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Audio-Technica AT2035 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Reviews

4.5 stars based on 41 customer reviews
Questions about the Audio-Technica AT2035 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone?

Questions about the Audio-Technica AT2035 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Mike Conyers

    The AT-2035 is a great condenser microphone to start with or add to your collection, and with the shockmount it's a steal! You couldn't find a mic of this calibre just five years ago for less than three times the price, and years from now you will still be finding new uses for it.

  • Cristian Good

    In my time working with a number of marching bands, I found Audio-Technica AT2035 to be the best option for many percussion and wind instruments. They may be considered studio mics, but they stand up well to regular live performances and sound better than many other mics I've used. I like that the AT2035 includes a shockmount, which is both convenient and more affordable than having to purchase one separately.

  • from Bellevue, WA May 28, 2017

    Seams Good

    Works good. Doesn't need a cloud lifter. I hear some noise in the monitor, but can't here it during play backs. The noise is most likely coming from computer fans. I recorded with it only near my computer.

  • from May 11, 2017

    With the right interface surrounding it, I sound like a pro

    The mic basically EQs itself depending what angle you have it. Any angle will sound clear and warm. In addition, I love the noise cancellation. The Low Cut is a real life saver for those who have deep voices. Most of all, it is IMPERATIVE that you get a WORTHY AUDIO INTERFACE and worthy XLR CABLE. If you have a cheap cable you're going to hear lots of static and hiss that you might think is caused by other equipment. Moreover, I use the Focusrite Scarlett solo with this mic and it just sounds wonderful. It's almost like you don't even notice you have headphones on.

  • from April 28, 2017

    Totally worth every penny

    It was so smooth and tolerant with my voice that it didn't even sound like I was talking into the mic. If you want super sound, you MUST acquire an interface with phantom power 11-52V. It also helps to optimize your computer or laptop(disable background apps, disable some playback devices, temporarily disconnect from firewall...etc).

  • from December 6, 2016

    Best Mic for the Money, Period

    Like most people who record frequently, I own quite a few microphones. However, this seems to be the one I keep going back to time and time again. Whether you're recording acoustic guitar, vocals, or a combination of parts, this mic shines. The noise level is very low and the settings are perfect. My RODE and Shure microphones can't touch this mic in my opinion. The microphone also comes with a nice looking shockmount.

  • from Seattle, WA August 21, 2016

    Good price / performance ratio

    I recently ordered one of these, and then as a experiment I did a blind mic test with a few friends. I sang the same phrase into a Neumann 103, a CAD MDC, a MXL 990, a SM-86, a AKG 214, and the AT2035, and then sent them the .ptx, just labelled 'mic 1' - 'mic 6'. The AT2035 came out as #2 in every review for voice. Considering the price tag of the mic, that's a excellent result. It's also a decent instrument mic. Definitely a good piece of kit.

  • from Israel August 1, 2016Music Background:
    Recording & Mixing Engineer, Voice Actor

    Great Low-Noise Vocal Microphone!

    Once my old microphone started to fall apart, I realized that it was time to search for a new one. Stumbled upon the AT2035. It was quite cheap, the specs seemed good and the reviews were pretty awesome, so I decided to give it a shot.

    When set up properly, this microphone will give you a very warm and rich sound, with almost NO background noise (or room echo) whatsoever! A pop filter is highly recommended, though.

  • from Chicago June 28, 2016Music Background:

    A Mean Little Guy

    So here is my two cents. IMHO I think this mic is excellent. Audio Technica makes awesome mics bottom to the top. If you are doing Rap vocals and the artist's voice may blast out (High SPL) you may want to look into purchasing this mic. I would recommend running this through a preamp. When used on my Foucsrite Saffire Pro 40 i ran the AT 2035 through the Focusrite ISA One (It passed for my ears). When i ran it through the Apollo i used the unison preamp and put a UA 610 on it (Sounded amazing). So bottom line great mic to grab if you don't want to spend much, or great mic to have in your mic locker as a swiss army knife.

  • from The Great Northwest March 6, 2016Music Background:
    Live/Studio Musician, Engineer

    Nice suprise

    I've used plenty of condenser microphones throughout the years. Many of them more expensive. The AT2035 hangs in there with many of them commanding a lot higher price.

    Seems to be solidly built and the included shock mount was a nice feature.

  • from December 8, 2015Music Background:
    6+ Years in drumming and vocals

    Truly a solid mic!

