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D'Addario Planet Waves NS Artist Capo Reviews

5.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves NS Artist Capo?

Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves NS Artist Capo?

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  • from February 6, 2017Music Background:
    Started playing in 1966

    Best Capo

    I Have been playing Acoustic as a pro for years. I must have bought 50 capos through the years and find this one fills all my needs! No bussing and out of tune for me anymore! What I like the most is you can adjust the tension for the neck of the guitar you are playing! Even on the first fret where other capos fail due to the smaller net size on all my guitar ! So I just set the tension for the first fret and away I go, not having to keep adjusting for other frets and after a 80 song gig with 90% of the songs requiring a capo, it works just fine! So I ordered another one! Now I will have a black and silver one!

  • from Maryland, USA January 30, 2017Music Background:
    30+ years in the musical hobby

    Best Capo Around

    Perfect fit for my guitar and clamps solidly on the strings. Easily adjustable tension with the large turnscrew to get that perfect clamp. Quick release lever allows easy installation/removal and slides easily up and down the frets. Perfect capo for just about any guitar.

  • from R.I. November 15, 2016Music Background:
    50+ years - learning

    it works - WELL

    It clamps sufficiently and is easy/fast to rip off, when capo needs change.

    It's strong and appears WELL built. The neck-side does NOT appear to be abrasive.

    Now, what more do you want from/in a capo ?

  • from Kansas August 27, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Works Perfect

    I need a capo that would work with my electric guitars and would stay in tune no matter where on the fret board I placed it. This worked perfect out of the box!

  • from Columbia, North Carolina April 22, 2014Music Background:
    ex part-time professional musician and hobbyist

    my favorite capo

    I have several quality capos and this is my favorite. The tension is easy to adjust and very easy to use one hand when mounting.

  • from United States March 18, 2014Music Background:
    Live/Studio Musician

    Best Capo!

    I never thought that one capo could really be that much better than another, until I tired this one.

    I've used Kyser and Shubb for different guitars at different times. Where one didn't work, the other did- but one never worked on every guitar without putting one out of tune. The NS Artist is a perfect hybrid between these two. It's easy to put on and take off, but it also has easily adjustable tension. With a minor adjustment, I can use this on any of my guitars without issues or extra time wasted between songs.

    This and the NS Mini Tuner are some of the best accessories that I've ever used!

  • from Southern NH May 26, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar player > 30 yrs

    great capo

    I own a number of capos of varying designs, each works well for one or a few of my guitars but none of them works consistently well across all my guitars acoustic and electric, this D'Addario Planet Waves NS Artist Capo works great on all of them! I often have to adjust the tuning by a few cents after moving the capo up the neck but not with this capo, the tuning stays spot on. It is very easy to put on, move around and take off the neck. The ability to fine tune the adjustment if needed is a great useful function on this capo. It is really a well designed and built capo. After using this capo for several months now, it has performed perfectly consistently and has become my favorite because it's just so easy, quick and accurate to use. Great capo!

  • from California September 19, 2015Music Background:
    Pro - Semi Pro

    Planet Waves NS Artist Capo

    I play in a Rolling Stones Tribute...so I'm constantly changing between 4 guitars and moving capo's around. This is the best capo (to date) that I have found - I had bought the G7th's Performance 2 which costs more than 2x as much but didn't work nearly as well as this one. In fact, I've decided to ditch the other ones I've bought and go exclusively with these...also I bought another one a day after buying this one! This capo also works with different radius guitars including 7 1/4" radius Fenders, my Martin acoustic.

    Sweetwater is great... I got free shipping, no tax and received both orders within 2 - 3 days! They also allowed me to returned the G7th's Performance 2 with no hassel - and were even polite and apologetic that it didn't work out for me. I assure you, I don't work for them... I am just acknowledging their effort for great customer service. Buy this capo...I think you'll be happy - if you don't like it...keep the packing and return it.

  • from Auburn WA April 19, 2014Music Background:
    Musician and home recording enthusiast 25 years

    Love this capo

    Love this capo and tuner combination. I like having the ability to adjust the tension. Built well and works well. A+

  • from Murray, UT October 30, 2016Music Background:
    Acvanced biginner

    Slick design, funtional, unique mechanics

    When I say slick, I literally mean "slick". I can't fault this little contrivance, except to say the levers that one squeezes to open the jaw are slippery, and the clamp gets in the way of my finger. I had one of those give-away rubber business card holders with self-adhesive backing, that I cut into strips. I attached these strips to the levers. I now don't have the feeling that the capo is going to twist out of my hand and launch into my expensive guitar each time I'm installing it. A factory application on the levers, of some type of non-slip layer would make this almost perfect. It does work very well, and the tension adjustment is brilliant. Adjust the tension only until no string rings unclear. This will keep the retuning after capo installation to a minimum if it's needed at all, as the strings won't be overly squeezed.

    As nifty and functional as this capo is, I do find that the rubber section that clamps over the strings to be a bit too high at the top, as it interferes with my index finger a bit. I have to compensate for it when I'm playing, and it tends to get pushed up the neck towards the nut end a bit as I play. A mild annoyance, but I deal with it because it works so very well otherwise.

    Maybe a future model of this will handle these issues, and I know that for some, these issues won't be issues at all (YMMV). Happy playing!

Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves NS Artist Capo?

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