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Behringer B115W 1000W 15" Powered Speaker Reviews

4.5 stars based on 22 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer B115W 1000W 15" Powered Speaker?

Questions about the Behringer B115W 1000W 15" Powered Speaker?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Houston May 15, 2017

    Behringer B115W 1000W 15" Powered Speaker

    Just simply amazing, such clarity even at higher volumes. I bought this for family get togethers in outdoor locations. more power than i need but thats better than not enough. i might get another one just so it will be in stereo.

  • from April 26, 2017

    Behringer B115W 1000W 15" Powered Speaker

    Works great, does everything I hoped it would. Easy to figure out.

  • from Beltsville, Maryland April 13, 2016Music Background:
    Contemporary DJ

    Great Speakers

    I bought these speakers after using them with a Yorkville sub at an event for 250 people. I was pleasantly satisfied with the clarity of the kids and highs it produced at High sound pressure levels. I wasn't expecting the low end to be sufficient hence the use of the additional sub. I received several positive comments and questions about what I did to create such a clean sound. In smaller events the speakers hold their own versus more popular names and for that I am please with the price I paid. I searched relentlessly for a pair of bags to protect them, but unfortunately the syringes branded bag, formerly only available in Australis is now sold out, I had to settle for a pair of Odyessy BRLSPKLG bags which are nice, a bit big but that issue was solved using some upholstery foam padding. Great Speakers

  • from December 5, 2015


    Purchased both speakers at the same time, did a lot of homework before hand...a lot of high end speakers out there with prices way above the 500 price point...for under 350...this beats them all!! As for the customers that are thinking about adding a second one...don't wait to long, seems all these great reviews will affect pricing soon! Once paired the stereo quality is amazing and volume must be controlled so your guests can still talk to each other ...Extremelly loud out doors...remember home buyers, drummers, professional karaoke buyers! This is still under $350.00 dollars speaker...impressive! Enough said! Sorry, written!

  • from November 18, 2015

    Perfect for a frat house party

    We bought 2 of these bad boys for our fraternity house to be used in our very large basement. Excellent base and terrible. Whether you are blasting rap, acoustic songs, or dubstep these speakers deliver great quality sound even at max volume. They are super easy to set up and pair together/with a phone using bluetooth. Would absolutely recommend to anyone trying to throw a party.

  • from Leesburg, Fl September 18, 2015Music Background:
    Garage musician

    Amazing !

    Amazing !
    My wife teaches elementary pe and talking to 60 plus children a class this speaker does the trick. She has a Samson Airline 77 wireless transmitter and the Qe headset connected and it was easy to connect and awesone sound. She also runs music thru the bluetooth via an ipad and is able to adjust volume from wherever she is .A unique feature is even with the music playing she can contnue to instruct, her voice comes thru the speaker at the same time the music is playing with no feedback. She is so happy ! Great speaker for the money !

  • from Dallas, TX August 1, 2015

    It doesn't get any better than this for the price

    This speaker delivers, both high and low the bass its really good for such as small enclosure, and pairing feature...I just can't wait to get another one, and write the follow up review. Till then. BUY ONE

  • from Windsor Mill, Md. July 15, 2015Music Background:


    Excellent sound, I used these speakers for an outdoor event, and I was completely satisfied.

  • from July 2, 2015

    u won't b disappointed

    Nuff said!

  • from New Oleans, La May 9, 2015


    These speaker are a very good choice for stage monitors, and stereo keyboards. They can also be used for mains in small venues. The Bluetooth feature are also a big plus for you your wireless mobile mp3 music device. Definitely a great set of powered speakers.

  • from Detroit, MI April 21, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Behringer B115W

    Much more than I expected. Amazing tone and power for days! Light weight, easy to set up and the Bluetooth feature is the icing. May buy 2 more of these!

  • from Indianapolis, IN January 1, 2014Music Background:
    Professional performer.

    This speaker does everything!

    I am a professional magician and hypnotist who has been searching for the perfect sound system for my show for over 5 years. When I first read about this speaker, I was very intrigued. I purchased one of the first U.S. arrivals and I must say that after using it in a dozen shows, I am very pleased!

    First of all, the sound is awesome! I am not a tech guy, but I can tell you that it has plenty of power and a nice deep bass. The 3 EQ controls are very nice to fine tune the sound. The 1000W is definitely powerful enough to fill a room of 250+ as I have done 5 times already. The real magic is in the versatility of the unit. One of the features that I was looking forward to using is the Bluetooth connectivity. I use my laptop computer to play music during my show. Sometimes, it is difficult to connect the laptop to the PA system and still be able to access the keyboard from the stage. With the B115W and a $15 Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into my computer, my problem has been solved. Now, I can have my computer anywhere (within 30' according to the specs) and not have to worry about cables! The sound is very good with just a few minor dropouts in over 8 hours of performance. Pairing the unit with my computer was very easy and once learned, the speaker has remembered my settings. This feature has cut way down on my set up time before shows!

