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Audio-Technica ATW-1102 System 10 Digital Wireless Handheld System Reviews

4.0 stars based on 27 customer reviews
Questions about the Audio-Technica ATW-1102 System 10 Digital Wireless Handheld System?

Questions about the Audio-Technica ATW-1102 System 10 Digital Wireless Handheld System?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Colleen
    from Gateway Church, The Dalles, Oregon May 5, 2017

    great mics

    So far, so good. Newly installed...easy process. Sound is great, and the mics are very easy to use. This has cleared our platform of so many cord's...a thing of beauty!

  • Colleen
    from Gateway Church, The Dalles, Oregon May 5, 2017

    great mics

    So far, so good. Newly installed...easy process. Sound is great, and the mics are very easy to use. This has cleared our platform of so many Ford's...a thing of beauty!

  • Troy
    from St. Paul February 8, 2017Music Background:
    25 Years of Sound Tech


    I have 5 ATW-1102 System 10 Digital Wireless Handheld Systems. I love them. The sleek, smaller design of the receiver make them an easy fit for the tight quarters we have for sound. The Mic's deliver amazing sound quality in what is a pretty difficult room. I can not say enough good things about these mic's...if you need a wireless Mic system, these are the ones for you.

  • Patrick
    from Fort Worth January 28, 2017


    Works great! Much better than the AKG (which I wasn't happy about), which had tons of handling noise and picked up an interfering station.

    The only con is that it's plastic.

  • Customer
    from January 14, 2017

    Well pleased

    Clarity is superb. Price cannot be beat.

  • Coe Wilburn
    from Hamilton, Ohio January 14, 2017Music Background:
    A/V- Low voltage engineering and design

    Great Product, Great price point

    Product arrive promptly and set up was very easy. Works perfect(after proper set up, ie. adjusting mic volume on mic itself)

  • Customer
    from November 22, 2016

    Just what we needed

    We needed a handheld wireless system for the dining room of a long term care facility. This system was recommended to us by a Sweetwater representative for value and type of usage. It is perfect! Was easy to install and fits our needs exactly.

  • John C. Baker
    from Princeton, NJ January 13, 2016Music Background:
    Grammy Nominated Classical Music Producer/Engineer

    AT System 10 Wireless a Winner

    I have ordered nearly 100 wireless sets, far more Audio Technica than Shure for various reasons, and have recently ordered several of the System 10 as a smaller venue (church) solution at an affordable price. The ease of installation and setup of the System 10 is both complimentary and accessible to those venues where the system is run by volunteers, yet the sound is more than up to the standard of the higher-end professional units which I have purchased for years from AT. IF your needs (and budget) are "limited", I recommend the Audio Technica System 10 as one of the best units available.

  • Sharon Vaught
    from Alexandria, In December 7, 2015Music Background:
    Sound tech since 1975

    Best sounding wireless system

    These wireless system series from AudioTechnica are so easy to set up..and no fumbling to find a frequency..all is done for you within the units..just simply pair the mic to the receiver..that is all. Being a digital, ths sound is smooth and true !!!

  • Customer
    from November 5, 2015


    Great product at an affordable price!

  • Wes Dooley
    from Pasadena July 20, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Microphone Designer

    An excellent piece of engineering

    2.4 G Hz wireless gear is difficult to design and the crew in Stow, OH has done a great job on this one. Excellent engineering has yielded a cost effective and easy to operate product. Highly recommended.

