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Wampler Ace Thirty Overdrive Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from Chile November 10, 2014Music Background:
    Recording, mixing, mastering, guitarrist.

    A great Vox tone

    I wanted a vox tone with my amps, but i did not want to buy another amp, so i decided to buy this little jewel, and i cannot regret: it is an awesome pedal, which gives me a very clear and sparkly clean tone, besides a rich and charasteristic dirty one, as if i were using a vox ac15 or 30.
    I am so happy with it, and now i am using for some songs the blackstar's tone, and for other ones, the vox tone ...... And i only have to carry just a few grams!

  • from Ashland OR. August 20, 2014Music Background:
    Long time player

    Need Another Amp? On Your Pedalboard?

    I tend to get carried away with gear reviews, so I'll be brief. If you are looking for AC 30 mojo, and your amp plays well with pedals, this little gem will freaking blow your mind!! It's literally like having another amp in your line up. I click this in when I want punchy rhythm and/or a more classic biting rock vibe to a solo. Or I simply use the boost function to bump my current volume up a notch. I'll warn you, the unit is a bit hissy, but when you think about the massive treble boost going on here, it's a miracle it's as quiet as it is. If you've been looking for some Vox-style juju for your rig this is the ticket. Easily the best pedal I've bought in the last ten years.

  • from Viera, FL February 10, 2014Music Background:
    Retired Hobbyist

    Simply Amazing - Brian May in a Box

    I recently purchased 9 Wampler pedals and this is the best one IMHO. The tone is so close to the desired VOX amp that it really is hard to tell any difference. While, other pedals may get swapped out, this one doesn't because it is my favorite pedal and as such it sits in a command position on my pedal board.

    You will find the controls are very sensitive and responsive. The result is that you can dial in Brian May to many other VOX tones. The construction of the pedal is obviously very high quality. The only suggestion I would make is to have an external battery compartment that doesn't require taking the back off to swap the batteries.

  • from Kalamazoo, MI December 16, 2014Music Background:

    Worth it…here's why

    I needed some more versatility in my rig. I play in a cover band with friends and use a basic rig with a strat, a Delta Blues amp and a few pedals, nothing exotic. We just play whatever we decide is fun, mainly classic rock type stuff. I wanted something to handle some Petty/U2/REM type tones that sit in a mix better with my other guitar player.
    This is a pricey pedal for me. Getting over $200 was hard to swallow but I don't regret it. This is very much like having another amp in the rig.
    I should say up front that I know Vox sounds in a general way but not in the tone-snob kind of way. I'll also say that it took an evening of dialing in and playing with my friends before I really appreciated it, so if you get one, give it a bit of time and you'll love it. People mostly talk about Brian May when they mention this pedal but to me there's far more than that here. I have found some golden Tom Petty and Rory sounds with this thing and there are some cleans that really stand out in a mix. This pedal loves low output strat pickups. Between the 30 setting, the 15 setting, boost, and tone stack, you can cover a huge amount of ground, and the overdrive sounds are unique, musical, and different than the standard overdrives I have. If you're looking to add a distinct flavor to your rig, check this out.

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