Bogner Atma 18/5/1-watt 3-channel Tube Head

3-channel, 18-Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head with EL84 Power Tubes, 3-way Voice Switching, Power Attenuator, and Effects Loop
Bogner Atma 18/5/1-watt 3-channel Tube Head image 1
Bogner Atma 18/5/1-watt 3-channel Tube Head image 1
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Bogner Atma 18/5/1-watt 3-channel Tube Head
In Stock!

Big Amp Tones in a Compact and Stylish Package!

Bogner's stylish Atma guitar amplifier head is an all-tube powerhouse with tons of tones. The classy aluminum chassis and grille add unique looks to any rig. This 3-channel spitfire delivers chimey cleans to hard rockin' lead tones. 3-way voicing controls give the Atma focused tones from the '60s, '70s, and '80s. A pair of EL84 power tubes produces 18 watts of all-tube tone. Lower the volume of the Atma for rehearsal or studio gigs with the built-in power attenuator. Choose between 18 watts, 5 watts, or the bedroom-friendly 1 watt. Add a touch of class and a ton of tone to your rig with the Bogner Atma guitar amplifier head.

Bogner Atma All-tube Guitar Amplifier Head at a Glance:
  • A versatile tone machine
  • The man behind the amps
  • Handcrafted quality
A versatile tone machine

Don't let the 18-watt Bogner Atma guitar amp head's diminutive size fool you; this amp puts out huge sound. It starts off with three channels of tube-fired goodness: clean, crunch, and lead. These all sound great, but then you get to choose which era of amp you would like: '60s. '70s. or '80s. It's not just a quick EQ tweak, because these era selections change Atma's gain, voicing, and compression to produce the tones that defined each decade. The built-in power attenuator (18 watts, 5 watts, or 1 watt) lets you use this classy little amp at gigs, in the studio, or in your bedroom. Bogner's Atma amp delivers style and tonal versatility in a single package.

The man behind the amps

Though Reinhold Bogner began designing and building amplifiers long before leaving Germany for the U.S. in 1989, his career really took off soon after arriving in Los Angeles. He quickly gained the trust of many influential players including Steve Stevens, Dan Huff, Allan Holdsworth, Mike Landau, and Steve Vai, who all sought out his skill of modifying and custom building their amps. Eddie Van Halen entrusted Reinhold to overhaul and revitalize his number one Marshall Plexi, and the results were great. Soon after, Bogner Amplification was born, and the rest, they say, is history.

Handcrafted quality

Bogner amps and cabinets are handcrafted using only the finest components available. When you plug into a Bogner, you're not simply getting premium tone; you're getting the value of a piece of gear that's made to be played for years and built to handle the rigors of the road. From speakers to preamp and power amp designs, cabinets to cosmetic touches, Bogner amps and cabs are built to give you the best, most reliable playing experience. Period.

Bogner Atma All-tube Guitar Amplifier Head Features:
  • 3-channel, 18-watt all-tube guitar amplifier head
  • Channels include clean, crunch, and lead
  • Power attenuator gives you 3 power choices: 18 watts, 5 watts, or 1 watt
  • 3-way voicing control delivers the tones and vibe of the '60s, 70's, or '80s
  • Powered by EL84 power tubes with an EC81 rectifier tube
  • 3-way bright switch
  • Add your favorite pedals via the effects loop
  • Compact aluminum enclosure
Get big tone from a compact and stylish amp with the Bogner Atma guitar amplifier head!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 3
Total Power 18W Class A (18W/5W/1W settings)
EQ 3-band
Preamp Tubes 3 x JJ ECC83
Power Tubes EL84 power tubes, EZ81 rectifier
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 3 x 1/4" (4/8/16 ohms)
Effects Loop Yes
Footswitch I/O 1 x 1/4" (channel switching)
Height 6.25"
Width 12.62"
Depth 6.50"
Weight 14 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number AT18

Customer Reviews

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Amazing versatility...

