elysia alpha compressor

2-channel Compressor with Discrete Class a Circuitry, Integrated M/S Matrix, Feed-forward/Feedback Compression, Soft Clip Limiter, and Sidechain Filter
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elysia alpha compressor image 1
elysia alpha compressor image 1
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elysia alpha compressor
Special Order

You've Never Used a Compressor Like This One!

Rocking innovative features and uncompromising sonic quality, the elysia alpha compressor gives you a potent tool for controlling dynamics. With onboard M/S processing, parallel compression, and limiters, as well as sidechain and audio filters, the two-channel alpha compressor is, in fact, so powerful, we'd say it sets new standards for enhancing any kind of audio material, whether you're tracking, mixing, or mastering. When it comes to compression, Sweetwater engineers are rather picky, and they've wholeheartedly embraced the elysia alpha compressor - not only as a supremely effective "fix-it" device, but as a superb creative sound-shaping tool. We're confident you will, too.

elysia alpha compressor at a Glance:
  • Unimagined options for mastering and mixing
  • Amazing feature set gives you unprecedented sound-sculpting capabilities
  • 100% discrete analog circuitry for optimum signal quality
Unimagined options for mastering and mixing

There's a often a fine line between dynamics "correction" (however euphonic) and the creative sound shaping offered by full-featured devices that give you more extensive sound-sculpting options. The elysia alpha compressor not only has eat-it-with-a-spoon sonics that rival the very best vintage and modern compressors we've used, but it offers control that goes way beyond just about any compressor that's come through our studios. Its enhanced functions exceed the potential of "mere-mortal" compressors by far and give you unimagined options for mastering and mixing. The alpha compressor achieves perfect processing results across all genres of music and provides the "glue" that is a halmark of radio-ready hits.

Amazing feature set gives you unprecedented sound-sculpting capabilities

Among the alpha compressor's boatload of eminently useable features, is an integrated M/S matrix that lets you process mid and side signals, opening up completely new processing options. You can also choose between feed-forward or feedback compression for each channel individually. The alpha compressor's sidechain filter lets you avoid complex routings in favor of an efficient workflow. A handy Signal Matrix lets direct and processed signals be monitored individually or together. There's much more - we could go on, but suffice to say that there are so many cool, truly useful features onboard the alpha compressor, that it will, without a doubt, become your definitive go-to device for dynamics control.

100% discrete analog circuitry for optimum signal quality

In true elysia fashion, the circuit design of the museq consists of 100% discrete analog technology that delivers outstanding sonic openness and clarity. No ICs here! All the signal processing is handled by single transistors in permanent Class A mode; even the sidechain and power supply use discrete circuits. All components are of the highest caliber available and hand-picked for their sonic excellence. Such rapt attention to quality and detail is standard operating procedure for elysia; they know the results will be optimum signal quality, even at extreme settings.

elysia alpha compressor Features:
  • 100% Discrete Class A - all discrete circuitry with no integrated circuits
  • Integrated M/S Matrix - lets you process mid and side signals, opening up completely new options
  • Feed-forward and Feedback - type of compression can be chosen for each channel individually
  • Auto Fast - switchable semi-automation that always provides perfect attack and release
  • Niveau Filter - lets you easily form the tonal characteristics of a track
  • Sidechain Filter - onboard frequency-selective compression, for an effective workflow
  • Parallel Compression - direct and the compressed signal can be blended in any desired relationship
  • Signal Matrix - direct and processed signals can be monitored individually or together (L/R or Mid/Side)
  • Soft Clip Limiter - tames short and loud transients, smoothens signal peaks; protects your converters from clipping
  • Switchable Transformers - want the sound of iron? This option is switchable
  • Analog Dynamic LED Meter - GR meter modulates LED brightness to show compressor action
  • Passive Current Attenuator - custom discrete gain reduction cell provides speed, bandwidth, and superior sound
  • T16 Heater - keeps sensitive parts of discrete circuitry at stable temperatures, protecting against parameter aberrations
  • Stepped, Matched Potentiometers - 23-step pots, matched in stereo pairs
  • VOVOX Sound Conductors - solid core internal audio cabling, for vivid, dynamic, punchy sonics
  • Handcrafted in elysia's factory in Nettetal, Germany
Step up to elysia quality with the inimitable alpha compressor!

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Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2
Frequency Response 10Hz-200kHz
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR
Rack Spaces 3U
Height 5.3"
Depth 16"
Width 19"
Weight 35 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 991001

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