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RJM Music Amp Gizmo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the RJM Music Amp Gizmo?

Questions about the RJM Music Amp Gizmo?

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  • from Palmyra, VA September 5, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging guitarist

    Intuitive and Easy

    I use the Amp Gizmo with a Boss GT-100 or GT-10 and a Mesa Mark V so that I can seamlessly change amp channels when I change patches on those units.

    When I received the unit, I immediately took it to rehearsal and hooked it up. Didn't even read the manual. Didn't need to. It was so intuitive to use that no instructions were necessary. A great little device that didn't distract me from playing.

    The TRS relays on the back in addition to the proprietary RJM DIN jack are a great addition because you don't need to rely on a custom cable.

  • from Burbank, CA USA June 30, 2011Music Background:
    What I lack in talent, I make up for in volume and feedback!

    Very useful and easy to use.

    I purchased the Amp Gizmo in order to simplify the patch- and channel-switching in my guitar rig. I currently use a Boss GT-10 through a Mesa Boogie Roadster, and I was able to integrate and program the Amp Gizmo into my rig in a very short time. The Amp Gizmo allows me to program channel selection at the same time I change patches on the GT-10. It uses a MIDI signal from the GT-10 to signal the Amp Gizmo to change any parameter formerly controlled by the footswitch. It completely eliminates the Mesa footswitch, and combines what was two button choices into one.

    I lose the flexibility of being able to choose the amp channel for a given patch, but that's more than made up for in being able to program entire song pallets, along with channel selection, across a bank on the GT-10. This is important, since I'm the only guitar in a bar band and need to switch patches and channels seamlessly.

    The only down side is the cost of the proprietary cable from the Amp Gizmo to the amplifier of choice; however the alternative is a very messy pile of patch cables. They could also have thrown in a MIDI cable, which is also necessary to make the thing work.

Questions about the RJM Music Amp Gizmo?

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