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PreSonus AudioBox USB Reviews

4.0 stars based on 111 customer reviews
Questions about the PreSonus AudioBox USB?

Questions about the PreSonus AudioBox USB?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Jeff Farkas
    from Oak Ridge TN. USA March 5, 2017Music Background:
    Student - Guitar

    AudioBox USB Review

    I got this a few weeks ago and it’s amazing. First off I got this to record myself playing guitar so I could both share my work with my teacher and to fine tune my performances.

    All I have to say is this really delivers. It’s easy to set up and after a bit of fiddling around it’s easy to use. I did find a great YouTube video that got me going in minutes.Just do a search on "How to Record Your Guitar Over a Backing Track" by Learning Guitar Now

    The hardware is solid and looks like it will last forever. As for the software/driver, you have to download the latest versions from their website but it’s easy and fast. When you install the copy of Studio One chose the Artist version. Don’t use the Premium. It’s the free version that has fewer options.

    One thing I do recommend is purchasing the MP3 converter for Artist. It’s about 10 dollars US and well worth the cost, IMO.

    Overall, this is just a great tool!

  • JG
    from Lafayette, IN February 15, 2017

    NOT compatible with new Macbook Pro.

    Heads up, this device does NOT work with the latest Macbook Pro. The following is from the Presonus support site:

    "For the newest systems from Apple which are the MacBook Pro (Late Model 2016) with only USB-C ports that requires the use of a USB-C to USB-A adapter, we have identified a problem with this new MacBook Pro where it does not provide a proper data stream to the interface. You need to connect a USB hub (powered or un-powered) in between the interface and the computer and the problem will resolve itself.

    We have reported the issue and Apple is aware of the issue."

    I did not try this device with the hub as suggested, only the USB-Thunderbolt dongle. Seems like this is probably more of an Apple issue, but it's certainly not "plug and play."

  • Clevester A.Lucas
    from Virginia January 6, 2017

    I love it!!!

    I love it!!! The awesome customer service that Sweetwater provided ( & still is) Made my purchase 10 times better!!! I will definitely be using them as my go to for necessary studio gear & software purchases.

  • AL+1
    from HAWAII November 25, 2016Music Background:
    Amature/ Hobbist

    Execellent interface for my home studio.

    The Studio One Artist software that came with the unit is perfect for the home studio I'm putting together.
    This is a solid workhorse, able to keep up with the various task, from instrumental to vocal the PreSonus AudioBox preforms flawlessly.

  • Miguel
    from Brazoria Co, TX November 7, 2016Music Background:

    Bought it for the software, happy surprised with the Box

    My freebie DAWs where giving me headaches, and my cheapie mixer, although great for live music, was kinda of a Debbie downer for recording. I really just bought the Audio Box for the software, but since the Studio One Artist sans box was the same price, I got the one with the box. I'm very happy that I did, because not only is the software great for a home user, but the box is head and shoulders better for recording with my laptop than my mixer was. Quiet, easy to use, and easy to use with the mixer.
    Word to the wise, once you manually download the Studio One, don't manually down load the extras, as once installed Studio One will get them anyways.

  • Zach S.
    from Bozeman MT October 27, 2016Music Background:

    PreSonus AudioBox USB Interface Review

    The small, yet versatile PreSonus Interface has been an awesome addition to my musical hardware! It has 2 Mic/Instrument inputs, a Midi input, and a USB output with plenty of other knobs on the device to control and mix your tracks. It also works as a great headphone amplifier if you are solely editing or like to listen to music or movies. It has a very simple setup and comes with a free DAW called "Studio One," which contains plenty of power to suit your musical needs. Overall, this product has worked great for me and I couldn't be any happier!

  • John
    from Portland, OR October 18, 2016Music Background:
    bands, studio work, composing,

    Initial difficulties

    Thanks to the excellent support at Sweetwater my AudioBox is up and running. I had to call three times to work out all the little problems (some with my DAW)....but the driver recommended for download at the PreSonus site DID NOT WORK!! The techy at Sweetwater found a workable driver and things turned around. Now it's doing everything I wanted it to do.....there was a little problem with the USB contact (the box was dead until I fiddled with the port/cable). Nice color. Highly portable!

  • Joseph Sterling
    from Maui September 1, 2016

    Audiobox USB newer Mac owners beware

    I got one..Was blown away that it did not work with my newer MacBook..Got it to work with my PC. Saw one guy on Facebook has added a powered USB "router" and made it work. I used a ipad/Iphone power supply into a non powered USBmultiport..I works great now with the new Mac!!!

    Love the portability and easy recording now that it gives me.Also have a classic Presonus Firepood..Served me well!!!

  • Jacob
    from MONTANA August 17, 2016

    PreSonus Audio Box

    It has simplified my demo recording with my compuyer. I like it.

  • Customer
    from July 28, 2016

    Presonus Audio Box

    I like this interface. It does wonders to my Neuman U-87, which really needed a good preamp. Also bass sounds really great through it. I'm not too pleased with my electric guitar going through it, but guitar-players are always finicky about their sound. I may mic an amp then go through the Audio box. I have Presonus software on my computer, so it matches well with it.

  • David Sheets
    from Rainbow City, Alabama July 12, 2016Music Background:
    Enrolled in Berklee School of Music through Coursera

    Nice box

    It is fabulous as an introductory tool for home recording and gives access to a solid DAW system, Studio Artist 3. The phantom power is clean. There are some adjustment of instruments and the microphone can become very sensitive to the environment; however, the software components allow for sub-mix, noise gates, delays, quantizing and all applications for producing audio recordings.

  • GH39
    from New England July 9, 2016Music Background:

    Compatability issue

    It may seem harsh to give one star for something that may well work very well, but the PreSonus AudioBox USB is simply NOT campatable with the USB.3 port on our Macbook Air, and that's the end of the story.

    Presonus tech support sent us a response that basically said "Tough **** but these things don't work together", which is at least honest, but as there doesn't seem to be much effort made at warning potential customers of this (hence this review), yes, I'm more than a bit irritated...

  • wb
    from San Diego,CA U.S.A July 1, 2016

    just get it!

    very good for what it is! plug in,download drivers set it up restart and plug- n- play.
    Play's well with my mixcraft pro studio 7 and Windows 10. No Latency's,and its 64 bit compatible,but the best part about it is,it sounds good..
    Thank you Scott Bennett for being awesome! give this dude a call at X1738...

  • Bryan Nyman
    from Alabama May 3, 2016Music Background:
    musician, producer

    Great Interface

    I wanted a box that would allow me to play my guitars "into the computer" as I call it and record. This box does exactly that and much more. I thought I might have a problem setting the guitar volume because there are no meters on the box, but the lights around the input knobs are very sensitive and blink green or red (or not at all if you don't turn the guitar on). Then, there's the software included with the box. Unreal. I will never use all the loops, effects, sounds, whatever you want to call them, because there are sooooo many available. Not to mention, I can go on-line and get even more loops - FREE. The forums for the software (Studio One - Artist) are very helpful. So, what do I think of this box ??? I'd buy another one tomorrow if I needed it.

  • Customer
    from April 14, 2016

    Worth it

    First interface I've ever purchased, and Studio One v3 Artist is the first DAW I've ever used. There was quite a bit of learning curve for someone as inexperienced as me, however, with some time and patience, I figured out how to make very nice recordings. The software has amazing editing capabilities.
    One thing I don't like is on the software end of it... you cannot master a finished composition and convert it to a file to be used on a PC, I had to use a separate device for that. But if you upgrade to the pro version of the software, you can. I will eventually upgrade for $299 most likely.
    But all in all a fantastic price for what you get.

