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Line 6 AMPLIFi 150 - 150-watt Multi-speaker Modeling Combo Amp Reviews

4.0 stars based on 30 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 AMPLIFi 150 - 150-watt Multi-speaker Modeling Combo Amp?

Questions about the Line 6 AMPLIFi 150 - 150-watt Multi-speaker Modeling Combo Amp?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Derek Kemp

    I've owned a Line 6 AMPLIFi 150 for a little over a year and use it daily. It's both a great practice amp AND a stereo! I can switch it on and get right to playing with the standard guitar amp controls on top. If I really want to make some cool sounds, I just go to the Amplifi app on my iPhone. It has very in-depth tone and amp modeling features. I can swap amps and change guitar pedals with the swipe of a finger.
    What really makes this amp rock is the Bluetooth connectivity and sweet five-speaker stereo setup. I stream a lot of music through my phone and I can just turn on my amp, connect over the air, and rock. It sounds great! The Amplifi app also searches the songs on my phone and finds tones that match so I can jam with my music library.

  • Vic S
    from Meriden Ct. April 8, 2017Music Background:
    Bedroom rockstar

    Perfect practice mate

    Just a quick note on what I find so great about this amp...starting with the iOS connectivity via Bluetooth . Within the Amps app is your whole music library , which if you load a song to play you can get a matching tone /amp model for that song .usually multiple choices by different users and or line 6 editors via the cloud . All of which you can edit yourself ,and save in your favorite list . When your music is playing and you want to learn the song you can play along , and cut it to 1/2 speed till your up to tempo. Works real well as just a music player also .i also use other apps for music (riff maestro mostly) to set any tempo and the amp settings stay,while in other apps your time is still the same and all. . If your on the fence out of just not knowing ,I say go ahead and get it .the very first setup can be a bit of a pain , you have to update firmware . Once it's setup it works more or less flawlessly ,it connects to Bluetooth automatically every time you open the app and the amp is on.

  • Christopher Wasem
    from Canton, OH November 29, 2016Music Background:
    40 yrs. of guitar playing. Prior gig rig: Boogie Triaxis/290

    Exceptional Value & Killer Tone Flexibility

    I purchased this amp solely with home rehearsal in mind and to pair the full range speaker system with my new 8 string guitar. When I later decided to jump back into a band, it's all I had at my disposal to use at rehearsal and I was concerned it would not have enough juice to function in that environment... I was wrong! This amp has plenty of headroom to spare and the flexibility to achieve most any type of tone you could want. The latest firmware and App updates have enhanced it's overall performance. The low end with my 8 string extended range guitar is tight with metal overdrive tones and the App ease of patch manipulation makes this one of the simplest products to use. I wasn't expecting such performance at such a low price point. If Line 6 ever upgraded this model with more I/O options, it would be my perfect amp for all occasions, but the sole option for using it to perform live would be miking it and to get the complete tone from the 5 speakers would be interesting... or maybe too challenging without having my own mikes and mixer to then send a stereo signal to the mains. That being said... it's well worth the price!!!

  • Jeremy
    from Pgh April 17, 2016Music Background:


    This amp is amazing. Well worth every penny.

  • Esteban Quinones
    from Altomonte Springs, FL August 20, 2015Music Background:
    Professional novice

    Line 6 AMPLIFI 150 Hybrid

    easy to use. downloading the companion app had a few minor bumps. the sound is amazing clear. still learning the many combinations of setup

  • James Davis
    from Hot Springs, AR February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Beginning Guitarist

    The Amplifi 150 Rocks the House!

    I'm a beginning guitar player and I looked at a wide variety of options before I decided to give the Amplifi 150 a try. After spending several weeks now I can honestly say I am simply blown away by all of the capabilities, features and amazing tones this produces. With 25 slots of 4 banks each, 100 different tones can be stored in the amp itself and then instantly accessed via the addition of an FBV MK II footswitch. While only slot 1, banks 1-4 are available without an iPhone or iPad connected, you still have all the usual settings available to manipulate the 4 tones in slot1, such as gain, bass, mid, treble, reverb, drive and volume. Store a clean tone, a rhythm tone, a lead tone and a heavy effect tone and you've got an amazing range of sounds. Bluetooth connect your iPhone or iPad or android device using the free app and you have a virtually limitless supply of tones. It's truly amazing. I think for someone like me starting out this gives me all the features I will want or need for years to come. I highly recommend this amp! P.s. The 150 is unbelievably loud, 1/4 volume with a high gain amp selected will rattle my windows :) what more could I ask

