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Galaxy Audio AS-900 - 633.40MHz Reviews

3.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • Scott Rock
    from NC November 6, 2014Music Background:
    Touring Bassist

    Lots of bang for the buck

    Clear and powerful response. No interference.

  • Customer
    from November 23, 2015

    Good for the money

    I have used this system for a few weeks only. Im a guitar player and monitor my guitar and entire mix. I am currently using Bose headphones which are probably not the best for this scenario in a worship situation at church. The sound very good. I am pleased and am very comfortable monitoring with this system.

    Pros: Price, convienience, descent sound after replacing earbuds.

    Cons: Earbuds suck. Replace with a good set (FYI-factory phone earbuds not good replacement) Expect to pay at least $100 for a good pair of earbuds. I have noticed some noise particularly when monitoring while playing the bass in the low frequencies. Not great for bass players.

  • Daniel Griesbach
    from Colorado December 10, 2013

    Well priced, fully functional Wireless Monitor

    This wireless turned out better than I expected being that it cost so little. Other reviews claimed it to be noisy, but it has a great S/N ratio and has never cut out. The bar scene is naturally very noisy, but normal mic levels and direct signals are well beyond the background. I haven't used the buds since my molded ears are an essential part of the system, without which some users could be unhappy. Basically, no unexpected surprises at all.

  • Dave Gurr
    from Utah August 20, 2012Music Background:
    Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Metal - bass player


    So far so good - nice to be able to be all wireless and not confined to standing infront of a monitor

  • Bill Little- danger money band
    from Alaska December 7, 2015

    better than I expected BUT...

    They work surprisingly well. I usually get the best gear I can for my band. Read enough good reviews to get it. Works as advertised. One HUGE drawback, and I mean huge. Antenna is rear mounted. If you rack this thing then you cannot extend the antenna and also you're blocking it with your rack, effectively killing the range. There is a hole in the rack mount, presumably for mounting the antenna. But why isn't an antenna extension cord included? Makes no sense. I'll use the system once I figure out if there's such a cable to get. And half-mounting is so I'll hacksaw off the rack mount side with the hole and mount the antenna, then mount my wireless mic receiver in the other half using a shelf. Just my 2 cents......almost unusable mounted in the rear of the unit. Aside from that the system works as designed

  • Kevin
    from Boston, MA August 29, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Even works for Country

    Really good starter in-ear system. Excellent value for the dollar. I do see an upgrade in my future however...need more available channels.

  • John E. Lawton
    from Craig, CO March 2, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist: recording engineer, singer-songwriter, music publication. Profession: Live Sound Engineer.

    You get what you pay for.

    Please don't misunderstand. My AS-900 is fulfilling a need at a cost I could, uhem, live with. However, ...

    ... it is noisy (Please see review title!). The system itself is not quiet. But, it's inexpensive so that balances the overall noise, especially when listening to monitored-material at reasonable levels.

    ... it is noisy: when ever I pass by an electrical cord or line (i.e. a wall-mounted light switch), it tends to pick up a "burst" of objectionable noise.

    Not having $1100+ for a better system, dreaming only of the $5k IEMs, despite being noisy, it fulfills my present need.

    The included earphones should not be used. Having read other reviews, I purchased a $100 set of decent buds for use. (Once I get a proper, custom fit, they also will fulfill my present need. The included earphones tend to "pop" when inserted, when the cord bounces around, etc., and at just a frequency that makes the tinnitus in my right-ear increase by an estimated 10dB.

    Still, if you need a low-cost entry into IEMs, the Galaxy AS-900 may work for you, too.

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