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Fender Acoustasonic 150 - 150-watt 2x8" Acoustic Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 16 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Acoustasonic 150 - 150-watt 2x8" Acoustic Combo Amp?

Questions about the Fender Acoustasonic 150 - 150-watt 2x8" Acoustic Combo Amp?

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  • from Reserve December 12, 2016

    Fender app

    Tones are perfect. Vocals great plug in to sound board and it awesome for the money

  • from Arkansas July 20, 2016Music Background:

    Fender Acoustasonic 150

    I've been using this amp for a month in a small, wood and carpet church setting, with a fairly recently made Ovation Custom Legend, model C2079AXCCB (serial no. ...). My only other experience has been with a Fender Twin Reverb in the 1960s/1970s.

    As it stands, the much newer Fender amp, in this limited church use, is awesome.

    Though the fuller treble settings are too jarring for my tastes, any other relevant setting has been "effective and productive" (i.e., "each, separate or in combination, offers a unique and useful sound or shade thereof"). The pure amp itself is rich, which I'd like to herein emphasize, while a mid-range setting on the amp's Bass, Middle, and Treble brings out the Ovation, allowing my further color-tuning with the guitar's pre-amp.

    A touch of Reverb (Plate) with a touch of Chorus, and I'm religious-service-enhancing and--OK--heavenly!

    It seemed almost a must to have added the pricey stomp effects pedal and a much less expensive soft amp cover. An expensive hard carrying case will be preferable, since the grill and knobs seem vulnerable to being poked and/or knocked. If the knobs were recessed or covered somehow, it'd be better.

    Really CONSIDER getting this amp.

  • from Marlow, New Hampshire April 16, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing since the age of 15 years old. Bands and solos both in a variety of venues.

    Acoustasonic 150 2.8"

    I like the full sound of my Acoustasonic and the affects of the mic. It's like having an amp and PA in one. I couldn't be more satisfied.

  • from Kansas City, MO February 6, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Public School Teacher

    Best of the Best

    This thing is super clean and the flexibility of the acoustic/electric options is incredible. Great tone, great reliability, interfaces well with the XLR out. Incredibly lightweight. At this price point, the Acoustasonic 150 is the best of the best.

  • from Mattoon, IL November 23, 2014


    This is the amp of my dreams! As a solo artist doing small venues it's perfect!

  • from Madison, MS February 28, 2014Music Background:


    I've been reluctant to buy an acoustic amp; I've always preferred to mic my guitar through the PA. I like this amp's ability to play electric guitar in one channel while my daughter plays acoustic in the other - we can play through the same amp and not have to carry extra gear for smaller gigs. Or, I have the option to play acoustic or electric in one channel and vocals through the other. The XLR output on the back makes connection to a PA a breeze, then use the amp for a stage monitor/control board. It's lightweight, rugged and versatile.

  • from United States January 19, 2013Music Background:
    semi pro guitar player

    an amp that does both

    finally an amp that has both genders electric and electric acoustics. wow this is what I have been wanting and waiting 4 I will buy it and use the heck out of it. it is light and loud 4 stage if not use it with my mixer via line out

  • from Minneapolis, MN July 25, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist & Student of the Guitar

    Very Nice Amp for Acoustic Guitar

    I haven't had alot of time with this amp yet, and normally I don't write reviews for things I have little experience with, however I was very impressed with this amp. It has a lot options to choose from. I own an Epiphone DR-500MCE that has the eSonic2 stereo output system on it. You can play it through one output that combines both pickups (1 Nanomag at the end of the fret board the other underneath the Saddle) but when you plug each individually through this amp the guitar just comes alive! Put this amp on "Pure Amp" and my guitar just sings. I'm not a pro, I just like to "pick & grin". I was playing through a small Peavey Practice Amp that was ok, don't get me wrong it has 15 watts & is plenty loud for a room but the Acoustasonic with the Anti-feedback is very nice. I haven't had a chance to try the electric guitar settings yet as I don't have an electric guitar. I do have a Yamaha 12 string that really sings through this amp. This and dealing with Sweetwater (Stuart) has been a pleasure. I am very impressed with their customer service. They go overboard to ensure your happy with your purchase. Thanks Sweetwater & Stuart.

  • from Miami, FL June 21, 2012Music Background:
    Shaman of the steel strings

    Monster Amp -- You cannot go wrong

    I have two acoustics: a Martin and an Epiphone. The Epi has all kinds onboard electrinics and an extra "shadow" pickup. When you plug that in on "pure amp," it absolutely shines. Some guitars, however, like the Martin OM performance series with the passive Fishman (instead of having an entire world of electronics onboard), lose a little of their natural character when they are plugged, and they are probably best-served when they're mic'd.

    No more. With a little tweaking of this wondrous Fender amp, I'm able to dial in both string dynamics and the size of the guitar: I remove a little treble, put string dynamics right in the middle, and place the mode to "dreadnought" rather than pure. Voilą, folks. The Martin shines again.