  • Ant
    from April 13, 2016Music Background:
    Recreational and self taught on guitar, drums, and piano

    Awesome Product

    This device paired with the Studio One software is totally awesome. I'm a novice who just wanted to record tracks of one self playing various instruments but found this package could do much more. I can say it's user-friendly, easy set-up and install, and Studio One seals the deal. Thanks to Shaka D. For the recommendation, product explanation, and emails with plenty of tutorials.

  • James
    from Arcola,Illinois March 15, 2016Music Background:
    music hobbyist

    Presonus Audiobox USB

    I believe this is a good product but not a lot of instruction on how to use it. It seems that everyone assumes that you automatically know how to use the gear that you buy so they don't give you any instructions I don't believe this is a very good way to sell your product.

  • Customer
    from March 7, 2016

    So far so good!

    The only reason I didn't give it five stars is I have not recorded anything worth talking about yet but so far so good as far as getting connected with Pro Tools.

  • Patrick Short
    from Portland February 3, 2016

    Simple, and works very well

    I had to replace a 10 year old M-Audio 410 when I upgraded my studio to a Macbook Pro, which doesn't support Firewire. I needed two inputs for my Mackie board, and MIDI to use all of the software synths in Logic and Mainstage (and I have some Native Instruments products). The Audiobox worked great, out of the box, nothing has clipped (yet) and the sound is fine. It's also small enough and tough enough to use live.

    I wish it had two headphone outputs. I had to haul a Samson headphone amp out of storage to pair with the Audiobox, because I sometimes actually record someone else, or listen to tracks with another person. There's your missing half star.

  • Customer
    from January 28, 2016

    Great interface and dope customer service!

    Very simple to use pretty much plug and play.

  • Roger Hatfield
    from Ohio January 20, 2016Music Background:
    Producer, engineer, musician, writer, studio owner.

    Tech Trap

    I gave this box a 2 rating. Not because of anything sonically, but because I cannot use the software that is supposed to come with this box, which one would assume would run it optimally. It sounds flawless sending it from my MOTU and using Digital Performer software as the recipient recording software. The problem is that my laptop, while not that old, is not upgradable to an OS that will accommodate the software. It would have been helpful knowing this before I purchased it, but I blame myself. This is the second time I have had a "time stamp" issue with PreSonus. The other time a Mic Pre ceased functioning and I was told that that particular Mic Pre was out of production and parts were not available. Grrr. I guess, "Let the buyer be educated" is the best policy.

  • Bill Provensal
    from New Orleans January 19, 2016Music Background:

    AudioBox USB

    Be careful with the type of computer you plan on using. The current driver (Dec 2015) does not work directly with HP computers and Presonus does not have a "fix" for this. However, Sweetwater techs know a work around. Also, Presonus Studio One 3 Artist that comes with this unit is very, very picky about the operating system and service pack release that is running, if a PC. I spent over 30 hours working thru these problems. That said, the tech department people at Sweetwater were GREAT! It now all works but the pain level was huge.

  • Darrel Gardner
    from Santa Maria, Calif, U.S.A. December 30, 2015

    It's what I ordered

    I need this item, it does what I wan what else can I say?

  • J. Lyons
    from December 1, 2015

    AudioBox USB

    Tried everything to audition instruments with no results. At a dead end. going nowhere with it... Just happy I didn't spend more. Tutorials don't help especially with entry level equipment like the AudioBox USB... My computer wizard friends can't figure out how to audition instruments either. Other than that the service was prompt and professional.

  • Phillip Saccoia
    from November 25, 2015

    Two Thumbs UP

    Great device for recording and producing! Easy to use and worth the price

  • Customer
    from November 23, 2015

    DAW well worth the $$

    I highly recommend buying the PreSonus AudioBox USB from Sweetwater. The Studio One software is very easy to use. I was able to start recording the first day.

  • Jon
    from Colorado November 20, 2015Music Background:
    Broadcast engineer

    Disappointed with unbalanced inputs

    The unit can't accept a standard line level +4 dBm balanced signal. It wasn't completely clear in the specs, but the the combo input connector isn't wired in parallel. The XLR is balanced mic level, and the quarter inch is unbalanced "instrument" level. Having an unbalanced input seems odd ... a balanced input would accept either a balanced or unbalanced signal, so it's universal. What Presonus calls "instrument" level seems to be about -15 dBm, so somewhere between mic and line level. That's OK, if you're actually plugging an instrument into it, but not helpful with line level equipment.

    I'm also a little skeptical of the clip indicators. They act like they're sensing an analog threshold, rather than full scale digital.

  • Customer
    from November 11, 2015Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter/Live Audio Engineer

    Dont Trust High Star Reviews - THIS IS GARBAGE

    I bought this unit because it looked great and had the bare essentials that I needed. The mixer knob seemed like a handy add-on..
    The mic pres are HOT. You can't plug your guitar straight in without a DI in-line, unless you are okay with clipping.
    There are countless complaints of users that are having issues with hissing/crackling/latency, particular to this model. Pre Sonus will not help you with these issues. I am as a victim of this.

    I kept this interface past the return policy hoping that I could resolve these problems ('maybe it was user error?'). This product has done nothing but hinder my progress.
    I hopped on here after another frustrating attempt to record with this crap interface and saw that this item actually has high reviews. Which is terrifying after seeing how many other people are having similar issues.
    Focusrite probably makes a dependable equivalent. Buy that if you're on a budget..

  • Steve Pearson
    from Flourtown, PA October 14, 2015Music Background:
    Voiceover actor

    AudioBox USB fits my needs!

    This little baby gets the job done. I had a firewire box from PreSonus before which died, so I had to replace it. And, this box is giving me just as good quality audio for my voiceover work as the firewire box did. This is a great piece of equipment at a very reasonable price.

  • Lynne
    from Fla October 8, 2015

    works great

    Perfect for my home studio. Sound is good. Very easy plug & play with Windows 8.1. Was not able to install drivers as I kept getting error messages but it still works as,a plug & play.

  • Quinton Ellis
    from Mansfield, OH October 1, 2015

    Super Clean & Sweet

    I've used interfaces from Avid, Focusrite, Lexicon, MOTU, and many others. Without a single doubt, this singular interface possesses one of the lowest noise floors of any of those previous interfaces. I am so happy with it, I will doubtless be adding more of this particular line of interfaces to my lineup.

    Paul Rowan is a patient, honest individual, and his professionalism is second to none.

  • Jimmy Mccarthy
    from SW Florida September 10, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Production, engineering,

    audio Box worked!

    First off, nothing would happen with out great sales people and employees! I have been lucky to have worked with Jeff Law for two decades!! He never gave me bad advice and always showed me the best and the then then most economical ways do get the job done. He has saved me tons of money stearing me in the right direction. This box is just and example of that. I needed to connect my Roland 2480 to my PC via fiber optic to usb. Long story .. short... Jeff found me exactly what I needed and at a huge savings verses the other items I was looking into. When I need something I look all over the internet... then call Jeff at Sweetwater!

  • Customer
    from August 26, 2015

    Solid unit

    Over all great unit for the price point. I've recorded some entire songs with my band with this and although I can hear the limitation of the preamp quality it still sounds great. The included recording software studio one is fantastic I love it. Only complaints are that when knobs on the device are turned all the way down they are not actually off just really quiet which can be annoying. Also the peak lights are hard to see.

  • Farhad Shadan
    from La Jolla CA August 21, 2015Music Background:
    keyboard/electronic piano

    A great mobile interface

    I bought this unit to serve as a mobile interface. I have been using it successfully with my Korg SV-1 88 keyboard and Logic Pro using a Mac Pro Air for about a year. It works very well with analogue acoustic and electronic piano sounds as well as with MIDI signals. It has a relatively low headroom for certain analogue applications. It is lightweight, compact, sturdy, and well built. It is most suitable for those who need a quick, yet great quality set-up on the go.