  • Joe
    from Central Florida December 23, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist/play for fun

    Line 6 Amplifi 150

    All around great amp and flawless Bluetooth music playback for the house. Enjoyed by the wife as much as myself and I've worn out three picks in a weeks time. A must have for the beginner and the seasoned player in my opinion. I've played casually since 1976 and the convenience of plug and play regarding tone choice for various songs is a time saver. I have plenty of other amps and effect pedals but this is a fast to find correct tone fun machine, get one if you can.

  • RTL44
    from Columbus, Ohio December 18, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    The Perfect Amp?

    I wasn't really in the market for a new amp, but the more I saw and read about the Amplifi, the more I became intrigued. After playing live for the past 10+ years, I have played virtually everything out there, from Vox, Fender, Carvin, Marshall, Mesa, AxeFX, Digitech, Boss, TC Electronics, Roland, Yamaha, Orange, Peavey, to Line 6. As much as many of those other amps have their strengths, they also have unique weaknesses.

    Somewhere along the way, I purchased a Vetta II. I loved the versatility of that amp tremendously. But, like many guitarists with GAS, I bought many other amps to try to find that perfect sound. Problem was, playing in a cover band, I needed more versatility to be able to emulate many different amps and effects. Every other amp I bought, I ended up selling and going back to my trusty Vetta II. I did get tired of lugging it around since it is pretty heavy, but when I finally pulled the plug on my band, I decided it was time to look for something more portable.

    Enter the AMPLIFi. WOW - what a shock that something this lightweight and compact could sound so huge and clean, while also being even more versatile and user friendly than my Vetta! The sounds are amazing )as to be expected), but what I also love is how easy it is to dial up and edit tones with my iPad. If I have to spend too much time tweaking effects and settings to get a decent sound, the inspiration is lost. But with this amp, it is so fast, and easy!

    I haven't even talked yet about the ability to play music from your phone's or iPad's library. I will love being able to do that at a party and just pick it up and carry it to whatever room I need to and have killer sound wherever I go. I really didn't think of this idea until I tested one out at my local Guitar Center. The salesman told me they turned their 150 on every morning before the store opened and listed to music streamed from his phone and it filled up the main floor. At 150 watts, and after cranking it up at home - it's true.

    Anyway, I obviously love this thing and the only complaint I had about it was that it didn't have direct USB recording capability...BUT that changed last week as they came out with an update which enables that! So, I am set. This is everything I need. Don't be afraid of new technology. You can maintain your integrety, keep it simple, and still have great tone.

    Oh...When I took it out of the box and set it up, my wife said, "That thing is sexy". Unfortunately, she was talking about the amp. :-)

  • me
    from ohio December 10, 2014Music Background:

    which to buy, amplifi 150 or 75?

    I've owned the line 6 spider 2-4 amps, and even the valve tube. I've had a single 12, 2x10, and 2x12 models. The amplifi is indeed the next best thing. I debated on the 75 or 150, and a lot of what I read online said the 150 was big. I expected that meant it was the size of a spider iv 150, which is tad big. So I looked at the dimensions, and decided to go with the 150 based on actual measurements. I'm glad I did! Its nearly the size of the spider iv 75. ... not big at all. I happened to see the amplifi 75 today and it looks tiny me, so look at them in person and/or check out the dimensions when you make your decision.

    The sound is great. App is easy once you learn it. Wish there was at least an LCD on the actual amp and a few options to do more then just the 4 presets, its all app driven, which I guess is the point

    The streaming Bluetooth music is awesome, it sounds great. And playing along is great.

    The effects sound good. It does all styles of music from clean bright to deep and dirty.

