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Galaxy Audio AS-900 - 650.20MHz Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from October 14, 2015

    great product!

    It's great device! Affordable at that to!!

  • from NC November 6, 2014Music Background:
    Touring Bassist

    Lots of bang for the buck

    Clear and powerful response. No interference.

  • from Pflugerville, TX February 9, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Guitarist/Bassist/Producer

    Amazing Value (Minus the included buds)

    I bought these after an exhaustive search. I play music for a living, so I needed something that was quality, but not super expensive.

    After researching IEM systems, I spoke with a friend who had this system at his church. He recommended this with a different pair of earbuds. He said that he was blown away by the quality, and that it has a huge range.

    I bought this setup, and a separate pair of Shure SE215's (those are amazing, btw). I play in most of the clubs on 6th St, and I can walk out of the bar (with my Line 6 G90 for guitar wireless) and into the middle of the street, and I'm able to hear myself in crystal clear quality. I've never once lost range on mine, and I've walked out of Dizzy Rooster, around the corner, and in the back door and I never lost signal or my monitor mix.

    Seriously, a great IEM system, and totally worth it.

    Side Note: If you get a good pair of IEM buds, you'll need a boundary mic of some kind, as you'll lose all outside ambiance, and you won't hear any of the crowd or anything that isn't in your mix. Not a huge critical thing as this system allows you to run in Mono, and you can keep one bud out, but worth noting.

  • from January 11, 2013Music Background:
    husband is singer.

    great buy!

    i had bought this for a gift, knowing nothing about the music equipment, but my husband is in a band/singer. so he is familiar with the industry, he is very pleased with the galaxy, great sound, no problem with earbuds, i would recommend this!

  • from Tampa Bay area of Florida June 23, 2015Music Background:
    Former touring musician in secular music, current worship leader and performer with a praise and worship band

    Surprisingly good!

    I am quite certain that a more expensive unit would have better qualities (clarity, dropouts, etc.) than this entry level unit, but I still think we got more than our moneys worth with this item. I am in a 6 piece praise and worship band, and we have 3 separate AS-900 transmitters with 6 receivers to give us 3 different mixes covering everyone on stage. So far we have had NO issues with dropouts, NO interference issues (though we also use 7 other wireless systems for mics and guitars), and the sound quality is quite acceptable. Even the included ear buds are OK, though as with any unit of any price range their replacement is a quantum leap in sound quality. The output level is fine, and if you need more there are a multitude of ways to boost it. The original thought as we contemplated buying the AS-900's was that they would be better than nothing, but we would probably replace them with better units as soon as possible. Now we are in no rush to do so. That frees us to use our limited finances for other things. If you can afford frequency agile in-ears then of course you should get them, but these little guys are not a bad choice if you are (as most musicians are) a bit short on cash!! They are Surprisingly Good!! When we do move up there is a good possibility that we will try the frequency agile Galaxy's (AS-1100) since the 900's have worked so very well. The ONLY reason I can't give 5 stars to this product is that I know somewhere we will run into interference issues since they are fixed frequency. Having worked with wireless things since the 80's I know that it is inevitable, but I repeat again it hasn't happened yet. As far as cost to value ratio goes, I wish there were a 6 star rating!!

  • from November 23, 2015

    Good for the money

    I have used this system for a few weeks only. Im a guitar player and monitor my guitar and entire mix. I am currently using Bose headphones which are probably not the best for this scenario in a worship situation at church. The sound very good. I am pleased and am very comfortable monitoring with this system.

    Pros: Price, convienience, descent sound after replacing earbuds.

    Cons: Earbuds suck. Replace with a good set (FYI-factory phone earbuds not good replacement) Expect to pay at least $100 for a good pair of earbuds. I have noticed some noise particularly when monitoring while playing the bass in the low frequencies. Not great for bass players.

  • from Greenfield, TN January 6, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician

    wireless in ear monitoring

    It is great for the price. And it is great for where I use it.(In church)

  • from Alaska December 7, 2015

    better than I expected BUT...

    They work surprisingly well. I usually get the best gear I can for my band. Read enough good reviews to get it. Works as advertised. One HUGE drawback, and I mean huge. Antenna is rear mounted. If you rack this thing then you cannot extend the antenna and also you're blocking it with your rack, effectively killing the range. There is a hole in the rack mount, presumably for mounting the antenna. But why isn't an antenna extension cord included? Makes no sense. I'll use the system once I figure out if there's such a cable to get. And half-mounting is so I'll hacksaw off the rack mount side with the hole and mount the antenna, then mount my wireless mic receiver in the other half using a shelf. Just my 2 cents......almost unusable mounted in the rear of the unit. Aside from that the system works as designed

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