Audio-Technica ATM25/LE No Longer Available

Limited Edition Dynamic Microphone with Hypercardioid Polar Pattern and High SPL Handling - 50th Anniversary Edition
Item ID: ATM25LE

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Audio-Technica ATM25/LE image 1
Audio-Technica ATM25/LE image 1

Sorry, the Audio-Technica ATM25/LE is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Audio-Technica ATM25/LE
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Limited Edition of an Incredibly Functional Microphone!

Audio-Technica is celebrating their 50th anniversary by bringing back an acclaimed microphone, with the ATM25/LE limited edition hypercardioid dynamic microphone. Even if you've never used an original ATM25, you'll love the results you get with the ATM25/LE both on-stage and in your studio. The tight pickup pattern is great at rejecting outside noise, ideal for live use or for full-band recordings in the studio. The ATM25/LE has a rich low-end presence as well as an enhanced upper-midrange, adding body and presence that sounds great on drums as well as vocals. But no matter what source and mic preamp you're using it with, you'll find the ATM25/LE hypercardioid dynamic microphone to be a versatile studio workhorse.

Audio-Technica ATM25/LE Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone at a Glance:
  • Acclaimed Audio-Technica sound quality
  • Dynamic flexibility
  • Focused pickup pattern
Acclaimed Audio-Technica sound quality

There's a reason that Audio-Technica is celebrating their 50th anniversary by releasing the ATM25/LE microphone - for 50 years, Audio-Technica has made some of the most-used mics in professional audio. But you don't need to be a history expert to appreciate the combination of quality audio, durable construction, and exceptional reliability you'll find in the ATM25/LE hypercardioid dynamic microphone. It's excellent for capturing instruments and vocals, with a natural-sounding upper-midrange boost that adds presence without sounding crispy like some condenser microphones can.

Dynamic flexibility

Audio-Technica's ATM25/LE handles high SPLs even at close range, so have no fear putting it right inside your kick drum or in front of an enthusiastic vocalist. You'll get a rich, present sound without picking up off-axis sound, perfect for live performances with a high stage volume, or for recording a full band live in your studio without too much mic bleed.

Focused pickup pattern

The hypercardioid design of the ATM25/LE enhances its versatile character. It allows you to get a great sound in situations where just fighting outside noise is usually most of the battle. But even when off-axis rejection isn't necessary, the tight pickup pattern means you'll capture direct sound without excessive room sound - perfect for solo instruments, lead vocals, and anything else you want front and foremost in your mix.

Audio-Technica ATM25/LE Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone Features:
  • Limited edition, hypercardioid dynamic microphone to celebrate 50 years of Audio-Technica
  • Focused pickup pattern rejects outside noise well, great for live use or busy studio sessions
  • Smooth upper-midrange boosts adds presence without harshness
  • Subtle low frequency bump helps add body to vocals and drums
  • A versatile workhorse microphone - try it on everything!
Add a versatile dynamic mic to your toolbox with the Audio-Technica ATM25/LE hypercardioid dynamic microphone!

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