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PRS Archon 100 - 100-watt Tube Head - Stealth Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the PRS Archon 100 - 100-watt Tube Head - Stealth Black?

Questions about the PRS Archon 100 - 100-watt Tube Head - Stealth Black?

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  • from NJ March 4, 2017Music Background:
    16 years

    Killer clean and killer lead.

    One of the best cleans ever. Among the best distortions out there. This may sound crazy but do not get the matching prs cab with this. I feel it sounds bad through it. It sounds epic through any Engl pro cab, orange ppc cabs and mesa 4x12. Do not sleep on this one.

  • from billings,MT November 2, 2016


    46 years playing rock and roll on many different amps and rack set ups.
    I only had to turn it on and start playing. Took 5 minutes to dial in what I have searched for all this time. My band and fans are amazed at the clear open headroom and chord/ note articulation, clarity and depth, even my pedals sound better! It will be the last amp I will need to buy, thank you PRS!

  • from Arlington, VA October 9, 2015


    I'm a pro musician living in the Washington D.C. area & just purchased this amp & a matching 2X12 cabinet a week ago. This amp is being billed as a "Metal" amp. It could be that...AND ALOT MORE.
    The clean side of this amp is VERY special. I'm talking LOUD Fender Twin Reverb cleans. This I suspect
    is because of the 6L6 power tubes. The cleans are pristine. Rarely will you find ANY 100 watt tube amp that has a clean channel like this amp. The clean channel on this amp is the exception rather than the rule
    for 100 watt tube amps. The distortion channel is BRUTAL....tons of creamy beautiful distortion......wow !
    But here's the deal, you can get less distortion & make the amp "less" brutal. You can actually leave the
    distortion behind & enter into the realm of overdrive.....NICE. I am a former employee of PRS (85-89) &
    I remember his last foray into amps....."The PRS Harmonic Generator" This was a solid state amp that "kinda" sounded like a tube amp. The amp did not sell & PRS almost lost his butt over it.
    Now he's selling REAL handwired tube amps that sound good & are quality products. I bought the Archon
    and I love it. I ADORE the clean channel & the distortion channel rules, hence the name Archon.
    The PRS Archon is not a home run, it's a grand slam....buy this amp & prepare to be blown away !

  • from upstate New York April 22, 2015Music Background:
    30+yrs playing guitar, play in/have played in numerous bands.

    PRS Archon 100

    Been playing for about 30 years. Owned countless amps and rack rigs. This amp is one of the best I've ever played. Easy to dial in and just sounds incredible. Running it through 2 Marshall 1960B Lead 4X12 cabinets. Main style covered in the bands I play with is in the 80's metal style and the amp fits the part perfectly. No regrets buying this. Currently have an expansive rack rig sitting unused because this just sounds so good.

  • from June 13, 2014Music Background:
    Songwriter, long-time musician, Producer

    Fantastic Clean ----> Fantastic Dirty

    There is NO hype here. When Sweetwater said this is one of those Amp heads that gives you pristine cleans, and blistering Dirt, they couldn't have said it any better...

    Used this baby for Solo work, and for my Rick 360 12-string on an acoustic song.

    Very pleased. Couldn't have asked for a better sound both ways!

    Get off the fence and don't think for a minute that the PRS Archon is just a metal amp. It can do it all!

  • from Scranton,Pa February 20, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician


    Owned the best boutique amps. By sheer accident I played this at a store n was left speechless. Bought it on the spot. No bells n whistles just pure tone. I'm a metal player, love tight crushing tone. This delivers all of it. Every time I plug in its like the day I heard it. Speechless !

  • from Johns creek, ga January 15, 2014Music Background:

    From jazz to thrash

    Saw the videos and thought well I give it a shoot. This thing is a beast! From jazz to thrash and everything in between. PRS you have another home run.

  • from NJ November 8, 2016Music Background:
    15+ years

    Great amp

    Stellar clean. Phenomenal distortion able to create a wide variety of tones. If you like a focused sound, this is your amp. Throw it on top of an orange or mesa cab and you're golden

  • from September 24, 2015

    Noisy effects loop

    Don't get me wrong this amp has awesome tone, and all the other reviews are spot on! Now listen up effects junkies. This amp is just not for us! The effects loop has a noticeable constant hum when engaged. Even when running a patch across the send and return, it is still there. This hum is in both channels. It is not bad for Live applications though, its no biggie for that, but if you are recording with it....well...you will have background noise. I could not record my cleans with it. Do some searching around the internet and you'll find info about this effects loop problem.

  • from Florida June 22, 2016

    Three strikes your out!

    I recently bought a Mesa dual recto and 2 x12 cab ,after having a few minor issues like bent wheel casters,scratched knobs ,glue on sides and rear of amplifier.I had also consider the prs archon 100 watt tube head -stealth black .I exchange them for the prs archon and 2x12 cab.The first head arrived with more issues than the Mesa .The Maple Fascia was full of scratches and the control panel had some strange glue type spots and scratches too.The 2x12 cab has some banged up comers with white paint or something.Not to mention the Maple Facia on the cab totally scratched and cloudy (the 2 x12 cab is a special order item,no returns.)To make along story my salesperson sent another head to exchange the first,but the second one was even worse. So I returned the replacement with much embarrassment and requested a 3rd.My salesperson said that they would personally pick out a winner for me.I was told this one was flawless.but when it arrived,to my utter disbelief it was the worst of them all .the Maple Fascia looked like it was painted by a four year old,and the control panel had scratches everywhere.This has been one of most frustrating buying experiences of my life .Needless to say I returned it too! So now I'am stuck with this amp and cab (It's a good thing prs does'nt make airplanes,people would die!) Absolutely no quality control.

Questions about the PRS Archon 100 - 100-watt Tube Head - Stealth Black?

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