BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp Pedal

Acoustic Instrument Preamp with 3-band EQ, Low-frequency Notch Filter, Phase Revers, Ground Lift, Pre/Post Switchable DI, and Effects Loop
BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp Pedal image 1
BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp Pedal image 1
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BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp Pedal
Special Order

Take the Stage with great Plugged-in Tone!

The BBE Acoustimax acoustic instrument preamp takes the plugged-in sound of your instrument to the next level! This flexible preamp also serves as a direct box, so it's a useful stage box for virtually any instrument. You get a 3-band EQ for tone shaping, and a low-frequency notch filter to fight feedback-causing frequencies. The Acoustimax is built tough in true BBE fashion, so you know you can count on it onstage. Best of all, the Acoustimax features BBE's acclaimed Sonic Maximizer technology, so you can add some sparkle and pizazz to spice up your tone! If you want a great plugged-in acoustic sound with plenty of tone-shaping capability, get the BBE Acoustimax acoustic instrument preamp.

BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp at a Glance:
  • Powerful EQ
  • Built-in Sonic Maximizer
  • Road ready
Powerful EQ:

BBE's Acoustimax gives you two powerful EQ tools to enhance your tone. You get a 3-band EQ with a sweepable midrange to fine-tune your sound. One you're dialed in, you can use the low-frequency notch filter to keep feedback at bay - you'll still get amazing tone, and low frequencies won't cause your instrument to start moaning like a banshee!

Built-in Sonic Maximizer:

BBE's Sonic Maximizer technology has been a favorite tool for everything from adding spice to a solo to brightening up an instrument with dull strings. Thanks to the Acoustimax's built-in Sonic Maximizer, you'll have yet another tool to customize your acoustic tone.

Road ready:

The BBE Acoustimax is built tough so you won't hesitate to take it on the road with you. And with the feedback-fighting notch filter and balanced DI output with signal pad, the Acoustimax is ready to be your go-to preamp for live use with any acoustic-electric instrument.

BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp Features:
  • A rugged preamp/DI with stage-friendly features like 3-band EQ, Sonic Maximizer, and TRS effects loop
  • Low-frequency notch filter helps you tame feedback on-stage
  • Built-in Sonic Maximizer lets you add sparkle and excitement to any instrument
  • Built-in effects loop makes it easy for you to customize your signal chain
  • Maximum flexibility with separate outputs for DI, Line Out, Effects Loop, and Tuner
The BBE Acoustimax acoustic instrument preamp sets the stage for great tone!

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Additional Media

Acoustimax Acoustic Instrument Preamp Pedal User Manual
Studio Preamp Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number Acousti-Max

Customer Reviews

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A really nice preamp!

I'm 'blown away' by the value on this thing. Great EQ, Notch filter, Sonic Max, input and output levels, pre/post DI, tuner out...separate line out, efx loop, built tough. I really can't find anything to complain about except maybe the power supply would be nice to have integrated instead of a wall wart...but hey, it's a be expected. What kills me is that I put off and put off buying this thing not being sure I wanted to risk it...then bought it and about 2 weeks later the price went from $119 to $199. Glad I didn't wait any longer. Now I'm wishing I'd bought two at that time. Still, for what you get at $199...probably will get another before long. Super great pedal and a great component for any acoustic player. Oh, and a mute switch...for when unplugging, killing feedback between songs on a loudly monitored stage.
Music background: live sound engineer, worship guitarist, small studio

After Trying Many Many Others, This is STILL the ONE.

I have used these for the past 6 years in our church. Sound men AND tone junkies love this thing. We've used it for acoustic guitars, acoustic basses, violins, mandolins, classical guitars, and even a banjo. If it's an acoustic instrument with a pickup (the LR Baggs Radius is great on both violin and mandolin, btw), then the Acoustimax has proven week after week to be the answer. It's tone surpasses other offerings from Fishman and Baggs, and nothing I've ever tried is as versatile. What's so surprising to me is that this unit has basically flown under the radar. I am very much the perfectionist when it comes to tone, and I have never been disappointed. The sound guys love them because they avoid live, open mics on stage with a band, yet if the pickup on the instrument is good, then the tone just soars. All of the adjustments available (ground, 12db pad, phase, pre/post EQ, etc) mean that all of these instruments can be dialed in. Tuner out, silent MUTE switch, and maximizer on/off etc. This is one great preamp. We currently have four of them, and I think BBE is going to stop making them soon. Stock on them in many places is dwindling. I've tried so many other options, and the only thing I've liked better for my personal acoustic is an Avalon U5, but it's not great on other instruments, AND it costs $600. I use the BBE on my Taylor 12-string, and it also is used on an Alvarez 6-string and a violin each week. No FOH engineer should be without 2-3 of these. Can't say enough about this pedal, other than get one while you can. You will not be sorry.
Music background: Worship Pastor, recording, guitar teacher, tone junkie

A Sweet Piece of Gear!

I bought this to place between my hollowbody archtop guitar (with floating pickup) and my amp. So, two things were important to me. First, I wanted a notch filter to tame some of the wild feedback. Second, I wanted a quality EQ to shape the sound before it hit the amp. I got exactly what I needed with this unit, and so much more! What I'm finding to be most impressive is the sound from DI to my DAW audio interface. It's warm and articulate and the EQ and Sonic Maximizer provide an amazing amount of sound shaping flexibility. I'll be doing a lot of recording using this setup!

Take the bananas out of your ears

I have this for a few years now. Built like a tank. Amazing levels of details at low volume. So you sound huge without ear fatigue. Some of my audience surely noticed, even folks without great ear could tell, and felt compelled to comment about the clarity of the sound.
Music background: Performer, composer, Film and theater, teacher

Excellent Pedal

I purchased this pedal about a month ago and have been thoroughly impressed. It is exactly what I needed: a direct box, mute switch, preamp, and EQ all-in-one, plus the BBE Sonic Maximizer. The EQ and preamp work exactly as expected; the features such as DI out, ground lift, pad, and mute switch make it convenient to play at nearly any show under various conditions. The tuner out/effects loop work well too. The sonic maximizer (which I really saw no use for at first), has now become one of my favorite tools both in the studio and live. You don't realize how much it adds to your sound until you play without it. I would highly recommend this pedal to any gigging musician, as it is a great value and a great product!
Music background: Pro Musician, Live Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer
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