    Android won't work until you do a firmware update, even Bluetooth streaming is choppy until you update. I couldn't update via usb with win7 64bit, and according to Google neither can most. I had to do it Bluetooth from an iPhone an it took over an hour. Works great on android afterwards

    I've got the FBV express and it works as intended, same as it does on other line6 amps. It appears that with the software update the amplifi now has multiple banks of 4 presets, so the fbv shortboard should be able to scroll thru all of those. Prior to buying an fbv and amplifi every user review I read said the preset up/down on the shortboard did nothing. So do your research. Some things have changed very recently.

  • JJ
    from Houston November 4, 2014Music Background:

    Best new technology

    This new amp is great! Set -up was easy and the blue tooth linking with my ipad mini worked flawlessly.

  • TheMusicEclectic
    from North Carolina August 23, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, playing for over 35 years.

    Great for Clean Sounds and Jazz

    I play mostly classical / finger style pieces on jazz and nylon string guitars. I have been looking for a small modeling amp that can deliver a variety of clean tones and also give me a little grit and mojo when I want it. Most modeling amps seem to be heavy on the distorted sounds, but this amp has plenty of clean sounding amp simulations (but I would like to see mini brute and henriksen simulations). The iPhone App interface allows me to tweak to the tones my hearts content - this to me is the real beauty of the amp. The App also allows Line 6 to update the amps firmware, which will help keep the amp current. I like the way the bluetooth technology allows me to easily play along with my favorite songs as well as to stream iPhone Apps like the Amazing Slow Downer directly to the amp. I also like that it offers tone suggestions for songs, while not always dead-on, the tones that are suggested usually fit well with the song.

  • John Paul DeBard
    from Bethlehem, PA July 18, 2014Music Background:
    Indie Rock Pope WSCI Radio

    Out of the box Amazing!

    This amp is literally out of the box amazing. I down -loaded the AMPLIFi app onto my iPad, plugged in the amp, which immediately synced to my iPad, chose a song from my library and the amp automatically set itself to the exact tone for the song! Too cool! Highly recommended! Thank you to my Sweetwater rep Mike Harris for all your help!

  • Customer
    from Florida July 13, 2014Music Background:

    Amplifi 150

    I have to many guitars and amps and just enjoy playing not a pro or in a band, but this is a great bedroom amp that sets up the tones for each song for any type of music, it's not a studio quality sound but for the money and size it works and just the Bluetooth stereo sound without a guitar plugged in will fill a room easily, if you have a complaint about the sound then go spend 10000 grand for a starter studio setup.

  • Matt G
    from Owosso, MI February 26, 2014Music Background:
    from Hobbyist to Live Musician to studio engineer


    Great for everything...one amp that does it all from bedroom to practice room to studio to stage! play along with your library for learning or just jamming alone. or use it stand alone as a killer amp with tones galore...or use it as a great sounding bluetooth system for your library to entertain your home. truly a cool amp for what it does. Get it and use it today!

  • Mike
    from Los Angeles July 1, 2015Music Background:
    Hard Rock, Melodic Rock

    Great amp with small drawbacks

    I've had this good looking amp now for a few months and can say that the highly programmable aspect of its usage is fantastic. I have many guitars and have been able to create custom clean and distorted sounds for all of them. The models are very realistic, though I've found no real need for Line 6's presets-other than to modify them to my liking. It would be great if setting equal volume on each preset was easier, however.

    For use in studio, Line 6 claims you can use the USB interface to run direct to your PC. I can't speak to that, as I haven't used it. We've just run a double mic set up, with an SM 57 and a 421. For hard rock tones, I can't speak highly enough for what this thing can do. The tones I've gotten in studio are amazing and comparable to amp modelers costing 2-3x as much.

    The bluetooth connectivity works fantastically and this unit doubles nicely as a home stereo unit. We've actually used it in this fashion for a backyard BBQ's and house parties. Very cool. This feature would be a concern for me if I were gigging live. If you have connectivity issues, you have live playing issues. Perhaps the best thing to do in that case would be to set the 4 presets to your most usable tones?

    Finally, the only truly concerning drawback I could note is the inability to connect more speakers. If you wanted to extend your sound and add, say, a nice 2x2, it's not possible. There is no interface for that.

