Morgan Amps Abbey 20-watt Power-scaled Top-boost Head

20W Tube Amplifier Head with Volume, Bass, Treble, Cut, and Power Level Controls
Morgan Amps Abbey 20-watt Power-scaled Top-boost Head image 1
Morgan Amps Abbey 20-watt Power-scaled Top-boost Head image 1

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Morgan Amps Abbey 20-watt Power-scaled Top-boost Head
Special Order

Vintage Tone with Modern Reliability

Dig into vintage guitar tone with the reliability of a modern amplifier with the Morgan Amps Abbey tube amp head. The classic British top boost design brings you sweet chiming tone complete with a bright switch to make your top end truly sing. And this amp is perfect for use with any pedalboard because the power level control ensures you're always hitting the power amp tubes exactly as hard as you want at any volume level. For vintage tone, excellent touch response, and reliable performance with guitar pedals, Sweetwater can highly recommend the Morgan Amps Abbey tube amp head.

Morgan Amps Abbey 20-watt Tube Amp Head at a Glance:
  • Classic British top boost tone
  • Your effects pedals will sound great
  • Simple controls unleash a wide tonal range
Classic British top boost tone

The Morgan Amps Abbey amplifier is a Class A, cathode-biased EL84 amp that captures the sound of one of the most famous British top boost amplifiers ever made. The tone is vibrant with a top end that really sings. The bright switch gives additional lift to humbucking pickups, and it's perfect for helping you cut through any mix. Conversely, the cut control removes high frequencies from the power amp section for a darker tone.

Your effects pedals will sound great

Morgan Amps knows that the key to getting a great tone from your overdrive and other pedals is to set your power amp level just right. You can do that and still keep the volume at a reasonable level, too, with the Abbey tube amp head. The power level control lets you adjust the power amp section's volume without actually choking the signal that's sent to the power tubes. That means you get the interaction between your pedals and the power amp that you need for great tone at whatever volume level is appropriate for your situation.

Simple controls unleash a wide tonal range

You can tell that Morgan Amps products like the Abbey tube amps are made for hard-gigging guitarists just by looking at them. The simple control set conceals a surprisingly wide range of tone, but you'll never have to spend long turning numerous knobs to get the right sound. Even if someone carelessly bumps all the knobs out of place, it will only take seconds to get your tone back.

Morgan Amps Abbey 20-watt Tube Amp Head Features:
  • Class A top-boost-style tube amplifier head
  • Extremely touch sensitive at any volume level
  • Power level control helps your pedals sound their best at any volume level
  • Rugged road-ready baltic birch construction with dovetail joints
  • Perfect for recording studios and smaller venues
Expect vintage tone and modern performance from the Morgan Amps Abbey!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 20W
EQ 2-band
Preamp Tubes 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 2 x EL84
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 3 x 1/4"
Height 9.75"
Width 17"
Depth 7.5"
Weight 25 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Abbey Head

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Awesome Amp W/A Great Story

I ordered this amp in the Twilight tolex (unfortunate name-AMAZING to look at/touch) along w/the matching 112 cab loaded w/the Celestion Gold speaker. The day it arrived I couldn't believe how awesome it looked in person- you can't stop yourself from touching it (the amp...phrasing) it just looks so different from anything else out there. I read through the instruction manual, hooked everything up, turned it on- click the Morgan logo lit up (super cool) and then about five seconds later there was a pop and the light behind the logo slowly faded out (WTF?!?). I called Sweetwater (it was Saturday) and they told me they wouldn't be able to do anything about it before Monday. I took a look at the Morgan Amp site to see if there was any advice in the FAQ section and noticed they are based out of California. I googled the address to find they were about 35 minutes from my home. I sent them a note to see if they could take the time to look at the amp as it would take a few weeks to send it back to Sweetwater and do a ping pong from there, to here, to there and back to my home. I had a "hell yes, bring it by on Tuesday" response in less than 15 minutes. I up today expecting a tech to take a look at the amp and tell me it would be a few days and they would give me a call- Nope- Joe Morgan was sitting there at the soldering bench working on an amp. He introduced himself, stopped what he was doing, took my amp apart and walked me through his trouble shooting process. In less than 10 minutes he had the issue identified, fixed and I was on my way w/a cool story about where he found the Twilight tolex material. So, super cool looking amp, GREAT customer service- How does it sound? Well, 40 watts of scalable power is enough to melt your ears and blow your lady's panties off. Or, turn the power down and you still have amazing-articulate tone w/out knocking the plaster off the wall of the condo next to you. The controls are very dynamic and small changes really effect your tone. The pull/bright on the volume knob is nice if you really want the high end to stand out. The cut control does a fine job of either scooping the mids or bringing them forward nicely. The 112 cab is super sturdy and the Celestion gold sounds great w/superlative articulation whether you are playing clean or putting some grit into your signal. I can't say anything negative about the head or the cab at this point. I've only logged a few hours of playing, but I'm betting as the tubes and the speaker break in, things will only get better. I'm giving the head and the cab a 5 despite the initial problem- I would be seriously chapped if I lived someplace else in the county, but getting to meet Joe Morgan, see his shop and get a cool story out of it is totally worth the initial letdown of not being able to play the amp right away. Give them a try! I think you will be very happy with both the construction and sound of this amp.
Music background: Playing for 3-4 years
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