  • Chris Sloan
    from Muncie, IN USA July 20, 2013Music Background:
    Musician of all sorts


    I have been in the market to buy a wireless microphone for a while now. I am a huge fan of Shure mics and still am to this day, but in this economy lets face it... a Beta 58a wireless mic isn't too affordable but they are nice. So I've been saving and still looking around to see if I could find a better buy in the mean time before I dropped a crap load of cash on the Shure. I went to Sweetwaters GearFest this year and tested every wireless microphone each company had to offer. Line 6, Sony, Shure, Sennheiser, & Telefuken were all very nice and pricey but you get what you pay for. I stepped over to the Audio-Technica booth and picked up the ATW-1102 & was blown away at how heavy it was like the others I posted above. It also sounds really good, no clipping or muffled sound comes from this mic. I am a metalcore vocalist, I scream, growl, squeel and actually sing so it works great for any genre and anybody looking for a wireless microphone. The best part of it all is that it's AFFORDABLE!!! I got a great deal on it and am proud to have it in my collection. Thanks Sweetwater!!

  • S. Vaught
    from Alexandria, In. June 21, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Tech 35 years+

    Audio Technica has a hit!!

    This is probably one of the easiest systems to set up. I am training new operators for sound and it was a breeze to explain the set up and calibration of frequencies ever! Good Job AT

  • Ray
    from Aiken,SC June 11, 2016

    Good sound pickup

    Better pickup at distance than I had expected from a dynamic mic, yet good immunity from feedback. Just turn them on and they select interference free freq.

    Plastic shell generates handling acoustics, but in actual use, is not really noticeable.
    Eats Alkaline batteries in 3 hours or so, but rechargeable Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries last over 8 hours.

  • Hdaniels
    from Alabama April 5, 2016

    Great Wireless Microphones

    Sing in a gospel quartet. Microphones are crisp with the sound. We go to a maximum security prison with no problems with bleed over. Great price.

  • DJ Perry
    from Denver August 16, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Engineer 25 years

    Great mic

    They eats battery's, But!!! no dropouts and no lost of sound. I use rechargeable so after 3 hours I just change them out. Their is no slow die on these baby you get a red blinking light that you better obey or it's gone 5 minutes later. Other then that it's a perfect mic! I have 2 of them and 4 Sennhiesiers but I love A.T.W's Because of the simple setup and the have a simple mute button but Mostly NO Drop outs NONE!!! Like Shure use to be like. I sold most of my Shures even the new models.
    I have one double handheld mic in one receiver set of Shure remaining I use for fun 20 feet away Karaoke but not on big shows. I really trust putting my new ATW out there with no worries.

  • Customer
    from June 16, 2014

    Audio technica ATW-1102

    Micrphone did exactly as advertised, setup and pairing was easy. I would recommend to purchase very economical price, and good quality.

  • Brad
    from Parkesburg, PA January 13, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, and Drummer/Bassist/Vocalist.

    Good product

    AT has a great product here. The setup is quick and easy, the mic is lightweight. The sound quality is good - very clear. Even the power/mute button works well.

    The only down-side that I see is that there's a bit of a learning curve with it. To turn on the mic, you must hold in the button on the end of the mic (it's not immediately apparent that it is a button). To mute/unmute, you simply tap it, and to power off you hold it down again. This is all fine, but most people are looking for a switch on the side, and when there is one, they have no idea what to do (causing the sound tech to have to run up to the front or yell about it). So just make sure you briefly train everyone on how to use it before they get stuck like a deer in the headlights. :)

  • Eli
    from Passaic, NJ June 5, 2017Music Background:
    Wedding Musician

    Great Bang for the Buck

    I was very impressed. Easy to set up. Sound was clear, better than I expected.

    I needed a mic that I can would be passed around for impromptu speeches, toasts etc. that would not cost an arm and a leg.

    This is a great option.

  • Customer
    from October 8, 2016

    Perfect for free stage movement

    For the price, a fantastic wireless microphone set up.

  • William
    from Southwest Va. May 28, 2014Music Background:
    Minister of Music (Worship Pastor)

    Bang for The Buck!

    This Mic for the money did exactly what we hoped it would do. It sounded good straight out of the box. The power button is convenient and easy to operate, the response of the Mic is perfect for a variety of uses. Audio Technica is one of the most reasonably priced brands on the market that truly offers "More Bang for The Buck". I would recommend all of their products that I have used to anyone without hesitation!