  • Anthony
    from Jamaica, NY USA July 29, 2014Music Background:

    Amplifi 150

    Great product all around though it's a hybrid ... With the app, even better ... Not a perfect find tone with the app, but it's close and a good start.

  • kevin
    from Nevada March 5, 2014Music Background:
    working musican, lead guitar in a couple bands

    line 6 amplifi 150

    another great innovative product by line 6. this amp is designed primarily for practice and jamming. the amp sounds on a scale of 1to10, (10 being a very good tube amp), I give it a 6.5. 6.5 in my book is good for a modeling amp. as a mp3 player it is very good. it's nice to have the tone matching for the songs on your ipad/phone to give a good base tone. the tone matching also lets have a window into basic tone design through the editor. not sure yet if I would use it live, if I did I imagine I would use with my line six fbv mkII board and have 4 basic tone set, (ie crunch, clean ,drive, lead). it's not mentioned in the literature but with the line six fbv mkII you can turn effects on and off and tune the guitar and tap modulation rates. I gave it only 4.5 because I would have liked some banks to store more than 4 tones and a looper that would store on a flash at the usb port. all in all a great product can't wait to see where the industry brings this concept to.

  • Troy J
    from Provo, UT June 13, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist, Hobbyist Home Recording Studio

    Great Amp, some bugs

    There have already been plenty of reviews on this. The amp is fantastic for in home use, and the volume can be easily adjusted to super quiet for "after hours" playing and nice and loud for jamming with the band. The features are amazing and this is a great amp for beginners and intermediate players like myself. I could echo the other reviews all day, but what you need to know is that the software is "buggy".

    The Bluetooth will go in and out intermittently if you are more than 5 feet from the amplifier. I have an iPad air and this is a consistent problem with this. Also, it's slow to load tones and songs. Some have suggested this is because of my wi-fi... I hate say this, but my wi-fi is better than yours. I have Google fiber 1 gig wi-fi upload and download and I am 15 from the network box. So its not my wi-fi. As well, half of my music library won't pull in in the Line 6 library, but they are on the iPad itself.

    While this is and inconvenience, it's not a deal breaker. This is still a great amp and the best product like it on the market. Many have mentioned using it for gigs... you could, but where this amp really shines is in the home or studio.

  • Customer
    from February 22, 2016

    Amplifi 150

    Great practice amp. Lots of built in features that you can't find anywhere else and the bluetooh works well.

  • Flowride
    from West Hills, CA March 6, 2015

    Good Amp, Great Sound, Highly Programmable

    I was looking for an amp that I could enjoy at home and utilize in studio. To me, this seemed like the perfect addition. The stereo bluetooth capabilities really helped as a selling point, as my family utilizes this as a listening device with regularity. That feature alone has been great for us. Add to that the fact that it's one powerful, versatile amp, and you've got a winner. I was seriously concerned about the tones, as the ones I checked out online weren't the best. However, I've been able to muster some mighty nice metal tones, as well as some Police/U2 style delay tones on my own. Within an hour of having this properly updated, I had a crunchy tone that serves well for rhythm or lead and it has served me well in studio.

    The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because it took a minute to figure out why the firmware update wasn't working. Moreover, the app takes a minute to get the hang of. Finally, I don't like the fact that you have to dole out another $100 for the FBV pedal.

    Kudos to David Snyder, my Sweetwater rep, who deals with my constant badgering for information! He always delivers.

    from United States March 3, 2015Music Background:

    AMPLIFI 150


  • Joe Burkel
    from Waconia, MN December 31, 2016Music Background:
    Warhol's Theory, BlueJoker, and The SkullProject

    Good, Not Great Amp

    This is NOT a gigging amp. But it is a great practice amp. If you want something simple, but is very versatile and affordable, then this amp is just what you're looking for. The iOS integration is well done, but do NOT upgrade the iOS device you use to iOS 10. the AMPLIFi app does NOT work with it. Shame that it seems Line 6 is not updating the app to make sure the amp does not become obsolete. Because without the app integration, there isn't much you can do wth it.

    I also use it in my studio for demo tracks plugged right into Logic Pro X on my Mac via USB. It works seamlessly.

