Elixir Strings Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings .013-.053 HD

.013-.053 Nanoweb HD Light Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings, Phosphor Bronze, Coated
Elixir Strings Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings .013-.053 HD image 1
Elixir Strings Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings .013-.053 HD image 1
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The Sweetwater Difference

The Sweetwater Difference

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Elixir Strings Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings .013-.053 HD
In Stock!

Put These Long-lasting Strings on Your Acoustic!

Elixir Acoustic Nanoweb strings don't just sound great; their micro-thin coating keeps them sounding great for a lot longer than average strings. If you want to keep your guitar tone consistently great day in and day out, put on a set of Elixir Acoustic Nanoweb strings. Their coating actually cuts down on unnecessary finger friction. You'll be amazed at how long they last! Less string changes means having to buy strings less often.

Elixir's Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze HD light strings give you a brilliant tone that's made to last. This .013-.053 set is the perfect bridge between the feel of standard acoustic strings and the tension of electric strings.

Elixir Nanoweb Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze HD Acoustic Strings Features:
  • .013, .017, .025, .032, .042, .053
  • Nanoweb coating for tone life
  • Phosphor bronze
  • Bright tone
Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings give you great sound and long-lasting performance!

Tech Specs

Guitar Type Acoustic
Number of Sets 1
Coated Yes (Nanoweb)
Gauges .013, .017, .025, .032, .042, .053
Core Material Steel
Winding Material Phosphor Bronze
Winding Type Acoustic Wound
Manufacturer Part Number 16182

Customer Reviews

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good strings

Best service in town! Strings are great on the 712 12 fret
Music background: praise and worship

Great for Dreadnoughts too!

I have a 2002 610ce. While I wouldn't agree with the "bolder/fuller" description, I will add a new adjective: BALANCED. The volume is balanced across the entire string spectrum, and these strings actually significantly reduced a buzz issue I was having on the treble strings (needs a partial re-fret, but the Elixir HD's might have bought me some time!)Highly recommend.
Music background: Professional Musician

Nice to my ears

Tone is subjective but personally I love the way these strings sound. I play a PRS Angelus SE Standard and the balance between the guitar and these strings seems to blend better than other strings I've tried. Other brands sounded dull by comparison. I've always preferred the sound of Elixir strings and this set is no exception. They play easier than a standard set of 13's and I've been able to strum hard with no issues. They are pricey but they last longer so it evens out and I don't have to bother with changing them all the time. I'd say they are worth the money.
Music background: Guitarist, Bassist, 20+ years

Fantastic stirngs

Have used numerous brands, all medium gauge,on my Taylor and Martin acoustics and just seem to come back to Elixir for tone and longevity. While the cost may seem expensive next to good strings at a third of the price, Elixir strings last at least four to six times longer. I find these strings better balanced and playable then medium ones even on my GS8, which I thought could never sound as good with a light set. I highly recommend these strings for anyone wanting beautiful tones and harmonics and long life between changes
Music background: Pro Musician 23 years

Mostly disappointed...

First, I only use Elixirs on my Taylor and was excited to read about this new flavor stating "Bolder high end, Fuller low end". Not my experience at all. Actually the opposite. Bass is far less than the standard .13nanowebs I have been using as is the volume. Now, its not all bad...these strings are easier to play, alot easier. Im using less effort to play and my speed increased immediately. So pretty split on this one, the easy of play does moderately offset the loss of bass/volume. Next string change I'll try the 80/20 HDs and see how they sound...
Music background: 35 years exp...
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