    I picked this mic up back when I wanted to start recording vocals, and found this mic for a decent price. It is a solid condenser mic for a really good price. It will stand up to some roughness and really excels at recording voiceovers (I know several YouTubers who would swear by this mic). It doesn't overdo itself and is a really reliable pickup for most instruments and vocals. I would sure recommend it for any beginner in recording, or voiceover.

  • from Mobile, AL October 3, 2015

    Works great

    I Bought the Audio Technica 2035 because this other condenser I have now is just like a dead Mic even when powered up . The Audio technica works alot better and is very easy to set up with phantom power, and It's also my first high end condenser mic. My package shipped very fast, packed very well and I'm very pleased. I will buy from sweetwater again. Thank you.

  • from New Orleans July 28, 2015

    You will not be dissapointed

    I've been using two of these mics in my home studio for recording and in some live applications. I couldn't be happier with the quality of sound received. First time I plugged it in to use for band rehearsal one night, the guys couldn't quit telling what a difference it made.

  • from nashville July 21, 2015Music Background:

    Great for pop vocals

    I used this when my rode k2 sounded bad. With the right compression and boosted high end, this sounds fantastic on pop vocals! I tried to use it on a marshall stack on my friend's rock song, but it was very muddy and underwhelming. I paired it with a 57 however, and the 2 complemented each other very well. Great mic

  • from Ohio June 22, 2015Music Background:
    Fifty year music and studio vet.


    I was looking for a larger diaphragm Mic for general use, and I like to vary my mic selection. I am a sax player by trade and am always looking for a mic that can accommodate this function, and other acoustic sources. The last mike I bought was an AKG 200 and I like it a lot. The AT2035 really hits the mark and I may prefer it on some sources as it seems to carry a pleasant brightness that works well for me. I also have used it live and it really shines. This mic has to go down as one of the best yet least expensive upgrade you can make. The price, for value, is really spectacular.

  • from May 5, 2015

    Top Quality AT2035 Mic

    Top quality AT2035. Great value for the money through Sweetwater. Quality shockmount, good audio response compared to my other value conders mics. Nice added features with the low-cut filter, 10db pad.
    Did not expect this quality of a package in this price range. I will get another to pair with the AT2035.

  • from Alabama November 20, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound and hobby luthier

    Great product!!!

    This was my first experience with this type of microphone and I was impressed with the natural sound it gives the voice coming through it. It will feed back easily so watch your gain. I was also impressed with the distance at which it will pick up sound. It is better suited for recording, I think that you would get a lot of feed back if you tried to use it for vocals at a live show especially if you had a large amount of instruments. Overall very impressed with the quality.

  • from Virginia November 1, 2014Music Background:
    Voice over artist

    Made for Voice Overs and other stuff

    Been playing (and auditioning) with my new AT 2035 - LOVE IT! Captures my voice perfectly. I thought I had a good mic (and I do) with the AT 2020, but the clarity of the 2035 is superior. Lower noise gives back exactly what you put in. With judicious use of pop filters, I can work right on top of the 2035 for that 'intimate' sound. This one is a keeper!

  • from October 25, 2014Music Background:

    Fantastic Mic... especially for price...

    I have used many mics from under 100 dollars to the mics that cost thousands... This mic is just as good to me as the mics that cost way way more... I honestly don't see myself replacing it for lead vocals... Until I have money to blow on microphones...

  • from Oak Island, NC October 19, 2014Music Background:
    Old-School amateur home studio idiot...


    For the money....this mic simply cannot be beat! This is a $1,000 microphone, folks, for this price! My sales engineer, Ikes Tatlor, recommended this mic....gotta say... He was damn sure right! For vocals in my home studio?... WAY PERFECT! Having worked with way more expensive miss, this is THE most bang-for-the-buck microphone I've ever owned....period.

  • from Cleveland, OH June 28, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Arts

    SweetWater is the ideal place!!!

    I got this microphone literally the day after i ordered it and it was free shipping! The mic is outstanding for its price.. Such a clear and warm sound! Don't thing just because it is a little bit cheaper than the rode or SE electronics comparable mics, that it cant keep up with them. Believe it or not i've personally used all three and i'd have to say this one got the vocals i wanted.. ON POINT!! THANK YOU SWEETWATER(:

  • from N,C, June 24, 2014Music Background:
    musician, live sound and recording engineer, studio owner

    Love it!

    I have used this mic in my studio for years. (have 4 earlier models-AT3035). Low price should NOT mislead anyone in believing its not high quality. Excellent vocal mic for all ranges. works great for high tones as well as lows. Very low noise. Also used it for recording piano, worked great.

