I did not find it to be as loud as some other reviewers have expressed. I am not disappointed but not overwhelmed either. Could be our guitar player is just to loud. For sure will work in cafe' type setting.

  • from March 19, 2015Music Background:
    professional musician

    Stage monitors... functional, but no bass handle

    They certainly do work and feel very durable. I like the mic stand option and having multiple input options is a plus. For the power, I am a little disappointed with the speaker quality. I am actually planning on replacing the speaker at some point. The form factor and potential is excellent, yet the sound quality is poor. I use them for stage monitors though, so I am the only one who hears them. Overall, they are nice to have, but I wish there were some other higher quality options in this category. The TC helicons might sound a bit better, but they are not nearly as durable as these units.

  • from June 10, 2015

    New behringer B207mp3

    I like the unit as far as the sound and convience of the Mics,However not happy with the usb plug. Its too hard and cumbersome to use when your playing a gig. it should have a bigger display and show the title all in one sentence. I'm didapointed with the way you have to wait for the titles.

  • from Ocean Shores, WA March 21, 2014Music Background:
    pianist, 5.5 decades

    Good for a little application...

    I got the feeling at first when looking this over online and from a few pumps of the reviews that it would take up a little more space, prove a little beefier, and fill a void recently caused by an old small powered Yamaha MS60S death. Did not happen that way. BUT I did put it in my kitchen next to a laptop where it serves as a very decent mp3 player speaker and pandora amp...That's where the family wants it, so if you planned to use something like this for a small venue amp, put another $100 with your purchase and keep looking.

  • from November 14, 2015Music Background:
    Singer and musician

    Not happy

    I purchased this unit on recommendation which is generally perfect. However, This was a grand disappointment. I depend upon my equipment for performance. The volume spikes and falls. This happened in 2 performances and I had to completely unhook from the unit and plug directly into the pa. No monitor. Behringer has a great idea, but their quality is problematic. I had to return a Behringer powered mixing board that had no power.

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