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Dean Markley 3001 Artist XM Transducer Acoustic Pickup with End Jack Reviews

4.0 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Dean Markley 3001 Artist XM Transducer Acoustic Pickup with End Jack?

Questions about the Dean Markley 3001 Artist XM Transducer Acoustic Pickup with End Jack?

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  • J
    from KCMO May 14, 2017

    Kind of a dud.

    Tried this on my acoustic, tried it on my classical. Barely got a signal through my amp with the volume on ten. Used different cords, different guitars, just won't pickup enough to make it worth the effort. If there's an option to send it back, I'll do that tomorrow. Just got it in the mail a few days ago. I've had transducers before, but this one either is a lemon, or this is not the way to go for me.

  • terry hoffman
    from Albert, KS March 15, 2017

    Great Sounding Inexpensive Pickup

    This little unit is hard to beat for sound,conveinence and price. I have an inexpensive Dreadnought that I wanted to be able to plug in sometimes and, I wasn't wanting to break the bank or modify the instrument. I also was wanting to be able to switch between other acoustic instruments if I wanted to. This unit works perfectly! I attached this to the bottom of the guitar bridge, ran the wire behind my strap and, attached the plug to the strap button, plugged it in to my Fishman Loudbox Artist, a few little tweaks with the EQ and, that's it enjoying my new pickup. Now granted it does not sound as good as my Hummingbird Pro with the Eperformer setup but, it is definately doing what I was looking for. Very pleased and, recommended.

  • Mike Mustin
    from Liberty, IN August 15, 2014Music Background:
    Orchestral, theater, and jazz band musician.

    This pickup is well worth the money!

    I have been using this pickup for about a year now on my double bass, running it through a Cube 30 Bass Amp. Most of my work with it has been in the theater pit orchestra, and I can shake the walls without losing sound quality. I placed it on the back side of the bridge and it is live! Also tried it on a uke: was told to turn it down, it rode over the orchestra.

  • Kent Angelos
    from Kenmore, WA August 1, 2014Music Background:
    Over 50 years playing a variety of music and instruments.

    Excellent sound, versatile, lots of applications

    Great sound on multi-instruments, very versatile, many applications. Because you can move it around on a guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo, dobro, autoharp, double bass, even on an electric guitar it has a lot of uses and you can "tune the EQ" of this pickup with placement. Still needs a preamp and/or EQ depending on application.

  • william
    from new madrid Mo December 27, 2013Music Background:
    sound man /musician and a student of the world

    transducer pick up

    got this in the mail the other day and I put on my guitar on the top by the bridge plugged it in works good play for a bout a hour with it went to bed got up the next morning and the sticky stuff came loose and it was laying in the floor I was like ok thought the stuff was suppose to hold and be able to trade guitars with it. And now when I stick it on there half of the glue is gone now it rattles when played so I just took it off

  • Rouser
    from OHIO December 15, 2013Music Background:
    Church musician

    On my upright bass

    Take into account I'm using this on an upright bass. It doesn't really pick up the low end as well as what I'd like it to. If I run it straight into an amp, I really have to turn up the gain to get any sound. But I play it mostly through a DI box into the sound system at church, so the sound guys get it to work OK. My biggest complaint is that the female 1/4 inch connection does not retain the male 1/4 we'll. it can (and has) easily slip out while I am playing. That is annoying. For the money, it isn't a bad deal. My son in law uses one on his mandolin and seems to like it.

  • Forrest Crain
    from Wenatchee, Wa. September 10, 2013Music Background:
    Music Hack

    Amazingly Clear Sound

    I have a decent little acoustic mandolin, was invited to come practice with a band. After the rehearsal, it became obvious that I needed more than a mike to make things work. They wanted me to play a gig with them in a week, so I had to come up with something while I studied the idea of an purchasing an 'electric' mandolin. In the meantime, I bought one of these pickups, spent about an hour messing with placement, and used it for the gig. I am thrilled with the result. It captures the warm woody "chop' of the mando perfectly, just run through a DI box into the mixer. The highs have a nice sparkle to them as well. I couldn't hope for a better result, so the electric mando is off of my shopping list!

  • Dennis O. Wasnich
    from Montpelier, OH July 1, 2013Music Background:

    Surprisingly natural sounding

    I got it mainly to just have guitar output from an acoustic without batteries for a vocal stompbox that samples from guitar, so I wasn't all that critical about the sound. But it is amazingly life-like as long as you do some EQing on the amp, (boost bass mainly). Not perfect, but pretty decent. The putty to attach the transducer can leave some residue, so you should either install inside under the soundboard (have to loosen strings) or keep taking it off and on, which will probably reduce the tackiness of the putty eventually. The strap-button jack is nice and the plastic sheath keeps it from rubbing your guitar. Overall, well worth the $30. I'd buy another, and probably will someday.

  • philip klineburger
    from blacksburg, va November 15, 2012Music Background:
    music addict

    better than expected

    I bought this after buying an expensive b-band pickup system (~$140). This sounds almost as good. I've been using it on a sitar and a Kora (a kind of harp instrument). I love the fact that you can move it around a lot to find that sweet spot. thus, its good not just for acoustic guitars. I'll probably get another one and avoid buying high-end pickup systems in the future. more than pleased!

