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Elektron Analog Heat Reviews

5.0 stars based on 1 customer review
Questions about the Elektron Analog Heat?

Questions about the Elektron Analog Heat?

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  • from Tampa Bay, FL February 10, 2017

    All spice for your sonic pantry

    The Elektron Analog Heat can breathe subtle life into a digital sound in need of help, add analog texture to create some gritty flavor, as well as go full blown distortion for creating some serious noise. The build quality of this unit is excellent. This may be my first Elektron device purchased, but it will certainly not be my last.

    I have used the Analog Heat for a few weeks and am impressed more each time I use it in the studio. Understanding gain structure is key to getting the most out of this unit as well as avoid frustration when using it in a signal chain that goes straight to a DAW without any hardware compressor/limiter - especially when using its USB plugin features. INPUT SENSITIVITY can be easily adjusted and should be the first thing you do when trying to start the gain staging process with this unit. Look up how to do this in the manual or better yet, watch some of the in depth YouTube videos about this unit. It is simple in a lot of ways yet extremely complex when you start menu diving and looking under the hood of this Hot Rod.

    In use, I have found that the Analog Heat can add more dimension and presence to analog synths like a Moog Tribute 37, a Korg Monologue, and an Arturia DrumBrute as well as create some seriously awesome distortion. My old Novation Ultranova analogue-modeling synth has gotten an analog wedgie from the Analog Heat. Its on board sterile digital sounds all of a sudden have been given some fuzzy analog edges and textures that no digital plugin has yet to achieve with near as much success. I have also used it with my Nord Electro 5HP and brought out a lot more realism to its excellent modeling of e-pianos and other instrument sounds that benefit from the warmth and grit of analog distortion.

    In summary, the Analog Heat is not just for DJs and electronic music producers. Any studio can benefit from one of these units. Live keyboardist and drummers who play with some effects will surely dig this as well. I have used it in an analog vocal chain with guitar pedals and a Radial VocoLoco - Gnarly! From Trent Reznor-like distorted vocals to full on Metal, the Analog Heat can greatly enhance your natural singing voice when used as an obvious effect or even for subtle saturation and enhancement. Use a gate, EQ, and/or noise plugin to help keep the noise floor down if you want a cleaner overall signal. For the seriously creative signal chain experimenters out there, the Analog Heat will add something you never knew you were missing.

Questions about the Elektron Analog Heat?

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