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Behringer Truth B2031A 8.75" Powered Studio Monitor Reviews

3.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer Truth B2031A 8.75" Powered Studio Monitor?

Questions about the Behringer Truth B2031A 8.75" Powered Studio Monitor?

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  • Erik Ingmanndsen
    from September 27, 2012Music Background:
    Freelance Sound Designer, Studio Tech, Ambient musician ...

    Been using these for 7 years !

    I have gotten consistently good mixes with these,. though not great all of the time (but mostly) Indeed angle them towards you and keep them ear level,. and then you hear the sweet spot quite nicely,. I also find the room compensation works a charm ... Only after all these years of constant use has one of them a developed a mild buzzing noise (probably an easy fix)

    Next monitor purchase will either be the Truth B3031A's or Truth B1031A's

    Glad to see Sweetwater is carrying Behringer products again : )
    I would have bought these from them if they were back then ...

  • Jonny T
    from Orem, UT April 27, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer/Producer, Musician, Student.

    Great Product

    For the money this is a great product. There is a faint noise issue eminating from the tweeters, but it is dramatically reduced to a faint whisper by using balanced cables, be that TRS or XLR. Very loud and fun to use so far!

  • The Ken Myers Project
    from Bedford, Ohio September 5, 2011Music Background:
    Composer, Recording Artist, Ambient Music

    Finding That Sweet Spot

    These are some very popular monitors nowadays. I was lucky enough to get a pair at a ridiculously low price, tried them out and then resold them for a huge profit (couldn't resist). Now I kind of miss how great they sound compared to my current rig. The secret to getting use to these monitors is placement. Best to have them at ear level, tilted somewhat inward so you are immersed in the 'stereo field'. You usually don't have to use the room compensation in many cases but it is there if you need it. The quietest clean sound is achieved by using 1/4 inch TRS cords.

  • Ben Dunwell
    from Traverse City, MI October 4, 2011Music Background:
    hobbiest, musician

    Truth Monitor

    These are OK. There are other options in this price range that I think would be better options. I really like Behringer for the cost/benefit ratio they usually provide. I have some Behringer gear that I love and will never sell as it has become an essential part of my sound while many other high-end peices of gear have come and gone. But on these monitors, i don't trust my mix. I use other monitors as a reference many times just to check, and I guess I don't like feeling like I have to do that. The primary thing I notice is that they are pretty bassy, so I tend to cut. Then when I play through a car or home stereo as a final audit, I wish I would have left the bass in. These will work, and I do use them everyday. i guess once you learn thier deficiencies, you automatically compensate for it, but just feel that these could be more accurate. Not a bad buy, but I don't "Just love them". Bear in mind, I am not an audio mastering engineer, or a pro studio engineer either. A pro might come into my studio and advise that it is because how I have my room set up, or that I need acoustic treatment here or there regardless of what monitors I am using. I also find my only pair of recording headphones, the AKG Studio 240s bassy as well. So I have often wondered if it is just me? But, I know and can identify even balanced flat sound from trusted audio sources. Based on my experience with these, regardless of brand, in the future, if I were to replace these, I will likely go down to a 5" speaker to mix and monitor with.

  • Erik Ingmanndsen
    from May 9, 2015Music Background:
    Engineer, sound designer, Ethereal & Ambient musician - 20 + years experience

    An update

    I had used these since 2005 & once I got a better grip on Engineering it became clear that these are absolutely not clear - somewhat okay to compose with - but honestly incredibly un truthful for mastering ...

    If you want monitors that are truly honest & great for composition ... Please look elsewhere - such as maybe a nice pair of coaxial monitors

    Life in my studio is so much better now

Questions about the Behringer Truth B2031A 8.75" Powered Studio Monitor?

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