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Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 - 75-watt Multi-speaker Modeling Combo Amp Reviews

4.0 stars based on 30 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 - 75-watt Multi-speaker Modeling Combo Amp?

Questions about the Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 - 75-watt Multi-speaker Modeling Combo Amp?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Chris Neyman

    I've been looking for an amp I can use to practice with at home, but also use at a gig. Then I found the Line 6 Amplifi 75. The amp is so clean looking that it doesn't look like a guitar amp at all. And I love that I can play music through the amp by pairing my iPod to it. Plus, I can control the amp models and presets wirelessly using the free Amplifi Remote app, which makes switching tones super-easy. Also, as I play along to songs on my iPad, the amp automatically adjusts the tone to match the song!

  • Brad Thomsen

    I'm so glad I purchased this amp! I was able to set it up with my iPad easily and get great tones quickly. With the ability to use the amp via bluetooth, I can stream music while practicing, which is an incredibly cool feature. Being able to plug in headphones and practice peacefully is also a plus. This is one piece of gear that's getting me to practice more, because it makes practicing fun.

  • Brian
    from Geneva New York February 9, 2017

    AmplIfi 75

    It's so much fun it's just awesome

  • Pete
    from Delaware December 23, 2016

    some **** fun

    what can i say I've been having a lot of fun with this amp.

  • Byron Howard
    from Texas June 26, 2016

    Just what I wanted

    Very nice just perfect for my home and love all the things I can do with it

  • Customer
    from March 19, 2016Music Background:

    Line 6 Amplifi 75

    I am a novice guitar player and wanted something more than my Squier Amp and at my level of playing did not want to spend big money on guitar effects. A friend of mine had a Peavy Amp with 12 or 15 effects at a $200 price point. I called Sweetwater to make an inquiry about the Peavy Amp, and after a discussion about price point, The tech at Sweetwater recommended the Line 6 product. I am totally astounded by the sound that this thing has and with the iOS App, you get a lot of bang for your buck! And don't have to load up on different effects pedals. I am very impressed!

  • Tom Zank
    from Valparaiso IN March 26, 2015Music Background:
    Working National Musician

    Gig with It

    I was told by so many people... you can't gig with this amp I read reviews that say great rehearsal amp and I totally agree... but, I am a working traveling musician I gig with Nationals all the time I have never been a solid state fan.... having said that I am now using the line 6 amplifi on stage replacing my entire tube driven rig. The Amps are so close to the real deal I have set the Budda, Mesa, Matchless, and the Marshall, and the Fender Sho I have all 5 Amps but now I have all the tone of 5 and Carry 1.... I do however propose 2 Mics for Dry and Wet Combining seeing how the Stereo effects come through the Mix so nice that way. Shout Out to my Buddy Tim Harrington thanks for the set up on Amplifi buddy Love it and Sweetwater!


  • Erik Devick
    from Plano, IL February 16, 2015

    very cool tool.

    I was on the fence about this for awhile , I've owned dozens of Line6 products over the years and couldn't be happier. The coolest thing is the legacy effects. Having that sine chorus is a big deal to me and I'm pleased they used old pod programs as opposed to the terrible HD product. Not putting the sine chorus in the HD line was a bad move for line6 but this little beast is great redemption .
    Im using mine on Android and it works perfectly my if your debating this purchase , just go for it.

  • Dennis Borruso
    from Holbrook, NY February 7, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist Musician

    Fantastic Amp / Great Mix of Tone and Technology

    I have only had one line 6 product for guitar before this one, just the pocket pod. I liked what it did and I heard my friends Line 6 Spider so came on Sweetwater to get one.

    Then I discovered the Amplifi! I was like ok this looks cool but do I really wanna fork out the money for this. I watched the vids and read up on it and shortly after purchased it. I figured if it didn't live up to the hype I'd return it.

    It arrived at my doorstep a few days ago, immediately plugged it in. It's an attractive amp but just first impression was hmm, kinda sparse looking for a modeling amp. Then I downloaded the Amplifi Remote to my ipad mini and linked the bluetooth. And wow is this amp versatile.

