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Audio-Technica AT2041SP Studio Pack Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Audio-Technica AT2041SP Studio Pack?

Questions about the Audio-Technica AT2041SP Studio Pack?

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  • from Warren County, NJ September 10, 2015Music Background:
    Touring, amateur recording

    Absolute Best Deal! Great Customer Service

    I've been looking for the perfect recording setup within my small budget and this mic pack fit the bill perfectly. I've used the AT2020 before for recording vocals and was impressed, but having never heard the AT2021, I decided to go with it because of the price. I was blown away that this little mic sounded just as good as the AT2020 itself! (minus a bit of low end) I only have a 2 channel interface so recording drums took a LOT of trial and error, but I'm recording a full album now with just these two mics. Both mics on the drum set, one mic placed differently on each guitar cab speaker (2X12), bass is still line in, and the AT2020 for vocals. I have to tell you, with some experience in quality editing and smart mic placement, this setup sounds just as good as going into a local studio.

    ***Also important to note that this pack came with a Sonar X1 disc, however, in some kind of error, mine did not. I talked to a rep from Sweetwater and they sent me the disc right away. Great customer service. Anytime I need any Pro Audio equipment, Sweetwater is the first name that comes to mind.

  • from Tobyhanna, Pa July 21, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Sound Engineer

    GRAB THESE UP !!!!!

    These are not only for studio use. I have been a Pro Live Engineer for 30 + years. I have used the Large Diaphragm on stage for Guitars, and Horns. Placement is KEY, but you can get a great sound. The Small Diaphragm I have used as overheads on drums, on Hi-Hat, Percussion, ans Acoustic Piano. These Mic's are GREAT for the price. Just know how to place the. I am planning on buying at least 2 more of these packs very soon. In the Studio they work very well also, you just have to have a good pre-amp and eq them a little to get a great sound.

  • from Springville, UT USA March 7, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Student (4th year)

    Incredible value!

    I heard about this kit from a friend. I'd been wanting a pair of Audio-Technica 4050s, but couldn't even afford one, let alone two. My friend told me that the 2020 (the large diaphragm mic) was a good alternative in a fixed cardioid pattern. I decided that I wanted a stereo pair, so I got 2 sets. I figured for the price that I might as well get the extra mics for the few extra bucks. I have NEVER regreted this purchase!!! The 2020 is actually a tiny bit better than the 4050 in cardioid mode according to AT's web site. The 2021 is a fabulous mic for inside a piano, on acoustic guitars, etc. My piano recordings sound as good as any I've heard from Telarc Digital, and better than many pop recordings. I use the 2021s in a near coincident pair configuration inside the piano, and the stereo field is W I D E , with beautiful frequency response. I'm amazed at how little this set costs for the performance they give me. Best mics for the price I've ever used!!!

  • from Florida September 3, 2016


    amazing product!

  • from Hammond, IN December 30, 2011Music Background:
    30+ years guitar/bass and 5 years home studio

    Excellent mics

    This pair of large and small condenser mics is are perfect for the home studio. They rival mics costing 3 to 4 times as much. I discovered them through a couple of books I have been reading regarding getting the most out of a home studio. They were highly recommended by people with professional studio backgrounds. They do a great job and sound fantsatic.

  • from Arizona August 19, 2006Music Background:
    Amature Recording Engineer and Student

    Great Price for Two Great Mics

    I bought these mics with an expectation that they would only be "budget gear" but I was really suprised at the results that I got. From the 2021, I was amazed at the sound that I got from an acoustic guitar. The 2020 is great for vocals really a good sound. I was so impressed that I bought a second pack and again was blown away by the 2021s in X/y pattern on an acoustic and as overheads. If your looking for great mics and a great price this is your ticket.

  • from Concord CA USA January 4, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist but also do audio work for my software development company.

    No complaints, good mics.

    For this price range they deliver everything I want/need. They captured acoustic guitar and vocals very well ... nothing really bad to same about them.

  • from February 23, 2012

    Great! But, 2020 is NOT a Large Diaphragm!

    These mics are great for the cost - I used two of these packages for a long time as stereo pairs. Make note however, the 2020 is NOT a Large Diaphragm... the description is misleading, and AT calls the mic a "Side Address Condenser." Under the hood, the capsule is actually a strange looking medium diaphragm. This results in a sound that can be harsh, but utilizing off axis mic positioning can compensate for this a little.

Questions about the Audio-Technica AT2041SP Studio Pack?

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