Friedman ASM-12 500-watt 1x12" Active Modeler / Profiler Monitor

500-watt, 1x12" Powered Extension Cabinet with Level Knob, Low-cut Filter, and Ground Lift
Friedman ASM-12 500-watt 1x12
Friedman ASM-12 500-watt 1x12

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Friedman ASM-12 500-watt 1x12" Active Modeler / Profiler Monitor
In Stock!

Friedman Quality Tone for Your Modeler

The Friedman ASM-12 active amplifier modeler/profiler monitor lets you get great live guitar tone through your amp modeling devices. Many of today's amp emulations create spot-on replications to a real amp, but one thing that simply can't be modeled is the feel of a real speaker pushing air. With the ASM-12, you can run your digital emulations into it for the unmistakable sound and feel of a real speaker filling the room. Play through the Friedman ASM-12 and get the most out of your amp modeling devices.

Friedman ASM-12 Active Guitar Monitor at a Glance:
  • Friedman quality
  • Class-G amplifier that's anything but digital
  • Low-profile onstage design
Friedman quality

The name Friedman Amplification is synonymous with high-quality electric guitar products. Dave Friedman has been building and modding gear for some of the most respected names in electric guitar for years. Seeing a trend toward using direct modeled signals onstage, Mr. Friedman answered the call with the ASM-12 active amplifier modeler/profiler monitor. You can have all of the attention to detail, amazingly accurate tone, and premium components that Friedman is known for in an onstage amp for your modeling-based rig.

Class-G amplifier that's anything but digital

At the heart of the ASM-12 is an analog 500-watt bi-Amp Class G power amplifier. This amp design, proprietary to Friedman Amplification, delivers rich, full tone and a wide frequency response. This allows the ASM-12 to not only be used as a guitar stage monitor, but it's also suited for backline, or even as your main PA speaker. And the 500-watt power rating should be enough for almost any situation where you need it to perform.

Low-profile onstage design

Though the ASM-12 can be used in a myriad of ways, it's tilt-back design lends itself to sitting on the floor in front of you, delivering your carefully-dialed guitar tones right to your ears. The benefits of this are two-fold. Instead of your tone hitting the back of your legs (like many amp designs have done for years) you'll hear your sound as it comes out of the speaker. Plus, it looks right at home, and is unobtrusive on a performance stage. It'll sit quite happily right next to your main stage monitor.

Friedman ASM-12 Active Guitar Monitor Features:
  • Active modeler/profiler monitor
  • Tuned for guitar with a 12" Celestion speaker
  • Plenty of headroom with 500-watts of power
  • Tilt-back floor monitor design brings the sound to you
  • Line-level out lets you add more monitors
  • Can be pole mounted for use as a PA speaker
  • Durable birch construction
Get the most out of your modeled tones with the Friedman ASM-12.

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Tech Specs

Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 500W
Speaker Size 1 x 12"
Inputs 1 x XLR
Outputs 1 x XLR
Height 26.5"
Width 16.5"
Depth 16"
Weight 52 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ASM-12

Customer Reviews

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I've had the ASM-12 for one month now. Each time I fire it up I'm happier and happier with this choice. First thank you to my sales engineer Chris Sonia for giving me the final detail I needed to make my decision. The only other FRFR solution I was looking at was the CLR and after playing my Axe FX II + through the ASM for a month now, I know I made the right choice. The sound is stunning for any amp I've dialed in. I was previously using only my HD650 headphones to enjoy my axe because I felt the sound replication of my studio monitors was good it also sounded a bit sterile. The ASM has the quality of sound you want to put in front of your expense amp sim hands down. Touch, sound, close your eyes and you'll think you've got a 100 of the most amazing amp rigs on the planet right next to you.

Friedman ASM-12

I was a little reluctant to make such a costly didn't seem like much for the money, but to my very surprise I received it from my Sweetwater friends and wow! I was totally blown away! This cabinet sounds amazing! Worth the investment, sounds great! If you don't have one get one you won't be disappointed! Thank you!
Music background: Worship Leader,guitarist,singer,songwriter

Extremely pleased ! Worth the money

I'm blown away with this baby!. I have had it for a little over a month and ran my eleven rack, line 6 pod 500 hdx and Roland gr55 through it and the tones I am getting blows away any of the amps I ran them through. You can hear distincly the difference in amp models making dialing in the tone your looking for a lot easier and accurately .. I used it in my home studio and in a small club with a max occupancy of 200 The power was there and my tone easily sat well in the mix. The unit is heavy as others mention but I'm okay with that. The handle location for me is okay seems easier to pick up verses other monitors I have used with the handle on top. Thanks to my sales engineer Randy for the solid recommendations this is a home run.
Music background: Amature guitarist / home studio enthusiast