  • Justin Reagin
    from Lafayette, IN April 16, 2014Music Background:


    For a multi-purpose beast, this thing does really well. I own the 150 watt version. I had been looking for mainly a bluetooth speaker for my iPad that had some beef, this fit that nicely, especially compared to most of the speakers people use these days that are tiny. When I saw this at Guitar Center on the last visit and talked to a saleman about it, I decided to look it up. After shopping around a bit, I found a minty demo version here at sweetwater. As stated in one of the other reviews, the user library has a lot of tones that blow, but some are pretty close. The potential with it is pretty stellar. It sounds really nice with the music, and the blend feature is nice for when you're playing along with the tunes. The guitar tones, if you're looking for pure amp, leave something to be desired in my opinion, when contrasted with my Rhodes Artemis or my Orange OR15. There is no replacement for tubes when playing the rock and metal stuff. I wouldn't be ashamed to gig with it in a pinch, and it offers tons of fun for messing around at home and playing with tone ideas. Not a bad deal for the low price tag these carry, especially when considering some of the bigger bluetooth speakers carry a pricetage not far from this, or even in excess without the added versatility of the guitar amp feature.

  • Will Crash
    from December 10, 2016

    Nice practice amp

    First, I see all these 5 stars. Makes me wonder. This is a great practice amp. With that said, it does work great when I play acoustic shows with my band. It sounds ok, is very light, and I don't have to haul around my real amp for small shows that don't really require blazing guitars. Now as a practice amp, it is actually pretty cool. Does what I need and easy to use. Also, I can bt my iPad in when I need to learn new songs or solos. So for that it does it's job...but by no means would I ever....ever gig a full show with this.

  • Mesamanandmo
    from Cleveland Yes I admit it October 13, 2015Music Background:
    I am Experienced as Mr Hendrix would say

    Very Good Practice amp!

    As a practice amp, it is pretty decent. In "My Opinion" not a Live rig or Recording rig!
    It has it's place but more a toy, than the REAL Thing! For example if "YOU REALLY want to SOUND JUST like David Gilmour?"
    You are going to be spending thousands to get there!


  • Carl Lockman
    from New York December 29, 2014Music Background:

    Amplifi 150 Sounds Good

    Before I start my review just want to say I received the usual outstanding service once again from Sweetwater.

    Received my Amplifi 150 at the end of November and have used it almost every day since then.
    The Good: The sound quality of bluetooth music playback is very good. It sounds almost as good as my Bose system. Most of the guitar tones sound great and are limitless with 100 presets, cloud downloads and your own creations. Even with limited PC experience, the firmware update was easy and straight forward. The Line 6 firmware utility really automates the process. You also can do the update via tablet and bluetooth but with the unstable bluetooth connectivity I would not trust that route.

    The Not So Good: Tone matching from the cloud is one feature I thought would be better. I was a bit disappointed with tone matching of 70's hits from Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Elton John, Grateful Dead and Hall & Oates. I feel many of the tones in POD Farm are better so slowly, I'm creating tones using POD Farm as a reference. I have also used both IOS and Android remote apps. Both are VERY POORLY designed with NO user manual. Both require many screen changes and constant repeat steps to return to previous screens. If you do a song or artist search and want to return to that song or artist you have to enter it again. The bluetooth connectivity is unstable with both apps if you attempt to multitask with any other app. Android on my Galaxy Tab S works better than my 2nd generation IPAD for multitasking.

    Summary: If you are looking for a great sounding practice jam amp with tone creation Amplifi is one to consider. I can only hope as time passes both apps will be refined and Line 6 will incorporate user suggestions with each app update. I will be happy to add starts if Line 6 improves the apps.

  • Justin Reagin
    from Lafayette, IN September 12, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, gear junkie, enthusiast, collector

    Amplifi 150

    For being a solid state hydra, it's not bad. There are good amp models and effects lurking here, as well as some very good tone models of songs if one is willing to spend a little time sifting through the other user uploads, which are pretty awful both as a match and overall. Me, being a tube guy, when comparing the high gain tones to my Rhodes/KSR Artemis, it's lacking, but at this price point, what can you expect? It could still be useable live in a pinch. What sold me on this was the Bluetooth full range speakers for music. I was fed up with the mp3 world of speakers that gave no beef to the songs. This puts the thump back into Enter Sandman, and gives a nice spectrum to the music. While not being comparable to the old hi-fi stereos in fidelity, it's still a very serviceable tool for jamming out at home, be it with a guitar or blasting your favorite albums. Not a bad investment.

    from BURNSVILLE, NC February 9, 2016

    NOT FOR ME. . .



