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Semi-Modular Software Synthesizer - Mac/PC (Standalone and Plug-In)
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Native Instruments Absynth 4 image 1

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Native Instruments Absynth 4
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Absynth Makes The Heart Grow Fonder!

Now in its fourth generation, the award-winning ABSYNTH continues to build on its untouchable reputation. From futuristic synths to rhythmic mayhem, vintage sounds to ambient layers and completely unique, alien soundscapes - ABSYNTH 4 seduces with sublime sounds. The possibilities offered by its semi-modular architecture and powerful, unique features stretch well beyond the boundaries of existing synthesizers, creating an extremely diverse spectrum of amazing sounds. ABSYNTH 4 is a powerful instrument combining synthesis with sampling. The clearly structured user-interface and innovative features turns the sound design process into a creative and enjoyable musical journey. Let your imagination be heard.

Native Instruments ABSYNTH 4 at a Glance:
  • KoreSound Browser for Easy Navigation
  • Master ADSR
  • Nearly Limitless Possibilities
  • Easy to Use
  • Surround Sound features.
  • 5 different effects modules.
  • Built-in oscillator, channel, envelope and waveform libraries.
  • Users of ABSYNTH 4 gain access to an exclusive online community.
  • All the envelopes can be tempo-synced or managed remotely via MIDI.

KoreSound Browser for Easy Navigation
All 1,200 presets, including 200 brand-new ones, have been pre-configured for use with KORE and categorised as KoreSounds. The KoreSound Browser brings a high degree of simplicity and speed to the task of finding and managing presets. Browse and filter according to a number of different sonic criteria and attributes or just enter a keyword or phrase in the free search mode - the results are displayed instantly.

Master ADSR 
The addition of a freely-definable master ADSR feature greatly simplifies the use of ABSYNTH 4. Presets can be manipulated without the need to dive into the depths of the more advanced features, allowing sounds to be easily personalized. Simply adjust the attack, decay, sustain and release of the active preset and listen to its sonic character gradually change.

Nearly Limitless Possibilities
ABSYNTH 4 leads the way for future software synthesizers. The 3 channels in the patch window are the source of the stunning ABSYNTH sound. The signal flow within these 3 channels is now freely-definable, generating an even wider range of sounds. An additional oscillator module, the "Sync Granular mode", produces particularly organic sounds. The sensational wave morphing feature enables the individual oscillators in the channels to blend different waveforms into one another, exponentially increasing ABSYNTH's sonic potential.

Easy to Use
The tempo-synced 68-breakpoint envelopes can control practically all the synthesis, sampling, and effect parameters - guaranteeing some striking sonic results. Envelope templates make working with this powerful feature easy and straightforward. The addition of an envelope step mode delivers huge scope for variation. The creative potential is overwhelming. Sixteen macro controls allow you to adjust multiple parameters simultaneously. All the macro controls map automatically onto KORE's control elements.

Surrounded by Sound
Use the new Surround Sound features to assign spatial characteristics to the sound. Move the sound around or attribute different and constantly shifting properties to the sound's individual components for some truly unique and diverse results. Or use the real-time waveform fractalization to create lively and individual sounds: modulate the waveforms being used by the oscillators in real-time. Link up to 4 dedicated parameters to envelopes for some weird and wonderful results.

ABSYNTH 4 is equipped with an effect section containing a total of 5 different effects modules.

The new Echo effect is a special unit incorporates 3 independent delays with various filters in the feedback loop: low pass, high pass and phaser.

The new Resonator effect is a special type of reverb. Incorporated are 3 independent, delay-based resonators creating a wide range of effect sounds - from classic delay/reverb effects to metallic and 'crystal' sonic effects. These 3 resonators can be combined to achieve some unusual results

Multicomb provides six independent delays with feedback and a lowpass filter in the feedback loop.

Pipe simulates the vibration behavior of some sort of string or tube into which the sound is sent and tweaked into different positions for flanging, pitch shifting and rotary speaker effects.