Best FRFR out there

I have been on a quest to find a good FRFR speaker for my Kemper Profiling Amplifier since I bought it. I have looked at the usual suspects that come up when discussing FRFR's that include the Atomic CLR's ($999.95), Mission Engineering Gemini 2 w/Bluetooth ($1699), the Yamaha DXR10 ($599.99) and Friedman ASM-12 ($799). Sound is obviously subjective from one person to the next, but the same can be said for the Kempers and Axe community as well. I sampled all of these speakers with my own KPA (advantage of shopping online is products you don't like can generally be returned). However, take my review as my personal opinion...your mileage may vary. I ranked the speakers by sound, ease of use, and value for money spent. What I discovered was the Friedman ASM-12 hands down had the best performance of all of the speakers I tested and is fairly priced. One would think the CLR's and Gemini's would be made out of gold based on their price! Both the CLR and Gemini 2, however, have some nice features that some may find worth the added expense. The Gemini 2, for example, has a Bluetooth option that enables the user to wireless send backing tracks to the speaker and play along. I use my monitors in a studio, practice room and performance environments where that feature is not useful to me. The CLR's have a cool feature where the mix can be routed back through the speaker. A mix return is actually useful for performance conditions if you want to hear the other instruments blended back into the monitor. The Friedman ASM-12 does not have a mix return. It is designed as a dedicated guitar cab. Mix return is one feature that pushes the CLR up in the features list for me, but from a sound and cost perspective it wasn't worth the extra expense to me. The wedge shape of the Friedman and CLR's are nice on stage and for rehearsals as well. The Gemini is a standard square box, which is fine for traditional guitar cab look on stage pointing toward the audience, but not useful in front of/pointing toward the guitarist. In most live performances now days the house usually has amps and mixers to plug into...studios obviously do as well. XLR outputs is one of the biggest advantages of owning an amp modeler. In those situations I believe a wedge design is a much better choice. If someone is playing at gigs that doesn't have house amps, however, the Friedman and Yamaha may actually be a better choice. They can be mounted on a pole above and pointing toward the crowd. The CLR can not be pole mounted. It would just be sitting on its end making it similar to the Gemini, but even closer to the floor. I personally like the pole mount idea better than traditional floor standing units. A pole will lift the speaker off of the stage floor and put it in a position to more efficiently project sound into the audience. Floor speakers lose their sound quickly...This is why high $$ concerts mount their speakers above the audience ! In my opinion, the pole mounting option pushes both the Yamaha and Friedman to the top of the versatility list. Weight is a factor that comes up a lot on forums. The concerns are so over the top I put the Friedman last in my testing list because of it. That was a mistake. The Gemini 2 weighs 71 LBS! Being square also makes it much more difficult to carry. The CLR weights 45 lbs unless you pick the more expensive Neo Wedge speaker option ($1,399.95) making it 33 lbs. People complain about the side handle of the ASM-12 as well. I do admit it looks like a weird place to put a handle in the photos, but you have to trust me on is placed perfectly. When lifting by the handle the wedge part can be pointed toward or away from the body making it much easier to carry. The handle placement is also the narrowest section of the body of the unit making it easier to grip and carry closer to the body more efficiently distributing the weight. Friedman clearly thought handle placement through more carefully than the casual observer looking at pictures on the web likely realizes. It is by far the most optimal way to carry it. I can haul the ASM-12 up stairs no problem whatsoever. It does not feel anywhere near like 50 LBS. Before ending I should chat a bit more about the Yamaha DXR10, which is a very good speaker and very reasonably priced. The sound quality is excellent mid to high. I use Yamaha monitors in my studio and love them. The Friedman pushes ahead for me because I really like the cabinet design and the frequency response is broader than the DXR10. The Yamaha's should be paired with their Sub (i.e. DSX12) to get the full frequency response that the Friedman, CLR's and Gemini's produce out of the box. The Yamaha DXR10 is designed to be a PA speaker and needs to sit upright. The wedge design of the CLR and ASM-12 is easier to use as a monitor on stage. If you want a more flexible PA speaker system to send more than just a guitar, however, a DXR10 would be a very good option to consider.

Simply The Best!!!

I can't tell you, because you'll really have to hear how amazing that the Friedman ASM-12 truly is! It's a sonic masterpiece for guitarists seeking the ultimate sound and tone for their FRFR rig. Regarding some of the complaints I've seen posted...If 50 lbs is too much for you to handle, then you probably have never picked up and and hauled a 4x12 cab and a 'real' amp head to a gig. Nuff said about that...just get one!!! Simply amazing
Music background: Gigging and Recording Guitarist, for over 30 years

Sweetwater Advice

Jozy Franco

I use an Axe-Fx preamp to play music ranging from classical to metal. It was hard to find a speaker cabinet to go with it, but after sifting through countless options, I found the Friedman ASM12. This powered cabinet matches my preamp perfectly! It delivers the wide and accurate dynamic range I need, without sacrificing tone. It's also a real plus that I can use it as a stage monitor or as a loudspeaker.
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