  • from Nashville, TN June 20, 2014Music Background:
    1957 - Now

    My recent ordering experience

    I have used and admired Audio-Technica mics for many years, and
    this was a great deal ! It's not just the good deal in price, but I've done
    business with Sweetwater for a long time, and they are a great company!

  • from Abingdon, VA June 19, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer


    For the price this mic is as good as higher priced mics. A very good value.

  • from New York, NY USA April 29, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Beautiful sound, outstanding value

    This mic sounds as good as others that are three times the price. Using it to record dry voice spoken word and solo vocals. Very responsive with a rich, full sound and a great signal to noise ratio.

  • from United States February 24, 2014Music Background:
    Parent of a young musician

    Not for my use.

    Didn't work well for my need - recording a trumpet audition. The problem I think was the acoustic level of the trumpet. Even with the 10dB pad engaged, the output was more than my recording device (a DV cam) could handle. I got an Apex ribbon mic that worked much better for this application. Not the AT2035 microphone's fault, though.

  • from Chatsworth, CA January 18, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbiest songwriter, guitarist.

    AT2035 my first condenser ;)

    After a long waste of searching forum after forum for the "best" mic under $200 I bought the AT2035. I read advice about not wasting your money as your SM57 will work awesome!

    VERY happy with this mic. I'm no engineer, but for this songwriter who just wanted my music the same coming out as it went in, it fills the bill nice. My voice now records sounding very intimate and live compared to my SM58 (which is what my wife says...).

    My acoustic guitar records really well to compared to the condenser.
    Feel like I'm entering another level of recording. Can't go wrong!

  • from Atlanta, GA May 1, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer

    Decent Mic

    Pretty decent mic for my home project studio... I dont do any major recording, just use this for demoing vocals, but its a big upgrade from my previous mic... Would recommend to anyone... Good mic

  • from Atlanta, GA April 8, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound engineer

    Great mic at a great price!

    Leave the $5000 mics for those guys who have money coming out their ears. This mic does the job and I am pleased.

  • from United States March 30, 2013


    Used it on guitar, drum overhead, and vocals, and so far it's been great on all. Quality is solid, shockmount is a great addition too. I fit it a tad thin sounding on vocals, but I've been able to compensate by a small 2-3 db bump in the low mids to make the vox a bit juicier. Or maybe my micing technique isn't , that's always a possibility!

  • from January 25, 2013

    Clean and sensitive

    Well built, quiet, clean, powerful. AT has always been a great company and Sweetwater turned me on to this and I'm quite happy with it. Be careful because it will pick up a cat fart two rooms down.

  • from wyckoff, New Jersey January 13, 2013Music Background:
    musician, engineer, hobbyist, producer, overall music lover


    Another excellent product with an affordable price tag. For the money of this mic, you get sharp clear natural sounding audio. It got a low pass filter switch & a 10db switch also. Comes with a shock mount also. Sports a cardioid pattern with large diaphragm. Overall, the AT2035 is a great mic, a good affordable mic good for anyone's mic locker!

  • from January 1, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Musician

    Great for price so far

    So far this mic has performed well. Its very clear, picks up plenty of sound. So far only used it on vocals but I like how they sound so far. Sorry I dont have more info, Im no professional I dont want to get technical. However, this sounds much clearer and crisper than my SM57, and now because of this mic, I dont seem to enjoy the sound of my 57 anymore.

  • from United States November 13, 2012Music Background:
    musician, hobbyist

    great value

    For the price, this mic is outstanding! I upgraded my home studio from sm57's and I am amazed at the quality for a only few dollars more.

  • from Vermont May 31, 2012Music Background:
    EDM and contemporary music producer/singer

    Great mic

    I produce in a small home studio for big music. This is the perfect vocal mic for anyone on a budget. It does not have any noteworthy glories of quality, but gives a clean, honest reproduction just like any mic should. Any cheaper mic I've used has had some drawback in the audio somewhere, but this one captures vocals very professionally; I simply don't have anything bad to say about it.

  • from Tampa, FL May 18, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Full time Recording Engineer/Producer

    The Big Bang Theory is TRUE

    Ok, this isn't 4.5 stars as in a Bock 251 or something, but this is definitely a 4.5 when comparing to mics in the under $500 range.

    I have long been an Audio Technica fan, making the AT4050 the main workhorse of my studio for the last decade or more, owning several other mics of theirs, and having used even more. AT has always been a shining example of the "bang for your buck" concept - without compromise attached.

