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Lynx Aurora 16 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Lynx Aurora 16?

Questions about the Lynx Aurora 16?

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  • Charlie Davis

    The Lynx Aurora 16 converters sound crystal clear. It's still hard to believe that you get 16 i/o in a single rack space, and it is still one of the best priced high-end converters on the market. Great for any studio with a great outboard selection needing to get into their computer.

  • Mike Conyers

    With world-class A/D conversion for up to 16 channels in a single rack-space, the Aurora 16 is an extraordinary interface. Several add-in cards give you Firewire, ADAT and Pro Tools HD connectivity as well! You simply can't go wrong with Lynx.

  • from Mont-Laurier, QC January 18, 2013Music Background:


    The sound of the Lynx Aurora 16 is just amazing. As a musician and producer, I think you must start by getting in your pc/mac what you hear in your speaker. I talked to lynx studio and their slogan is : WHAT YOU HEAR IS WHAT YOU GET. So I got two Lynx Aurora 16 and everytime I record some guitar tracks with my axe fx and my A&H Gs-r24 it's amazing. There is no word to describe how I feel. You must try these peices of gear.

  • from Bend, OR, USA September 27, 2012Music Background:
    Esoteric Studios

    Finally happy in the digital realm!

    I had tons of regret when I switched to digital back in 1994. My mixes suffered and it wouls seem that all I was doing is "compensating" and not "mixing", I even bought a Sony DMXR100 thinking the dynamics and E.Q. would lend a helping hand,,,,,,yet I still struggled. Some of it was my fault, as I unconciously pushed the meters like tape, somehow in denial and thinking it would sound better LOL! In 2010, I purchased some 1073 clones, and other vintage greats, and bought a Lynx Aurora 16 and was blown away. No more fighting the mix and its the first time I have been totally satisfied with digital in years. Thanks Sweetwater...

  • from Seattle, WA December 29, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    This is the one. This unit is beautiful.

    A brief background: For years, I've been recording with a Digi-002R. I could get decent recordings, but nobody would ever mistake it for a commercial studio. After upgrading mics and then pres, I was getting better sound, but still not quite that radio-ready, finished sound. I decided it had to be the last link in my chain: The A/D conversion in the 002R.

    After a long time of agonizing over what to get, I bought the Aurora 16.

    Its maiden voyage was to record a jazz vocalist with a three-piece combo in a live performance. Eight channels in, all with great microphones, through great preamps, into the Aurora.

    In a word: Wow. You can say of basically all of the audio interfaces out there -- even the cheap ones -- that the sound is clean, even squeaky-clean. The same holds true for the Aurora, of course, but it goes far beyond mere clean. Where the 002R sounded thin and veiled (and attempts at correcting this yielded only muddy, out-of-control bass, not to mention a frustrated engineer), this unit's bass sounds bottomless (particularly on that gorgeous old upright being recorded!), and more importantly, effortless. The warm, round tones of the bass perfectly complement the sparkling midrange on the piano, and the fresh, airy ping of the ride cymbal (no artificial brightness, no harshness). Every last sultry lyric breathed into the mic was captured with extraordinary intimacy.

    This is it. This is the sound I want. This unit is beautiful.

    Cons: Non-universal-voltage power supply. This is probably not going to be a huge deal, as I've yet to secure a recording job overseas, but still... It seems like every other piece of audio gear out there now has a unviersal-voltage PSU so one doesn't have to worry about this.

  • from Buffalo, NY August 12, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Studio


    Excellent. I previously owned an Apogee Rosetta 200. Tone is totally different but quality is comparable. The apogee had nicer low end IMO, but overall the Aurora had a more balanced tone and slightly larger stereo image. Obviously the Aurora 16 is a better price per channel deal. I sold the Apogee and don't regret it.

  • from Bear, Delaware USA June 20, 2007Music Background:


    interface is better than the 192. comes already with 16 ins/outs. higher headroom than the 192 and apogee, very transperent sound no matter what you are recording. The only downfall is the leds in front doesnt give a proper level readout, but besides that you should always use your ears anyway. the best bang for the buck, im happy i got it instead of the 192.

  • from Baltimore, MD November 5, 2010Music Background:
    Producer, Guitarist

    Geat box!

    Excellent mastering AD/DA box. for the money.

  • from Seattle October 10, 2007Music Background:
    Jazz musician with project studio

    I'm very happy with this

    I've been using the Aurora 16 for a few months now. and I'm very happy with it. I use a Lynx AES16 card to hook this to my PC. The sound is perfectly clean. The cost/channel of AD and DA is really great compared to the Apogee AD16 and DA16. The software mixer is very powerful -- I am able to generate a number of different zero-latency cue mixes quite easily while recording, and you can simlarly mix anything you want on playback. You can do everything you need in software right from the PC. The support is very good, and they monitor their forums very regularly. I tried clocking with and without a Big Ben, and the Big Ben added nothing compared to using the Aurora's own internal clock with synchrolock. The jitter specs on this are VERY VERY low. Overall a great product. My only small complaints are the unit emits a small pop when synchrolock kicks in, so you have to wait for synchrolock to engage prior to turning on your monitors. Also, the unit runs very warm, so you have to keep a rack space above and below it open. But it's only 1u tall itself.

Questions about the Lynx Aurora 16?

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