  • John
    from Chicago July 8, 2015


    Set this up within 5 minutes and was ready to start recording. What a fantastic piece of equipment. Love it and love you sweetwater :)

  • Donald Van Selus
    from SoCal May 14, 2015Music Background:
    Professional msician, engineer.

    Great Interface

    A great plug and play audio interface. Works flawlessly. Have used for only with instrument line signal and have not used it with a microphone.

  • Gilberto Burgos
    from April 28, 2015Music Background:
    Audio engineer

    Amazing for its price

    It is a great usb interface that is simple but gets the job done. Nice preamps and the software makes it well worth the price. Definitely a good option if you need a portable interface on a budget.

  • QNote
    from Eastern NC March 30, 2015

    Not the AudioBox

    I've had this unit for a few years, and since it doesn't see much use (I do have other, less portable, high quality interfaces and converters), I have delayed the inevitable, until now... replacing it with something actually usable. For starters, the preamps on this box are too hot, even with minimum gain, to prevent clipping of many different input devices, including microphones. You can forget hooking any line level devices into this box, such as the output of a DVD or CD player. Also, the box has a high noise floor, comparatively speaking. And, that noise is exacerbated by engaging the phantom power. It seems to work okay only as an audio output device, but that's not what most people would need from this device. I do NOT recommend this unit. I replaced it with the Scarlett 2i4 and sleep much better at night!

  • Tim
    from March 19, 2015Music Background:
    Hobby, Slight studies in school

    PreSonus AudioBox = Awesome

    Saw dramatic jumps in my sound quality and daw response, would definitely recommend

  • david
    from nashville tn February 16, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Singer songwriter, Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer,

    good stuff

    Clear Sound
    Getting Use To Program
    Slow Setup Time

    BEST USES: Amateur Recording

    It is good interface for the price but a little complicated.The Audiobox does have more options than reverb and you have get familiar with the program. Gone are the days of the Teac 4-track unless you want the warm tape fuzz..

  • Gary Pichini
    from Dearborn Heights, MI February 3, 2015Music Background:
    Many years of playing and recording.

    PreSonus AudioBox USB

    I guess the word Wow did come to mind after hooking this box up to my laptop, Mackie mix board and my outboard amplified speaker system.

    I've used CuBase for many years and it required a special sound card so I knew setting up a new recording system using a laptop would have some challenges.

    I spoke to Andy at Sweetwater after I saw this device on their web site. He said it would fit the application, and though I still held some doubts, I discovered that it actually did do just what I needed. It fed audio signals into the laptop for recording and allowed for the monitoring of tracks present in the Studio One recording software to be played back simultaneously. Be sure to shut-off the monitor tab on the tracks though or you'll get a latency bouncing effect.

    I even upgraded to Studio One Pro after seeing a couple YouTube videos of people running it. The Pro version contains a mastering section and I thought that was real nice verses how I used to have to import my CuBase mix into WaveLab. With Studio One Pro, this is done in one system.

    My only caveat to the AudioBox USB is that you lose some audio output power due to having to pan the input and track output at 12:00. I purchased a small mixer to run between the USB Box and powered speakers in order to boost the power level back up.

    Other than that though, this box works very well and I am impressed with the software it came with too.

  • David Rothe
    from Chico, CA January 26, 2015Music Background:
    Music Professor, Performer

    PreSonus AudioBox USB

    A great unit in a compact size and a low price. Great value!

  • Douglas Russell
    from Pewaukee, WI January 23, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Radio Broadcaster

    Seriously awesome

    Incredibly compact and user-friendly. It came with instructions, of course...but I never even had to crack the book. I ordered it yesterday and it arrived this morning. Blown away by the customer service. Blown. Away.

  • Mike Blunt
    from Bourbon,Mo. USA December 23, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist "Home Recording"

    A great interface for a great price

    I have used this interface along with Studio One Artist and it has performed exactly as advertised, the software is very useful and easy to figure out even for a novice like me. I read many other reviews before I purchased this product and there were a few concerns that some had regarding noise in the headphones when getting ready to record and I had the same problem it was a clicking sound, it took me a few songs to figure out what was causing this " I had the AudioBox interface setting to close to my computer" that was all it was I moved it away about a foot or so and it went away.

    For the price you just can't beat this deal if you like recording at home and don't want to tye up a fortune in your gear!!

  • Alex MacConnell
    from Des Moines, Iowa September 8, 2014Music Background:
    Live Playing, Home Recording

    Presonus Does it again!

    When I hear the name Presonus, I know its quality as I have never had a problem or been disapointed with their gear. I have used Presonus gear in my DAW for years. I needed an Audio Box for my PC laptop portable rig and this has turned out to be a great solution. A nice small and affordable solution for Audio and MIDI.

  • Andrew
    from Louisville, KY September 7, 2014Music Background:

    Great Deal!

    It's a great device for the price. It makes recording a demo fairly easy, especially with the included software. Recording more than 2 tracks at once is impossible, but for the solo DIYer this is perfect, especially at it's price.

  • Eric
    from United States September 6, 2014Music Background:


    I know it's tempting at a low price but seriously, don't waste your money!

    Get a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 instead. It's $50 more and better by leaps and bounds. This interface used to be $149 but they lowered the price to $99 since it sucks so much!

    My experience: This interface does the basic functions well. It plays sound. HOWEVER, when it comes to recording, just give up. The noise level is way too high rendering the interface basically pointless. VERY AMATEUR.

    I now have a Scarlett and I have never been happier because I thought that all interfaces in this price range would be the same.

  • Kelly Townsend
    from Lumberton, NC September 2, 2014

    Stay away from this interface!

    This product according to Presonus tech support will not work properly if you have active pick ups. It will likely blow the preamps. My Audiobox USB is less than 1 week old and they want me to send it in for repairs. I don't think so. I would have accepted a replacement had they offered it but no way am I sending this in for repairs and it's only 1 week old. I'll never buy another Presonus product again.

  • Brad
    from IN August 31, 2014Music Background:

    excellent product

    It was my first audio interface until I grew out of it and upgraded to more inputs. Then it became my portable interface and my "loner". I bought it used and it has suffered through 3+ years of me and people I loan it to and it is still going strong. One of my artist friends is on his third mbox mini, I loaned this to him for about 8 months and he had no issues. Seriously can't say enough good things about it!

  • Michael
    from August 27, 2014Music Background:

    good for a quick fix.

    Brought this as a quick fix when my primary sound card fell off the desk and snapped the usb plug into the port. When i got it i was like yeah this is a really solid product. After a few weeks of use that effect wore off. Drivers are terrible. As soon as you get to 1/3 of the way around in turning up the outputs (and headphones) the noise level is horrid. Mic & instruments inputs are either off or clipping. Add the 48v phantom power to it and its like the dooms day switch from hell.

  • Marc A. Ellis
    from Yuma, Arizona August 12, 2014Music Background:

    Excellent introduction to great computer recording!

    I've tried using less expensive recording solutions and discovered you get what you pay for! Simple to install, easy to use DAW software is allowing me to learn to record almost immediately. I just need to play better guitar! Thanks Sweetwater!

  • JL
    from USA July 10, 2014Music Background:
    musician, live sound and studio engineer

    Simple, Easy, Solid

    Simple: USB powered so no power plug.
    Easy: "Inputs/Playback" knob gives you adjustable mix of whatever
    you need to hear.
    Solid: A real metal box not some cheap little case.