    I have been experimenting with the tones and features and have total control with this Amp. I get the tones I want when I want them without a lot of guess work. It's so easy to figure out how to use too. I was expecting some big learning curve, but nope, just get going out of the box pretty much once you hook up to your mobile.

    Like one reviewer said, you probably won't wanna use the Amplifi 75 at live gigs in clubs and stuff, but the closest I come to that is jamming with friends. I would assume the Amplifi 150 would do well in a small venue though. But for home use its more than enough juice in the 75. The tone is so clean too even cranked all the way up. I haven't used the USB yet on this yet, but running through an audio interface with a cable has been working fine for me. I only do that because I need to pick up a cable adapter to be able to run a mic in as well as the guitar. Not sure the best way to do that yet.

    The only regret I have is that I purchased it shortly after purchasing my little vox tube amp, and now can't stop using the Amplify to mess with the Vox :P

  • joe
    from yelm, WA December 6, 2014Music Background:

    what a great amp

    I just got this amp yesterday and it was a demo version from Sweetwater and it arrived quick and in perfect shape looks brand new .but even more then that in 5 minutes i had it running was customizing tones and had tone match working well on songs i was playing along with.I have to say this amp met my expectations and more and with hoe easy it was to pick it up and get right to the fun i have to recommend this to anyone considering it.

  • tom margarites
    from chicagoland September 30, 2014Music Background:
    guitar teacher/virtuoso

    BEST AMP EVER!!!!!!!

    Admitadly,I have not been a TUbe amp freak...I have 6 amps ( 2 all tube) and the best sounding one is my $100 CRate solid state...and it does sound great...BUT...I bought this AMPLIFI 75 because I am not a tube snob and do not base my desiicion on tube or solid state,and I'm a player,noty a tech head,so I don;t want to waste time fiddling with 1000 parememters pretending like I know what I'm doing!... THis amp sounds GREAT! OH MY GOSH!!! IT's so FREAKING EASY!!! IT's a dream come true amp. I have NEVER gotten so many instantantly kjick APPLES soiunds out of an amp. IT's blue tooth,it's internet...it's crazy how great this amp is. seriously.go into it with an open mind and change your life!!!

  • Brother Al
    from Elmhurst, IL March 26, 2014

    Great Amp and Bluetooth Playback all in One

    I was looking for an amp to practice in my basement and I heard about the new Line6 AMPLIFi product and it's innovative features. I already own a Line6 HD300 pedal and use that for my live rig, so I'm predisposed to like Line6 products. The fact that out of the box I could pair the Bluetooth with my Android phone, play my Spotify playlist and plug in my guitar and jam along with our set list was just awesome. No fiddling with 2 or three different pieces of hardware. I powered it up, paired it with my Galaxy S3, plugged in my guitar and I was ready to rock.

    The amp itself is lightweight and attractive and could easily sit on a bookshelf, living room floor or be placed on a table. The sound is great. It's more like listening to a stereo than a guitar amp.

    I haven't even tapped into the iOS App features of tone matching to your music library and creating custom tones. I'd really like to have an Android App instead of going out to buy an iPad. I'll wait to see if that's in the works. If that was already available this would have been absolutely perfect for me.

  • Paul Kawalerski
    from Cape Cod May 6, 2015Music Background:

    Really Smooth

    To be honest I wasn't expecting much from a $400.00 amp. So I hooked everything up, set the Bluetooth to my iPod and played some songs. First off, The sound was beautiful. Then I pugged in the guitar which is top shelf. Joe Barden in the front and a nice vintage Gibson humbucker in the back. Hit a few chords and played some leads and WOW. Went thru the for presets and sounded like a studio amp setup. Great sound and technology that combined the best practice situation yet. Great buy. Am extremely happy with it. It's a hone stereo system, an amp, and a little studio all in one. What more could you ask for for 400 bucks.

