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Focal Alpha 65 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor Reviews

4.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Focal Alpha 65 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor?

Questions about the Focal Alpha 65 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor?

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  • Tyler Berggren

    As soon as I heard the Focal Alpha 65 monitors, I knew I would have to add these to my studio. Forget the price, these are outstanding! The top end is crystal clear, but never harsh. The bottom end is punchy, powerful, and outperforms most 8-inch monitors I've heard. Most importantly, the midrange is extremely well defined. I've always felt like I was guessing when working with upper and lower midrange frequenices on most 2-way monitors, but with my Alpha 65s I'm confident in every move I make. Stereo imagining is perfect as well. The entire Alpha series is in a class of its own.

  • Andy Miller

    I'm a huge fan of Focal's higher-end monitors, so when I saw the price of the Focal Alpha 65, I assumed it couldn't compare. But, after putting them up against a CMS set, I have to admit that the Alpha 65s are remarkably balanced and detailed. The critical midrange as smooth and detailed as I'd expect a much more expensive monitor to be, and the highs don't ring or rasp. I also get that magical "third speaker" effect in the sweet spot, which is a sign of a quality studio monitor.

  • Al Boogie
    from Bay Area California April 19, 2017Music Background:

    Love these monitors

    I love how the sounds cut through the other speakers to serve as the designated speakers for mixing. Before I bought these, I went to a store to compare different monitors. I heard the standard classics, and these by far stood out. The sounds were tight and distinctive. It allows me to really zero in on what I'm mixing and can distinguish what it is I'm listening to. Love these! I got a pair.

  • Doug Hintz
    from Minnesota April 18, 2017

    Studio Monitors

    These are perfect. Just perfect.

  • jim curnutte
    from wv April 11, 2017

    Well worth the wait.

    Been looking for a quality monitor that represents what I hear when I hear music in my head. I was about ready to return them do to I think I went over board buying equipment lately. I decided to at least give them another listen and I decided to keep the,. So glad I did.
    Jim Curnutte aka TRONS_242

  • Scott
    from Chicago, IL February 28, 2017


    I always had 8" monitors, and I was tired of my mid heavy mixes. I wanted a 6-7" monitor, and I wanted something better than Mackie's and KRK. Took a chance on the Focals and I couldn't be hsappier. The mid range is so clear and present, and there's as much bass as my 8" monitors, but tighter. I did have a problem with one of the drivers after a year, but it was under warranty and Sweetwater was great. It's shocking these are only $800 for the pair. They sound so much more expensive.

  • Gerardo R Lopez
    from December 21, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Sound Engineer

    Great Quality for the buck!!!

    I got this speakers after a lot of reading and advice from my sweetwater sales specialist Brian VanDeKeree. When you turn them on bass is a little tight but after several hours of brake-in, the speakers blossom in to their sound.
    Hi frequencies well balanced, good mids and nice and round low end. I'm a professional sound engineer and bought this speakers to work at home. At this price range look no more...

  • Erick Martiz
    from April 26, 2016

    Pretty good and beautiful sound

    Just what you need if you have a small studio or a home studio, full range of frequencies and good low end

  • Michael Hennessy
    from CT September 6, 2015Music Background:
    Audiophile and French horn player

    Focal 65 Second Review

    Earlier I had a small complaint about treble clipping on SACDs. But, I changed the sensitivity setting. Problem solved. FIVE stars. I put my AE-1s from 1988 into retirement. FANTASTIC speakers.

  • Paul Searcey
    from Casper, WY July 1, 2015Music Background:
    Retired choir teacher, now Tech Director at church

    Great for small control room

    Bought the Alpha 65 for mains in our church recording studio. The room is treated with Auralex according to their design. Right out of the box the Alphas measured almost flat from 60 to 17 KHz. Adding a little boost with the treble shelving gave me flat response to 19 KHz and adding the CMS Sub from Focal brought the low end up. There was a bump at 100 Hz, but that was due to the room mode.
    The Alpha 65 replaced some passive Earthworks Sigma 6.2 that could no longer do anything above 9KHz. I like how clear they are, flat, and the power down when a signal is absent is a great feature.

  • Ed
    from Thomson, GA April 10, 2015Music Background:
    Producer, engineer, musician for 50 years

    Awesome monitors

    I took a chance on these monitors. I studied the specs on all of the choices in this price range and decided on these. I was thinking about getting the 8" ones to get the little bit of extra bass response. My studio is in a small room so I decided to go with these. I am so glad I did. These have plenty of low end response. The amplifiers have plenty of power for what I need in a near field monitor. Mixing on these is an absolute joy. They are so clear that every instrument can be heard in the mix which makes my mixing decisions easier as I no longer have to second guess what my monitors may be hiding from me. The quality is evident just from looking at these monitors. I was impressed by how well made they are. I highly recommend these monitors for anyone looking in a moderate price range.