Multitap is a delay with three taps plus feedback and delay times between one sample and ten seconds. The three taps can be modulated via MIDI or LFOs.

Custom and Complimentary Libraries
Draw in unique, individual waveforms for the oscillators, LFOs and waveshaping features and save them in the library for future use. Or simply select one of the dozens of construction templates included in ABSYNTH 4's built-in oscillator, channel, envelope and waveform libraries to create ingenious sounds quickly. Sound design with such an intricate and versatile instrument has never been easier. Just click a button - intoxicating sounds are guaranteed.

Global Community
Registered users of ABSYNTH 4 gain access to an exclusive online community. Download free banks and presets from the dedicated ABSYNTH User Library or upload your own creations for others to use. The library includes comprehensive search functions, user ratings and various filter and sorting functions. Creative musicicans from all over the world contribute regularly to this ever-growing and valuable resource.

Stage and Studio
ABSYNTH 4 is as much at home in the studio as it is on stage. All the envelopes can be tempo-synced or managed remotely via MIDI, enabling dynamic manipulation of parameters during performances. With the live stereo input you can use ABSYNTH 4 as an extraordinary effect unit. Route other instruments through it, twisting and contorting your sounds into unimaginable sonic realities. Its compatibility with every popular plug-in format ensures seamless integration into every studio setup.

Native Instruments ABSYNTH 4 Features:
  • The sophisticated surround sound features allow the placement and movement of the sound or its individual components within a spatial environment - ideal for film and multimedia productions. The 3 oscillator channels can all be panned independently from one another using the envelopes.
  • The stereo input in the patch window greatly expands ABSYNTH's sonic potential. It can now be used as an extraordinary effect unit, manipulating live signals or sequencer tracks. Process up to three external stereo or mono signals at once, routing each into a separate oscillator channel.
  • The Unison function combines eight detuned oscillators simultaneously, creating especially fat sounds whilst still only using one channel.
  • Oscillator waveforms can be fractalized in real-time, creating unique effects ranging from subtle changes to bizarre formant-like effects. The fractalization parameters can of course be controlled using ABSYNTH's powerful envelopes.
  • "Free-Run" oscillator mode causes subtle changes in polyphonic sounds.
  • Frequency Shifter: This modulation mode within the Patch Window is similar to ring modulation, but creates more subtle effects and offers a more exact control of the sound.
  • Many detailed improvements in the envelope functions guarantee a faster and more exact creation of lively, dynamic sounds.
  • Greatly improved user-interface and enhanced workflow
  • Select multiple breakpoints to then edit them all simultaneously.
  • A cursor per envelope indicating the current position makes editing envelopes a great deal easier.
  • Display the optional grid using a variable resolution: in 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, beats or seconds.
  • Activate the Beat grid resolution and automatically generate envelopes - ideal for quick arpeggio effects.
  • Automatic Snap to grid: Optional when the grid is activated and ideal for tempo-synced envelopes.
  • Special effects that have been specially optimized for ABSYNTH 4 have been added, bringing the total number of effects available to 5.
  • The Echo effect incorporates 3 independent delays with various filters in the feedback loop: low pass, high pass and phaser.
  • KoreSound Browser for easy searchinh of 1,200 KORE-configured presets
  • Wave morphing feature and powerful effects greatly extend ABSYNTH 4's sonic range
  • New master ADSR section and 16 freely-assignable macro controls for quick and easy control of the sound
  • 3 independent, delay-based resonators creating a wide range of effect sounds - from classic delay/reverb effects to metallic and 'crystal' sonic effects. These 3 resonators can be combined to achieve some unusual results.
  • As well as left/right panning, the extended LFO-panning can also be used to move sounds forward and backward. Depending on the LFO waveform, a rotating effect (sinus wave) or other, more complex movements can be achieved.
This exceptional synthesizer, now in its fourth generation, has been greatly enhanced and developed yet further. ABSYNTH 4 brings dozens of new features that greatly expand its already extraordinary sound spectrum.

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