    Add the simple and easy to use Studio One DAW, (which comes with this interface), and you have a great sounding recording system that will let you get started with home recording without breaking the bank. Obviously a studio condenser mic sound better than a stage mic will if you are recording vocals, but if you just want to try out some home recording to see what it is like this is a great product to start with.

  • Customer
    from May 7, 2014


    Fantastic deal for the money. Bought it in the pack with the mic and headphones, brought it in to record with a friend who uses Pro Tools HD in college and he says this little box is as clean-sounding as the interfaces his studio uses. Great sound, with a great price to boot. PreSonus always delivers superb quality for a good price. And Sweetwater is definitely the place to buy from.

  • Kyle
    from Iowa City, IA May 5, 2014Music Background:
    Part time live sound engineer. Hobbyist bedroom producer.

    Fits my needs and budget, but not for everyone.

    This unit works wonderfully when producing/mixing in Ableton Live on my MacBook Pro. No drivers/install issues. Truly plug and play.

    I have the mixer set to "playback" and I have independent volumes for master out and headphone out respectively.

    I only occasionally need to record vocals/guitars, and I use a condenser microphone for that. This unit feeds the 48v phantom power my mic needs and all is well.

    What sold me on this unit is that I can turn the master all the way down (so my studio monitors produce NO sound) and get a good blend of incoming signal and playback signal using the mixer section, and I can monitor through my headphones so I don't get bleed through when recording. Not all other preamps in this price point can do that.

    This unit is also great for listening to my mp3's or Spotify or whatever....just hookup the USB cable, and click a button to route my computers audio output to USB.

    Here are the drawbacks to this unit:
    1) There is "bleed" on the mixer section...when you have the mixer all the way to "Inputs" you can still hear faint playback. Same with the opposite configuration.
    2) Dynamic mics like A Sure 57/58 or Audix OM2 will not work properly. There isn't enough gain to drive them.
    3)Speaking of gain, you start to get a terrible noise in the signal when the gain is close to being dimed...with that being said, stick to using this unit with a condenser mic and you'll be good.
    4)Some have also said that you can get distortion when driving the main out too much...I simply have my set up so that I don't need to drive the main...there is really no reason to do so...you should deal with that with whatever powered speakers/power amps you are using to power your speakers.
    5)While the preamps are too weak for dynamic mics, they are too strong for direct electric guitars (even passive ones)....I run clean guitars through my POD, but this could be an issue for some users.

    Overall, I love the simplicity of this unit. It is rugged, small, and light enough to throw in a bag. The feature set matches the requirements of my hobby studio just fine.

    I'd advise any potential purchaser to make sure the preamps are going to work with whatever they are going to route through the inputs.

  • KAPOW Radio Show
    from Hemet, CA USA April 9, 2014Music Background:
    Internet Radio Production

    Sweetwater SWEET Price

    I love this box. Presonus makes a strong metal box with metal knobs that feel good with everything tight and right where it should be. I have the 2 in / 2out because I only do Internet Radio now, but for what I use it for and with (LogicX), this little guy is a gem. The price? Well, at Sweetwater I got it cheaper than anywhere else, and the money I saved I placed on expedited shipping and got it in two days. The service is outstanding and none can compare. You can get the other brands that have plastic casings and flimsy plastic knobs, but I personally love a well built product that works.

  • Michael Gardner
    from Elgin, Illinois USA April 5, 2014Music Background:
    Instrumentalist, Recording Artist with 33 Years Experience


    The Audiobox USB I purchased simply didn't work.

    First, the driver wouldn't install so I had to call tech support and the man installed another driver from an internet site. Then I installed the included Studio One Artist DAW. Well - that didn't work either no matter what I did. I tried all possinle buffer sizes and the thing would skip around at 1/4 second intervals and would only record for about 1/2 of a second before it jumped out of record mode.

    The way this product is advertised is that it's ready to use "out of the box" but actually it''s completely useless.

    In case you're wondering about my computer's compatability I will tell you that I never buy gear before making sure it conforms with my system which is a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system, Duo Core preocessor with 4 GB Ram. The Audiobox should have worked on my computer with no problem but that's all that I got from it. In fact it didn't work at all.

    I intend to avoid Presonus products altogether in the future and I caution others about this product as well. Unless you like headaches you would do well to buy something else.

  • Thomas Cross
    from Rock Island, IL USA February 14, 2014Music Background:
    Turntablist, Producer, Student

    The Non-upgradeable Presonus Audiobox

    For $149 it is a decent unit and sounds Ok. The problem is the Audiobox is not upgradable. Circumstances forced me to get a new computer and from the first moment I installed this box on Windows 8 (with the correct drivers from their site) it has been giving me nasty white noise. (Hiss, pops, crackling) I first talked to them about in Dec of last year and I'm in the middle of still troubleshooting it now. (conveniently right after the warranty expired) A decent box for the money but be warned, if you get a new computer/operating system this company will just leave you twisting in the breeze with a audiobox in brand new condition that doesn't work.

  • Julian Leal
    from Chicago, IL January 15, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Songwriter

    Great Audio & Midi Interface + Studio One DAW!

    Love this sturdy compact interface and have become addicted to the Studio One DAW that I upgraded to Professional, I'm getting excellent clear digital signal from the interface, no problems from day 1, everything good, this is state of the art and Presonus is on the cutting edge of digital music product technology, I've been using recording hardware and software for 20+ years and I'm really happy and excited to have selected Presonus and Studio One to take my music to the next level, what I'm working on now is exceeding what I've ever done and I'm still learning everything that this software & hardware can do!!!

  • Steve Holland
    from PHX, AZ January 14, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist Singer song writer

    audiobox usb

    Very Cool !!! And that it came with the artist version of Studio One DAW amazing. Any singer songwriter would be crazy not to own this. Love it ,Love it , Love it !!!

  • Customer
    from November 12, 2013

    Don't waste your money

    You get static from this thing if your using any windows vista or higher. I think its do to the fact the usb connection is still USB1. The scarlet 2i2 is a much better choice for the price.

  • Cesar Oliveira
    from MA July 30, 2013Music Background:


    this product work very well I am so happy with it

  • Customer
    from July 21, 2013

    Windows 7

    Be warned. Will give you hell on Windows 7. I'm not the only person who had this problem. The drivers do not install, it just does not work. I did a fresh format of my system and played with updating drivers for 2 weeks. It's just my worth it. Go towards the Focusrite Scarlett or the Line 6 UX1. I got the UX1 and POD Farm 2.5 is awesome. If you have Mac, go for this.

  • Douglas O Smith
    from United States May 13, 2013Music Background:

    cannot recommend

    volume knob went belly up just after three years so any warrantee is null and void. Sure I could send it in for repairs at $70 an hour but why in heavens name would I do that? The Imac keeps on refusing to recognize the drivers, This has been going on for years, should have sent it back long ago, therefore I have to unplug and unplug it ime and time again. I will now get a better unit. I am sorry but even at $150 bucks I expect something better this. I work really hard for my cash, I expect some decent product for more than 3 years here.

  • Skip Zehnder
    from Walnut Creek, Ca April 27, 2013Music Background:
    Voice Over Actor

    PreSonus AudioBox USB is good choice for voice recording

    I paired up the AudioBox USB with a Rode NT1-A mic to record with Audacity on my laptop. It was easy to install the drivers and is easy to use. Once I got it set up I don't have to worry about it. It just does it job.

  • William B. Doll
    from Tequesta, FL April 23, 2013Music Background:
    AWD Recordings, Inc. - Owner

    AudioBox USB

    We used this unit to set up a small recording area for streaming music and live vocal. Setup is easy and it works great! Sweeteater is the place to buy, great customer service and tech support if you ever need it.