  • Bert Braud
    from Kansas City, MO December 24, 2014Music Background:

    Great little practice amp

    Don't confuse this amp with something you'd take out and gig with. For it's purpose, though, it does a great job. I live in a condo with neighbors below me, so cranking up the volume when I practice is not an option. Also, it looks great, doesn't take up too much space, it's lightweight (I live in a 3rd floor walkup, so light is good!), and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker if I just want to listen to music. This lets me keep my bulky, heavy gear in the basement storage until I have a gig or practice with the whole band.

    I have not drilled too deep yet with the tones and the editing, but the tones I have found so far are great. I can practice with them on the Amplifi, and if I like them, download them to my HD500X pedal board for gigs.

    The only reason for 4.5 instead of 5 stars is that a couple of times I have had connectivity issues. It may be the iPhone's fault and not the amps. If I turn everything off, switch my Bluetooth connection on the phone off then back on, it will connect. Other than that, it performs as advertised!

  • Dave Zyber
    from Metamora, MI. USA November 30, 2014Music Background:
    H obbyist

    Line 6 AMPLIFI 75 watt

    So far, it is really impressive. I gave it 4.5 stars because I still can't figure a few things out but it keeps amazing me with all the things it does. It's a blast to fool around with and when I figure out how to use its potential, five stars are in the bag.

  • Jonathan Miller
    from Sausalito, CA March 19, 2014Music Background:
    Advanced amateur

    Beautiful sound, innovative software

    Rich, sonorous tone (what I was looking for) with a PRS Swamp Ash special, and the software modeling offers tremendous creativity that is both musically inspiring and instructive. 5 stars when there are more ways to organize tones in the software, but I am more than pleased with this purchase.

  • Craig Becker
    from Austin, TX USA February 18, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, software engineer

    Innovation at its finest

    I've been using the Line 6 Amplifi 75w for several days, and I'm loving it lots. It has more features on it than I have time to write about. The other day at lunch I told some friends about the Amplifi: "it's a modeling amp that you control via an iOS device and it has a cloud-based crowdsourced database of tones that you can use and add to. They thought I was joking. But I'm not. If there's a Malcolm Baldridge award for Technical Innovation, it should go to Line 6 for Amplifi.

    As a hobbyist who is re-learning guitar and who also wants to play with various iOS synthesis apps, the Amplifi is an almost perfect fit. I chose the 75w version over the 150w version because of size and weight: the 75w weighs 20lbs 8oz, while the 150w weighs 35lbs 10oz. You wouldn't want to use it to play a stadium event, but 75 watts is plenty loud for home use and probably sufficient for a live gig at a coffeehouse or bookstore.

    It may not be obvious, but Amplifi is a '2 channel' amplifier: one channel is for guitar (or synth or whatever), the other channel will play an audio stream (ie, music from your iTunes collection). Even cranked to 10, the music playback is very clean and crisp. This makes it a great little practice amp, and it would be an excellent gift for that special person in your life who is learning to play guitar.

    One thing I'm noticing - especially after browsing the Line 6 Amplifi forums - is that Amplifi is not for everyone. If you're a beginning guitarist, or a guitarist who plays just for fun, and maybe does some home-recording, or a traveling musician who wants to simplify their setup, Amplifi might be just what you need.

    On the other hand, if you're looking for stadium-event levels of sound, or if you simply don't buy into the concept of 'amp modeling', or if you don't own an iOS device, or if you're just not into "high-tech" - Amplifi is probably not for you.

    Few things in life are perfect, and Amplifi is no exception. I'm giving it 4.5 stars for now because a) the USB port is currently non-functional. I'd like to see Line 6 upgrade the firmware to allow it to act as a power source for my iPad as well as provide a wired audio and control connection. Bluetooth wireless is nifty, but remember how Steve Jobs had his demo fail at WWDC 2010 because there was too much RF interference from the crowd? And b) the iOS app is still a little bit on the flakey side. I'm confident that this will change as Line 6 fixes bugs and pushes out new releases.

    To summarize: it's an amazing value for the price. Just make sure you understand what it is and what it does, and then decide if it's for you.