  • Customer
    from Nashville, TN April 1, 2015

    Focal Alpha 65

    The clarity of these is really remarkable. Subtle nuances that had not been noticeable are now quite apparent. I recommend them without reservation.

  • Sunny Heartley
    from Somewhere outside Sedona AZ. January 19, 2015Music Background:
    50 year veteran of performance, recording, and teaching music of all kinds.

    Focal 65 don't need anything else

    These are the best sounding speakers I've owned so far, and probably will be using these far into the future. No need for a sub woofer..the bass is tight and very succinct, mods are all there as well, high end ....brilliant. These folks know how to build a speaker....they sound great!

  • Moses Andrews III
    from SC March 28, 2017

    Alpha 65

    These speakers are absolutely amazing! There are a few frequencies that drop out or are boosted where they need not be. Instead of going down to 40 Hz, they go down to 42 Hz. There are also boosts around higher frequencies in random places. Maybe I just need to break them in a bit more. I'd recommend them to anyone!

  • charley whitson
    from Tukwila, WA July 12, 2014Music Background:

    Focal alpha 65

    These are great for the price I was really shocked at just how good they are don't buy any other monitors under a grand without hearing these first

  • Michael Hennessy
    from Branford CT July 14, 2015Music Background:
    French horn player

    Focal 65

    These are fantastic except for one thing: the tweeters are underpowered. I listen to classical only and the tweeters clip on Bach cantatas (?!) and the Britten violin concerto (more understandable perhaps). So, don't play uncompressed classical or SACDs too loud! (I don't use them for monitoring, so can't speak to that application). Also, I love the way they look and their really classy industrial design: MUCH better than the pictures suggest.

  • Rev
    from New York. NY March 13, 2017

    Good translation and bass extension, but some issues

    So far everything I’ve mixed on these translates great, no issues there at all. Bass goes down nice and deep too. I demo'd the Alpha 80's but bought the 65's as the 80's IMO suffered from poor midrange response in favor of even deeper bass response. Anyhow, I do have a few qualms with them. First, auto power-off is really annoying! Especially because when you turn them on at first the light is on as if they are on and active but you still have to send a decent level signal to them before the amps kick in and provide sound. So what that means is I have to start playing a song, then when the monitors kick on have to replay from the beginning. They really should have a way to disable this "feature". Secondly, due to the plastic sides these things audibly creak and crack (not physically of course) pretty darn loudly! Sometimes I'll be at my computer and all is quiet and a loud "SNAP" sound from one of the speakers can actually startle you. This mainly happens when the heat comes up and the monitors react to the room temp change. Never had that with my Dynaudio's or Adam's as they're all solid wood. I also have a small bit of laminate bubbling around the woofer mounting ring on one speaker that appears to be from poor glue distribution under the laminate. I've seen this as well on some other people's online pics. Doesn't affect performance, only appearance. So, overall they do the job well but have some small issues.

  • gary ambrosino
    from tewksbury, MA March 9, 2016

    Disappointing Quality

    I would not recommend these speakers. They are cheap copies of the better focal products and poorly constructed.

    These are very good sounding studio monitors and have done a good job for me over 30 or so song mixes.

    I am extremely disappointed in the speakers quality. One of the pair I purchased developed a bad mechanical rattle at 240 hz or so. Examining the interior of the bass port with my finger I found an obvious defect - looks like a misdirected screw. Guess this should have never left the factory.

    What I found from looking at these speakers is that the enclosure is actually assembled from plastic parts and some wood, but 3 or 4 different parts screwed together. Most monitors I have had in the past have been much sturdier construction.

    The problem I'm having is because these parts weren't screwed together very well.

    So if I could, I'd just return these for a much better constructed set of monitors. Since I can't, I'm stuck with having to send one away to get it repaired at a certified repair depot - - 2 to 3 week punch out in my project schedule.

  • Nadine Van Hees
    from Washington February 11, 2015Music Background:
    professional musician

    Focal Alpha 65 speakers

    These speakers turn themselves off constantly. It's a real problem. I think they're supposed to come back on automatically when I hit play, but that's not what's happening. I'm extremely unhappy about the fact that ever since I purchased them, I've had mysterious loss of sound from my brand spanking new system. They weigh a TON. When they are working they sound awesome. But only having been able to hear sound out of them probably 6 times, I'm pretty disappointed to say the least.

  • Alex
    from December 31, 2015Music Background:
    Studio head

    Don't fall for the hype

    Decided to try these out based on all of the great reviews. These monitors were severely disappointing to say the least. Bass is way over hyped. Zero mid range definition. If you're into muddy over hyped sound these maybe for you. If you're looking for any sort of flat response and accuracy stay clear of these.

Questions about the Focal Alpha 65 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor?

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