    BUT. . . HOWEVER. . . CONSIDER . . .


  • Ken
    from Houston, TX October 28, 2014Music Background:
    Experienced Hobbyists

    Depends on the Tones You Want. Metal = Yeah. Blues = Blah.

    To me, this could be either a very good purchase or a bad one. Depending on what you want from it. For my style, it just is not a good fit. But I definitely see scenarios where this amp could be a very good value. Nobody can deny the attractiveness of the idea. It is truly innovative.

    THE GOOD: Wonderful concept. Excellent as a music player. It's not a Bose, but it is good. I was able to stream music from Google Play successfully.

    THE BAD: I had constant bluetooth connectivity issues. Every time you switch apps, bluetooth drops. The iOS app, while well conceived, I did not find that intuitive to use. I could not get the app to allow me to build a tone from the ground up. I could download tones from the cloud and tweak them from there, but I wanted to build from the ground up and had very little luck with that. Just couldn't figure it out. Maybe I'm dense. I was HIGHLY disappointed to find the USB to be non-functional. I have an early generation POD that I love for direct recording and I was expecting that with this amp but no.

    I was able to get some good high gain tones out of the amp, but unfortunately, that is not my primary taste in tone. I play blues and was hoping to find convincing models of the cleaner (Fender) amps and early Marshalls. These sorts of tones are just not there at all. When playing high gain, I find that things like touch sensitivity, harmonic overtones, etc are less important. Heck, EMG pickups are pretty sterile on their own. But Strats are another animal. And this amp just doesn't let a Strat shine.

    I happen to own an original 1964 Blackface Deluxe reverb amp. I tried them side by side with the BFDR model selected on the AMPLIFi. The AMPLIFi is NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. to the real thing. It has no "chime". It has very poor pick dynamics. Distortion from the AMPLIFi has the character of a distortion pedal with gain turned down rather than like the BFDR, where one can easily control breakup even with pick attach alone. Amplify has no sag. No "feel." It's just not even close. The AMPLIFi is totally sterile and artificial by comparison.

    I'm sorry, but it's just not even close for cleaner tones.

    Maybe this is a function of being in amp form. I must say that my old old POD xt DOES make convincing low gain tones for direct recording. I use it all the time. But it just doesn't come out of the speakers that way on the AMPLIFi.

    If I were playing Korn and Metallica, I think this amp would be a no brainer. But for blues it just didn't do it for me. I can do so much more with my BFDR and stompboxes.

    If you want to thrash, get it. If you want to play SRV, then, it's just not there.

  • Charlie
    from Dallas Tx April 9, 2014Music Background:
    Studio/live/party entertainer/jamm with friends

    New Line 6 Amp

    It would be nice if y'all had a professional go through and set up simulations in the library -the chicken heads that are filling up the library tones are really really bad -you spend a lot of time swimming too bad tones in the public library is frustrating and it takes a lot of time do some professional ones and set them aside someway. I find myself using a lot of patients and being easily frustrated with this app. I still love the idea of it though because this is so me I do play with the radio all the time

  • Rick Leonard
    from Encino (Los Angeles), CA USA March 15, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Baby Boomer

    Great promise with less than perfect execution

    For me, the jury is still out on the AmpliFi 150. After seeing the AmpliFi 150 in the Line6 booth at NAMM in January 2014, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this. I received the package safely last Saturday (BTW, thanks to Sweetwater for their typical quick delivery and great 24 month financing). Have been playing with it since.

    Background: I am not a lifelong guitar player...I took it up at age 50 about 8 years ago, and play strictly for pleasure. I enjoy playing classic rock, typically to cranked-up music playing through my computer monitors. Generally, I run my Strat or LP through a Line6 Pod HD Pro (connected to a Mac to easily control the multiple effects) to a Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb (that has been modded with Mercury Magnetics transformers). I love the sound (although my wife sometimes complains about the sound level!). The reason I was excited about the AmpliFi was the ability to slim down the equipment load...just play everything through one device with just one wire (the instrument cable between guitar and amp). The iOS concept really appealed to me. So the concept sold me. (And the looks didn't hurt).