  • Garrett
    from South Carolina February 14, 2014Music Background:

    Great Amp, Killer Features

    The amp really is worth the money, it sounds absolutely great. The only thing that I find wrong with it is that I find it hard to connect to my ipad sometimes. The sound is studio quality, it's quite loud when you need it to be, and I'm having a blast with the effects. It is a really great choice

  • George C
    from NJ April 2, 2017Music Background:
    Played guitar for 10 years then took a 50 year break. Started back playing about three years ago.. feels great.

    Just what I needed

    Sweetwater has been my go to place for great service and merchandise. All their products I have purchased have come well protected and reviewed for manufacturer quality before they ever reach my hands. They answer all or any question I may have concerning my interest in a product. Line 6 products have impressed me in their innovating technology and quality of manufacturing.

    from FL March 15, 2017

    Good practice amp

    If you have any quality tube amps the Amplifi 75 will not compare in tone or volume, but if used for a low volume practice amp its great.

    When used for a music player to jam with the stereo separation is beautiful and the sound quality is very nice.

    In my opinion, this amp is meant to be placed in a corner in the living room to be grabbed for a quick doodle with out the need to set up the big boy toys.

    Its helpful for solo practice and its a good grab and go for playing at a friends house.

    But be aware, it will not keep up with live acoustic drums or larger amps with big volume. It would need to be set up with a microphone and a pa to be heard with any authority.

  • Roger Pipkins
    from Lexington, NC October 16, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, gearhead, Blues, southern rock, power metal, classic rock, outlaw country

    A modeling powerhouse with fantastic Bluetooth music playback!

    I have owned several Line 6 products over the years since they came into the music industry. From POD's to Spider amps, to an POD HD500. They make great modeling products, but the Amplifi 75 combo is by far the best yet. Sounds absolutely beautiful playing music from my iOS devices. This thing has serious low end. I've tried all types of music and it just sounds great. Then to the modeling portion. The presets that come on the Amplfi are ok. But once you download the app and update your Amplifi the models, effects, cabs are fantastic! With endless tonal options, there is a great sound for everyone. The amp models are very detailed, responding greatly to your pick attack, and your guitars volume. Sweetwaters customer service is second to none! Call Andy Miller at EXT. 1336 and he will take care of you!

  • Matt
    from Santa Barbara, Ca. August 30, 2014Music Background:
    Playing for 30 yrs. 10 as Pro. now just having fun

    Good Sounding

    Great Sounding for low volume rehearsal Amp or for learning tunes! Tried it at small gig, didn't have enough volume without breaking up at the low end, other guitarist's Roland 30w blew it away . Upgraded to the 150w Amplifi and couldn't be happier. Great Bluetooth feature, iOS ipad app.

    Use it a small gigs and it holds it own. Great Tones

  • Steve Centuori
    from Tucson, AZ April 23, 2014Music Background:
    Recording and professional musician

    Cool Device

    I picked this amp up to get my regular rig out of my living room (wife was not happy with me). Had no expectations. I am not a huge fan of line 6 modeling stuff, so, if anything, I was ready to be underwhelmed. WRONG! This thing is totally cool. With an IPad, you can tweak any tone to death. It handles metal tones in a fat, and disturbingly tough way, but can be set up for any classic rock sound, clean chime sound, or even as a piezo acoustic signal. I am less impressed with the interface that searches out predetermined tones to match songs on your playlist...you know...everyone has different tastes. I can play at whisper levels and it still sounds good. Of course, the amp does shine better when juiced. It looks good in the room (actually unnoticeable) and, I hate to say it, I don't mind not having my Fractal at arm's distance. The stereo signal and speaker delivery is amazing, and you can use it as a boom box for barbeques, who'd a thought.

    I can honestly say that it sound good with any guitar, mostly because you have an infinite number of user patch slots to save to that can be set for each instrument you have. For instance, I have been playing a dano with lipstick pickups lately, and created specific patches for that guitar as well as my strats and different humbucker guitars.

