Asterope AST-P10-RSG Pro Studio Series - 10', Right Angle to Straight

Audio Cable, 1/4" TS Male Angled -1/4" TS Male Straight, 10' Long
Asterope AST-P10-RSG Pro Studio Series - 10\', Right Angle to Straight image 1
Asterope AST-P10-RSG Pro Studio Series - 10\', Right Angle to Straight image 1
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Asterope AST-P10-RSG Pro Studio Series - 10', Right Angle to Straight
In Stock!

Gold Connectors for a Long, Corrosion-free Lifespan

To create the Pro Studio series, Asterope took their highly-engineered Pro Stage cable and added corrosion-resistant gold connectors. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this cable will deliver enhanced harmonic and frequency response with its patented solid core, ultra-clarity gold connector. One of our favorite features at Sweetwater is its extra durable, full flex, pressurized PVC jacketing, and this instrument cable will also provide superior conductor stabilization and abrasion resistance. Basically, you'll probably never need - or want - to replace your Asterope Studio Series Instrument Cable.

Asterope Studio Series Instrument Cable Features at a Glance:
  • 10' cable with with 1/4" angled to 1/4" straight plugs
  • Gold conductors resist corrosion for a lifetime of reliable connectivity
  • 95% cross-braided tin copper shielding for outstanding resistance to noise and interference
  • Directional twin-axial 99.9% ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper for exceptional signal transmission
  • Unique barbed-collar bracket reliefs ensure years of reliable performance
  • Extra durable, full-flex, pressurized PVC jacketing provides superior conductor stabilization and abrasion resistance
  • All components designed and manufacturer in the USA
Get the most out of your instrument with an Asterope Studio Series Instrument Cable!

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Tech Specs

Connector 1 TS Male Right Angle 1/4
Connector 2 TS Male 1/4
Length 10'
Balanced No
Manufacturer Part Number AST-P10-RSG

Customer Reviews

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I bought this cable after a couple of years of not wanting to spend the money for this audio cable. The turning point for me was one of my favorite guitarist (David Grissom) endorsed this cable. I play very high end guitars and amps. I have several different types of cables from el cheapo to Mogami which is a good cable. I bought two of these cables 10' one with angle end to accommodate some guitars and one 10' with straight ends to accommodate the others. I did not believe the claims initially~ I'm now a believer and am absolutely blown away. The tone is not brittle or muddy a true reflection of my guitars tone. I highly recommend this cable if you can afford it buy it.,
Music background: Hobbyist

Asterope Cables

Although I've always been skeptical over the claims of the high end cable companies, I'm happy to report this cable is audibly superior to any of the other high end cables I've tried.Coupled with a humbucker equipped David Grissom PRS guitar directly to my amplifier or pedalboard- this is the most transparent cable I've found for reproducing the true sound of a guitar.The difference is particularly noticeable in the mids and upper mids. As a matter of fact- playing my Telecaster through it requires a slight roll-off of the trebles!Though expensive, I think there is a good deal of truth to the manufacturer's claims... I've also played my P-Bass through it, and the sound is crystal clear.Only criticism is the cable is quite thick and stiff. Not a problem for studio use- but performers might not like it for live work.All in all, worth the money if you're picky about your tone.
Music background: Luthier, Bass Player, Guitar Player

High end instrument cable

I have been using Asterope cables since their beginning, some years ago. They are especially great in the studio or home setting where it's easier to hear the effect of high end cables. Comparison with inexpensive stuff is revealing--better overall bandwidth, more highs and lows, never harsh, good bass with clarity, and overall a pleasing musical sound. I have also noted that these cables have consistently seemed louder than others--enough to notice--and with great dynamics. I like them for acoustic electric guitar as well as electrics. Note that they are directional cables and take some time to break in, although they do sound good right out of the package. In time, they do open up and smooth out really nice. If this kind of thing matters to you, they are a good buy. I use them all the time.
Music background: Pro musician

Asterope Instrument Cable

I have been using Asterope cables for about 3 years. This is one rugged cable . The signal is excellent. According to Asterope their cables are directional, the arrows painted on the cable ends show the direction they should be plugged in. I've never had to replace an asterope cable.
Music background: Pro Musician
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