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Fender Acoustic Pro 200-watt 1x12" Acoustic Combo Amp with Horn Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Acoustic Pro 200-watt 1x12" Acoustic Combo Amp with Horn?

Questions about the Fender Acoustic Pro 200-watt 1x12" Acoustic Combo Amp with Horn?

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  • David
    from Texas April 27, 2016Music Background:
    Strumming since the 50's

    What a beauty!

    I have played through Fenders since the early 60's. I have a 1965 Twin Reverb sitting next to my new Acoustic Pro. This is to acoustic what the Twin Reverb was to electric. Besides being a beautiful amp, it delivers a crisp natural acoustic sound. I am playing a Taylor Presentations Series Grand Symphony through it, and the reproductive sound is perfect. I couldn't be happier.

  • Chuck Kear
    from Lolo, Montana February 9, 2016Music Background:
    I have played in a country/oldies band, church praise and worship teams and local venues.

    Fender Acoustic Pro 200W

    I just did my first live performance, Wow!!! The tonal clarity, the power, the articulation and the sweet, smooth tone were much more than I expected. Light, powerful and very attractive. A sweet reverb enhanced the sound and I used a chorus pedal through the effects loop for a 12 string effect on some of the songs. I would recommend this amp and Sweetwater to any serious performer. I look forward to using it on the platform for praise and worship team next Sunday!

  • Pete
    from Lake Elsinore March 24, 2017Music Background:
    Rock country blues jazz

    Awesome Amp

    Acoustic amps are touchy. You can never be sure. When it sounds good or bad, you ask yourself, " was it the room? The strings? The guitar? The amp? Or a combination?
    Acoustic music is more difficult than hard loud rock. I have lived both, back and forth.
    This amp closes the gap that exists between acoustic amplified music done right and done not so right.
    Now I can agonize over my vocals.

  • Customer
    from April 14, 2016

    Fender Acoustic Pro Amp

    Clean sound , very easy to move around and has a good reverb.

  • Dennis
    from Kansas City February 22, 2016Music Background:
    Actively working

    Acoustic Pro

    First of all, the cabinet is beautiful and the fact that it only weighs 27 lbs is very much appreciated. I had been using an old Kustom cab (12 + tweet) with a preamp and effects unit and I was reasonably happy with my sound but the cabinet began to have problems. I had tried some of the other "made for acoustic" amps out there and I just was never happy with the smaller drivers that are more typical, so I was looking for something pretty much just like this - although I was wary of the built-in effects and whether it would compare favorably with my old TC Electronic reverb/compression. I've used it at 2 gigs so far, and basically it took 7 sets to feel like I'd finally found the "sweet spot". This box has good low end but I think one of the main differences, compared to my old set up, is the 2.5" horn - it took quite a bit of experimenting with the sweepable mids and treble controls to find what I think is close to what I wanted in tone. The phase switch has worked perfectly in eliminating feedback and, so far, I haven't had to touch the tone controls to address that problem. Just as I knew it would be, the reverb is different than what I am used to, but if you give it just a little, it's nice and you get used to it fast - not bad at all, actually - of course, as you turn it up it starts to suck. At 200W this combo amp has plenty of headroom and the simple design is great - very straight forward - and if you can't live with the reverb, it does have an effects loop. Also, the DI sounds great, as is typical of Fender products. There are some features I wish it had (built-in compressor would be nice and some ability to control the output of the DI (level, pre/post EQ)) but I think I like it a lot. The "kick stand" is nice, but not really enough for my group's needs, so I'm still putting it on an amp stand for now. I haven't tried the second channel and, honestly, probably never will, but with the fact that either side accommodates XLR or 1/4" and that the reverb is independent, it seems like it would actually work well for a solo gig. So, overall, I'm happy with my purchase. I like hauling less and lighter gear but I may wind up going back to using my TC Electronics effects unit (there's just something about TC Elec reverb that is unmatched by anything else I've ever even heard and I like having a bit of compression too) but even if I do, I'm happy to have such a good looking, well functioning, combo amp with great low end and plenty of ***** for live shows.

  • StringKey
    from WI June 2, 2016Music Background:

    Try it first....

    I was really excited to try out this amp. I loved the look. I had hopes from Fender electric guitar amps that the sound would be great. At 200W, this amp certainly has good power. I put it on an amp stand to project sound a bit better. I wanted this for playing at an outdoor wedding with my Cordoba GK nylon and Taylor K24ce. But, when I had it powered up, there was a slight hissing sort of "white noise" sound emanating from the amp. Compare it to a Fishman Loudbox Artist, the Fishman was dead silent unless amplifying a sound I was producing from the guitar. Maybe I was being a bit too picky, but it was bugging me enough. The reverb on the Fender is great for a built-in effect. I think it would serve well for some, it just didn't meet my needs. I will now try a Bose L1 compact and see if that suits my needs better.

Questions about the Fender Acoustic Pro 200-watt 1x12" Acoustic Combo Amp with Horn?

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