  • Bobby Pierce
    from Los Angeles Ca. January 24, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Artist Piano and organ

    Five star tool

    I love the simple process of setting up the Presonus Audio Box usb and its functionality

  • Joshua Lawrence
    from Boston, MA January 6, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, DJ, Recording Engineer

    Love It For Playback, Hate for Live Recording

    So I needed something small and simple + I wanted to try out the Studio One DAW.

    The sound quality comes out great in my mixes. Very easy to hook up. I'm on a Mac so it was just plug and play. Get compliments all the time even though this has the 48kHz limitation. It's very strong/ sturdy. Can't say I dropped it but if I did it would break the floor rather then break itself. I've used it for 5 months now and I use it to play normal audio that doesn't include studio sessions.

    Down the line it was time to start recording voice and instruments. The box was giving a clip signal on every input. You don't even have to turn the inputs up from 0...the signal is WAY to hot and it does clip very badly. We had a mic setup with shock mount and it took every footstep or movement into the recording. Of course we have ways of getting around it, but we really shouldn't need to. There is also a bit of latency issues. I have to change the sampling rate at times in different DAWS just to get the sound right. It's not to consistent.

    I do like this box but I would suggest this for those folks who are just starting out with production. If your looking to record check out something more high end. Even on a low budget this AI just isn't good for that purpose. If your going to do PreSonus I would suggest the FireStudio.

  • Timothy King
    from Hattiesburg, Ms USA December 3, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Musician


    The day I bought it, I plugged right in to my church PA system and immediately began recording our services directly onto my computer, and what great quality!

  • T.
    from NJ November 22, 2012Music Background:
    Many years of playing and recording.

    couldn't get it to work with Windows Vista

    Now matter how hard they tried, (and to their credit, they did try) the tech support folks at PreSonus couldn't get this to work with my computer (Dell w/Windows Vista). I unloaded and re-loaded the drivers, checked my cables and did everything that was suggested, and it still wouldn't work.
    I'm shortly going to try it with a Mac, and hope for better results.

  • Wtr
    from Louisville, KY October 17, 2012Music Background:

    works well - sounds good

    Simple, cost effective - no surprises. Using this with Cakewalk Sonar X1 Essentials and it works flawlessly. For a complete neophyte to digital recording, a product like this is a great tool for getting started; and it sounds good. Thanks to Wes at Sweetwater for helping me make a great choice.

  • Big Red Love Machine
    from Seattle Wa. October 2, 2012Music Background:
    guitar monster

    Why Not !!!!

    Quality through and through, at an insanely affordable price. Not to mention the FREE Studio One Artist DAW!!!!

  • Thomas Hughes
    from Knoxville, TN July 8, 2012Music Background:
    Producer and Musician.

    Good Hardware, Poor Drivers

    Pros: Compact, lightweight, durable, and versatile.

    Cons: Drivers are poorly written. Presonus has dispatched two separate companies to write drivers for their product during my ownership of this interface. Neither of which perform correctly on windows 7 with a fresh installation and modern hardware. Issues ranging from audio dropouts, pops, clicks, DAW crashes, and disabling of the driver entirely which required a reinstallation and reboot. If you are a home user only it might be acceptable to use this interface but as a live performer this unit is simply embarassing.

  • Carmine Forte
    from United States June 26, 2012Music Background:

    PreSonous Audio Box USB

    The PreSonous Audio Box USB works great The software that comes with it is Studio One Artist is great. My only problem with the system is that the directions with the software Studio One Artist are really for Studio One Pro, and at times can be confusing. The Good news is that the tech support at Sweetwater will help you over every bump in the road. Keep up the good work.

  • Lance
    from Ebina, Japan June 12, 2012Music Background:
    Home Studio Guy

    Good box for the price, but with caveats

    The PreSonus is rugged, easy to use, has good sounding pre-amps and is really great for beginners, which is the target market for this price range. If, however, you feel there's any chance some day you may want to expand a bit (i.e., you're thinking, "I'll get the cheap model first and if I like recording, then I'll buy something better"), then I recommend you just go ahead and jump to a higher level right now. You ARE going to like recording, friend, and you will likely get frustrated with this box if you start getting serious.

    If you take that advice, you'll want to check out something in FireWire most likely, and it will be a Focusrite Saffire model, or maybe the TC Electronics Impact Twin or whatever.

    The reason I say you will want to eventually upgrade if you get more serious is that the AudioBox, being USB and limited to 48Khz, has some latency issues regardless of the power of your machine, and it also has (as some other reviewers have mentioned) a SMOKING HOT SIGNAL coming out the back end. This will add noise to your recordings if there is any noise in your signal path (e.g. room noise in your mic, hum in your guitar line, etc.) and will lead to early clipping of just about anything you plug into it. Think of it like turning up the pre-gain on a guitar amp really high. Now no matter what you do to your post-volume knob, you're still going to have some buzz in there and you have less room to turn things up before the signal distorts. That's what my experience was with the Audiobox. The pre-amps didn't sound bad on their own, but the signal coming out of the Audiobox and into my DAW (even with the gain on 0) was so hot that I had to really struggle to use any standalone pre-amp in front of the Audiobox at all -- the signal would just clip too fast and too often.

    I owned this unit for about a year, though, before I finally called it quits and upgraded to something in the $300-500 range. Knowing what I do now, I would have started up in that range and saved the initial outlay of cash for the Audiobox. But if you are REALLY sure you're never going to upgrade, then you could do a whole lot worse than this box as your interface. It also comes with a free version of Studio One Artist (though you can, as I write this, download a free version of Studio One from the PreSonus website). The free version is pretty limited, but it convinced me to make Studio One Pro my permanent DAW and that has not changed to this day.

  • Larry Gralnik
    from Sacramento, CA May 13, 2012Music Background:

    Audiobox gets it done

    I was looking for a I/O interface that had a preamp for my condenser Mic and this little box got it done! Software was an added bonus. I recorded with it and was very impressed by all the features. I would reccomend this interface to anyone who only neesds one or two mics!

  • Warren
    from Orlando Florida May 1, 2012Music Background:

    Easy to set up and get started

    I obtained the PreSonus to be able to do home recording. It set up very easily and I was able to get started right away. For an inexpensive way to start your own recording I would highly recommend this product. The software Studio One for a novice takes a little while to figure out but I'm very impressed with its capabilities.

  • Daniel Fay
    from West Lafayette IN. April 24, 2012Music Background:
    Local band, Local singer song writer,

    Great stuff

    I was looking for somthing simple and to the point for recording my own projects and demos for our band. This unit was the ticket. My Sweetwater rep, Nick S. told me he felt this was the unit I needed and he was right on the money. I loaded the Studio one software and the drivers one evening and had a 5 track song completed on my first try. Its a great tool for those of us who don't need complicated, "read a whole manual before recording" software. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because it didnt load at all like the printed directions said it would. If a person had little or no PC knowledge they would have been completly lost. Second, some of the simple features like editing out a part and dropping in a new one require more research than I think they should. But dont let that stop you. Great product!! Going to be going up to the next level of studio one in a couple weeks.

  • Geoffrey Keane
    from Stratford, CT, USA April 19, 2012Music Background:
    semi-pro musician/ composer/ recording artist

    a musician's dream, an amazing value!