    I have used original version of this model - the AT3035 (made in Japan and evolved into the AT2025 when production moved to China to keep costs down). The AT3035 had actually faired extremely well in mic shoot outs and real world use for me on male and female vocals and acoustic guitar.

    So...when I was in need of a couple more swiss army type mics, these were a no brainer, and they haven't disappointed.

    They offer an unhyped sound, with a low end that is tight, not muddy. The proxemity effect on this doesn't appear to be quite as significant as its big brother the AT4050 but it still warmed up nicely when I got right up on it. The high end is pretty natural and unflattering - what you hear is pretty much what you get, without hype or sizzle. The mids seem to be slightly "forward" sounding but still pretty open and natural without any obnoxious peaky-ness.

    On acoustic guitar I got a very full and balanced sound off the body, while capturing lots of sparkle off the 12th fret area. The imaging between 2 random mics seems to be good enough to use as a stereo pair.

    On both male and female vocals this week, I preferred this mic greatly over a U87 clone.

    The mic comes alive when plugged into a great preamp like a Vintech, and it takes EQ nicely - handling pretty large doses of EQ without exposing any massive flaws.

    all in all, a fantastic deal, not just because its cheap, but it can also be legitimately used right along side many mics that are much more expensive and hold its own.

    Might I add - AT has fantastic service.

  • from United States April 2, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

    Fabulous mic!

    I have worked with all kinds of mics in my 45 years of recording. This mic stands up with the best, especially considering the price. I use two for stereo ambient pickup for organ and choir every Sunday. Great well constructed mic. You can't go wrong with this one!

  • from Minneapolis, MN February 18, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, Pro musician

    Incredible Mic!

    Short and sweet: This mic sounds good on everything - vocals, acoustic guitar, snare, hi hat. I tried it as a replacement for a matched pair of small diaphragm condensers which were being used as drum overheads, and the difference in clarity was startling. I'll be purchasing another as soon as possible. Don't hesitate. This mic is WELL worth the money.

  • from Cherryville, NC February 1, 2012Music Background:
    Former semi-pro, current hobbyist

    Excellent mic. Excellent price.

    This is a true large-diaphragm mic. The AT2020 is NOT. I could not be happier with this mic. I got the best vocal takes I've ever gotten using this mic. The low cut filter is particularly handy at taking the boom out of vocals.

  • from United States September 19, 2011Music Background:

    Clean and Crisp

    I was blown away at the clarity and crispness of a mic at this price. This is perfect for voice work. With all the plug ins today, You WILL be able to make a very clean recording of yourself with mic and tweak it all you want thru your DAW. Very Impressed. I run mine thru a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB into Adobe CS5.5...

  • from Warrenville, IL August 13, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Pro Voice Over Actor

    A Well Balanced Mic

    This mic is the best and extremely affordable. A voiceover actor and sound engineer suggested I switch to this mic after hearing my recordings.It really changed my the sound. It took out the "boominess" in my voice over work and cleared out extraneous noise. I highly recommend that you try this microphone.

  • from Lowell, MA November 8, 2010Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Powerfully built

    Sounds Great for the price, I've fooled numerous friends into thinking one of these is a much nicer mic. I was even smart enough to leave one on the roof of my car and drive off and even after falling off at 40 mph and rolling down a hill it still works perfectly. Needless to say this mic is solid and works on a wide variety of sources.

  • from reside in Jersey City, NJ September 23, 2010Music Background:
    Hip Hop & R & B Producer/ Indie Label CEO

    Its REAL!!!!!!!

    For the past 6 yrs I've been using the shure ksm27 condenser mic which has given me its heart and soul not to mention pretty good vocals but the silibance despite using a channel strip and de- esser was finally too much so I finally broke down and got another mic so I hit the store interested in a at 40 series mic for quality and budget purposes. I demo'd
    the 2035,4040, and the 4033. After testing all three the verdict was the at 2035!!! I don't know if this mic will get the job done with the rest of my projects but for my hip hop artist this mic is THA TRUTH. No silibance problems what so ever, word articulation and pronunciation is THA TRUTH. Smooth even vocals with a touch of grime. A hardcore Hip Hop artist's best friend. Look out for B.A.M. RUU "HARD BODY" mixtape coming soon so you can hear the true essence of the AT-2035 cardiod condenser microphone THA TRUTH

Questions about the Audio-Technica AT2035 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone?

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