    This amp is so good that it will make a guitar with poor electronics sound positively incredible. In my book, that's a must buy, and I haven't even told you about the voicings for the electric guitars: tweed sounds like a twin 57, I'm not kidding; blackface is Fender clean -- the finest on earth. British sounds like an overdriven Marshall and isn't really my cup of tea (if you're reading this review, you're probably an acoustic guy or gal regardless). The beauty of this amp lies in its versatility: you can spend your night with the acoustic and then pull out the goldtop for a little solo at the end of the night. Splendid!

    I played the Vox AGAs, the Marshall, Peavey, ZT and finally the Fishman. The Fishman came out the slightest bit above the Fender in clarity, but as I mentioned earlier, my Martin with passive Fishman pickup literally sounded like a bunch of steel rubber bands. The Epi sounded great with all of the above. The slight coloration that the Fender was able to add made this a huge cut above: it meant I wouldn't have to mic a guitar that already had a pickup. I could just plug, set, and play away.

    Btw, voice sounds great on this amp, particularly with a little echo. You just have to play around the rules of feedback with some caution: behind or besides-- never in front of. You cannot go wrong with this prefect little machine. Buy it today.

  • from Memphis, TN March 18, 2016Music Background:
    Hobby Player

    Great Amp

    I was a little skeptical on pursuing this amp, I had bought one used that really had a lot of problems. I kept seeing these reviews that stated how fantastic the amp was, so I got in touch with Andrew at Sweetwater, he assured me he had not heard of the problems I had encountered with the used amp.
    Being budget minded we found a show room demo, barely used, at an excellent price.
    I'm like everyone else now, can't say enough good about it. It does get a little thin when pushed to the higher outputs, a couple of tweaks here & there and it's fine.
    Way to go Fender, 4.5 stars on a great amp & 5 stars to Sweetwater on the fantastic service before, during & after.
    I gave 4.5 'cause I believe this amp should come with the footswitch & cover but can't take that much away from the amp, a really really sweet piece of equipment.

  • from Colorado October 30, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro gigging musician

    Good tones

    Very impressive tone palette. Have tried with both Acoustic-electric and electric guitars. Very versatile.

  • from Lansing, MI October 24, 2012Music Background:
    All Things Guitar

    Flexible Tool

    I was looking for a nice portable PA / acoustic amp for in home practice, coffee house or small parties type gigs and searched for a long time, before discovering this amp. I hate complicated notch filters on most amps but love the auto feedback controls and multiple effects for both channels that this amp has. The amp is quiet, no hiss or buzz although it does "pop" when turning off, no biggee. I consider it a steal at this price for all the features it has including an effects loop (like you would ever need it with all the effects) and a DI output for PA. I'd give it a 5, but don't really feel the need for the somewhat cheesy electric amp modeling feature, so 4.5. I guess others might find it useful, but I think it's a little over the top. I might experiment a little with it on the clean setting with a tube driven overdrive pedal which might warm it up. Who knows, after using it I might even give the amp a 5. The vocal channel was a total surprise and really blew me away, using a cheap EV mic and is very loud and projects my voice beautifully. With the multiple acoustic guitar settings, you are able to zoom in on the tone you are looking for, although I find the pure amp setting is awesome with my mahogany Martin Performing Artist guitar with Fishman Aura system. I was looking for a real amp not a little cube or toy looking thing, which seems to be the current rage for most acoustic amps. With the tilt back legs, this amp projects big sound, perfect for smaller gigs and for larger gigs in a band it is fully capable for use as a monitor. It's sharp looking and very light too. Great job, once again, Fender!

  • from Hoisington, Kansas May 29, 2012Music Background:
    Part time musician.

    Fender Acoustasonic 150 Combo

    All was in working order and perfect condition.

  • from May 17, 2017

    Fender Acoustasonic 150

    Bought the 150 cause I want light weight and the idea to go between guitars. The big reason is that I paired it with an Epiphone Ulrtra and a voicelive 3.
    I can't be happier and when I put my old SG through it it sings. The Taylor acoustic sounds like it should.
    All in all I use it and it is reliable.

  • from Gainesville, FL. USA August 19, 2012Music Background:
    35 years of live and recorded music, over 35 CD credits on guitar.

    Great acoustic, disappointed in the electric sounds

    It's everything it claims to be in the acoustic department.
    If you play through a fender tube amp with pedals you may be
    disappointed with this amp. The electric settings sound great
    on their own but like all amp models lack the warmth and urgency
    of an overdriven tube amp. When pushed with a blues driver or super overdrive there is that thin buzzy distortion that is not pleasant and certainly not what you get from a tube amp. Will go back to a mic'd up Blues Junior and just use this for acoustic I guess.

  • from PA July 13, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player for 30 + years.

    Acoustasonic 150

    I can't give this amp a great rating like everyone else is doing. I went through 2 of these amps.
    The 1st acoustasonic 150 I bought, blew up on the 1st time I took it out to play a small gig.
    So I sent it back and got another one in it's place.
    The 2nd amp sounded great up to half volume.
    Any ware past half volume, the sound gets real thin
    And looses volume. So I am giving up on this amp and buying another brand.

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