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Ibanez AW54CE - Open Pore Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Ibanez AW54CE - Open Pore Natural?

Questions about the Ibanez AW54CE - Open Pore Natural?

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  • from March 23, 2017

    Excellent acoustic

    I bought this guitar as an extra acoustic to use as a kind of beat around acoustic. Once it came in it exceeded playability and sound expected. Excellent purchase. Dealing with Jason Kovac has been great too. Guy has never steered me wrong.

  • from New Jersey March 5, 2017

    Great Sounding Guitar

    I walked into a store and heard a guy playing this guitar. The sound was so crisp and clear I thought it was a Martin. I asked what he was playing n told me it was the Ibanez AW54CEOPN. I returned my Yamaha FG720s and got this.. what a great guitar n outshines any in it's price range. I play this more than my custom X series. Buy it..

  • from February 1, 2017

    Get This Guitar Now!!!

    This guitar is awesome!!! I swear this is the best acoustic guitar that I've ever put in my hands in any price range. In addition to being absolutely beautiful to look at, not to mention being extremely comfortable to play, this guitar has the sweetest tone and most balanced sound I've ever experienced on an acoustic guitar. Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that it also sounds fantastic when played through an amp as well. It even sounds great with my electric guitar multi-effects pedal which really shocked me to be honest. I was not expecting that, but if you play around with multi-effects, it sounds fantastic with the clean/chorus type of effects, and freakin screams with the distortion effects! I really didn't plan on playing it as an electric a lot, but man it really does sound great! The acoustic sounds of the guitar itself when playing unplugged are amazing! The only compromise I can see with this guitar is the fact that it isn't as loud unplugged as some other acoustics (probably due to it being the mahogany top instead of being spruce). Maybe one other drawback is that this guitar is probably not one you want to bang around and take on a camping trip etc... So for those 2 drawbacks I listed, maybe just find an inexpensive beater guitar to fill that void for when you need such a guitar. For all the other times when you want to play something very nice at home, at a show, or at the recording studio, the Ibanez AW54CE - Open Pore Natural will be your best choice in my opinion.

  • from Gainesville, GA December 19, 2016Music Background:
    Years of gigging and shenanigans, now settled down as a worship director

    Very impressive for the price

    First off, AJ Becerra has been an amazing Sales rep and has always been there for me with invaluable advice, understanding and a sincere heart for customer service. I try to buy through Sweetwater whenever possible. For my personal use as well as my church worship team.
    OK, on to the guitar: This guitar is very impressive. I just opened it a little bit ago, so I can't speak for durability, etc, but it looks amazing, has a very nice sound and action, making for great playability. The tuner seems pretty accurate, too. Nice ringing highs and solid bottoms and clear mids.
    The solid top mahogany is very pretty and I love the open pore option without gloss.
    The cutaway is very accessible.
    I've been playing for 20+ years and bought this for my son for Christmas. Living vicariously through him, I would have loved to have had a guitar like this to learn on. The action should make it very easy as he continues to learn. The appearance should make him proud to show to his friends and the sound should keep him coming back for more.
    Thanks again to AJ for helping to make this happen.

  • from San Diego December 23, 2015


    I am thrilled with this guitar! I actually just bought two of them for two of my sons. I have owned a few Ibanez guitars in the past including the first Artwood series that was manufactured in 1978. That one I passed down to another son. For the price of this guitar it can't be beat. It has a crisp full sound that cannot be matched with out paying over $800 and getting a Martin. This would be worth it at twice the cost.

  • from Covington, GA November 8, 2015Music Background:
    guitar 38 yrs

    This one is FAT !! F(fit/ finish) A (action) T (tone)

    The acoustic tone of this guitar is beautiful (rich and full of warmth). The fit and finish is of good quality and the action and playability are great. If you are looking for a bright sounding punchy acoustic then this is not the guitar for you; but if you are looking for a great playing acoustic that oozes warm rich tone (that can also have a dark side) then do yourself a favor and try this one out.
    Been looking at all mahogany Martins for awhile. I played a Martin D15M and this guitar in the same sitting and the only $1000 difference I saw was on the price tags. Sure... the Martin was a "Martin", but this IS a great sounding, great playing, great bargain that I absolutely have no regrets about purchasing. Each time I pick it up my ears are pleased, and I am VERY particular about my "tone".

  • from Dandridge TN June 21, 2015Music Background:
    Old Fart

    Sweet guitar, sweet deal

    This is the best guitar for the price I've ever purchased. (Another vendor had it for the same price on eBay, but without the Sweetwater service and warranty.) I could not believe the quality and sound this baby produces. I have not hooked it up to an amp yet, but the acoustic tone is gorgeous and the action is great. I'm not sure what strings are on it, but they're at least good. I was a bit concerned that it was shipped in tune, always was taught to ship guitars untuned to reduce strain on the neck.

  • from Indiana March 9, 2017

    Great guitar!

    I've had this guitar for a couple months now, and it is amazing! It has a really rich warm sound to it. It sounds great plugged in, and unplugged. The only downside I could find for it is that it has a tad too much bass at normal settings, when you play unplugged this sounds great, but once it's plugged in I get a lot of feedback. Adjusting your amp, and guitar settings will take care of this. If it had a phase switch this guitar would be perfect, but no complaints here. I love this thing! The built-in tuner is super easy to use too, and accurate.

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