A Designs ATTY2'D No Longer Available

1U Level Controller for 2 x Stereo, 2 x Mono or 5.1 Surround with Balanced XLR I/O

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A Designs ATTY2\'D image 1
A Designs ATTY2\'D image 1

Sorry, the A Designs ATTY2'D is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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A Designs ATTY2'D
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A-Designs Audio ATTY2'D Passive Line Level Controller

A-Designs Audio ATTY2'D - Controlling level is critical in so many spots in the studio; sometimes you just wish you had a level control you could put in line! Well say hello to the A-Designs Audio ATTY2'D (pronounced: atti-tude), a life+saver in today's ever changing mix of analog and digital recording devices. Need to tame the analog output from a preamp? Need to reduce the level coming in to a stereo A to D converter? Need level control of powered subwoofer at your desk? Need to adjust the stereo analog output of digital device that lacks level control? ATTY2'D multi-channel passive level controller can do all at once without changing the audio at all, without batteries or power cords.

A-Designs ATTY2'D at a Glance:
  • Passive Level Control for multiple line level signals
  • Does not change the sound, completely passive
  • Two Stereo and two mono level control channels
  • Individual Mutes for the two stereo channels and the two mono channels
  • One master "Panic" Master Mute button kills all audio with one switch
  • XLR in and out connectors for balanced lines

Passive level control
How often have you wanted to hook a preamp up to another device but it lacked an output level control to set the level correctly into the next device? How often do you wish you had a mute button at your hand when you get a digital error on your expensive active monitors? How often have you used gear that lacked level controls where they were sorely needed? The ATTY'2D is designed as a flexible piece of gear to solve these ever changing problems and needs. All without affecting the sound!

Two Stereo and two mono level control channels
A Designs ATTY2'D's all-passive technology gives you crystal-clear monitor control for up for two stereo sources and two mono sources in one rackmount chassis. ATTY2'D's 2 x stereo, 2 x mono configuration also enables level control of a 5.1 rig or level control of 2 stereo preamps and a stereo pair of active speakers. The ATTY2'D is the big brother of the successful ATTY passive audio line level controller. Think of the ATTY2'D as an ATTY on steroids. It offers fully independent control over two stereo pairs and two mono signals.

A Designs ATTY2'D is a unique device sure to find multiple applications in your studio. The quality of sound vs price makes it anincredible bargain, as it can only be beat by far more expensive mastering units. Attractive for the changing environments and set ups that are seemingly the way of studios today, the A Designs ATTY2'D is an ideal investment.

A Designs Audio ATTY'2D Features:
  • 100% Passive Level Control for any balanced line
  • Control level of two stereo devices independently
  • Control level of two mono devices independently
  • Transparent sound solution for level control
  • Single Space Rackmount
  • 1U rack space with two stereo and two mono and a master mute.
  • Passive line level controller.
  • Controlling output between multiple products like microphone preamps, CD players, talk backs, audio surge protectors, and reamping.
  • level control for multi speakers, extension speakers for bass pre-amps etc.
  • Face-plate silk-screened to reflect surround usage
  • The MUTE/MASTER MUTE on the ATTY2'D offer instant audio termination.
Need a great-sounding passive level control for multiple line level signals? - Get yourself an ATTY2'D

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