Elektron Analog Four 4-voice Analog Synthesizer with Sequencer

4-voice Tabletop Analog Synthesizer Module with Fully Analog Signal Path, Onboard Multi-Track Step Sequencer, and CV/Gate Outputs
Elektron Analog Four 4-voice Analog Synthesizer with Sequencer image 1
Elektron Analog Four 4-voice Analog Synthesizer with Sequencer image 1
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Elektron Analog Four 4-voice Analog Synthesizer with Sequencer
In Stock!

An Awesome Combination of Analog Synth and Sequencer

The Elektron Analog Four is a welcome addition to any modern production studio. Elektron engineered this 4-voice powerhouse with a punchy and organic-sounding fully analog signal path, and precise digital technology for components such as the envelopes and LFOs - the best of both worlds. Making the most of Analog Four's sound engine is a breeze, since Elektron has completely filled the front panel with hands-on control. Analog Four also has a powerful step sequencer that can even breath new life into your old analog gear, thanks to control voltage connectivity. If you've been waiting for the classic combination of a 4-voice analog synth and sequencer, wait no longer: the Elektron Analog Four is here.

Elektron Analog Four gives you the best of analog and digital

We synth enthusiasts at Sweetwater love analog circuitry for its warm, punchy sound, but we also know that digital control of certain jobs provides unmatched precision - and the Elektron Analog Four is a perfect example of engineering that takes full advantage of this. In the Analog Four, both oscillators of each voice are analog, including their elaborate waveshaping. Their pitches, however, are controlled digitally - along with the noise generator.

Modulate your sound with filters, envelopes, LFOs, FX, and more

The two filters of each voice (and the overdrive circuit between them), are fully analog. Ditto the amplifiers. The envelopes and LFOs - they're digital, a design that allows them to venture well into the audible range without nasty artifacts. The signal path from the oscillators to the audio outputs - that's totally analog, as well as the signal path from the external inputs to the audio outputs. The digital send effects run parallel to the main audio path; their wet signals are mixed with the dry analog signal before everything reaches the main output stage.

Elektron Analog Four - Synth Voice Features:
  • Fully analog signal path, for punchy, organic sound
  • Two analog oscillators; two sub-oscillators (variable waveshape on all oscillators)
  • Oscillator AM and Sync modes
  • One 4-pole analog lowpass ladder filter; one 2-pole analog multi-mode filter
  • One analog overdrive circuit; one noise oscillator
  • Two assignable LFOs; one dedicated vibrato LFO; two dedicated waveshape LFOs
  • One amp envelope; two assignable envelopes; two dedicated LFO fade envelopes
  • One dedicated noise fade envelope; one dedicated vibrato envelope; one dedicated autobend envelope
Six-track sequencer lets you control your entire studio efficiently

The Elektron Analog Four's sequencer sports six tracks, the first four of which are synth tracks (with each track controlling a synth voice). Track 5 is your FX track, controlling chorus, delay and reverb. Finally, you use the CV track to control the signals sent from the Analog Four's two CV/Gate outputs. Naturally, the parameters of all track types can be parameter-locked. The Elektron sequencer lets you control your analog studio in the most efficient way possible.

Dedicated CV track and four CV/Gate outputs let you control all your analog gear

You can sequence your analog gear with CV inputs using the Analog Four's dedicated CV track. The four CV/Gate outputs pass control voltages for controlling any parameter or pitch (V/oct andHz/V), Trig and Gate pulses for trigging envelopes (V-trig and S-trig), and repetitive clock pulses for syncing analog sequencers, LFOs, drum machines, and more. You can use the Analog Four's external inputs to filter external signals. You can even link the filters to form a parameter-lockable filter bank with up to eight filters (4 ladder and 4 multi-mode filters).

Elektron Analog Four - Sequencer Features:
  • Four synth tracks; one FX track; one CV/Gate track
  • 128 patterns; up to 64 step patterns
  • 128 sounds; 128 kits; 16 songs
  • Six arpeggiators; individual track lengths; swing, slide and accent functions; track transpose
  • Micro timing; parameter locks; live-friendly Performance mode
  • Sound-per-step change; Instant Pattern, Kit and Sound reload
  • Full real-time control; full MIDI support
  • Robust connectivity gives you flexibility in rigging up your studio
    Elektron's Analog Four gives you robust connectivity so you can easily integrate it into your modern studio. The Analog Four's headphone output, two main outs, two external inputs, two dual CV/Gate outputs, USB port, and MIDI in/out/thru ports (with DIN sync out) let the Analog Four play nice with everything from legacy modular synths to Macs and PCs.
Robust connectivity gives you flexibility in rigging up your studio

Elektron's Analog Four gives you robust connectivity so you can easily integrate it into your modern studio. The Analog Four's headphone output, two main outs, two external inputs, two dual CV/Gate outputs, USB port, and MIDI in/out/thru ports (with DIN sync out) let the Analog Four play nice with everything from legacy modular synths to Macs and PCs.

