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Studio Projects B1 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the Studio Projects B1?

Questions about the Studio Projects B1?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Customer
    from Fayetteville WV December 25, 2016

    Studio project b1 mic

    Fantastic mic, I want to get another.

  • Nick
    from Muncie, In July 22, 2016Music Background:
    Engineer, guitarist

    Great mic

    I have used other condensers at this price and this one is be far the best. I used it as a drum over head and for vocals and i was shocked at how well it preformed. Very bright so know what you are getting yourself into but it would suggest this to anyone looking for a budget large diaphragm condenser.

  • Customer
    from December 4, 2015

    Very Average Mic

    After reading many positive reviews of this mic, I decided to try one out. Since it is very inexpensive, the risk was not too great. It works fine for recording acoustic guitar, but is far less good when recording vocals, which was the original purpose that I had in mind. When recording male singers the sound is quite muffled with pronounced lows and mids and with females, somehow too trebley. Essentially it is the worst of both worlds! Given the low price point, I will keep it to record certain instruments, but it has been a disappointment for me, at least up to this point.

  • Customer
    from June 2, 2015

    Don't get fooled by its price

    Got this mic 4 years ago, and still sounds clean, no noise.
    Other chinese mics such.....need f.e.t replacement or recap often
    this mic doesn't.......let me say something about this mic, I abused of this
    little mic and stills performs like new, although inside the mic looks
    cheap, it's sound proves that it is not cheap sounding at all.

    I got to say that I prefer the neumann u47fet over it, but man for that price....
    For me this mic is somewhere in between an AT4033(fast tight) and the u47fet,(mid boost) works great
    on vocals, haven't tried yet in other sources, but I guess outside or inside the would do the job.

    Sound great with uad apollo's preamp.

  • LBs Backwoods Studios
    from S.E.TX November 11, 2014Music Background:
    25 Years guitar and home recording

    Great value

    I have to say I don't have much to compare this against because most of the recording I have done in the past was mainly guitar cabs with dynamic mics.
    The difference is mindblowing.
    This does not have the sweetening aspect that some high dollar mics might have but if your source is solid you will get a solid recording.
    I would not try and compare this to mics that cost twenty and thirty times it's price but I have compared it side by side on the same console with a Blue Spark and the B-1 held it's own very well. (But I still want a Spark too!)
    The two singer songwriters I have recorded have both been very very happy with the results I have achieved on both their vocals and guitars with this mic and a 14 year old Roland VS2400, one of whom has recorded entire albums in lower level pro-studios.
    For the price, I think this is an awesome tool. Now I want the B-3 to go M/S

  • david
    from LA, Ca September 27, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer / Live sound / Video Editor

    Studio Projects B1

    As close to the AKG 414 that I could find in a price point I can afford. Blew away the sm57 condenser I have. Vocals Acoustic guitars - Marshall stack.. all excellent. spent time on checking this out. All ratings are 4.5 to 5's. Have to spend 10x the amount to get better than this.

  • carlos Melendez
    from pomona, California July 12, 2013Music Background:
    student Engineer

    Studio Projects B1

    This mic is just professional. My first Condenser mic. I have little experience with large condenser microphones, but the quality is great.

  • Customer
    from Charlotte July 19, 2011Music Background:
    Voiceover professional

    Studio Projects B1

    To be honest, for the price, this mic is fantastic. It does a wonderful job and it's worth every penny and many more. My room would need to be quieter for me to use it more. If my voiceover was done in a whisper room, this would be great for narrations.

  • Lasonia Dozier
    from Sherrill, AR May 6, 2011Music Background:
    singer, songwriter, and pianist

    Too Good To Be True!!

    I just decided to use the SP B1 on a gospel song after having it for 3 years. I have been using my more expensive because I was skeptical about the quality of sound from a cheap condenser. But when I fired this thing up and set my reverb the B1 was amazingly clear and breathtaking. It sound as good as some of my more expensive microphone condensers. Normally the saying goes you get what you pay for, but with this B1the saying is far from the truth. The B1 is an exception and is very impressive for the buck.

