Dean Markley 3001 Artist XM Transducer Acoustic Pickup with End Jack

Self-adhesive Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Dean Markley 3001 Artist XM Transducer Acoustic Pickup with End Jack image 1
Dean Markley 3001 Artist XM Transducer Acoustic Pickup with End Jack image 1
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Dean Markley 3001 Artist XM Transducer Acoustic Pickup with End Jack
In Stock!

Great Pickup for Any Acoustic Instrument

It's easy to amplify your acoustic guitar with the Dean Markley Artist XM piezo pickup! The Artist XM has been a favorite of gigging musicians for over 17 years, thanks to its natural sound and great reliability. This patented pickup design utilizes a lead differential weight system to react to compression rather than bending, like other piezo pickups. The result? A dynamic and natural-sounding amplification of your instrument. The Artist XM mounts on your guitar's top using a special adhesive that allows you to attach and remove the pickup repeatedly, without affecting your guitar's finish. The 24" cable terminates with a female 1/4" jack that connects to your guitar's strap button, keeping it secure and ready for you to plug in. It's also great for other acoustic instruments like cello, viola, and double bass. If you want a great sounding and easy to use acoustic pickup, you'll love the Dean Markley Artist XM!

Dean Markley Artist XM Acoustic Guitar Pickup Features:
  • Easy to use design with a natural sound
  • Patented pickup design provides great dynamics and detail
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Long-lasting adhesive won't damage your guitar's finish
  • Output jack attaches easily to your guitar's strap button

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number DM3001

Customer Reviews

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Great Sounding Inexpensive Pickup

This little unit is hard to beat for sound,conveinence and price. I have an inexpensive Dreadnought that I wanted to be able to plug in sometimes and, I wasn't wanting to break the bank or modify the instrument. I also was wanting to be able to switch between other acoustic instruments if I wanted to. This unit works perfectly! I attached this to the bottom of the guitar bridge, ran the wire behind my strap and, attached the plug to the strap button, plugged it in to my Fishman Loudbox Artist, a few little tweaks with the EQ and, that's it enjoying my new pickup. Now granted it does not sound as good as my Hummingbird Pro with the Eperformer setup but, it is definately doing what I was looking for. Very pleased and, recommended.

Amazingly Clear Sound

I have a decent little acoustic mandolin, was invited to come practice with a band. After the rehearsal, it became obvious that I needed more than a mike to make things work. They wanted me to play a gig with them in a week, so I had to come up with something while I studied the idea of an purchasing an 'electric' mandolin. In the meantime, I bought one of these pickups, spent about an hour messing with placement, and used it for the gig. I am thrilled with the result. It captures the warm woody "chop' of the mando perfectly, just run through a DI box into the mixer. The highs have a nice sparkle to them as well. I couldn't hope for a better result, so the electric mando is off of my shopping list!
Music background: Music Hack

To plug or not to plug

For anyone recording at home or even in the studio and for those of us who favor weirder or totally acoustic instruments, this is the device that can save lots of time either in performance or recording. Just stick on and go. The rosin will leave a trace behind on darker colored instruments, which can be removed with guitar polish. And, in live performance, you'll have to stay close to your amp to monitor volume. But this little do-dad does the trick!
Music background: Musician / Performer / Home recorder

This pickup is well worth the money!

I have been using this pickup for about a year now on my double bass, running it through a Cube 30 Bass Amp. Most of my work with it has been in the theater pit orchestra, and I can shake the walls without losing sound quality. I placed it on the back side of the bridge and it is live! Also tried it on a uke: was told to turn it down, it rode over the orchestra.
Music background: Orchestral, theater, and jazz band musician.

Excellent sound, versatile, lots of applications

Great sound on multi-instruments, very versatile, many applications. Because you can move it around on a guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo, dobro, autoharp, double bass, even on an electric guitar it has a lot of uses and you can "tune the EQ" of this pickup with placement. Still needs a preamp and/or EQ depending on application.
Music background: Over 50 years playing a variety of music and instruments.
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