I originally purchased this amp for the flexibility of three channels, but was blown away at how many options this amp gives the player. As has been stated before, the overdrive is simply beautiful and the clean tones are unbelievable, but taking the the time to play with the voicing, EQ, tone, and gain settings really allows you to create a sound unique to your music and playing style. This amp SINGS with clarity, depth, and articulation. The buffered effects loop is a nice addition for tossing in your favorite reverb or delay pedal, which the ATMA takes very nicely. And the 4, 8, or 16 ohm outputs are great for matching with the cabinet of your choice. This is a great option for a gigging player who wants an amp that is sheer quality that isn't a pain to load in and out of gigs (I use mine with a custom 1x12 V30 cab). The power attenuator switch is a lifesaver when it comes to apartment living, haven't had a single complaint and I get all that tube-saturated goodness. If you're thinking of getting this, pull the trigger and use the payment plan, take your time to dial in your dream tone and never look back!
Music background: Musician/Engineer


I just bought one of these and I can't praise this little, light, powerful, highly versatile THREE CHANNEL amp enough! I knew I'd get great high gain sounds from this, because Bogner is the man who gave Eddie Van Halen his signature sound, souping up his amps. What I wasn't prepared for was the incredible clean channel. This out chimes Vox's AC15 handwired amp - and, unlike the Vox (which I like very much), it's quiet. AND it has infinite headroom While the AC15 breaks up all too quickly, the Bogner Atma stays clean even all the way up - and the tone control (which actually acts more like an exciter, to my ears), pushed to 2 or 3 o'clock really makes the strings come alive! Whether you're on the clean channel or channels 2 or 3, you feel like the guitar is playing itself - like you can do all that you ever dreamed of doing. It provides that energy that never quits, that enables you to play all kinds of virtuosic riffs. Another thing - you won't believe the sustain on this thing. Just to play a chord (on the clean channel for instance) is a delight (I've never been excited like this just to let chords ring out) - they sing forever, never losing volume. You know I'm going to use this in my music going forward. This amp is an inspiration - as a lead guitarist and singer/songwriter! I've had many many boutique amps (from a Matchless Chieftain, to a Vox AC30 handwired, to a Tone King Sky King (which I still have and LOVE)...and more) - but this is one of the great amps of all time! My background? I've been a professional for all too many decades to Bachelor's is in classical music composition. I've played tens of thousands of gigs, from jazz to rock to classical and beyond...I played with every union contractor in Boston when I was younger. I know of whence I speak.
Music background: Professional guitarist and keyboardist, composer, song writer

Bogner Atma!

What a great little amp with a big sound! I really only use the clean channel but it does from a blackface to tweed sound with ease. The clarity that this amp has is great, especially if you can fork out the money for the matching cab. It's worth it! Also it has great headroom and takes pedals really well if that's your thing.

They don't call him a genius for nothing!

I previously purchased another low wattage amp that I had thought would provide me with supreme versatility, i.e., Fender cleans, old school Marshall JTM, Plexi, JCM 800, Vox tones, etc. It did not deliver how I had expected. Sweetwater accepted my return with grace. My Sweetwater rep (Karl Long) recommended that I try the Atma. Honestly, it was WAY more than I wanted to spend, but after watching all online videos featuring the Atma head, I decided it was the only amp head that I felt had the versatility I was looking for. The clean channel is FANTASTIC - two knobs, volume and tone. All the way left gets blackface clean, all the way right gets tweed grit just like it promises. The Crunch and Solo channels are very defined, with a lot of string articulation, it really reacts to volume knob adjustment, and provides the full spectrum of favorite gain sounds. I think my favorite part is the built in attenuator. The amp sounds the same 18, 5, or 1 watt settings, but I can get feedback while my baby sleeps upstairs. ONLY one caveat, it has no reverb, but it DOES have everything else. I highly recommend the matching aluminum cabinet. I was really on the fence about the price of the cabinet, but it's probably the clearest guitar sound that I have ever heard. I can't decide if the head or the cabinet is the best part. Not a bad predicament to be in honestly.
Music background: In a band long ago, now I just and keep up the constant search to find equipment that makes the hair stand-up on my arms.


I've played & owned several low wattage amps & this is, by far, the most versatile. The range of tones you can get from the 3 channels are really impressive. The wattage settings have a noticable impact on the feel of the amp. I recently also picked up the matching 1x12 Atma cab & it is a perfect match. I also own a 12w Bogner Brixton head, which I love, but the Atma can do so much more. This is the ultimate low-wattage studio head, IMO.
Music background: Rock, blues
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