Elixir Strings Nanoweb 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings .010-.047 Extra Light

0.010-0.047 Nanoweb Extra Light Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings
Elixir Strings Nanoweb 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings .010-.047 Extra Light image 1
Elixir Strings Nanoweb 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings .010-.047 Extra Light image 1
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Elixir Strings Nanoweb 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings .010-.047 Extra Light
In Stock!

Elixir Guitar Strings!

Elixir Acoustic Nanoweb strings don't just sound great; their micro-thin coating keeps them sounding great for a lot longer than average strings. If you want to keep your guitar tone consistently great day in and day out, put on a set of Elixir Acoustic Nanoweb strings. Their coating actually cuts down on unnecessary finger friction. You'll be amazed at how long they last! Fewer string changes means having to buy strings less often.

Elixir's 80/20 Bronze strings are made of 80% soft copper and 20% durable zinc, presenting a smoother, mellower tone than Phosphor Bronze acoustic strings. They tend to assume a warmer glowing tone, but the ultra-lightweight Nanoweb™ coating lets them move freely, giving their tone some of the gloss associated with more responsive Phosphor Bronze strings.

Elixir Nanoweb Extra Light 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Strings Features at a Glance:
  • 0.010, 0.014, 0.023, 0.030, 0.039, 0.047
  • Nanoweb coating
  • Extra-long life
  • 80/20 Bronze
  • Bright tone
Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings give you great sound and long-lasting performance!

Tech Specs

Guitar Type Acoustic
Number of Sets 1
Coated Yes (Nanoweb Coating)
Gauges .010, .014, .023, .030, .039, .047
Core Material Steel
Winding Material 80/20 Bronze
Winding Type Acoustic Wound
Manufacturer Part Number 11002

Customer Reviews

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Only strings that go on my Martin

My hands sweat profusely and I'll kill a set a standard phosphor bronze strings in an hour. The Elixir's last for months if cleaned after each set. I've tried the Martin Lifespan's and the sound is too tinty. The Elixir's have a nice even tone which compliments my Martin perfectly.I use the extra lights because I like a good clean sound, low action, just before fret buzz. These strings are perfect of fingerstyle.
Music background: Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Acoustic soloist performer

Serve a useful purpose

Face it--no one is buying acoustic guitar strings sized like electric guitar strings because they want to improve their acoustic tone. These strings are for those like me who've been spoiled by years of playing electric guitar and find that acoustic guitars can wear out fingers and hands after an hour or two. One can and should only go so far sanding down the bridge saddle and tightening the truss rod. The question is whether the loss in tone is worth it, in part because in performance settings one can boost the bass and cut the treble on a PA or (oxymoron warning) acoustic amplifier. Having just performed with them this week, I'd say these are clearly worth using. One can adjust the tone and play with much greater ease, accuracy, and control. So, if you play out or want to play more comfortably casually and don't mind giving up a little on the low end, try these. I would suggest that Elixir perhaps make the B and high E just a little thicker, maybe a .15 and .11 instead of a .14 and .10. (Yes, these are the gauges in this set--not a typo). The thinner strings tend to get drowned out a bit, and I had to loosen the truss rod on my Taylor 214e to eliminate buzz on the high E.
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