    I can't believe that for $140 dollars I could get all this capability and flexibility for composing and charting music on my new sequencer software/ midi interface box setup. I used to use Voyetra which is quite outdated I know, but it was somewhat effective for sequencing; but this new software is amazing- There is so much you can do with it; adding and deleting measures; highlighting notes on a track and quantizing in triplets or any other note value, separately for any measure(s) you select, changing time signatures within the piece, copying selected groups of measures and pasting them over the same notes for added volume in certain measures on any track, creating a new song file and copying accidentally screwed up measures from one song file and pasting them into the new file and they are automatically quantized perfectly, creating a rhythm such as triplets by playing a single note over and over again in time for a few measures, and then copying this and pasting it several times like to create a long track of triplets, and then using the mouse to move each note to create melodies or harmonies as you can hear the pitch of each note as you go (what an easy way to create the fastest passages and produce intricate compositions without even knowing how to play a keyboard); I could go on and n, but I think I've made my point- anyone with half a brain could use this software, have agreat time and produce very satisfactory results.

  • Customer
    from Indianapolis February 15, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Engineer

    A noisy interface

    Respectfully, I am disappointed with the sound of this interface. Lots of noise in the 1/4" lines and headphone out.It works well for live monitoring It's just not suitable for recording or studio monitoring. Also, one of the pots is a little scratchy. I did hear that Presonus may have come out with an updated version. I like the USB power and the small but solid form factor. I'm generally a fan of Presonus gear and I love Studio One.

  • Dave Erving
    from United States February 11, 2012Music Background:
    Have played just about every instrument(except horns). Dad was a Jazz musician, so I played music before I could walk

    PreSonus AudioBox Usb

    Just got back into music after 15 yrs., when I quit everything was analog, now with digi., the possibilities are limitless. Really love the Audiobox and Studio One is def. a plus!!!

  • Ken Soper
    from Nashville, TN January 22, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    A great sounding, affordable, well-built box.

    I needed a robust, but inexpensive audio interface to use on occasional live gigs with a laptop running a vst host and several plug-ins. You can read further if you care to, but short review: huge bang for the buck. This box is built like a tank and I wouldn't be afraid of it being accidentally knocked on the floor by an exuberant bar patron. The small footprint means that it can sit comfortably on top of my controller keyboard where I have easy access to the knobs. The software cd included the most current drivers and the website was easily negotiated when I had a issues.

    Installation was a little troublesome, but it is not the fault of the PreSonus hardware or drivers. The laptop I use is an AMD quad-core/Windows 7 machine and has the audio built into the chip. As a result the native drivers are a little more reluctant to allow installation of an additional sound card. There is an installation sequence, though, that permits a successful boot.

    I've tried other usb interfaces in this price point from Tascam and Lexicon, but the PreSonus AudioBox stands head and shoulders above them in build quality, stability (once installed), and over all sound.

  • Lilian Marro
    from United States January 7, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Pre Sonus and AV 40 M audio speakers

    The two products I ordered are awesome. Presonus Audio interface and The AV 40 audio monitors are easy to use and a great starter system for recording on the Ipad and computer. I am very pleased. But more importantly, Sweetwater is an amazing company with outstanding customer service. I will definitely be doing business with them for all my pro audio needs and gear. John Ptak is wonderful. His follow up and technical support is is superb and a cut above. Keep up the great work. Also want to mention, the products arrived on schedule and with a call from John to insure everything was just right. You guys know how important customer service is and I appreciate that and will send all of my friends to Sweetwater.com.without hesitation.

  • JET
    from USA January 5, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best Bang for your buck!

    Simple, powerful with near zero latency. Heavy duty housing is made to withstand hard use. Many complain about the inputs being hot. However, with proper adjustment this thing works just great! Tweak it, you'll dig it. I have had several interfaces in this price range and the AudioBox is the hit. The others were completely irritating to load and run, with plenty of bugs. This one was headache free for me. I am running it in Presonus Studio One Pro but it comes with artist which is a nice DAW.

  • Tony
    from Long Island NY December 21, 2011Music Background:
    Church Musician and Home Recording

    Really Nice Unit

    I bought this because I was shopping for a new recording program (DAW)
    I found this unit to work flawlessly. No latency whatsoever. The controls are everything you need. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because the inputs are too hot but that is remedied by using a mixer and not plugging in direct (which is the way to go anyway)
    All in all an interface well worth the money.

  • Customer
    from December 9, 2011

    Great as MIDI i/f, so-so as audio i/f

    I bought it mainly as a MIDI interface, and it works great for that. Installation on Win7 was simple.

    As an audio interface, it is not great. With dynamic mics, there is not enough gain, and it seems to be a little noisy I got the noise down to an acceptable level by using a condenser mic. OK for quick amateur recordings. It integrated cleanly with Audacity with both channels supported.

    Not bad for the price.

  • Dave Zinn
    from United States November 14, 2011Music Background:
    20 years Songwriting, recording, and performance

    Device OK - Software installation NIGHTMARE

    device is fine - what I was looking for a simple, portable interface - but I have been trying to get everything installed now for a couple of weeks off and on. I've been using a mac for 20 years tons of recording and graphics software and I have yet to deal with such an array of non-working plugins looping windows of frustration, authorization codes that don't exist. The worst experience ever!!!!

  • Rick Mendyka Sr
    from Gillette, Wyoming November 14, 2011Music Background:
    Former full-time Pro Musician, Live Sound and Recording Engineer

    Mac and OSX Lion READY!

    I loved that I only needed to plug the PreSonus AudioBox USB into my Mac running OSX Lion and it was instantly fully usable! This unit replaced a Tascam unit that Tascam refuses to support any longer and am very pleased with the PreSonus unit. I hear comments that the inputs are "Hot", but if you read the instructions and balance your input with the Mixer knob, as well as adjust the mic/instrument input signal, the result is awesome. I use Apple Logic and get crystal clear recording results and much improved overall sound quality over the Tascam interface. This is a great product for it's pricing and I have no negative issues whatsoever with the PreSonus AudioBox USB unit. Does what it says, no install other than plugging the unit into the Mac, a few quick adjustments... what more could you possibly ask for in a unit whether it cost $150 or $1,500? The PreSonus unit is like my Mac... it just works!

  • Daniel Berlin
    from Morrisville, NC November 2, 2011Music Background:
    Advanced Hobbyist

    Excellent interface, but HOT inputs!

    I have used this interface successfully on both Mac OS X and Windows 7 in a number of DAW software products. (Logic, Garageband, Sonar) The latency is low for software monitoring (7ms or less on mac, ~9-10ms on Windows) and it is a very sturdy and reliable interface. Plug and play, it works without too much hassle. Mixer controls to manage monitoring of live inputs is extremely helpful and separate headphone and main volume controls come in handy when using both studio monitors and headphones. Sound quality is good, with low, but noticeable noise that is competitive with products in this price range. The inputs are way too hot for most practical applications. Even with a passive, unpowered electric guitar turned at half volume plugged into one of the inputs, it must be kept at the lowest setting to avoid clipping. For microphone recording with a quality preamp, I need to use the padding feature on the mic AND on the preamp to keep the output low enough to avoid clipping, and I can barely drive my tube preamp to get the warmth I would prefer. There is a little bit more noise in my recordings because I need to keep the inputs so low before they go into the AudioBox. For pros or advanced hobbyists, the hot inputs may be too frustrating to work with, but for beginners, turning them down to the lowest setting will generally work OK, especially if you are directly connecting your instrument or mic to the device.

  • Bud sivillo
    from Wickliff Ohio USA October 11, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician, for 30 years,now it's a hobby,& for teaching my grandchildren


    I really appreciate the follow up and the personal contact from sweet water and I'll be shopping for products in the near future

  • Hal
    from Virginia September 16, 2011Music Background:
    Ex pro musician

    PreSonus AudioBox USB

    Great gear. I have tried a few different setups but this is the easiest to use of all of then and Studio One integrates seamlessly with PSABUSB. I can finally create basic home recordings of original ideas. And the folks at Sweetwater are always very supportive.

