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2-way Active 280W Bi-amped Nearfield Monitor with 8" Woofer (ea)
Item ID: ASP8

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Event Studio Precision 8 image 1
Event Studio Precision 8 image 1

Sorry, the Event Studio Precision 8 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Event Studio Precision 8
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$649.95 (each)

Soaring Highs - Punchy Lows!

For a number of years Event has been a leader in the professional studio monitor market with the award-winning 20/20bas and Project Studio models. Now their engineers have come up with a totally new design that surpasses anything they have done to date. Introducing the Studio Precision 8-speakers that bring a whole new dimension to the direct field monitoring experience.

Tight, Punchy, Bass
First on the list was a commitment to provide unsurpassed low frequency response. That spawned the development of a custom 8" polypropylene cone driver (complete with neodymium magnet)-an exceptional performer that boasts ultra-low distortion characteristics, incredible strength, and more output per watt than traditional woofer designs. Next, the dual ports. Hidden behind the front baffle is a unique port design that provides for exceptional low frequency coupling into the room, low distortion output, and superior low frequency transient response. So you can truly feel the tremendous low frequency response (a remarkable 35Hz)-not just hear it. The whole system is encased in cabinets constructed from 3/4" MDF, which insures that the sound emanating from the speakers is free from artificial tones created by unwanted cabinet resonance.

The combination of the drivers, ports, and cabinet allow the Studio Precision 8 to reproduce percussive and bass instruments without introducing new overtones or artificially-hyped frequencies. Put another way: You get true, accurate, low end.

Soaring Highs, Expansive Soundscape
The new soft dome neodymium high frequency driver produces a broad, flat radiation pattern that doesn't require corrective equalization (which adds tonal coloration and robs an amplifier of headroom). The driver creates an expanded stereo soundstage that's just plain enormous, and it delivers incredibly precise imaging, with even subtle panning movements easily discernable. The sweet spot? Big enough for the whole band and the producer.

High-Powered Performance
The biamplified Studio Precision 8 sports Events most powerful amplifier ever: 280 watts per speaker (200 watts LF driver / 80 watts HF driver)-so you'll always have plenty of headroom for even the most demanding applications. The amplifier circuitry utilizes low-noise semi-conductors and audio-grade film capacitors, giving the system enhanced dynamic range as well as exceptionally low noise and low distortion characteristics. We even used toroidal transformers for greatly reduced mechanical and electrical noise.

Topping things off: continuously variable input sensitivity, low frequency, and high frequency trim controls. A switchable 80Hz high pass filter for bass management in surround-sound applications. And for easy connection, both balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs.

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Manufacturer Part Number ASP8-N

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