    As I mentioned above, I generally don't like Line 6 stuff, having bought and sold tons of their gear, but this one may be a gamechanger, especially if they come out with a pro version of this beast.

  • Don
    from Big Island Hawaii March 11, 2014Music Background:
    old fart learning to be a rock star

    Pretty cool

    I am enjoying this amp more each day I play it. Must admit I had some problems getting to know how to operate. Real tough problems that I actually had tech support help me with such as "music volume very loud, guitar not (solution: turn down volume on I-Pad). So...... THX tech support!!!! But I aint a kid anymore and the "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" saying may have something to do with that. But I am able to get my guitar to sound like Santana, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmore and more. Plus I can play my guitar with each of them!!!! How cool is that!!

  • Customer
    from October 18, 2016

    A value leader, but do t like the phone app

    I love the design of the Amplifi 75. It does sound nice and have good, not great, full stereo sound for music playback.
    I have an older iPhone 4s. It will only accept the older download of Amplifi. So, I don't even know the benefit of the updated downloads. That blows! Having to rely on new and updated smartphones from other companies isn't great.
    The Line Out is a 1/8th Jack to 2 1/4" jacks. Not the best solution.
    It does have good tone and is economical. To be honest, I'd rather have one of the New Spider V amps, but I don't want to lose too much money selling it.

  • John Bevier
    from Rochester, NY January 21, 2016

    Line6 Amplifi 75

    Enjoying the new kit - bluetooth connectivity isn't consistent - lots of dropouts (Too many). Hoping a firmware update fixed this issue.

    But, most importantly, I'm play a lot more each day having this in the house - it makes jamming easier and more engaging.

    Great looking, very nice app - totally worth the money. Six stars if the wireless connectivity were more robust.

  • Greg
    from Olympia, WA December 24, 2015

    Great sounds and customizable, Bluetooth is sketchy

    It's definitely got some amazing capabilities, and the sounds are fantastic once you tweak them and spend some time auditioning presets from the cloud. Loads of fun to play with, the iOS app interface is very intuitive (didn't bother with the manual at all) and the amp is well put together. The factory presets are horrible as with most products like this, they'll put the most "gee whiz" patches in to sell it, I think. I replaced all of them in the first few days of tweaking and trying out user presets from the cloud.

    I have had some challenges with the Bluetooth connection. It drops frequently, fails to connect, doesn't have much range at all, stuttered when I tried to use it as a Bluetooth speaker for streaming audio with the phone just 15' away.

    The firmware update process over Bluetooth also has issues. It froze up during several attempts, then wouldn't sync after completing the post update master reset instructions. That process itself is also a poor feature, because it wipes out any presets you've saved to the AmpliFi amp itself in the patch banks. They'll still be saved on the app individually, but now you've got to go back through the process of saving individual presets to the amp's bank/patch maps again if you want to use them without connecting your iOS device. Tedious.

    After firmware updates I also had several instances of "cold start" where it would just blink through the self test, would light up the FBVS2 footboard I have connected, but would not register any presets or play sound. I ended up doing a firmware update through a USB to a PC instead and that fixed it. Common issues if you check Sweetwater's knowledge base or Line 6 support forum. My sales agent John Ptak really worked with me to be able to return it, one of the reasons Sweetwater gets all of my gear money.

    Still, it's a great sounding amp for the budget with a lot of customization. I just don't trust the wireless/iOS integration, as cool as that is when it works. I wouldn't play live with it, but it's enjoyable.

  • JT
    from Virginia March 18, 2014

    Good, but depends on a dedicated phone

    There are some things that are really really cool about this, and there some things will actually drive you crazy. The cool thing is the ability of this Tool link with your iTunes library, and select appropriate tones for use with your guitar. The problem is, if you play bass you're still going to get guitar tones. Another cool thing about this is automatic downloads and updates to the app and the amp.