    Note: At NAMM, very difficult to really evaluate the sound, due to the ambient levels throughout the convention center!.

    Evaluation so far.
    1. Sound: Great for pre-recorded music. As in, playing your iPhone music through the AmpliFi sounds great. Playing guitar through the AmpliFi...not so much. I bought the 150 instead of the 75 because I was worried about the low frequencies of the smaller speaker, but the 150 just sounds muddy to me in lows and mids, and the highs don't seem well defined. After playing through the 65DRRI, this doesn't come close.

    2. The controls. I do like the simplicity of the controls on the amp itself.
    However, the amp seems to have bluetooth connectivity issues (i.e., connection to iPhone or iPad is unreliable) and it's unclear to me what the bluetooth indicator/light means, since despite its "lit" condition, it is sometime connected and sometimes not.

    3. The App. Hopefully this will get improved. The app accesses your music library in order to play it through the AmpliFi. However, if you use iTunes Match, and keep your music in the cloud, you are seriously out of luck. The app will not access music in the cloud, so if you want to play along with music (my primary reason for buying it, from a functional standpoint), you have to download the song...a tedious process at best. Line6 should have negotiated a deal with Apple to work this out. As noted above, also, the app also has puzzling connectivity issues. I'm not sure what the bug is, but from time to time the AmpliFi app drops connectivity.

    4. The tones: The AmpliFi advertising claims that it has thousands of matching tones. The concept is, you put on a tune from your music library, and the AmpliFi app will go to the cloud, and pull out tone settings for that song...thus your guitar will match that of the guitar in the song. The problem is the lack of tones. I put on "Honey Don't" by the Beatles (which features a country feel) and the app offers a whole FOUR tones, including the solo from Helter Skelter. Put on any Beatles song through the app, and you get the same four tones from which to choose. Okay, well maybe the Beatles were a great band, but maybe not for Line6. So I put on a Cream song, Sunshine of Your Love, and actually got 4 Cream tones, including two specific to Sunshine of Your Love. But they were the same four tones regardless of which Cream song I played through the app. Not what I was hoping for.

    Bottom line, I love the idea of this hybrid amp. But as with most hybrids, everything is kind of mediocre. $500 is too much for mediocre. I want to look forward to playing, and instead I find myself approaching the AmpliFi with hesitation due to the challenges of the bluetooth and lack of tones.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    Winter NAMM saw Line 6 unveil a brand-new line of guitar amplifiers designed to take the at-home market by storm (though they're also gig ready). At first look, the AMPLIFi amplifiers are self-contained stereo guitar amps with four modeled tones onboard. You're given the standard gain, volume, and tone controls for customizing those sounds. Simple enough, on the surface!

    But under the hood, there's a ton going on! First of all, AMPLIFi can connect to your iOS device, where an app lets you deep-edit tones, access hundreds of onboard sounds, and even share your custom sounds with other users via the Cloud. And, you can use the Amplifi app to find tones that match the tones heard in popular recordings. Need a Van Halen tone to play "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love"? Or maybe you want to channel Angus Young for some AC/DC? No problem, the app can find what you need and download it to your AMPLIFi.

    What's more AMPLIFi can play back music via bluetooth, in full-range stereo glory, so you can use it to play along while you practice or even take it out on the back patio to provide music playback for cookouts this summer. There are two woofers and two tweeters onboard, which play the stereo music and also deliver onboard effects in stereo. The unaffected guitar tone always plays through a dedicated 12" guitar speaker, so you're basically running a wet-dry-wet rig all in one box.

    I tried the AMPLIFi 150, and it rocks, pure and simple. Plenty of power, but lightweight, with a d?cor-friendly look. Whether for playing back music, practicing with songs, jamming around the house, or performing at gigs, this amp kills it. Line 6 also makes the AMPLIFi 75, which is more compact, with less power. It's a great choice if you're looking for an AMPLIFi solution for smaller spaces.

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