The Elektron Analog Four gives you fat, punchy sound and tons of control!

Additional Media

Analog Four 4-voice Analog Synthesizer with Sequencer User Manual

Tech Specs

Sound Engine Type(s) Analog
Polyphony 4 Notes
Number of Presets 128
Expansion Flash-EEPROM
Number of Effects 3
Effects Types Reverb, Chorus, Delay
Arpeggiator Yes
Sequencer 6-track (4 x Synth, 1 x FX, 1 x CV)
Analog Inputs 2 x 1/4" (TS)
Analog Outputs 2 x 1/4" (TRS)
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru/USB
USB 1 x Type B (USB 2.0)
Power Supply 12 V DC, >2 A (External)
Height 2.4″
Width 13.4"
Depth 6.9"
Weight 5.18 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ES_ATS4

Customer Reviews

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not for beginners

If you're familiar with subtractive synthesis you'll pick this up quickly and be blessed by the ease of its workflow. I learn new tricks all the time, but i was able to put my ideas down almost immediately.

The knees of the bees

Before buying this synth I heard that the learning curve was pretty steep, and while that is somewhat true, there are plenty of online resources to help you get your bearings in the Elektron orientation. The first night sitting down with this I was able to compose some incredibly clean and powerful sequences, and with the performance functions, tweak-ability is basically unlimited. A deceptively powerful sound engine, unbelievably vast sequencing capability and pretty much all you need to make some killer sound in one compact, sturdy build of a box. I highly recommend this instrument to anyone who works with electronic music. The only limitation is the four voice maximum for polyphony. Even still there are sneaky ways to make the very most of this and you can, of course, bring in other components. While there are synths that offer more or equal polyphony, I just don't think any of them accomplish what the Analog Four does for what it is and how much it costs.
Music background: Electronic Music Producer

Very inspiring & innovative synth

The Analog Four is one of the most inspiring synths I have purchase in a long time. I have built so many song starting with just this synth. Electron really came up with a game changer. The Analog Four works well with my DAW (midi studio) and my modular synths with it's CV outputs. The built in effects sound very rich and the four synths have endless possibilities. The front panel is well laid out but does take some time to learn. Once you are familiar with it you can burn through a song in minutes. I always thought that the screen was too small but found it to be adequate for the job. I just loaded a free update from Electron that makes this unit function as 4 voice poly and also can now store thousands of patches, patterns & kits. Well built with a metal case & solid sturdy knobs. Most important it inspires music writing and that is the big winner for me.
Music background: Professional Musician

On fire!

I got away from the groove box thing about 7 yrs ago. I just was never satisfied with the end result.. Tho they were always Easy for me to program... Someone turned me on to the elektron machine drum I was floored buy its performance. And easy use. Picked up a mono machine again floored! Stacking analog track that didn't end up sounding like mud.. So I purchased the analog 4. Same results! I'm pleased to not always be working with VST's and starring at a computer monitor for hrs on end.. Plus I can control all my CV out board patch synths as well! Worth the money!
Music background: Electronic punk rock musician

Incredible value.

The Analog four shines in the sequencer department. Being able to sequence my other CV compatible gear along with the very good sounding A4 synth engine is really incredible. With the ability to assign almost any parameter to every step of the sequence you have much more than 4 analog voices. There is really 2 osc per voice plus 1 sub osc per voice that can even be tuned to a 5th. So you have 12 Osc per step times 64 steps plus the ext input. I really like the drum sounds that can be created. To my ears my Moog Slim Phatty has a more pleasing and musical sound in the monosynth department but the Analog 4 complements it nicely. The A4 also has beat synced LFOs transmitted through CV. To purchase a CV controller, An analog sequencer, and a 12 voice analog synth would cost much more than the A4.

Sweetwater Advice

Nate Baker

As a seasoned guitarist, I'm always concerned about how expressive electronic music gear can  really be, which is why I'm so impressed with the Elektron Analog Four. Even without a MIDI keyboard hooked up to it, its step sequencer and extensive controls let me program in details and nuances that make this 4-part analog synth come to life. And when I do use a controller, the range of tone and the depth of real-time control the Analog Four delivers is as natural as any instrument I've played.
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