  • Adam
    from Erie, PA USA June 7, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist Electronic Musician / Recording Engineer

    Plug and Play with Linux, hooray!

    After lots of struggles with getting other USB interfaces to play nicely with my Linux setup, this one works seamlessly right out of the box and is fully recognized by JACK for both audio and MIDI.

    It's a simple, solid box with all the features I need for my little one-man-and-a-netbook operation. Line level inputs would be nice, but I've managed to run line level sources to the instrument inputs at low levels with no clipping. The MIDI in & outs are a nice feature to have, and one that seems to be missing on a lot of interfaces at this price point.

    Definitely recommended, and specifically for any other Linux folks out there...

  • irapotato
    from New Jersey June 1, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Amazing First Interface

    Though it may be small and relatively inexpensive, the Audiobox USB packs an enormous punch. The blue box, weighing about a pound or two, is made of sturdy metal, which should be able to survive everything it's put through with flying colors. The knobs are all stepped, which makes recreating settings much easier than freely-turning knobs, and the metal knobs are easily grabbed under any condition. As for I/O, the AB sports two Neutrik TRS/XLR jacks, which can be used to record microphones, guitars, basses, keyboards, and anything else with those connectors. It also sports phantom power via an illuminated button on the front of the unit, making switching between mics a breeze.

    As for sound? Well, the AB gives the kind of sound you would expect from a good interface - it doesn't color the sound too much and the sound quality is good. Just be sure to check your levels - 1/4 inch instruments (guitars, basses, keyboards) clip very easily, even at the lowest volume settings. However, an external preamp or -10db pad will fix this.

    As is, the Audiobox USB is a great starter interface - it sounds good, it's affordable, and, because of its MIDI IO, sturdy metal construction, headphone amp, and high quality neutrik jacks, it will last you for years to come. I would (and have) recommend it to friends.

    from PUERTO RICO April 25, 2011Music Background:

    Great Great Great LOV IT!!!!


  • G.S.Mario
    from Corsicana, TX March 29, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Artist, Indpendent Producer

    Absolutely A Must-Take-Home Piece of Gear!!

    I think I already gave this product some excellent review not too long ago. However, I can't help but coming back to Stillwater to recommend this excellent piece of gear by Presonus once again to anyone who has yet to buy this gear. With Studio One Artist thrown in for free, perhaps the best DAW ever to hit the market since Cubase and Nuendo, and even better, you can't ask for a better deal!! AudoBox will absolutely blow you away!! Once installed with the Studio One DAW, be a witness to the perfect marriage ever!! The two work together flawlessly because they were designed that way under the same company. In case you don't know, Studio One was the brainchild of the same software deigners/engineers who created Cubase and Nuendo. Please give this gear a try!! I promise you, you will fall over-hill in love with this amazing gear!!

  • Victoria
    from Arizona January 20, 2011Music Background:
    Songwriter & Audio Engineer


    I love my audio box USB.
    I dont care what anyone says!
    This is the best portable interface you can get.
    Its never let me down.
    DEF one of the best purchases ive done & presonus technical service is fast to get back to you! The company rocks.
    Buy it!

  • Ryan
    from Houma, LA January 7, 2011Music Background:
    Sound Guy

    I only use it for output

    I don't need mic in, But wanted a good quality balanced output for 2 media pc's at our church. Presonus is great. Quality is amazing. 1000 x better than pc sound card. I don't care how good the card is.

  • JHofferle
    from November 11, 2010

    Working great on Windows 7 x64

    I needed an audio interface for recording some voice-overs on some training videos. After reading many reviews on several sites, the two main complaints about the audiobox were problems with 64 bit drivers and preamps that were too hot, causing clipping at the lowest gain settings.

    I decided to give the audiobox a shot because the complaints about the driver issues were several months old, and I wasn't concerned about the hot preamps because the mic I was planning to use, the Studio Projects B1, has a built-in pad.

    I'm happy to report I had zero problems on my Win7 x64 system with the latest drivers from the Presonus website. I also did not experience any problems with hot preamps and did not have to use the pad on my mic.

    I was planning to use Audacity for recording, but since the Studio One software is included for free, I gave it a try and it's very nice. I was concerned it would be too complex for a simple voice-over track, but so far it's been very easy to edit and manipulate the audio, even for someone with zero sound production experience.

    I'm very happy with my purchase and recommend this to anyone that needs something simple, but wants a step-up from a USB microphone.

  • Rick Hansen
    from Greenville, SC USA October 27, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, live sound engineer, hobby recording engineer

    So-So Product

    My main purpose for this was to record rhythm tracks for practicing. In this role, it is sufficient. However, it has very annoying noise in both record and playback mode that would make it unusable for anything serious.

    Maybe this is a problem with this specific unit?

    Software (Studio-One) is great. It's easy to figure out and works really well even on my crappy old Dell D620 with 3GB of memory and a pathetic 80gig hard drive.

  • Daniel
    from USA September 27, 2010Music Background:

    I dig this!

    It took me a little while to work out all the bugs, but for the most part it's user friendly. I've never used recording software so I certainly had a learning curve to overcome. The audiobox works great, the most difficult part was finding all the tweaks in the software to make what I wanted to happen actually happen. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase, I've had it for about nine months now, and I am upgrading my laptop but I am going to continue to use studio one because I think it is amazing and now that I am very familiar with it, I can make my music sound like I envision it.

  • Mark Brown
    from Austin, TX June 19, 2010Music Background:
    Musician, Amateur Recording Engineer

    Dumbing Down the Market

    I tried the PreSonus AudioBox recently and was extremely disappointed with it. I didn't try it with a microphone since I'm usually recording guitars direct, but the preamps are designed to ALWAYS have 20 db of gain being applied even with the input turned all the way down. I looked this up on their official forums, and it is intentional. Because of this, I was never able to get a signal that wouldn't clip when palm muting (even with passive pickups). They don't have any kind of software mixer either, so you have to buy an attenuator pad or find some other workaround.

    There's also a knob that you use to blend the mix between the hardware direct monitoring signal and the regular output. Even with the knob turned all the way to the regular output side, you still get some "leak" from the direct signal coming through the monitors. This can cause feedback problems, give you inaccurate monitoring (in my situation, because I'm hearing dry/clean guitar signal at the same time as amp sim VSTs), and is just a general pain in the ass.

    And just to add icing on the cake...I also discovered that the output starts digitally clipping with the output knob at only 9 O'CLOCK! Ridiculous.

    I think PreSonus had a great product on their hands, and intentionally screwed up the design, as to stray people towards their higher end stuff when they become inevitably disappointed with the AudioBox. Their official forum moderators used the excuse "well, you can't expect those kind of features from an entry-level interface" when people complain about its shortcomings. Really?! I didn't realize the ability to record a USABLE SIGNAL was apparently something that only the big dogs get. What a joke.

    I returned it and bought an E-MU 0404 USB for only 20 bucks more, and I am much happier.

  • Christian
    from Lafayette, LA May 11, 2010Music Background:
    starving musician

    Worth Every Penny

    I absolutely love it. It has great sound quality, it's tough, and it's simple. The Software that it comes with is simple to use and still extremely versatile. The software has never crashed on me, lost any of my files, or any other bad experiences. I wish it had more inputs, but that comes with price. Other than that, absolutely no downfalls.

    Also, once you get the hang of it, you can go from having an idea to recording in about 20 seconds.

    I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone.