  • Dan Grisham
    from Tupelo,MS October 2, 2012Music Background:
    I've grown up with a professional musical family. Started piano 62 years ago. Expanded to drums and guitar 55 years ago for my own enjoyment.

    Dean Markley Transducer

    The sound from the transducer is beautiful. I mounted it about an inch below the high end of the bridge for the sound I wanted. I ran the small cord under the strings between the bridge and the saddle to hold in place.

  • Chuck
    from Buffalo, NY. July 10, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Drummer, Church Guitarist.

    A great, cheap, solution

    This is a pretty impressive little pickup. I stuck it on the bridge of my old Giannini guitar, and was really quite surprised at how clear and punchy it sounded. It would be even better through a more appropriate amp than my little Marshall Valvestate 20, but a little tweaking of the EQ, and it sounded very natural. The only drawback is that this kind of pickup amplifies everything that touches the guitar, like your hand, and especially the wire. If you move around a lot, it might be best to tape the wire down.
    I plan to try it on my bandmates' banjo, too. I'll let you know.

  • Bill Prescott
    from Salisbury, MA April 28, 2012Music Background:
    Musician since Joplin was with us

    Fantastic inexpensive little pick up

    Want to amplify you nylon string guitar? Or your non electric acoustic guitar.This passive pick up does what it is supposed to do and well. You can use this with or without a preamp . I recommend using one (better impedience match) I recommend the Fishman Pro EQ II. I use this and go from there into a Fender 212R awsome sound. Take it one step further and tie in your chain a Fishman Aura 16 and you will take any guitar a mediocre or even cheap guitar and make it sound like well take your pick with the Aura 16. But back to the pick up. Just find the sweet spot use a little putty and your playing, Amplified and nicely. Another pre amp choice and less pricey is the Presonus Tube Pre. If you have a series of stomp boxes this work well too. I have used this in many configurations and it hasn't let me down. Last and certainly not least if you are using a mic to amplify your guitar cool now use this as a supplement and now your mic doesn't have to be so hot. Less feed back issues, less unwanted stage noise etc. I am currently using this on an older Yamaha nylon string guitar and it picks up the full spectrum of sound. Not to boomy and not to brilliant just right. Best $39 I have spent musically...

  • CK Barlow
    from United States April 18, 2012Music Background:
    composer, performer, university music tech instructor

    A simple, inexpensive solution for a variety of instruments

    I've just used it once so far, on a concert-scale uke. It attached firmly with just a small portion of the included adhesive; after the concert, it detached easily enough. It left a bit of residue that required some patience to remove -- but nothing lasting or problematic.

    As for the sound, I had only a few minutes for soundcheck and only used this pickup for one tune, but the recordings made from the house all sound pretty darned good for a $40 accessory. For this amount of money, and for something that fits easily in your instrument bag, you can't go wrong.

  • gary j. moore
    from Staten Island March 27, 2012Music Background:
    Musician / Performer / Home recorder

    To plug or not to plug

    For anyone recording at home or even in the studio and for those of us who favor weirder or totally acoustic instruments, this is the device that can save lots of time either in performance or recording. Just stick on and go. The rosin will leave a trace behind on darker colored instruments, which can be removed with guitar polish. And, in live performance, you'll have to stay close to your amp to monitor volume. But this little do-dad does the trick!

  • Customer
    from Northern Virginia January 12, 2012

    This Is A Great Value!

    The Artist XM transducer Works like a champ. I needed something quick for my F-Style Mandolin as we were rolling a mandolin sound into the worship team for a Christmas Eve service. I ordered on a Friday and had the transducer the following Monday ... with standard shipping! The sound through our church's house system was great. The mounting adhesive allowed me to quickly find my mandolin's 'sweet spot' and the standard female 1/4" jack housing that attaches to the strap button stays in place. This is a great value!

  • Mark Riddell
    from Northville, MI November 12, 2011Music Background:
    Live sound engineer, music lover

    Not Too Bad In Right Application

    The sound of this pickup is as good as most basic acoustic guitars (<$600), and at around 50 bucks it's great - that's why I rated it so high. A quick solution in a pinch, long term you should spring for an internal device. If you expect it to sound like a mic'd guitar you'll be very disappointed (seems like the best combine the two).

    I actually bought it for live work on a cello. I mic the cello but I often can't get enough into the mix due to stage noise/volume - so I use both. The pickup gives the player the pitch cues she needs (monitor w/o feedback) and gives me the presence I need to get the cello to fit into the louder sections. It's terrible by itself - period, just use a pinch. (I use an active Radial DB to get it to the console)

  • Josh
    from Delaware, USA October 13, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Hobbyist

    Great sounding pickup...

    This little pickup has a great sound once you find your acoustic instrument's sweet spot. I use the Artist XM together with two Behringer C2s overhead for recording a Dusty Strings D550 hammered dulcimer. The transducer's best position for me was about two inches below the sound hole (you have to slide the pickup under the strings which is almost impossible when the putty adhesive is new and tacky, and then press it down with the eraser end of a pencil between the strings.)

    The Artist XM transducer is passive, so plugging directly into your mixer may not produce good results, depending on the quality of your mixer's mic pres, which you'll have to crank up high. Plugging into a tube preamp, however, gives the Artist XM both the boost it needs, plus very natural warmth!

Questions about the Dean Markley 3001 Artist XM Transducer Acoustic Pickup with End Jack?

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