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Ibanez ART100 - White Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Lacey, WA June 27, 2013Music Background:
    Ex pro musician. Play primarily blues.

    AWESOME guitar for the money!!!

    This is one AWESOME guitar for the money! Pictures do NOT do the white finish justice! The guitar is just gorgeous. Not one flaw anywhere to be found. The fit and finish on this guitar is easily equal to that of my $1,800.00 Carvins! The neck is VERY playable ... fretwork is flawless as well ... I actually love the way it plays. This guitar would be well worth the price if it didn't have any pickups or electronics in it at all!

    The pickups are pretty good, actually. Not up to a set of good Duncans, but close. It does sound good. The switch and pots are of course Chinese, not up to par with Switchcraft and CTS, but the switch feels solid and everything works very well. Put $50.00 worth of Switchcraft switch and CTS pots in it, and about $200.00 worth of the best pickups of your choice, and for a total of $600.00 you will have a guitar easily equal to the best Gibson Les Paul on this planet regardless of price.

    I'm no novice ... I've been playing over 40 years, own eight electric guitars, and owned a Les Paul Custom before it was stolen. A Les Paul Custom today costs right around $3,900.00 ... put those pickups in this guitar and this guitar will easily equal it in tone and playability ... and quality as well. That's my evaluation and opinion, and I'm stickin' to it!

  • from Exmore, VA. August 28, 2009Music Background:
    Recording,production,live sound,part time musician,singer songwriter

    A Must Guitar

    The pictures do this guitar no justice! Easy to play and the set up was close to perfect. For the money your not going to beat the quailty. The tone is great for a guitar in this price range. I must say Sweetwater has top notch customer service. No matter if your buying a set of strings or a $4800 dollar PRS, the personal service is there. If you pick this one up you won't believe your eyes!
    Thankx Mac!

  • from Plymouth, IN April 20, 2013Music Background:

    Very Nice

    First let me say that Sweetwater's service is the best. A very special thanks to Ryan Schmidt, who went beyond the call to take care of me.

    I came into SW after I had a Guitar and amp shipped to me. I arived at their great store and was amazied at the service I recieved. Their 30day return policy really works with no questions asked. Swapped the amp for Line6 IV 15w and am so pleased with it.

    Then had some problem with the 1st Guitar and swapped it for The ART100. Love the guitar, the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the tuners are alittle weak but will replace them with Grovers, that is normal for a lower end guitar. The 55 point set-up was great all across the board. Now, if you want a LP style guitar that has a full rich tone at all levels this is the unit to get. I play just as a hobby and like Blues and the Knophler mellower sound and this guitar fills that need for a really low price. Tried out other units that cost 100 to 200 dollars more and thay could not compare to the tones of this baby. I also like that the neck is alittle wider and not really skinny. Fits my old hands just right.

  • from Roswell, NM July 25, 2012Music Background:
    contemporary worship musician, Garage shredder.


    When I bought this guitar I was expecting a guitar that I would learn a few cords and a few songs on and eventually buy myself a more expensive model. I instead found myself in possesion of an outstanding quallity, GREAT sounding, fast fretting shredding machine ! Now, to this day, I am still discovering what this axe can really do. This is a professional quality guitar for a small fraction of the cost. One little problem I have found is the high end seems to drown out in high gain situations (but that may be the gear I use), but other than that I would recommend this guitar to anyyone who wants to play a fine axe and discover a new friend.

  • from bakersfield,ca July 15, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Ibanez ART 100

    Man, i love this guitar. I love the Les Paul look but can't afford the Les Paul price. This guitar looks and sounds great. The Epiphone Les Paul looks nice but sounds too muddy to me. This guitar has a crispy sound. Ibanez brand has come a long way. I remember when i was younger, my buddies used to call Ibanez "Ibanwho?" With this guitar, there is no shame. I'm proud to have this guitar in my collection. I give it four stars, only because, lets face it, its not a Gibson Les Paul, but comes close to that sound.

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