  • Alan Barnes
    from Salisbury MD May 5, 2010Music Background:

    Beyond Bad - So Sad

    As mentioned in other reviews -the minimum levels of the preamps are hot enough to fry an egg. I have one mic with a 10db pad I have to use just to get within 2 feet of the mic, and I'm no opera singer. My guitar signal goes through a Line 6 tone port first, and I have to use the pad on that too.
    The hot I could live with. The 48v phantom power noise, which comes and goes, I can't.
    Even worse, it has a much mentioned poor driver for Win7 64 bit. You get sheets of white noise so loud that you will never father a child when you power on the unit - i.e. start the pc up. You can unplug and plug back in the USB cable to stop the madness, but often this thing will just stop outputting audio. Another USB plug/unplug or 3 gets the audio working again.
    I had a Presonus Inspire before this that worked fine. This is garbage. I'm starting to believe that no one makes a decent interface below the $300 price point.

  • Jess (nPHYN1T3 - SHED)
    from Canada February 11, 2010Music Background:
    19 years live sound, 12 engeineering & production, vocalist, drummer, guitar player

    Fast but too hot

    Sadly this is tough to put a number to for quality. Really this is a bad ass little box. Triggering my drums it's outperformed the other units I tried but while I'd typically have to say it was the most stable external unit I've seen the mic pres were a deal breaker. Everything else worked great despite Windows trying to replace the drivers with no warning.

    I actually chose Presonus in the end because of so many engineers I know having said over the years they loved Presonus pre's but what I found was the Audiobox pre's are so hot I can redline my inputs with my input on the unit @ 0. I would expect with volume or input levels at zero that there would be ZERO input or volume. However with this guy 0 means a lot and +1 to +30 means BLAZING to NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST! (Mushroom cloud)

    Presonus confirmed this is the hottest unit they make. I never tried line level stuff like keyboards or direct in guitar but both dynamic and condenser mics were uncontrollable for me forcing my test vocals to be done across the room just to see if I could get a take that wasn't all red.

    If you sing like a breathy choir boy/girl, i.e. have no clue what diaphragm is this box has gobs of boost to make your inaudible vocal pop. If you know what a diaphragm is, If you have sung for a southern gospel choir or do serious power vocals for blues, rock or death metal, step away from the Audiobox.

    On the upswing though as I said triggering was very suprising and after working out some dumb issues that were OS level not drive or unit related the box is fast for USB 1.1 and holds it S@#t together where I've seen Mboxes just randomly "disconnect" in the middle of a take.

    Build quality is pretty good, hell anything that isn't 100% plastic these days has to tell you something. Bottom line is it's a good unit, just not for serious vocals. Of course you might argue the fact this unit doesn't do above 48khz is an obvious or glaring indication it's not going to be used to mega star vocals but with most anything being pressed to 44.1 CD or even worse, an mp3 48khz is more than enough to do a killer album, and when you're as big as Sting you can give a shit about everything being the highest human technology can deliver.

  • ds017
    from Boston, MA USA December 27, 2009Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter, Live Sound Engineer

    noisy when 48 volt power on

    The unit works to a degree, but turn on the 48 volt phantom power circuit to work with a nice condenser mic, and a whine is audible in your headphones, and does end up in your recordings too. Turn off the 48 volt button and you can hear the whine lower in pitch and drop out. Seems like a badly designed switching converter circuit.

    Does not live up to the Presonus name.

  • Andrew
    from Lynchburg, VA October 24, 2009Music Background:
    Home Recording Hobbyist

    Great w/Mac! Bad w/PC!

    I can't give this product 5 stars because it just doesn't work on my PC which is an older computer. But on my MacBook it works GREAT! It's built like a little tank and the knobs and inputs are well thought out! The preamps are a little HOT, but they sound great! Guess I'm going to sell my PC and go all mac now, Logic is so much better than Sonar anyway!

  • FS
    from Chicago, IL September 9, 2009Music Background:
    Progressive Rock, Vocalist, Guitarist, Producer


    While the mobile vocal recordings I get with the AudioBox USB are decent and clean. It comes with no software or plugins. I use a Rode S1 mic (previously through a Line 6 Toneport UX2) and I loved that. It's "Gearbox" presets like "Studio Vocal" *instantly* improved my recordings while they were happening. With this Presonus, I think the preamps are good, but good luck getting the right balance between your monitoring and recording levels. The monitoring/headphone levels/mix are absolutely poor. It's all guesswork. You will always be monkeying around with balancing playback with what you want to hear of your recording. I never feel like I'm "singing with the mix" with this box. I'm unimpressed by the AudioBox and a few people recommended it to me. What it needs is better monitoring features and perhaps some go-between software/plugins.

  • Trey Sansom
    from Knoxville, TN April 23, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Teacher, Recording Engineer

    Best Portable Box For the Money!

    This is definitely the best box for the money! I am a big fan of the Presonus preamps and an even bigger fan of their customer service. I had a warranty issue with another piece of Presonus gear earlier this year and it only took 9 days from the time I shipped it to them to the time that I got it back fixed. Customer service is a huge issue for me and that is also why I always deal with Jason Koons ext. 1389 here at Sweetwater. He is the best music dealer that I have ever worked with! Call Jason if you want a great sales experience.

  • W. Etheridge
    from Houma, LA December 17, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great little box, very surprising

    I've used both the Digi and M Audio interfaces and this is BY FAR a much better sounding box with much better construction. It's built like a tank and doesn't feel all cheap like the other ones in this price range. Cubase LE4 is ok. I'm using Garageband and Logic with it and so far it's been great.

  • Chrys Fernandez
    from Singapore December 16, 2008Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Advertising Producer

    Good, solid product

    Very solid build. Worked 'out of the box' on my old Dell running XP. Installing Cubase was a little more laborious than I would like but after the installation, it has worked without a hitch.

    Very good clean sound when I recorded acoustic guitar with 2 condensers running straight into the inputs. I like the idea of being able to power my mics without separate preamps. I still have mine, which I used to use with my older audio i/o but i'm not seeing a huge trade off just using the very good ones that come with the box.

    Very happy with this inexpensive yet high performing product.

  • CTB
    from Woodbridge, VA June 13, 2008Music Background:
    Rapper, Hobbyist, Music Enthusiast

    Good for the price!

    Works great for what I wanted! Simple interface with good sound quality! Just need an inexpensive interface to bring out my mic more (AT 3035). You may need a tube preamp to warm the sound a little, other that that the signal is clear and clean. A very good buy for the "simple" artists out there, like me!

  • uebermetal
    from East Coast USA May 8, 2008Music Background:
    hobbyist and songwriter

    Solid USB Interface

    This works well with a Mac, just plug it in, select the Audiobox in the sound preferences, and then you are ready to record and monitor in full stereo.

    Two downsides: 1) it does not have a line-level input, so you can only do instrument / midi / mic, and 2) USB + CPU under 1.5Ghz = noticeable latency. The faster your computer, the less problems you'll have with latency.

    To get around latency, you would have to monitor your input from the Audiobox rather than from the program you are recording with. For instance, if you plug in a guitar to distort with a software plug-in, you'll be monitoring the guitar's clean signal via the Audiobox before it reaches the plugin running on the computer. That is the only way to get zero latency monitoring, right at the source. Of course what gets recorded and played back is the guitar with full effects.

    Construction and looks are fantastic, though. No cheap plastic cases or dials. All metal and a nice blue brushed aluminum faceplate. For the price, I recommend it. It works as advertised on a Mac (haven't tried it on a PC yet) and the mic preamps are pretty darn good. Meaning, good sound ... better than cheap mixers and way better than your stock computer sound card.

    Because it is bus-powered, the mic preamp gain is mediocre. Condensers are best for vocals with this, while for louder signals like a guitar amp you can get away with dynamic mics.

    If you are on a budget but need a good sounding interface and have a decent computer, I recommend this Audiobox. Otherwise I recommend the next step up, the Presonus Firebox at double the price.

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