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M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    Excellent build quality sets the M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 apart from many of the other MIDI controllers out there. If you need a controller for your computer, or for outboard hardware, this is the best.

  • Marcos Sanchez

    The Axiom Pro is an amazing compact MIDI controller! Its seamless integration with Pro Tools 8's new A.I.R. virtual instruments is phenomenal, and makes external VI control a breeze! The pads are great for sample triggering, and the depth that you can get with this as a MIDI controller with Pro Tools is unmatched. If you want a tactile control when working within Pro Tools, the Axiom Pro is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  • J.Nahtz
    from Ontario, CA June 15, 2012Music Background:


    Works Great With FL Studio and Studio One.
    This Is All I Need. Love IT.

  • Ian Patrick Marshall
    from Los Angeles, California USA October 6, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer,

    AXIOM PRO IS THAT G THANG!!! woo woo

    I love this thing, I owned an original black axiom but once i saw a portion of what this thing can do in web videos i immediately sold the old and bought the Pro

    I loved the action, sliders, knobs, and pads on the original axiom series but programming it was borderline impossible, and not conducive to a speedy workflow.

    What they essentially did was add a smart brain (hypercontrol) inside the controller that can have an intelligent conversation with your software. Thus making all of the hands on controls actually useful. Out of the box this thing will speed up your workflow immediately. Once you get more in depth, and begin to understand how it thinks, and the mapping for whatever software your using it just becomes that much more powerful. No matter if im using protools, ableton, or logic in a session I use every single aspect of the controller. The keypad for key commands, the faders for volume, the knobs for panning, sends, and plug in control, the transport, and the amazingly inspiring keybed.

    If your debating between this or any of the other controllers get this one! I'm not going to diss novations AUTOMAP because i run that simultaneously with my Nocturn, but Hypercontrol provides no fuss and always works. On a rare occasion it can become disconnected somehow all you have to do it turn of the controller and turn it back on and it will connect again and you can continue.

    During tracking and mixing sessions band members are always super intrigued and impressed by the hands on control this thing gives you. In my mind its like working with a space age console. It will eliminate a lot of frustration, and move you into another level of production.

  • Green Death Productions
    from Ocean County,N.J. April 12, 2009Music Background:
    Veteran workstation keyboardist,recording hobbyist & audiophile

    The Top Of The Heap In Midi Controllers-PERIOD!

    I've had my hands on more keyboards than I can remember in the last 20 years,and the Axiom Pro has the best action I've ever experienced....which is utterly astounding,since it's soooo difficult to find good action on a midi controller-especially in this price range!
    The Axiom Pro has the perfect marriage of hammer- weighted solidarity & the speed of a synth keybed...I am so very surprised of this level of tactile quality for the price-which in of itself,is worth the price difference over the old Axiom series!

    I also chose this controller for it's exclusivity with Reason 4 & the interfacing via the Hypercontrol is a beautiful thing,to say the least!
    Between Reason,my CX5's & my Axiom Pro,I now have all of the inspiration I will ever need to create a new level of song writing,that I would not have been able to achieve otherwise!

  • B-LuvTheGift (One 6th of E.S.A. Eastside Affiliates)
    from Chicago, IL Eastside!!! June 21, 2009Music Background:
    Producer, Student Engineer, Songwriter, Singer, Occasional Rapper. Hip Hop, R&B, Urban Pop

    Axiom Pro 49 is that bidnezz

    I use the Axiom Pro 49 in my current Logic 8 setup and I have to say that I'm impressed with the basic overall control you get over Logic out of the box with the HyperControl. I like being able to mute, solo, play, stop, rewind, forward, and record without ever touching the mouse and the fact that pressing stop twice brings the marker to the beginning of the session or loop point. The new keybed is also nice too. It's not as stiff as the first Axiom controllers. It kinda has this extremely light piano feel but yet the keys aren't so heavy where you'll still feel comfortable whether you're playing pianos, synth, or expressive drum parts. The pads are cool as well. Even though M-Audio could make em' a tad bit "fatter" like MPC style pads, they still feel good when i'm doing drums from Ultrabeat or my own personal sounds in the EXS24. The only thing I have against it is that when you're "slam-dancin" on the pads to much, they tend to blank out a little but it dosen't happen that often. Not to mention i'm sure that M-Audio will work out the minor bugs in future versions of the OS. Above all else it's a great feeling controller and my next move will probably be the 61 key version when I install Logic on my new MacBook Pro. I recommend it for flawless workflow in sequencing or recording on Logic, or anything else for that matter. New buyers don't forget to download the HyperControl protocol for whatever software you're using from m-audio.com

  • Jefferson Weber
    from Indianapolis, Indiana September 28, 2011Music Background:

    Pretty Impressive

    A pretty great controller from M Audio. Lots of controls and easy mapping for Logic Studio and other DAW's. Couple of things. The screen on the unit is flush and hard for me to see from where I sit in front of it. Wish it was raised somewhat. The action of the keyboard is just above average and feels loose.The white color is different and I do like that. Sliders feel good and solid as well as other controls. Overall a pretty solid controller, but could be improved.

  • Dre Hardin
    from San Diego May 3, 2009Music Background:


    Obviously you can do everything it does with short-keys and a mouse, but it is designed to pick up work flow, especialy for the protools user.

    I just ordered mine after playing with one at the store, and am excited. I loved my Emu Xboard and I thought about grabbing the AKAI board soon but Im glad I waited, not knowing this was coming out things lined up right on time.

  • Menton J. Matthews III
    from Chicago, IL June 20, 2011Music Background:

    Not too bad

    For what it is , it is not that bad, I am not involve with the way the keys or pads feel, and I have to be honest that I am not all that in love with the control aspects as well, but it works, and does what it says it does. Just not in love with it, and for the price, I think one should get a little more.

  • Derek
    from Uniondale September 7, 2015Music Background:


    I've had the axion pro 45 for little while now and it's was good in the beginning . Now it's a useless board in the corner of the room. There are keys that don't work. I've looked into this and it a common problem with the keyboard. Why doesn't m-audio give me a patch to fix or a full refund . Odd as I may seem I've gone back to the axiom 25.
    Buyer beware

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