  • Bob Creager
    from Ft Wayne, IN August 2, 2013Music Background:
    studio founder/owner, recording engineer, pro musician.

    Don't miss Gear Fest!

    So far I think this has been quite a find during Gear Fest. Always had A/T gear in my commercial recording studio of 25-years. Have also been performing in working bands for 45 years in both Arizona and Ohio. I was looking for a sweet, simple entry into a wireless for my drum vocals and decided to take a chance on this system during the recent Gear Fest. Set this baby up during recent rehearsals and in ten minutes had it sounding as good as any other hardwired vocal mic present. Everyone was stopped in their tracks; a 30+ year band working 50 dates a year! So indeed I'll find out soon if this system stands up to lots of work. If so it's a diamond in the rough!

  • Joe L.
    from CT March 28, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Engineer, Drummer

    Good for the Price

    Works great for public speaking and DJ'ing, but it's not great for live vocals. Unless you want to spend big bucks, you'd be better off with a higher quality, cheaper, wired mic like a Beta58A. Sound just isn't clear, and the gain is too hot, so you can't get the monitors loud enough without feeding back. Real noisy, and needs way too much compression and EQ'ing to sound decent. That being said, it's my go to mic when I DJ weddings (10-12 per year).

  • Customer
    from October 28, 2015

    More handling noise than shure, awkward start

    I am a full time mobile DJ and live performer using this mic multiple times per week. This is a great sounding mic, but there is significantly more handling noise than Shure wireless mics that are only $50 more. If you are leaving it on a mic stand, it is not such a big deal, but I am always using it as a handheld or handing it to other presenters to use as a handheld. Handling noise with my shure sm58 wireless is almost a non-issue, but with this mic, it is really noticeable.

    The muting system is really nice, but the turn-on/turn-off time is just a hair too long. It is twice as long as with my Shure. Nearly every single time I 'think' I have held the button on the Audio Technica long enough to turn it on... but no ... now I have to start over. And at a paying gig, you need to spend your time doing other things besides repeatedly trying to turn the microphone on.

    Wireless coverage and ease of set-up is fantastic. Zero interference, zero extraneous digital noise, and zero drop-outs so far.

    In summary, if I had to do it again, I would pay the extra $50 and get a Shure with a faster turn-on time and much less handling noise.

  • Guy
    from San Diego, CA September 6, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Lacks a battery gauge

    Like the other reviewers I was very pleased with the ease of setup and the sound quality of the mic and of the system overall.

    The mic is plastic - typical for this price range but had surprisingly little handling noise. When used within 6" of the speaker's mouth speech reproduction was natural and there was plenty of gain before feedback.

    My only complaint - and the sole reason I'm returning the system - is lack of a battery gauge. A blinking low-battery LED is not sufficient for even low-end professional use. I need to check the battery status during breaks, not interrupt the presenter because the LED starts blinking.

  • Dave Martin
    from O'Fallon, Missouri May 16, 2016

    Not What I expected

    The unit just didn't seem to perform up to what I expected. Also it seems to eat batteries very quickly. I thought for a unit at that price, I would like the way it performs. It definitely is not worth it. I would not recommend this unit to any of my friends. I've always been happy with every purchase I've made from you, but not this one.

  • William Peterson
    from Benton City, WA February 22, 2015Music Background:
    Sound operator

    Doesn't work-not recommended for mixed RF environment

    Bought this to replace an old failed wireless handheld mike at church. Had high hopes for improved sound quality & signal performance because of the digital technology. With the receiver located near my sound board about 30' from stage the unit worked when first powered up but signal attenuated to almost nothing after several minutes making it unusable. Had to move the receiver closer to the stage to fix this weird issue. Digital should not have this problem. The worst thing is that it is an intermittent type problem that is extremely frustrating. Don't buy this mike unless you can have the receiver close to the mike!

Questions about the Audio-Technica ATW-1102 System 10 Digital Wireless Handheld System?

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