    The next accessory I purchased was Behringer's ULM100 wireless microphone that is designed to work with the B115W. For $100, the microphone is certainly affordable. However, I have noticed that the sensitivity is not nearly as good as when using my Line 6 rig. Also, when using a wireless music source (computer or mp3 player) and the ULM100 simultaneously, the range on both is diminished. The user manual even warns about this. Therefore, I plan to use the ULM100 only as an emergency backup since it is very easy to pack because of the small USB receiver that is the size of a standard flash drive and since no cables or power supply is required.

    For larger shows, I plan to purchase a second unit and use the Bluetooth wireless connectivity to eliminate having to pack speaker cables. Currently, I have been using a Behringer monitor connected to the line out and it has worked perfectly.

    For the money, the B115W is a real powerhouse!!! Thanks Sweetwater!

  • from Bluffton IN December 21, 2013Music Background:

    Awesome bargain, great sounding, and I highly recommend!

    We purchased this system for our Elks club. Everyone loves it. We all have our music on our IPods or Phones a take turns listening to our favorites. We are purchasing a second system to play in stereo. It sounds incredible for the money we spent on it.

  • from Dearborn Mi April 26, 2017Music Background:
    Punk rock band for many years


    W Stands for wow !! Every thing i wanted and more. I use this for my music from my laptop, desk top to phone. Enough volume to reach anywhere in the house to outside working in my yard. Perfect for what i wanted it for.

    Thanks Troy

  • from Omaha NE November 17, 2016Music Background:
    Experienced musician, rock.

    Great speaker

    Really a great powered speaker. Crisp and clear yet solid low end reproduction. Not to heavy and has great control functionality. Pretty darn powerful as well. I will definitely consider more of these speakers if needed. Highly recommend them.

  • from Omaha October 23, 2016Music Background:
    35 years/ rock, blues, fusion,

    Very Impressed

    Ive just received this speaker and have not spent a great deal of time with it but my initial opinion is that this is a high quality, well made product. The sound is excellent. The bass and treble controls allow you to dial in heavy bottom and crisp clear highs. The blue tooth connected instantly and had no issues. Music sounds great. Projection is also excellent. Power wise, I was really impressed with this speaker, it kicks!
    If I could change or add anything it would be a remote volume control.

  • from Holden, UT January 28, 2015Music Background:
    Mobile Dj

    Easier life, Due to Bluetooth

    I just got a set of the Beringer B115W, and i am very impressed. I can use then with my ipad running Virtual Dj. The process of setting up the bluetooth to the speakers is very simple, and clutter free from cords a BIG +. Would i recommend these to some one, More than a few just cause of the functions that they have. So over all i would recommend buying them. Ok, now look at what you can use them for, cell phones, ipads, ipods, tablets, laptops, the list goes on & on. I promise you wont be disappointed, i promise..

  • from United States April 11, 2014Music Background:
    late 40's former semi pro drummer who couldn't leave the sticks down anymore!

    Great Speaker for the money

    The overall sound quality is good for the price. If you've done your homework; you already know that the 1000 watt rating means something like 700 to the sub and 300 to the horn (or in that range). The volume level when using BlueTooth was very good; but I'm going to buy a second speaker and run them together in stereo for a total of 2K watts overall. The speaker was incredibly easy to set up for BlueTooth; as I never even opened any instructions at all. Beyond the speaker; I do want to say how impressed I was with Sweetwater and their staff. They followed up with me several times to make sure I was completely happy and fully satisfied with my purchase. I use Sweetwater as an example of how I want my employees to build customer service relationships within my own company. The speaker got a 4.5; but Sweetwater gets a perfect score for sure!

  • from NY February 27, 2014

    It'z Great...

    It is great, actually, but it overloads easily...

  • from Kansas November 19, 2014Music Background:
    musician, d j

    Great sound, good value excellent customer service

    Purchased a single unit first . was very pleased so I purchased a second one so I would have stereo sound. Had trouble getting them to wireless link. Called Sweetwater and was shipped a new unit overnight. Very happy. Would recommend

  • from Cary, nc March 1, 2014

    Marketing of 1000 watts rating

    Good speaker but the 1000watts is not clear until you buy the speaker. The wattage is 700 watts at low frequency sounds and 300 watts at high frequency. Clever marketing but not factual at the time of buying.

    Otherwise a decent Bluetooth speaker probably a most powerful

  • from NOrth Carolina February 12, 2017

    Unreliable product

    Bought two speakers since 2013 and have to send them back to factory for power board failure three times. Good product but highly UNRELIABLE.

    Would not recommend.

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