  • Sam
    from Salem, OR April 9, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, hobyist

    Not bad for the $$

    I bought two of these about a year ago, they are a nice clean sounding mic. I've used them to record choirs, rock bands and rappers. They do lack the "warmth" that i prefer and compared to other microphones, the b-1 sounds a little harsh. Overall a decent mic, i'd recommend it for some one else's mic locker.

  • Wave Junky
    from Seattle, WA January 4, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    I finally found a use for this mic!

    I probably would've given this mic a one or two star rating a few months ago. I've owned it for years and found it fairly useless on most sound sources and would describe the sound as dull and lifeless. I thought the thing was a total loss until I was thinking about how to solve a problem with a "harsh" sounding hi-hat. This mic added presence of the hat in the mix but mellowed the thing out. To use this thing on vocals or an acoustic guitar, however, would NOT provide great results in my opinion. At least I found a use for this thing!

  • Aaron W.
    from Oklahoma November 11, 2010Music Background:
    "all the below"

    Great Mic

    I bought this mic years ago, before they even had the 'new' updated graphics design on it. I bought it hoping it would be multipurpose. I was right. It works for nearly everything. Odd thing is I still use it even though I have much more expensive, 'better' sounding mics. I use it along side 57's on amps to an extra mic on acoustics. Sometimes it doesn't give me the sound I want but that's to be expected with any microphone. Great value, especially if this is your first mic and you're new to recording.

  • Mike
    from Lincoln Park October 6, 2010Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer

    Surprising Competition

    I recall a mic shootout from when I attended Audio Engineering school, that stacked up this mic against competitors of very highly regarded brands, checking their unaffected signals through Neve 88rs console pres, while monitoring on a pair of 824's and Genelec Far Fields, shockingly enough this guy came in third place in overall application, not too shabby for the price eh?

    from Okinawa, Japan September 9, 2010Music Background:

    Way More Than What I Expected

    Man, at first i was just getting this mic just to have something temporary before getting the Mojave Ma-200. I was thinking this mic i probly going to suck but who cares I just need something to record my ideas, but D*** I was so wrong, I've had previous mic and this one tops all. The vocals are so clear, and for my rappers, yes you can scream to the top of lungs and depending on your setup, no distortion. This mic is the ish, but I'm still getting my Mojave Ma-200. This mic is worth every penny, and oh yeah i use VS-100 also, and Sonar 8.5 Studio Edition!

  • Jeremy Dahl
    from Vancouver October 25, 2009Music Background:
    Professional Composer, Gigging Guitarist

    The Home Recordist's Dream!!

    It's insane how well these super-affordable mics hold up against big-name pro studio fare! I was able to get an excellent (underline, underline) vocal sound in my modestly-treated home studio. Frankly, I'm not sure if I would spend any more money on a brand name mic; not with the B1 around! I can't recommend this enough. Forget everything else and buy this now!

  • Dave T.
    from Parkersburg, WV February 12, 2009Music Background:

    Studio Projects B1 Mic Review

    Very nice sounding mic for the bucks... clean, crisp and not overly sibilant like the Audio Technicas. Much better than the MXL mics in my opinion. In comparison with my AKG 414, I notice a slightly less open midrange, and a necessity to stay closer to this mic. At 6 to 8 inches back from this mic, I notice much more of the ambient room sound than my 414. Very low noise and worth the bucks...

  • Jack Loganbill
    from chicago, il, usa December 29, 2008Music Background:
    extreme hobbyist

    Finally -- A Quality MIC for Home Studios

    I have several low cost mics (AT2020/2021, CAD GXL 2400/GXL 1200, etc)and they do a good job. But the SP B1 is sensational for the current price. I have been testing and comparing mics back and forth trying to find the ideal acoustic guitar and vocal mic, and the B1 appears to be it. Actually, combining the B1 with the CAD GXL 1200 has proven to be the best combo, with the B1 facing the bass side of the upper bout of the guitar and the CAD pointing to the bridge.

    The B1 includes the pad and bass cut switches seen on higher-priced models.

    My only complaint is the shock mount. The outer ring is fine, but the inner part that the mic fits into is a strange, plastic design.

