Audio Ease All In Bundle Plug-in Bundle No Longer Available

Plug-in Effects Software Suite with Altiverb 7, Speakerphone, Nautilus Bundle, Rocket Science Bundle, and Snapper - Mac, AAX, VST, RTAS, AU
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Audio Ease All In Bundle Plug-in Bundle image 1
Audio Ease All In Bundle Plug-in Bundle image 1

Sorry, the Audio Ease All In Bundle Plug-in Bundle is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Audio Ease All In Bundle Plug-in Bundle
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A Full-on Software Collection for Your Mac - A Great Value!

The All In Bundle lets you take advantage of Audio Ease's top-notch offerings for the Mac system - at a discount over $500 dollars! Enjoy premium convolution reverb thanks to Altiverb 7, or, use Speakerphone to place your audio through a huge assortment of speakers and environments. The Audio Ease All In Bundle also includes Snapper, the ultra handy Mac Finder-based audio tool, and the Nautilus and Rocket Science bundles for some serious sonic possibilities. The Audio Ease All in Bundle offers stellar plug-ins at a great value!

Audio Ease All In Bundle at a Glance
  • Altiverb 7
  • Speakerphone
  • Nautilus Bundle
  • Rocket Science Bundle
  • Snapper

Altiverb 7
Use Audio Ease Altiverb 7 convolution reverb plug-in uses top quality samples of real spaces to create amazing reverbs. New upgrades include impulse response browser, improved channel configuration options, higher supported sample rates, and more snapshot memories for instant recall of parameter settings. Altiverb also offers a 4-band EQ, tailored for reverb, that's based on the 1950s Baxandall used and applauded by Bob Katz, George Massenburg, and the likes.

The AudioEase Speakerphone speaker and environment emulator plug-in lets you call up sounds ranging from bullhorns to vintage amps, walkie-talkies to crackly telephones. You can select from a huge selection of environments, effects, and samples to put some real-world grit and vibe into your recordings. Add dial tones, static, distortion, convolution reverb, and many more textures via hundreds of presets and comprehensive controls. Not simply a great speaker-emulation plug-in, Speakerphone excels in putting your track inside of realistic environments.

Nautilus Bundle
The Nautilus Bundle includes three MIDI controllable and automatable audio plug-ins for seriously powerful results. First, there's RiverRun, a Granular Soundscape Synthesizer capable of oozing immense sonic oceans of tiny particles taken from your original audio. It can build rythmic textures, wide harmonic soundscapes, and it can zoom in on your fragment by stretching it by a factor of up to 200. Next, there's PeriScope, a flexible and phase-correct 32 band equalizer that offers incredibly sharp +36 to -144 dB bands. Plus, a real-time frequency analysis is displayed directly beneath your faders so you can grab your audio exactly where you see it. And, finally, Deep Phase Nine is a true phaser that offers unprecedented control and visual feedback. Up to 24 notches per channel, beat locked sample and hold, one-shots, a true phaser (not a flanger!) done the Audio Ease way.

Rocket Science Bundle
Like the Nautilus Bundle, the Rocket Science Bundle offers three MIDI controllable and automatable plug-ins. First in the lineup is the way-cool Roger - it lets you apply human vowel filters to your audio. Next is Follo that dynamically adjusts the peak of a resonating bandpass filter according to the level of the incoming audio - you might use it as an autowah on guitar, or as a thumping resonating bass generator. Last, there's Orbit for full-on control of the virtual position of your sound source. t accurately calculates the sound source's reflections of the walls of a virtual "outer room", using the exact amount of delay and attenuation for the direct sound and all reflections alike. Useit as a physicallly correct panner, select from preset source trajectories, or create them yourself via live MIDI control or parameter automation.

This cool little application works as a team with the Mac Finder. Whenever you select any of your audio files, Snapper appears immediately right beneath that window, showing you the wave form and giving you a host of options right then and there. You can quickly preview the file, upload it to your Pro Tools session, or convert it to another file format as easily as dragging and dropping. Opening over 50 sound file formats, Snapper will quickly become your go-to solution for audio previewing and file conversions - and it's so useful you'll hardly remember what your Mac was like without it.

Audio Ease All In Bundle Features:
  • Altiverb 7
  • Speakerphone
  • Nautilus Bundle: RiverRun, PeriScope, Deep Phase Nine
  • Rocket Science Bundle: Roger, Follo, Orbit
  • Snapper
  • Mac only
  • This version does not support TDM or 5.1, but the All In Bundle XL does
The Audio Ease All In Bundle is a sweet software suite for the Mac!

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