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Squier SA-100 Acoustic Pack Reviews

4.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • Courtland Foster
    from Greenville, Ky June 16, 2010Music Background:
    Hobbyist, recording


    First, let's focus on the guitar. This is the first acoustic guitar that I purchased back in April 2005. I was blown away by the sound right off the bat. The guitar holds up very nicely. Being a low-priced guitar, everything is not perfect. The nut is plastic and not real bone, but the plastic appears to be sturdy and four years later it is still in place. The bridge (for the price of the guitar) is shockingly high quality and allows the guitar to produce a very professional tone. This guitar rings like a charm. It's an all around great guitar. Especially for a beginner, but not limited to beginners.

    Now to the package. This specific package was introduced in January 2003. The worst part of this pack is the gig bag and pitch pipe, which is relatively useless for tuning your guitar. You will absolutely want to purchase an automatic, electric tuner. Especially when you become more skilled and want to explore alternate tunings. The pitch pipe is trash and I threw it away promptly. As for the gig bag, it isn't up to par at all. It doesn't protect the guitar and is more likely to knock it out of tune than protect from scratches and nicks. In fact, the gig bag might even cause some scratches to your guitar.

    Fender has updated the SA-100 package and now includes a better automatic, electronic tuner, so I recommend going with the new package.

  • C Terence Wittstadt
    from Maryland February 29, 2012Music Background:
    Amateur Song Writer

    Birthday Gift

    Everything arrived on time. Gave to my daughter as a birthday gift and she is very pleased.

  • Troy Woodruff
    from Columbus Ohio USA January 5, 2012Music Background:
    Music producer

    Squier SA-100 Acoustic Pack

    This is actually our second Squier SA-100 Acoustic Pack.
    The frist was for my grandson, and the second is for my younger brother (just starting). Both our truely happy and were very excited about the Squier SA-100 Acoustic Pack. the tuner and picks with the gig bag, awsome ! More grands our on the way,( we our a very musical family). Thanks sweetwater for all your help. You guys and gals are great, which is why you will hear from the Woodruff family again and again. Peace

  • Musical Madman
    from South Whitley, In November 18, 2008Music Background:
    Master of the Piano & Student of the Guitar

    AC-100 Nice Starter Guitar

    This guitar has a nice tone to it. Full, rich, and bright. Very good balance of sound. No complaints except for the inferior strings. I had new strings put on soon after getting it. The action was a little high, but that can be fixed. The newly placed strings sound much better than the factory placed strings.

    The AC-100 comes with about a dozen Fender medium picks so you're fixed pickwise for a while. I keep losing them though. (Darn it).

    The Gig Bag that comes with it is leather-like, but isn't padded whatsoever. It will minimize the inevitable scratches when lugging a guitar, although if you have the dough you might want to get a real case for it.

    If you are a new guitar player, like I was when I got this, the Instruction Book can be very useful. It shows you notes and very basic chords on the guitar. Also it has some songs that you can play. No songs with tablature just with notes.

    The strap is okay, but there is no strap button near the neck only on the bottom. You have to tie it on the neck. There's shoe-like strings on the end of the strap.

    It also comes with a pitch pipe that I will never use. I just use my keyboard to tune my AC-100. Again, if you have the moola you might want to spring for an electronic tuner.

    My guitar came dent free in the box -- no roughing up. That's always nice.

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