    Regardless, the B1 is worth every penny of $100 and in my book, a lot more. I liked it so much, I ordered a second.

  • Troy Robinson
    from New Haven,Ct November 10, 2008Music Background:
    Hip-Hop Producer

    Excellent for Vocals

    For the price, its the best vocal mic of its kind. Clear crisp vocals is what your gonna get. Not so great for miking instruments though.

  • Robert
    from (hot most of the time) Florida August 4, 2007Music Background:
    Audio theater post production engineer (new to it)

    Great mic for the price

    The B1 mic is fantasitic for its price, crisp and clear. We use it for voice recordings in an audio theater setup. We record voices and do post prduction.
    I cant see that a more expesive mic would do a lot better than this one. We were so impressed we ordered two more.

  • canadian recording engineer
    from vancouver, bc, canada April 14, 2007Music Background:
    professional recording engineer, started recording in 1980s.

    in a properly treated recording room with good placement = great vocal mic

    I've read some valid comments here but had to post my own findings. I'm thinking that it's partly due to the fact that I'm a professional recording engineer using this in a properly treated session tracking room in my home project studio, and I have a lot of experience recording vocalists. This mic has a very similar recording sound to that of a neumann U87ai. It is missing a speck of the mojo of the original u87, but then the modern u87ai is also missing a speck of that mojo. I suspect that the transformer isn't great in it, with a mod it might be amazing.

    Great vocal mic though anyway. not a terrific tom mic, not great on guitar cabs in my opinion, but really great on vocals, especially female.

  • Jeremiah Lewis
    from New Orleans, LA January 28, 2007Music Background:
    Rap Artist



  • B. Calderwood
    from Chicago October 15, 2006Music Background:
    Studio Engineer and Guitar Player

    Decent mic for the price

    I use this for toms and it's pretty decent. I have used it for guitar cabs as well but you should use it in cunjuction with another mic for guitar. On toms, it'll bring out a nice mid range quality with enough airiness for a sense of depth. It handles the attack pretty well but sometimes the mid range does get a little boomy on the lower toms although still manageable with some creative eq. the decay was very nice as long as your toms are tuned correctly. By far not the best mic to use for guitars but with an sm57 or another suitable standard mic for the top end clarity, this mic will deliver the mid range to low end punch. Use another mic for the low end bottem on the guitar as this mic will seem boxy at times in that spectrum. But this is more then I had expected for a mic in this price range and I would suggest it's use for toms if you don't have the funds for the higher end mics since you will need as many as you will need for tom mics. Over all, better then average although not a very versatile mic.

  • frank r
    from richmond, ca August 8, 2006Music Background:
    recording/mix engineer

    excellent value and good sounding

    this very inexpensive mic sounds very natural and clean. it's a nice affordable addition to my modest mic collection. i would use it to record vocals, guitars, bass, drums(toms, oh's, room) in the future.

  • Dennis Wasnich
    from Montpelier, Ohio March 1, 2005

    Mixed results

    I got the B-1 mainly to record acoustic guitars and hopefully to record vocals as well. For acoustic guitars previously I had been using an EV ND267 dynamic with very good success. The B-1 sounded very similar, and I used it on many songs, feeling it had a nice clean response. But the final recording seemed to lack something I'd call "presence" compared to previous recordings on all the same equipment except the mic. On vocals, I tried and tried and gave up using it for my vocals because it just didn't match my voicing, so I went back to my trusty SM57 for vocals. On another person's vocals, I used the B-1, and was always impressed with the clean sound but never thought it was giving me more "life" to the vocals than previous mics. So in the end, I do think it's a good mic, but I have trouble saying it's a great mic.

  • Erik Lamberth
    from Harleysville, PA January 1, 2005


    Excellent mic for the money. I use it on vocals, and it's a step up from the Oktava MK219 I was using. Also a significant step up from the Sure SM57 for guitar amp mic'ing. It is very sensitive, and not colored - what you put into this for the most part is what gets recorded. I have found that giving a slight increase via EQ in the 2-4K region with the B1 sounds quite nice.

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