    Now for the part that would drive you crazy. When streaming music from your iTunes to the box, it will inextricably stop playing either fully or it will be broken up. Not sure it's the amps problem, but from the perspective of a usability perspective it makes it very frustrating use this box sometime. I went to the Line 6 forum and other people had this problem. None of the fixes there worked. So will I keep it, yes. Will I ever be able to use it for live, never. The risk of it stopping playing in the middle of live performance is on acceptable. I suppose you could do a direct connect, but that defeats the purpose of a Bluetooth connection the first place.

  • Dalton Smith
    from August 28, 2016

    Cheap Sounding Amp

    First off, Sweetwater was amazing and I received my amp in only 2 1/2 days. Now the idea of the amp is brilliant and I like the idea of how you can play any song with close to the perfect sound of the original. The app seemed to work okay but definitely took some time to getting it working properly. The sound that came out of the amp was terrible. You could probably get a better sound from a 10w Cube Amp. The pedal board was not only confusing and complex but also had a weird delay with the pedals and setting up the banks on it was horrible. The settings on the amp also didn't sound good at all and I believe that Line 6 could have done a lot better of a job creating this amp. Unless this is your first amp or you don't have enough money to get a better amp, do not consider buying this.

  • Mike L
    from December 30, 2015

    Effects great, Sounds terrible

    I have been a guitar player for 39 years and had high expectations on this amp. I have a 25 yr old solid state Fender (1x10) and thought my PRS Custom 22 deserved better.
    I finally got the app and amp to sync after a 45 minute firmware download. The ease of switching tones worked exactly as I had hoped and pulling additional tones from the cloud is simple and fast.
    The problem is the sound quality is very thin. Even the clean sound is pure mids and highs. The effects level knob is far too sensitive and I just couldn't get a sound even close to as full as my old amp.
    I played with it for a week and returned.

  • John
    from Lubbock Texas May 8, 2017

    What a piece!!

    If I could leave a zero star rating I would. Tried all the app and firmware updates the thing still drops all the time. Just got done practicing for about 45 min and had to reset my Bluetooth and log back in 4 Times! If I step out to smoke it crashes. If I try to change songs in iTunes it crashes. If I don't hold my mouth just right it crashes. I've spent a lot of money on Line6 products over the last few years, POD HD, Bass POD,
    Wireless, but this product has done me in. I will never buy anything from them again!

  • Chris
    from Atlanta September 30, 2015Music Background:
    Studio owner and musician

    Do not buy these amps

    These amps require a remote app that is not compatible with ios9 and line 6 has left its costumers without a fix for weeks and months. Furthermore to get any support for this item is next to nonexistent and frustrating. I do not blame sweet water music for they are a victim just like the users.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    Winter NAMM saw Line 6 unveil a brand-new line of guitar amplifiers designed to take the at-home market by storm (though they're also gig ready). At first look, the AMPLIFi amplifiers are self-contained stereo guitar amps with four modeled tones onboard. You're given the standard gain, volume, and tone controls for customizing those sounds. Simple enough, on the surface!

    But under the hood, there's a ton going on! First of all, AMPLIFi can connect to your iOS device, where an app lets you deep-edit tones, access hundreds of onboard sounds, and even share your custom sounds with other users via the Cloud. And, you can use the Amplifi app to find tones that match the tones heard in popular recordings. Need a Van Halen tone to play "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love"? Or maybe you want to channel Angus Young for some AC/DC? No problem, the app can find what you need and download it to your AMPLIFi.

    What's more AMPLIFi can play back music via bluetooth, in full-range stereo glory, so you can use it to play along while you practice or even take it out on the back patio to provide music playback for cookouts this summer. There are two woofers and two tweeters onboard, which play the stereo music and also deliver onboard effects in stereo. The unaffected guitar tone always plays through a dedicated 12" guitar speaker, so you're basically running a wet-dry-wet rig all in one box.

    I tried the AMPLIFi 150, and it rocks, pure and simple. Plenty of power, but lightweight, with a d?cor-friendly look. Whether for playing back music, practicing with songs, jamming around the house, or performing at gigs, this amp kills it. Line 6 also makes the AMPLIFi 75, which is more compact, with less power. It's a great choice if you're looking for an AMPLIFi solution for smaller spaces.

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